July 9 thru the 16th,Ice and I were involved in whats called the 2010,Bullrun. Its a rally across country starting in NYC and ending in Vegas.We drove our Aston Martin Vantage…Kim Kardashian was the Flaggirl.. Kim and I both wore jumpsuits (wasn’t planned) and the media went crazy raising questions if we were competing with eachother but they were false..Pic below of us side-by-side was the photo circulating the net.
It was a week of excitement from half nude performers called,the Cuban Brothers that toured with the whole group,to getting 2 flat tires in the middle of know where (see tire slash below) to getting pulled over by cops for crusing at 120 miles and hour to all the VIP party’s…..
You can soon see some footage I’m putting together for my youtube channel.

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