Ghost Recon Future Soldier

If your a gamer your gonna love this post… On May 22nd the new Xbox game,”Ghost Recon Future Soldier” comes out and I’m 1 out of 4 celebs that represents “Team Ghost”..And don’t sleep on me I can shoot guns and play hard..Here are some,”behind the scenes pics” from the shoot…I know a lot of you have requests to see me in camouflage,well here’s your chance!! (thanks to for making my outfit)The other team members are Kevin and Justine the last member is still a secret….I’m gonna do something fun & different for my fans!See the Ghost Recon cap I have on?? I’m gonna give some away signed by me!All you got to do is comment here and represent for the game.Cool? Also,May 14th I’ll post the video of me repping for Team Ghost…Watch out!!!

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