Shoe of the Week Series


I got these Guiseppe Zanotti’s in Hawaii on sale so these might be hard to track down..They are mesh beige platforms with a ankle strap..They are very high but super comfy..I’m guessing the heels are around 6 inchs with almost a double platform..I throw these on with a cute summer dress or tight jeans

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Red Snake Louboubin

These are on fire!!! I Love Love Love these red snake Louboutins ..Double platforms that are skyhigh!! If you aren’t really confident in walking in heels then these are not for you.. They are simple but have great sex appeal..






Bettie Page

Talk about a shoe that can be used as a weapon!! OMG these are fierce!! The heels are made from Ellie Shoes and are from the Betty Page Line. I’m telling ya,if you have a hard time walking in high heels don’t get these…They are very high about 7inchs high with sharp spikes on the back and big rhinestones wrapped around the whole shoe..A must have for the shoe collectors ..But may I say, They’re are very very comfortable….

Mesh Louboutins

Hot summer mules!!! These are my,what you call quick,”throw on shoes”.. Whenever I need plain black shoes to go with a summer dress I always grab for these.. Black Mesh Louboutins with black wood platforms with 5 inch heels with a cute bow to complete the look and you can’t go wrong with pink toes.. LOL

Gianmarco Lorenzi Mules

I had to post these heels as “Shoe of the week”because I recently tweeted a pic of the shoes I was wearing at the moment & these were them and then all the girls went gaga over them..I’m sorry to say that these were one of the first Gianmarco Lornzi shoes I purchased,so yes,they’re old.. They might be a little gotti for some people but I think they’re beautiful! These tanned mules are 4 inches high and have stunning jewels on them.. I love um!!

Yellow Bakers

OK,I have to give props to Bakers shoes… Yes, people I’m not always in designer heels, I like to mix it up… These shoes were probably around $30… I LOVE that!! Girls love sales and deals… Well I wear the hell out of these. Yellow is such a fun Summery color (if that’s a word) These are a simple 1 inch platform in front and 4 inch in the heel. They have a leather bow and is super duper comfy.

Gucci Sandals

I LOVE THESE HEELS!!! These Gucci limited edition heels have barely any material on them which I love so you can see more of the foot..It reminds me of nudity…LOL..A naked foot with an extension of a heel… To me when i wear these I feel like I have anklets on or jewelry dangling from the feet..Gucci calls the heels with a caged gold metal around them,”antique” I’m not sure if I agree with that but whatever..The heels measures 5inchs and they’re comfy for awhile then the little toe starts hurting after walking in them for 5 hours..not gonna lie