Shoe Of The Week “Louboutin Isunami’s”

Louboutin Isunami’s – Week 1

These are “Isunami’s” by Christain Louboutin. I was told only 30 were made.(I know Janet Jackson has a pair). When I asked, Mike Nitis,(my louboutin hook up in NYC) if I could get a pair,he said that no more were being made.I was so bummed out but to my surprise 9 months later an unexcepted package was delivered to my house,when i opened the box,there laid 7 inch platforms with sparkling crystals and silver spikes that shined before me..I almost broke down..But in all honestly a tear came to my eye…What a happy day!The Louboutin people and Christain himself know just how much of a collector I am to the brand so they went ahead and made them for me

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