Shoe of the Week Series

Shoe Of The Week Series – Heels Galore

Heels Galore

If you don’t know this by now you will….I have a crazy heel fetish!I’m obbsessed with wearing high heels on a daily bases. For me the higher the better and I love the pain because it brings out sexy legs and completes the outfit. Even when your not wearing anything they look wonderful! In my personal collection I have about 500 pairs shoes,boots and yes sprinkled with a little tennis shoes.I consider it jewerly for the feet,maybe because I’m short,5’2 to be exact,that I could get away with it. In this section, every week, I model a pair of heels from my shoe closet & show different angles & talk a little about them…Some will be in season while others are just so hot I have to show them off!

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Gianvito Rossi

My new obsession is this Itailian designer, Gianvito Rossi! For some reason I’ve been buying alot of his heels lately maybe its because he likes PVC too! ..I literally have been obsessed with PVC for 20 years now and its finally trendy wasn’t popular years ago and now its the new thing ..He likes to incorporate clear plastic in his heels and I love it!.. These stilettos are very classy and I wear with all my nude/beige stuff. They look great with jeans too.. This designer runs a bit small so make sure you get a half size bigger than normal..

Louboutin Pumps

I’ve always been a fan of the classic pump style.. Their traditional and will always stay classic .. These are Christian Louboutin “So Kate’s”. The colorful pattern adds flar to a simple black dress or goes great with bright pink pants or anything with vibrant colors..The material is patent leather so in my opinion u always go up half a size when purchasing because they don’t stretch very much.. I also consider these a comfy style when it comes to Louboutins.. Generally Louboutines are not the comfy-est heels but “So Kates” are, just remember with Louboutins you always have to go up a full size no matter who you are they run very small

Giuseppe Heels

These badass Giuseppe heels are the ultimate sandals. They are sharp looking also very comfortable so comfortable I wear them as my airport shoes at times. They are Chrome silver with 5 inch heels they are kind of narrow in the front so your toes pop out a little bit but that doesn’t bother me.. I love them so much that I bought the gold chrome and black sandals too.. these are perfect when you want to show off your pedicure and I wear them with mostly pants so the focus point is mainly the shoes when you wear them…

Classy Louboutins

Believe it or not these fabulous nude Louboutins are comfy comfy comfy!! They have a super high heel but the round toe makes them comfortable.. The very thick ankle strap is accented with a gold lock and a cutesy bow to make it both elegant and classy and brings out the 50 shades of grey in all of us.. Since these shoes say a lot I wear no print when I wear these shoes ..for example I i wore a plain brown dress when I wore these last..

Tom Ford Sandals

These pink alligater sandals are by far my fav sandals.I like um so much I got 3 other colors over a period of time.. I love that it has a small, thin strap so you can see lots of toe and the gold lock is just the cherry on the top Ok and lets not forget the stunning heel.. I wear these sandals with on my summer dresses and believe it or not they are comfortable as far as sandals go..

Alejandra G Shoes!

This shoe of the week is dedicated to my girl Alejandra. As a custom shoe maker she got together with Ruffneck collars which also makes some sick custom collars and leashes for your furry friends and took my favorite color red and made this super cute set for my dogs and me to wear together ! I am one of those weird dog moms where I like to match my dogs on a regular basis and I know some of you that are reading this are too!? Anyways, the shoes are very comfortable even with me being 9 months pregnant as we speak.. They are very edgy and different and they look great with a simple red dress….

To check out more of her styles & to get these shoes check her out on her Instagram (@its_Alejandra_G) As for the doggie stuff go to (@ruffneckcollars) They will make any color or design for your collar gear also go check out their celebrity bully (@roccobeefcake) he is (@spartandmax)’s buddy