Alejandra G Shoes!

This shoe of the week is dedicated to my girl Alejandra. As a custom shoe maker she got together with Ruffneck collars which also makes some sick custom collars and leashes for your furry friends and took my favorite color red and made this super cute set for my dogs and me to wear together ! I am one of those weird dog moms where I like to match my dogs on a regular basis and I know some of you that are reading this are too!? Anyways, the shoes are very comfortable even with me being 9 months pregnant as we speak.. They are very edgy and different and they look great with a simple red dress….

To check out more of her styles & to get these shoes check her out on her Instagram (@its_Alejandra_G) As for the doggie stuff go to (@ruffneckcollars) They will make any color or design for your collar gear also go check out their celebrity bully (@roccobeefcake) he is (@spartandmax)’s buddy





35 Responses to Alejandra G Shoes!

  1. Those are HOT!
    I love you in red ❤

    • I would so wear those hot red shoes. I love all the shoes u have.

  2. I love coco! And ice t.

  3. Holy heels batman!!!!!!! Those shoes are orgasmic!!! Just stunning!

  4. beautiful heels

  5. Love ya Miss Coco. Your red

  6. LovIn them heels coco..

  7. wow design beautiful high heels

  8. bellos!!

  9. Red is always a must. My favorite color. These are classic.

  10. Red is the best sexy color and those are beautiful God bless coco and your family ??

  11. Those shoes are gorgeous

  12. Just join seen your snapchat ?

  13. I just found out you are a size 6. Omg! I will love and will be honor if I could have a pair of your beautiful heels you own. I’m a size 6 toooooo ???.

  14. Love love love your shoes!!! Red is soooo Fierce!!! Oh and by the way I’m a size 6 too . Yay!!!

  15. I follow you on snap and you, giving your shoes away to fans is so sweet & thoughtful. Luckily for my little self, I WEAR A SIZE 6!!! ?? (I’m 5″1 102lbs ?) Hopefully one of these times I’ll win a pair. ??

  16. Just saw your snapchat and so excited to hear that you give your shoes away for charity. That is so sweet and thoughtful of you. To share something that you love with your fans. I love your style and how we are both a size 6! Hopefully, one day I’ll be blessed to win a pair. ???

  17. Hi Coco. I am size 6 too! I fell in love with your daughter as well as your clothes and shoes. I would love to have one coz i dont have any shoes as punky,edgy and sexy as yours! Hope you can pick me up???

  18. I have always promised my sister that I would buy her a pair of Louis vuitton as she has always been so good to me, I have been saving up but since having a baby it’s been a struggle, she wears a size 6 and she would be over the moon if she got a pair. I would be so blessed to gift her them if I won xx

  19. Love the shoes!!! Love you coco and the baby . She so beautiful and looks just like daddy???

  20. My sister an I would love to win a pair of shoes from you. We are both a size 6 so we would share. ? Love you, Coco. You daughter is adorable. A mix of both of you. I love all the pictures you post of her.

  21. Hello coco,
    I just four about your blog which I think it’s very amazing, of course I’m a snap chat fan as well and seeing your snaps gift me life and like you mention looking at your closet is you’re stressed release. just by looking on your snaps gives the same affect specially your closet. I’m happy to say I’m also a size 6 yay! I feel like my foot grow wile I was pregnant 5 months ago use to be a 5 1/2 luckly I’m a 6 now :). I DON’T HAVE A PAIR OF RED SHOES!! it would be my honor to add them to my little collection.

  22. I was watching your snap today and when you said you give away 2 pairs of shoes a month I was thinking”wow thats nice” theeeeen you said size 6 and I was like “no fucking way!!!!” I have small feet so I wasnt expecting that !!!!!! Hope I can wear a pair one day ! I love you and your style .

  23. Love these shoes & all your snap chats?? Hope to win 🙂

  24. I love your clothes Coco! Follow you on snapchat and Facebook and I have to say you are one amazing mother! I had my daughter about a month after you did and you have definitely been an inspiration! Making it great to have big hips and a big butt! Every since following you, I have been less concerned what people think and more concerned about loving myself. Curves and all! I don’t wear a size 6 but a dress would amazing!

  25. Always been a fan!! I think your a wonderful person!! Nice all around !! Its so nice to see how much you love IceT!! That’s how I love when I do!! ☺ Your also a great mother! ??? The shoes are nice as well! ?

  26. I love You Shoes 🙂

  27. Kalau pakai sepatu setinggi itu, apakah kaki tidak sakit? Melihatnya saja sudah ngeri, apalagi memakainya

  28. wow .. the shoes are beautiful, elegant, and certainly very lux for girls. very amazing

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  30. This right here are hot!!!

  31. FIRE!!! The ankle buckle strap has always been my fav!!! My husband loves red! Dual pleasure! Love you CoCo!! You are FIRE!!!!

  32. I think what your doing is so nice, I’m a big red fan it’s one of my favorite colors An these are so sexy just like you 😉

  33. Long time your fan and I always love the way you wear heels… You are a Cocolicius madame!

  34. artikel yang sangat informatif menambah wawasan semoga kedepannya semakin baik bagus mudah di mengerti

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