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Coco Shoe Giveaway 12

Hey guys… if you follow me you know I was on tour with my hubby all Summer therefore my the Shoe giveaway was put in hold… Now we’re back up again! Remember all you got to do here is comment on which pair you like the most and why and of course you got to be able to wear a size 6…. Here’s the next…. The turquoise heels are BeBe and the patent black heels are just random shoes I found during my travels…Good Luck..I’ll pick the winners in 2 weeks… * Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

Coco Shoe Giveaway 11 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Shoe Giveaway 11 #1 was Jessica Easterly from New Orleans, she won the blue Ellie Pinup heels. #2 was Virginia Carrasco from El Paso, Tx she won the Pearl “BeBe” booties. Let’s congratulate our winners!!!

Coco Shoe Giveaway 11

Okay for all the new comers who don’t know what the hell my shoe giveaway is about let me break it down for you…About once a month I give away 2 pairs of shoes from my very own shoe closet. All you have to do is comment on which ones you like and why.

The first shoes are blue “Ellie” pinup heels with a cute bow and now for the very first time ever these are a size 7!! I usually wear a size 6 and this is the reason why I’m giving them away because they’re too big for me…I was supposed to wear them in a photo shoot and couldn’t use them…

The second pair are a size 6 and they’re a pearl-like- color “BeBe” booties with a shiny gold heel

Good Luck even if you tried before keep trying! I love reading your comments… Coco xoxo

Shoe Giveaway 10 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Shoe Giveaway 10 Sean Harley, from Colombia, South America. He won the Satin fuschia sandals with ankle straps for his fiance Myriam Cifuentes Laverde. Anny Abarbanel, from Bergen op Zoom, Holland won the Gianmarco Lorenzi Turquoise pumps. Lets congratulate our winners!!!

Check out Sean Harley Fiance Myriam in her Satin Fuchsia sandals as Sean was the winner who entered shoe giveaway #10! Be ready for shoe Giveaway #11.


Coco Shoe Giveaway 10

As promised Shoe Giveaway 10 is here!!! Take a look at these cute shoes from my personal shoe closet and tell me in a comment which one you would like to have and why? You must wear a size 6 to win the shoes. So here are the shoes: Shoe #1 are Gianmarco Lorenzi…At one point it was hard to find this designer in the states you’d have to buy them internationally. Turquoise pumps with a 3 inch heels. Shoe #2 are The Satin fuschia sandals with ankle strap, they have a blinged-out bow and 4 inch heel. I will announce the winners here on this blog and on Facebook and Twitter. Go for it!!

Shoe Giveaway 9 Winners!

Hey everyone! So the shoe winners for my 9th shoe giveaway are Sarah Bauer from Ontario Canada and Ebony Manning from Victoria Australia. Check out Sarah in her white Charles David knee high boots. Congratulations Sarah! Be ready for Shoe Giveaway # 10 coming soon :-)

Sarah White Charles David Knee High
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