Coco Shoe Giveaway 15

So we are now at shoe give away #15….These are this months pick from my shoe closet…The first is Red Satin Aldo pumps with Chrome heels and The second is Black suede boots with gold heels etched with a fancy design…Remember you must wear a size 6 to win and all you have to do is leave a comment on why you feel you should win the shoes of your choice….Get you a pair of shoes from “Coco’s closet!” Good luck!

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

234 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 15

  1. wooow those black are a piece of art! and i should win the shoes……..well i thing they deserve a trip to Greece!!!kisses

    • I’ve been your fan forever girl I would be so ecstatic if I won a pair of your shoes. I would get some bomb chica bomb bomb groove back…

    • Your shoes are all so beautiful. I hope I get a chance to win some shoes.

  2. I’d love to win the shoes because I’m a hard working mother of 2 in a small town who loves some good-looking shoes!

  3. Love you Coco , have a wonderful week~

  4. They are both so gorgeous. Im in love with the black boots! I just hope I win. I have never in my life had expensive designer shoes. Im 28 years old and with raising my son and putting his needs first, I actually wore the same pair of shoes for 2 years! Sad yeah I know but my son comes first. So if I was chosen this would truly be exciting and a blessing! Thanks for the consideration . Xoxo

  5. I am 63 and probably would not buy these because I would feel too old, but the 16 year old in me is crying out and I need to get her some satisfaction! Love the black ones❀️

  6. My partner and myself are due our first baby in July and would love it give her a pair of your beautiful shoes as she is a huge fan. She would adore the black boots.

  7. My girlfriend is a massive fan, we are expecting our first baby in July amd would love to give her a pair of your beautiful shoes….black boots I think.

  8. It’s my birthday I love the shoes


  10. the black suede boots are beautiful!! I have a few outfits I could see myself pairing those with, and I know my fiance will enjoy the look too!

  11. Hey Coco I wish to win the black boots please. I’m your size πŸ™‚

    • I seahcred a bunch of sites and this was the best.

  12. I’d love to win either pair, but i feel like there’s nothing i couldn’t do in those black boots. every girl should own a pair of shoes that makes her feel unstoppable. good luck, ladies!

  13. Hi Coco! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE either pair!!! Unfortunately, my ex burned and cut up all my shoes…and my clothes. =(

  14. Trying to win these for my fiancΓ©. We are both big fans. Either pair are fine. Thanks!!

  15. 5/11/2015 11:39am Dear COCO AUSTIN: Know for a surety that I have no idea how you accomplish all that you do, but what that amounts to is significant. IF, you and ICE-T have any interest in this at all, you’ll move forward accordingly. I think the two of you would do well in a family-oriented movie(perhaps 90 minutes, no need for it to be 2 hours)in which kindness & a concern for others are seen. Society needs this!

  16. Love the red satin shoes. So sexy and sleek. They would look great on my size 6 footsies. Love ya Coco. Thanks for sharing the shoe love.

  17. I would love either pair. They are both so beautiful

  18. To think of wearing the black boots! It would be such a inspiration to walk a day in ur shoes coco. And to think of them being mine! πŸ™‚ I’ve never worn expensive shoes like these! Good luck to everyone!

  19. love love love the shoes. You have such gorgeous style mama. I would love to win these and wear them out and support miss Coco. thanks for giving me the chance to win them. xoxo

  20. I would love to win the boots! I am a size 6 and my birthday is coming up. That would be the best birthday present ever! I’ll still love you if I don’t win but it would be nice. I’ve not entered the shoe give away in a while so I hope I win the boots! Thank you very much for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  21. OMG my husband and I love you!!! You are so sexy and bootylicious. I have a dress that will go with every pair. Tell Ice we said what up..

  22. I love coco’s shoes!!i want to be a winner because i m a shoe addicted!!and because that maybe your shoes wants to come to greece!!

  23. Hello coco, I really hope you pick me for red heels

  24. Hey CoCo!! Im turning the big 30 this June. Im also a mom of 3 beautiful kids and loving every minute of it. But just after recently having my baby its taking awhile for me to get my sexy back. Sometimes a girl just needs a sexy pair of black boots to feel hott!

  25. As a mom of 2 i think we (moms) must be as feminin as we can possibly be.
    I have a 13 boy and a 1 year old baby . I’m getting my shape now so with your black bots would be an incredible way to show my husband “I’m sexy again!” πŸ˜€

  26. I love Coco. Coco has alot of beautiful shoe. It is very thoughtful of you to give away your shoes who actually wants beautiful shoes. I don’t have alot of shoe. My shoe size is 6. I don’t currently don’t own High Heel Shoe. It is very hard to find my shoe size at most at clothing and shoe stores in local area. I would be happy if I am or someone is the winner this week.

  27. I would love to surprise the wifey with either one of these sexy shoes. She is a huge fan of yours, CoCo, she has so many outfits she bought from your website. This would make her birthday wishes come true…thanks, Tony

  28. I would love to win, i love heels but i don’t have any. =[

  29. My wife would love to get a pair of shoes from you. And I would love for her to get a pair as would be a dream come true for sure. …

  30. Definetly the black boot!

  31. I am a big fan of you . I love high heels a lot. This is what makes a women look even more gorgeous and untouchable. Wearing a sky heels just bring a lady in the sky. A lady like you will always glow night and day.

  32. Hey Coco Once again I try my luck to own one of your dream shoes. I am Michelle from the tiny island in Malta . One day if I ever have some money I would love to come for a holiday in the us but its to hard here , we work for 4 euros an hour or even less πŸ™ shit many here, its beautiful beaches here and beautiful island but for tourists, Come here Coco and Ice. I would so love to meet you πŸ™‚ . Do you have a good Job for me πŸ™‚ I love to start a new better life. I would love to own the black boots they are so beautiful . and Im a size 6 πŸ™‚ I’m short and have small feet . Love heels to look taller cause I hate being short .

  33. Hi Coco, hope you are well. I would love the red satin Aldo pumps. They are so sexy and would go great to wear with a sexy red dress I bought to welcome my husband back after his back surgery. It’s been a long time since he has been able to move. I don’t think he needs motivation but a cute sexy outfit can’t hurt after his long recovery time. Would love to win this sexy pair of heels. Love you and take care.

  34. Need these to accentuate my bootie!

  35. HI Coco !

    You are just a great women and no one can denied that. These heels make you even more sexy and nice looking ! Its a real pleasure to have you as my Wallpaper …seeing you everyday in these heels motivate me even more to work…
    Its my dream to have one pair of your high heel shoes ….

  36. Well the reason I think I should win is because I absolutely luvv your shoes and wish I can I have your shoe closet . I really lovvvve those black boots and I would love to win those specially that’s you the gorgeous coco wore them would be so amazing and I would wear them every day but I really love those boots pllllsss coc pick me

  37. Hey Coco Congratulations to you and Ice. I can’t wait to see you little angel. How cute. your gonna be an amazing mother. Love you Coco πŸ™‚ Wish I meet you one day. Wish I csn own one of your shoes. been trying from the beginning. Im your size very small feet πŸ™‚ Wish I have the black boots please. <3 <3 <3 <3 XxxxxxxxxX

  38. What a fantastic giveaway! Well, i am a 29 year old on my last couple months of my 20s. I just had my first baby 6 months ago and I am finally feeling like my old self. I love getting dolled up and going on date nights with my husband, but those have been few and far between lately. This would jump start my new sexy self and take my date nights to a new level. Thanks, xo.

  39. I absolutely love shoes. What girl doesn’t. I have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer, when I did chemo treatment and lost all my hair, my self esteem really got hit hard. Slowly trying to get my confidence back, its just really hard when being so sick and in pain all the time. Your shoes are omg so beautiful. From the sandles to my all time favorite the Louie V’s. You’re truely blessed and so very beautiful. Love you Ice and CoCo. Congratulations On The Baby.

  40. I’m in love with the red shoes! I would love to win them because I’m sure they can help me with the confidence I’ve lost and am trying to get back!

  41. Please enter me in shoe giveaway im 66 yrs old and still a she freak any 1 pair odd is my choice any color…

  42. Coco I’m a big fan of yours I watch your show everyday I love the red heels I have never bought a pair of high heels before and I would love yours to be the first I’m 31 years old a mother of 1 thank u πŸ™‚

  43. Love your kindness and style found your show today iam hooked love you two would love a pair of your shoes you rock

  44. Hi CoCo,
    I absolutely love the shoes and your show!
    First a little info about me.
    No first congrats on the baby.
    I ran my own daycare for 18 years while raising my baby!
    It was a great life! I now have a 2 year old grandbaby.
    She is precious. ❀️

    I am a size 6, YAY!!
    Thank you for being so generous with your giveaway!
    I truly love them all, so if I win honey you pick!!
    Thank you for your time and thank you for caring about other people!
    Take care, Karen

  45. hey coco i love you and ice yall are very inspiaring im a shoe size 6 and i would like to tell you a lil about my self whin i was 13 my dad died but befor that he rased my on icets music my fave is mind over mader i love that song you are my hero and to have a pare of your shoes would make me the happyest 18 year old girl ever

  46. How do I enter the giveaway

  47. I am 66 and just retired.I do wear a six 6 and would love to win your shoes. I think I could handle the boots better. Thank you.

  48. I LOVE those black boots! I just started a business in Real Estate and need some new shoes to represent and make a statement!!!

  49. Omg I so loving both of the heels there so cute

  50. Omg these shoes are so cute love them both

  51. Cocooooooooo 😘 been watching u sice ice loves coco even my biy last loved ur show know we r watching u in ice and coco and always live ur fashion the way u dress and im a fan off ur body lovely body u have i tell my husband i wish i had her body and he says me too πŸ˜‰ i wear a size 6 hope i could win this will be my first really high 😊 since i had my boys been like 8 yrs i have not weard hills this high between mommy and work dutys is hard … hope i winn and may god bless u and coco channel πŸ˜† and ice t βœŒπŸ‘‹

  52. Coco…. I am a shoe lover just like you!!! I feel like I need both of them but I really like the Red Satin Aldo pumps with Chrome heels. I work for a non-profit that help girls 14-18 with substance abuse and that means the pay is low but the look on the girls faces everyday it worth it. I love to sit with the girls and look at fashion magazines and when I come in looking good with something new they get just as excited as me. They love you and so do I. If you ever come to LA and would like to visit us we sure would love to see you!! These kids are something, so tough but also so loving. Also I had a bulldog but he past and never been able to afford another but they are the best give them kisses for me. Also I married a gangster too….hahaha

  53. I love those shoes, and congrats on your precious Angel also I love the show. You are a true inspiration to all woman

  54. OMG I love these shoes! ! Please pick me! I’ve NEVER owned a pair of nice shoes and I am 27!! I look up to you, and wish I could meet you, Ice, Spartacus and Maximus. I look up to you guys and lobe your charity with with Long Island Bulldog rescue! I have two bulldogs and one I adopted from Laurette at LIBR! You are amazing and such a beautiful role model! I would love a pair of your stunning shoes! Xoxo

  55. Black boots are screamming where’s my pink pencil skirt! Live them! πŸ’›

  56. Coco both pair are beautiful. I would love to win you shoes. I’m a single mother of a 2 year old and hardly ever have anything to make me feel pretty. I’m hoping to win a pair of your shoes so I can feel lpretty again. Either way, I love you Coco and love how you keep it REAL 24/7.

  57. I would love to win a pair of Coco heels! Just because I can totally relate to you! I’ve also been called coco and I’m expecting a baby too and would love to feel glamorous in a pair of your heels I know I would rock them perfectly !

  58. I love the black boots. I am your size too. I need to dress up my fashion a little so please think of me..

  59. Hi Coco!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and your new show Ice and Coco! I watch you guys everyday! I seen you are giving away some shoes on the show And I love these red shoes!! Nothing would make me happier than receiving a pair from you! We are the same size!

    Keep up the great work, you are a very sweet person and I wish you and Ice all the best!! Hope to hear from you!! πŸ™‚

  60. I Heart Ice and Coco. If I was to win a pair of shoes I would save them un-used. It would be an honor to have them.

  61. In love with those boots ..i would be so happy if i win them .its hard for me to buy things for myself because i have 3 kids an doing it all by myself . By the way i love ur show u and ur husband are doing a great job also congratulations to the both of u on ur pregnancy …u have beautiful shoes god bless .

  62. Love your shoe giveaway. This is a great experience for those who would love but can’t afford.Thank you so much.

  63. I love the red heels, I beleive every woman feels their sexist with a nice pair of heels. Thank you for sharing your love of shoes with us.

    • sorry had gotten an erra so it was posted twice.

  64. Every woman feesl their sexiest when they where a sexy heel. Thank you for sharing your love of shoes with us.

  65. Hello Coco,
    I deserve a pair of these heels, because they may be the only pair I will ever have that is not a BASIC pair of heels. Although I am short and plump, I still like to look good and feel good. It would be a blessing if I could at least have a really nice pair of heels to compliment my outfits, especially since I only own 5 pairs of BASIC heels that I use in my attempt to have my footwear compliment my outfits. I’m talking basic as in “Plain Jane”, no name brand, under $35. I work hard for my money, but I still cannot afford a really nice pair of heels that is anything more than basic. Therefore, I deserve a pair of these heels. Short and plump women deserve to look good and fashionable too. So, I do not care which pair I receive, because any pair will be a compliment.

  66. Love everything about ice n coco. Ur a beautiful person.

  67. It would be a honor to win. Ive never won anything before. And I’m only 5 feet tall. So i can relate to you. I think heels makes a women feel sexy and powerful.
    You give all the confidence to be their best and look incredible. Thanks!

  68. I want to win any pair of shoes !:) first it would be amazing having something coco has worn to be honest! I love you!

  69. Love your shoe collection Love you Hope to win either one would be a blessing and grateful πŸ™‚ congrats to u & Ice on Baby Chanel Nicole xoxo

  70. Oh & if you could autograph them if I won a pair would be a wish come true πŸ™‚

  71. Boo! I’m not a size 6 but it would be hysterical to see me attempt to walk in either pair as I would just fall over! My 8 yr old can walk better in heels then me-that’s sad! If you get a 8 1/2 let me know if your in for a giggle. Thanks!

  72. I’m a size 9 Coco 😭😭😭😭 Congratulations on your baby girl coming in December. I got to meet you in Vegas when you stared in Peep Show, you were fabulous in that showπŸ’œ We also got to meet your two baby’s Max and Spartacus, they were so behaved.
    Duane & Teresa
    Kodak, TN

  73. I would LOVE to win the black boots for my daughter, who is a size 6, because she has put in 2 INTENSE years recovering from Heroin. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to give her something money can’t buy… I am disabled and on a fixed/limited income so buying ANYTHING for her at this point, is not in my tight budget. She adores you, CoCo and the look on her face would be priceless and I know in my heart the boots would be worn LOUD AND PROUD!! Thank you for the opportunity! You’re the BESTEST!!

  74. Hie Coco I watch all your shows all the way from the UK. . And I love you and ice.. I’m 28 married 6yrs been with my hubby total 11yrs.. couples like you and ice have given us the faith tht love is real.. those black boots would look nice with nothing on putting a show on for my hubby😘

  75. Wow!! Gold and Chrome heels?? I wish I work a size 6. Please let me know if you ever get a size 39 or 9. lol I would LOVE some heels!! πŸ™‚ I bet my husband would love to see me in some too. πŸ™‚ Keep doing what you’re doing Ms Coco, and congrats on Chanel! We have 5 little ones. You are going to hands down love being a mommy!

    • Oops, I meant wore not work. lol

  76. hi Coco,
    I am entering on behalf of my titi JoAnn. I believe that she should receive these shoes because her whole life has been hard…. From being on the streets to getting diagnosed with cryoglobulinemia… A rare blood disorder that causes lesions…. In her case, it got infected and eventually ended up becoming blisters that opened…. And for over a month, she was in the hospital going through extreme treatment and the cleaning of the wounds continued for over a month. In order to help her she had to go through plasmapheresis before she can go through chemotherapy to help her with cryoglobulinemia… On July 30 of this year, she completed her chemotherapy.
    Anyways, JoAnn is a beautiful person and helps those that need it most. She is my idol and she deserves this because of not only what she went through but because of the person she is.
    Please consider her…

  77. Hey Coco,
    My name is Hanna Mayer, I’m really disappointed at how you do not care much about your fans behind close doors…only in public. Months ago I sent you a long email detailing how Rick Lengua treated my best friend who is your fan with a total disrespect and even stole her money by refusing to send her a new jeans or a refund. My friend forwarded all the emails between her and Rick to yr assistant Soulgee where by Rick made treats to take my friend to police etc… You did not react AT all… I guess my friend should have been better of being a fan of people like Taylor swift who genuinely care about her fans…. My best friend used to be a hard core fan of you ever since she was in Africa…but she got disappointed big time…I know changes are that you will ignore this too and simply delete it…..

  78. Hi ! Coco

    I am Abdool from the island of Mauritius ! its a real pleasure to see women in high heels especially you … You are so great and sexy !
    Congrats ! keep it up … and wish you all the best for you future baby … May God Bless you and you family ….
    I personally think its a noble gesture for giving your shoes to others … I think that all the Celebrities should follow you …

    Best Regards ,


  79. I think those black suede booties will look good here out in the wild…
    I live in South Africa. Been watching Ice loves Coco and loving the talk show πŸ™‚

  80. Those black boots are hot and are the perfect addition to a black jumpsuit i own. It will add just enough color to make it a sexy sophisticated outfit

  81. Hey mama coco, so I think I should win a pair of your fabulous shoes because well I’m size 6 and big boobies n blonde yay!! Lol I mean come on who wouldn’t appreciate those gorgeous black suede boots with shiny gold belt buckle?? And of course you can’t leave out those spikey things on the heels!!! Love ya girl even if I don’t win! Congrats on motherhood

  82. Hi-I’m entering for my daughter Haley. She’s 16 and obsessed with high heels! I have only ever wore heels a couple times but my daughter says she feels beautiful when she wears them-and I know she would love the black suede/gold heels! Thank you for considering her and congratulations on the baby!πŸ’‹

  83. Coco I would love to have a pair of your shoes! You tagged me on Facebook today and u made my day! Love ya Coco!! ❀️❀️❀️

  84. it would be a honor to have a pair of your shoes. i like wearing heals whenever i can. growing up in a hospital you can only wear gowns and socks. even if i comment every week and i don’t get any pair i will still be a big fan and you will always be someone i look up too.

  85. I would love to win these shoes they are gorgeous and I am a mom and a married woman that can keep her husband interested dressed up nice with these beautiful shoes

  86. I just love the black boots. They are absolutely stunning. I’m a single mother of one and usually buy heals on clearance. I would love to have a pair of nice heals. Especially these beautiful heals! You have the best taste in style hands down!

  87. i think i deserve your black boots because im getting mieryd soon and i want to keep my feonsy on his toes
    and im a size 6 shoe

  88. Oh my.. The red color was awesome.. I wish to have that shoe. ;-}

  89. I would love to win these shoes for my girlfriend. She would rock them hard!

  90. I adore the black boots! I also take a size 6 just like you. I am also a lingerie model and these would look great for one of my photo shoots. My husband’s fetish is sexy high heel shoes/boots. I have a few just hanging out in my bedroom just in case my hubby wants me to be freaky that night. My husband and Ice have a lot in common πŸ™‚ We are also an interracial couple from Canada.

    • Just want to be friend with you … Hope you will accept me ..

  91. Dear Coco, i love your taste and your style! As a fellow and former glamour girl I know that heels can make a woman feel sexy and powerful!I would like to wear the black and gold heels and strutt my stuff!!! Girl power!!! Love To you xxxxx

  92. Hello Coco! I think I should get the shoes because I am a single mom of three boys two in college and one in middle school and can’t remember the last time I bought myself anything. I think it would just feel nice to have something new and what better than SHOES!!! Your style is amazing and I think I could rock any of them!!! Not to mention, I LOVE YOU!!!

  93. I Would love your shoes please , , im disabled and my husband is my carer, and because of this we are on benifit and couldnt afford a pair of shoes of this calibre , , they are FANTASTIC , ,

  94. I LOVE you and ICE!!!! By far your my favorite celebrity xoxooxoxox

  95. I love the black ones. Can’t wait to see your beautiful baby!:xoxoxxo

  96. I love the black ones. Can’t wait to see your beautiful baby!XoxoxxoGood luck! xoxoxoxo

  97. Would love to win. For a year now, I’ve been stuck in flats due to my back. But now since I started working out, I’ve been able to wear what I want.

  98. I would love to win these shoes and with that being said not for myself as my feet are twice the size of a 6.
    I would love to win these shoes for one of my sweetest dearest best friend; who means the world to me and has for the past ten years. You see I do not have the money to buy her such a nice gift that she is so deserves. I am so proud of her for much like yourself chasing a dream and finally achieving it. To become a licensed and bonded bonds agent as well as notary of the public! I couldn’t be more proud!

  99. I would love to win a shoe giveaway because I’m a shoe freak like coco but can’t afford it like her I’m currently living in a shelter in Brooklyn with my 6 years old son and with this shoe I know I will feel that spark in like again

  100. Hello Coco! I am commenting in hopes to win a pair for my best friend. She is recently divorced and has been pretty down. I injured my back so she has been staying with me for the last few weeks helping me with my home and family since it’s hard for me to move around. She’s been a life saver! It has worked out because we really need it each other right now. I would like to show her my gratitude for her kindness and to lift her spirits. Nothing like a new pair of beautiful shoes to get you back in the game! She needs to feel that sexy feeling again that her bad relationship took away from her! I just love her and her tiny little feet πŸ™‚ I think what you do is wonderful. Keep making the world a better place and reminding women of their power. Beauty is inside and out! β™‘β™‘β™‘

  101. Coco..
    I am a single mother, that was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I have had to undergo four surgeries, as well as had to endure rounds n rounds of chemo, high dose radiation to fight the beast! I’ve suffered the loss of losing someone I loved, as well ” the old me” lobg brown hair..even eyebrows. I look in the mirror and see someone I dont recognize anymore. I love who you are and your zest for life. I simply want to feel pretty again..and dress up and put on a wig.. Having these shoes would only add to the look. I would be happy with any shoe as they are all beautiful just like yourself
    Thanks for the consideration. Xoxoxox

  102. I, too, have a thing for shoes but being a single mother of twins, designer shoes aren’t in my closet. πŸ˜” I’d love to own a pair of yours. Not only because they look beautiful, but because they are yours! Besides, I’m teaching my daughter the importance of gorgeous shoes!!!!

  103. I am a shoe-a-holic. Either pair would look good over my shoulders, you know, shoulder jewelry. My man digs shoes too.

  104. Those black boots are amazing! Those pumps are sexy too. I love Aldo! Can’t wait to see Lil’ Princess Chanel….

  105. Hi Coco, I love your shoe closet!! I really admire your red Aldo heels. Few words why I would like to win! !! I’m a cancer survivor mother of 6 children wife who admires her husband!! I work very hard to support my loved ones that I never put the effort in feeling heels with something revealing will be winning for me and my honey 2 winners would be great!!! Love ya

  106. I recently lost 65lbs and I am rediscovering my inner “bad bitch”. You are the ultimate ‘bad b$tch” and I would be honored to rock a pair of your shoes! They would be the perfect trophy to show off my accomplishment! Please pick me Coco! Love you!

  107. Dear Coco.

    Im inlove with your red pair of shoes! They are so beautiful.
    I wear a size 6.

    Lotsa love πŸ’œ

  108. Would love to win

  109. I love your style.i am a big fun of yours .hope i will be lucky to wear your shoes i will be like knowing you due that .i leave in Germany but i come from romania.kisses too all of you .and have a easy born

  110. Omg I’m so excited! I love your show first off all you guys are awesome! Your so beautiful btw! Congratulations on your babygirl on the way! Now the reason I think I should definitely win is because I love your style I love you ohh and your closet omg I could live in it you remind me of myself somewhat it be great to have something from you!!

  111. I’ve been a shoe whore lol since I was 9…I want to put these in my closet on display…pleaseeeeeee

  112. Hello!
    I would Love, Love, Love the red shoes, they are so beautiful! I am 32 years old, and grew up in Alaska, I live in Virginia now, and never really dressed up. I did ‘Alaska casual’ jeans and a t shirt.
    Being ‘state side’ now I have the opportunity to dress up….I would have to learn to walk in heals hahaha.
    Have a great week!

  113. Hi coco,
    I am a army wife and I would love to win a pair of shoes to go on a date with my husband. He is active duty army and we never get any is time, I would love to change that for just one night.

  114. I love you!!, I love your show. I love the rolly eye thing you do whenever hubby says or does something silly. You guys are fo’ real!
    Well, I’m a shoe freak as well!!
    My story is: From the day I found out who Coco was (years, years ago, I’m a long time fan)
    My PC’s (every time i upgrade) have been named COCO ever since. Because I build them myself all sexy and chit yup, they’re super sexy just like you. So I want to win these not to wear, but to put them in a precious clear box and display them right next to my PC. Love you Coco and can’t wait to see your Princess Chanel!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMuah!

  115. Hello Coco, first of all i really like your Blog, cant wait for all the baby bumo pictures 😍
    I would likw to win your black shoes but i probably cant wint anyway because i am from germany. We have a lot of Coco and Ice fans here πŸ˜„
    I hope i can win one of your shoes but if not, i say congrats to the lucky one ✌

  116. I would love to win a pair of shoes from your closet. Oma big fan and enjoy your work.
    Good luck in a few weeks, being a mommy is the best gift in the world!

  117. I would love to win a pair of shoes from your closet. I’ve been a long time fan and enjoy everything that you do. Good luck in a few weeks. Being a Mommy is the best gift I’ve ever received.

  118. I would love to win the black boots they look amazing! and they would make me feel a million dollars. I am from the UK and probably be the only person with a pair in the whole country. WOW Thank you for the chance to win. All the best with the baby x

  119. Hi coco I’m from a small island in the Mediterranean called Malta . I would love to have your black boots it’s so sexy . Thanks

  120. I watch your show ICE & COCO daily and would love to win a pair of your shoe. When I think of you & Ice I think of a quote:” The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first. “Ginger Rogerss.
    I want to thank you and Ice personally for being such amazing people and remaining so down to earth and remaining true to your roots. You’ve never allowed your success to change who you truly are. Best of luck with the upcoming baby & Happy Holidays.

  121. I absolutely love these shoes, they shine like diamonds and are so gorgerous, I would love to be a winner of the shoes, thanks so much

  122. βœ¨πŸ’ŽFirst and foremost..CONGRATULATIONS! On your wonderful news!! I wish you and Ice the best on your new chapter of life!!!✨I am a mama to a gorgeous little one myself. Shes amazing! I must say that letting grandma babysit for an evening while i stay home with my man and grill him up a hot ham and cheese WHILE wearing a pair of YOUR heels…and little else…sounds amazing!!!πŸ’•βœ¨β­ I would be honored to prance around my kitchen “cocofied”πŸ’– that would totally be the cherry on topπŸ’πŸ’•πŸ˜˜!!Thank you for being you and bringin the sexy as you always do!! I love your personality and strength! You inspire me to always bring the sexy while being a domesticated housewife and for that im forever grateful to you!!!βœ¨πŸ’Ž Love, a true Coco fan for life….Kara B. XOXOXOXOπŸ˜˜πŸ’Žβœ¨πŸ’–

  123. Hi coco I would like to win the black ones for my daughter she works two jobs and goes to school. She’s trying to put her life back together after last year she tried committing suicide twice and was committed into an she’s better and sees her way was not the answer and now she’s trying to live life at its fulliest.

  124. I’d love to have a pair of your gorgeous shoes. I could never afford to rock a pair that you have… Thanks for the chance!

  125. I would love to win a pair of shoes because I am a hard working mother and wife and I spend so much time on my kid that I never do anything special for myself

  126. Hi Coco, my name’s Taylor, I’m 17 and living in sunny San Diego. I live with my single unemployed mama who has 4 kids. I’m currently a senior in high school, I dream of the day I become a special ed teacher. I would love to win these shoes, because prom is soon approaching and I feel like I could absolutely kill it with shoes like these! Payless shoes work but they definitely don’t make you feel like the princess you should on your prom night… Living in poverty has taught me so much, and reading some of the comments made me tear up, there are so many other girls out there that would kill for these shoes too. I hope all you other girls good luck 😘

  127. Because I will work the SHIT out if these! Work it girl…

  128. I feel i should win the shoes because ..i am pregnant at the moment and i dont feel like myself…i have lost most of my self- confidence..and just having a pair of shoes from the famous coco would hopefully help me gain a lil fierceness that i lost

  129. I love any type of heel actually your style is so awesome I would love to be able to win a pair of your heels I’m wanting to start to look more of a business stylish type of person an start working. and I don’t have any shoe wear besides Walmart brand I have 1 pair of walking shoes and 2 pair of sandals I’m not greedy I’ll take what I get πŸ™‚ love you coco congrats on yours and ice beautiful baby girl.

  130. I haven’t wear high hells because of my bad ankle, finally used one 2 weeks ago and don’t own any high heels

  131. congratulations on your new arrival coco and ice! Chanel is absolutely gorgeous, I love you made her a Instagram and a Twitter account it’s making lovely memories ready for her to look back on. I hope me and James get a beautiful girl just like yours. BACK to your competition I think I should win because I will actually wear them. then display them on my wall. I’ve never had red shoes before and this pair is really classy. my boyfriend loves me in heels and he loves you coco. can you imagine his face if I tell him il be in my underwear and you’re shoes? so really two of your biggest fans will be the happiest people on earth ❀️ the world would be so much less glamorous and sexy with out you in it coco. fan love Victoria XOXO

  132. I hope to win the next pair you decide to give away. I have really small feet and sometimes it’s so hard to find shoes that fit perfectly snug. I wear size 5’s or 6’s, usually depending on the brand. Thanks, Coco for being so generous to your fans. <3 πŸ™‚

  133. Hi Coco. Omg I would absolutely love, and appreciate a pair of your shoes. I think it’s so kind of you to do this. Your such a great person. i just had babygirl named Shiloh 3 months ago, and I have been really down lately, and very self conscious about my weight and stretch marks. I know I’ll embrace them, its just Gonna take a little bit.. I love my daughter more then anything and I think it would help me out to feel sexy. And I can save them for her. Thank you coco.

  134. Hey coco! Well the reason why I should win these shoes are because I work in an environment where these women look like models and have nice heels. I just started working there so I don’t have much to start buying nice things yet. You will give me the opportunity to stand out and look great!

  135. Please pick me for the black suede boots they are super cool.. Thankz

  136. Love the boots I don’t really own many shoes especially nice ones thsnks for the chance to win yours!

  137. Love any shoes you rock you have amazing taste an I would wear the heck out of them just so when someone asks me where I got them these were Coco’s shoes with pride lol an of course I’m a size 6 so even more lucky love you Coco!!!

  138. Oh my god!!! Those black shoes are defenitely made for me! The black and gold colours together are my favorite! But I do not live in America! Is that A problem?

  139. I would love to win size 6 is my size love shoes especially heels or wedges dont have alot of money definitely. Would never be able to afford shoes this nice

  140. I am 42 years old, I’m battling some serious health issues. After this last surgery my doctors have decided to try me on some new medicine to reduce the size of my liver. I have decided to lift myself up by my bootstraps and become more active and healthy. It’s slow going but I am following your tips and I am inspired by your dedication. I will get there, and when I do I will need some pretty snazzy shoes to work my calves, and how great is it that I wear 6!!!!!!

  141. Coco,
    I’m n love with ur closet, I’m also lovin ur black shoes !
    Thank u 4 being so giving!

  142. How does a girl pick??? I love both pairs! Lol! I would be THRILLED with either pair ;0). Thanks Coco!
    “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”!

  143. I love your entire collection. ..Channel is an expensive brand I may never in my life get to purchase. I think I deserve a pair. Well I think every lady in their lifetime deserve to at least have one pair. But not everyone is as lucky as you. I’m also a size 6 ,4 feet 11 inches mom of 4 awesome boys..I deserve to own one of these beautiful shoes. New or not, after you get tired of using them please donate them to me and if they still have life left in them I will donate them to another lady and so on..If I haveto choose Iit be the red shoes..Red is my favorite color, the boots are great too, but I’m not picky I’ll take what I can get..Thank you for all that you do for us women. I hope to one day have a body as beautiful as yours, and I’m enviousoof your shoe it!! If I win, it’s one thing I get to cross off my bucket list to wear expensive shoes that I will never get to have in my life cause the money I earn goes practically all to my boys, no mommy free time, no pampering time for me, but i will do my best to figure something out to take those beautiful shoes out on trips if i win them..

  144. Coco you are a boss! You and I are alike in so many ways! Both small stature, love to workout (well I need help from you in that dept), Love to still be and feel sexy in our late 30s. Both have a shoe fetish… And OMG we both wear the same size! It is so hard to find someone that fits the same size or go in stores and they only have the big sizes on display so you know your size is not where in site. I was looking around on your site because I want to get fitness tips from you and hearing your story about your little cherub is amazing! I will be getting married next year and hoping to conceive again after having my first daughter 11yrs ago. I am sweating for the wedding and trying to get back to my best body ever. I also competed in local bodybuilding competitions in NYC in my early 20s. YOU are such an inspiration to woman of all ages, sizes and personalities. I am hoping for a pair of your shoes so I can start to feel sexy again I am a teacher so I go to work plain jane, add another pair to my payless (haha) collection as I do not own designer shoes, have a pair to wear on my honeymoon or maybe at my wedding next year( that would be A-Muh-zing) , be able to say I got a pair of sexy shoes from my motivation and inspiration; maybe wear them while I am working out. Thank YOu Coco for this opportunity. Love Celebs who give back. I hope one week you choose me to own a pair of your fab shoes! xoxo

  145. Ok So I must add this to my comment. Others will not be enthused to see me posting again but Coco I have to share this. After reading your story about the signs of your pregnancy, I am the same with making spiritual connections to my life. I just noticed that after posting my comment, I am exactly 1 year from getting married! My wedding date is April 13, 2017 Hmmm! interesting and just gave me chillls!

  146. Would really like to win since I’ve became a mom I’ve neglected my shoe game
    And really never been able to afford a pair

  147. Hey, im a huge fan from France and i love all things you do , such love for you and for heels, so give me them ! Voila.

  148. Please pick me in need of your heels
    I’m a big fan and want to own a pair

  149. Hi Coco, I hope you and your beautiful family had a fun a safe 4th. I just wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know that I think you’re AMAZING. All of the love and support you and Ice show to all of your fans is truly touching. We love you here in Chicago!! My husband and I are long time supporters of you both!
    With my husband being 6’3 and me being 5′ on a good day lol. I have to stay tall in my heels!! I love living my shoe dreams by looking at your sexy shoes! What BEAUTIES! I would love a chance to walk in COCO’S SHOES!!

  150. Hi Coco. I want to say first you are such a sweet person for doing this. I was so excited when I heard you say on snapchat you must wear a size 6. THATS MY SIZE. I can’t really say I deserve it over anyone else, but I will say I am such a shoe lover. Especially heels because I’m only 4’11”. I would be so excited to be given either pair, but booties are my favorite.
    I truly enjoy all of your post and snapchats and love seeing baby Chanel. Thank you for the opportunitiy. ❀️ Kayla

  151. Hey Coco!!
    My name is Brooke. I would be forever greatful to be able to wear a pair of your amazing heels!! I envy your style in every way! Being that I’m from MN I would LOVE the black and gold boots and would be so proud to recieve such An amazing gift!! I love following you and your adorable families life! You’re an amazing mother❀️

  152. W a w !! C h o o s e m e C o c o !! We love you from Aruba- The Carribean. I would like the win any pair of your shoes give away collection Coco, they are ALL beautiful. Much love for baby Chanel. Kisses & hugs❀❀❀

  153. I really love the black ones .. I never owned a pair of heels before but to own these black ones of yours would be an honor…

  154. The Red Shoes Are Fab!! I Really Really Wish I could Have Met You While You Where In Detroit!! Your So Sweet an Humble I Love How your Heart Is Gold An Yiur Soo Famous!!

  155. I love the black boots, I think I deserve them because I don’t have any nice shoes at all. I literally have 2 pair of sneakers and some flip flops. It would be nice to have a pair of shoes to go out on a date for once In. I love you Coco you are such an inspiration for me.

  156. I love black boots. Boot heels. And flats. I dont have any heels but i want to change up my look and try them.

  157. Shoe whore here! I would love to win any of your shoes. I’m not greedy. I simply adore you and follow you on all social media. I’m getting married and haven’t been able to but new shoes lately, weddings are expensive girl. Here hoping I am one if the very lucky ladies to win your amazing shoes!

  158. Heyyyyyy Coco! I love everything you show us and how real you are. I’ve been following you and your amazing life with ice and Spartacus and now beautiful baby Chanel. I just love you guys. I’ve always wanted a pair of red bottoms because red my fav color and love how they look. But if I win whatever shoes you think is best I will gladly accept πŸ˜ƒ

  159. HELLO COCO!
    I have just recently became a fan of yours, mainly because I had always been a huge fan of your hubby! I would always watch the Law &Order marathons over and over when I would have a day off! Also your daughter is the sweetest little girl! She looks super fab in all your snaps and I enjoy seeing your stories on snapchat. The reason I think I should win your black boots is #1 they are super fab!😍 And #2 I’d go totally crazy if I really won!!! I don’t have anything nice due to I also have a one year old and literally all my money goes towards her!

  160. I love your style and am floored the your are a size 6 like me. Not many have small feet. I love watching your snap chats and recently have checked out your blog. I would love to have my first pair of heals (real heals). I usually wear flip flops or tennis shoes.

  161. Hey Coco 😍

    Was watching your snap story and got so excited when you mentioned you give away your shoes and got even more happy knowing you’re a size 6 too!! Ahh! I’ve never won anything like this before so it would be a dream come true. Hope you pick me I’d definitely rock any pair of your shoes. πŸ™‚

  162. You are an inspiration to me! Not only by how beautiful and successful you are but also by the wonderful mother you are. I look up to you and keep pushing to be great in life. It will be an honor to win a pair of your shoes.!!

  163. Love your shoes and I have a shoe obsession also. I should win as they will go fabulous in my closet as well as on my feet!!! Love them

  164. I am so in love with you. You are an awesome hands on mom and you have the best body! I am short and love your body type! I do everything for everyone and I love how hands on you are with your baby Chanel.
    I would love the black shoes since I could never afford to buy them myself I amean thankful for the chance.

  165. omg ur my favorite designer too dress up i wear ur shoe size i wanna win them please

  166. I love the black ones!! I am a college student in her junior year and cannot afford gorgeous shoes like these but I do lovvveeee shoes!

  167. I would love any pairs of shoes. Like you I am a loving mommy and with any extra cash I would rather buy my kids something cute or take them out to the movies. I hardly ever splurge on myself. I would love a pair and YES I wear a size 6!

  168. Hi Coco, I’d love to win some of your awesome heels because I love your style. I am currently 38.5 weeks pregnant and would love to step out and slay after having my little girl, just as you have done! I wear a size 6 and thank you for your generosity and consideration.

  169. Hi Coco, I love your style and your view on life family is everything also nothing like a pair of shoes to take on the world!!

  170. Coco I am A BIG Fan , having a Shoe Closet like Yours is Life Goal for Me ! I am Obssessed with the Red Ones ! They are stunning .

  171. The fabulous black pair are gorgeous. I’m a over protective mother of two that’s spends every penny on my girls tuition and lessons rather than buy myself a pair of shoes. Your give away is fantastic and exciting to try to win!! Love love love your shoe cave and would love to add those to my super small selection. I’m a fantastic size 6!!

  172. The pink shoes are so beautiful, would like to win these for a wedding coming up πŸ™‚

  173. Hi coco, I’m a mom of 3 boys, TEENAGERS at that! I’m still a SAHM and hardly ever spend money on myself, we’re a one income family so every penny goes to bills and of course my boys ❀ I LOVE to dress up and look pretty for my hubby but alas I can’t shop too much for myself except of course personnel items, shoes have always been my obsession and I would so DIE for just one pair of your sexy shoes! I would so appreciate it you have no idea, or maybe you do! I love how down to earth and “normal” you and Ice are, I just love you guys so much. Please give me one pair it would make this mammas year for sure! Thank you so much!

  174. Hello Coco! i really πŸ’œ love the red πŸ‘  heels they are a very sexy red color and a girl always needs a pair of sexy red heels I being a size 6 always have a hard time finding shoes i like since size 6 is a common size they always run out I actually never owned a pair of red heels and especially expensive shoes . With my income its very difficult bills come first.

  175. Girl I’m over hear thinking I’m crazy cause the beginning post were from 2015… Anyway can’t wait for the next giveaway!! I don’t wear a 6 so I will defiantly be rooting on all the others, I admire you so much for letting us know That you are “human” and don’t take the fame to your head!! I have you on snap and I love watching Chanel grow up! Anyway I’m rambling on so again Thank you! πŸ’œCina

  176. I would absolutely love to win the red satin Aldo shoes! I have always dreamed of having a beautiful pair of red heels. After losing 40 pounds, I now have the confidence I need to wear red shoes and a gorgeous fitted, sexy black dress. I would love the opportunity to wear your beautiful red heels and show the world my confidence!

  177. Hi Coco..I would love to try and win the black pair. I saw your Snapchat story and thought why not give it a try. I’m turning 37 on Aug 27th and they would make a great birthday gift πŸ˜‰.

  178. I LOVE the black boots! I should win because I am a recently unemployed single mom, divorced..& just moved in with my father..I feel I’ve fallen in hard luck and an really down and out..I’m a shoe fanatic abs these would definitely cheer me up!!

  179. Hello Coco” first of huge fan !! And I think it’s pretty awesome that you do this ! As for the why me” the shoes would actually be for my wife, she wears a size 6 and nothing would bring a bigger smile to her beautiful face than to receive such an amazing surprise specially with her not expecting it . Blessings to you and your beautiful family ! PS I love bulldogs and own two amazing males .. ROKO and BRUTUS .. 😊

  180. Hello Coco well I’m a perfect size 6 and I love your snaps with your beautiful family.
    I would love Black suede boots with gold heels etched. I live in the mountains of Lake Tahoe and these would be SO Perfect for a night out with my girlfriends and a perfect date night shoe to get my hubby all worked up. Thank you in Advance your awesome!

  181. Hello Coco” first of huge fan !! And I think it’s pretty awesome that you do this ! As for the why me” the shoes would actually be for my wife, she wears a size 6 and nothing would bring a bigger smile to her beautiful face than to receive such an amazing surprise specially with her not expecting it . Blessings to you and your beautiful family ! PS I love bulldogs and own two amazing males .. ROKO and BRUTUS .. 😊 ❀️

  182. love your sense in taste love you since like forever lol both are fabulous but I actually like the red ones πŸ€—β˜ΊοΈ

  183. Coco I’m a huge fan and I love the black boots! My birthday is coming up and I’m a size six! And I just gotta say you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

  184. I really love your style Coco if you look my room here in Amsterdam is allll over your pics and now with Some of Little diva Channel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’–πŸ’– now if i i win i can put on thing speciaal in your collection Maybe if Channel get i little Pretty shoe she dont yes anymore is Also welkome Coco i really want something of you on my collection even if iT is a lipstick im happy Just something Whats comes from your love and Channel πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ I HOPE EVERYBODY WIN SOMETHING πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’―πŸ’‹

  185. Hey hot momma! I am obsessed with your style, your closet is to die for! I absolutely love both heels, but I am mostly INLOVE with those black suede boots😍😍😍

  186. Hi Coco, it would be a dream come true if I could receive one of your shoes 😍 I’m one of your biggest fans… I follow you on Instagram, Snapchat, your blogs website. I love the way you and ice keep it real at all times. Hope one day I’ll get to meet you.

  187. Love all of your shoes, boots, heels etc! I’m always in a pair of Nike’s or just flats and sandals lol. I could start using heels, bet it would make my honey happy lol. I enjoy your blog and watching you on snapchat, and love the amazing photos on Instagram. My daughter who is 10 and is inspired by Ice loves watching SVU…she tells me if it weren’t for that show she wouldn’t be thinking of studying criminal justice and law! Not sure if a 10 year old should be watching that, but hey like my daughter says that’s reality sometimes mama things like that really do happen and the good guys have to stop them bad guys! Btw lil Coco is so adorable!

  188. Love the black boot’s so much.
    Well…..I’m 56 now. I’ve raised my 6 kids with the youngest still home age 15….and I’m finally beginning to live life for myself and my hubby. I work in recreation with seniors and these FAB boots would be such a special treat. Thank you.

  189. Hey coco, first off congratulations to you and your man you two have a beautiful baby girl. Im in love with the black suede boots. My daughters 1 year birthday is this month and Im still having issues excepting the body change that comes with the great gift of motherhood. My self esteem has been little to nothing lately and I would love to have something as gorgeous as those boots to strut around with confidence in.

  190. I love the Black Suede Boots… they are fabulous, smart & sexy. Id look the part showing these off !

  191. I would love the boots just because im a mom of two and dont feel very pretty anymore and never have time to shop for myself. I would just love for once to get up and get dressed up for once and i feel with those boots it will make it happen,I really hope i win.

  192. Hey Coco! I just now seen you snap about the shoe giveaway and when you said size 6 my jaw dropped cause that’s what size I wear and I thought I was alone in this world with having small feet lol! But I feel like I should win the BLACK and GOLD shoes because I love dark colors and two I have never ever owned a pair of heels in my life!!! Do please pick me lol I have two small boys and money!! Help a girl out lol!

  193. I love them both, but the black boots are HOTT!! I should win cuz like you I am a mom, and let’s face it.. Us mom’s get short changed, I always buy for my kids and I’m last for everything.. But I wouldn’t have any other way. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  194. Hi coco I would love to win a pair of high heels because since I had my baby (9 months) I haven’t felt sexy. I’m always on my mommy clothes it’s been a long time since I worn high heels . I don’t always want to be on mommy time. A girl have to look for her man lol

  195. Please Coco i need the black suede boots. I am a size 6 and also 5’2. I have a 13 month old daughter and am pregnant with baby girl #2. I finally got the baby sleeping through the night at 13 months and seriously in need of a date night with my hot husband!!! I am a special educatkon teacher in NYC and really need a sexy night night out where I feel hot! Please help a new pregnant mother feel pretty again. Love you and love all of your snaps!!

  196. I love your style Coco, I would be happy If I win some of your shoes, they really awesome. My size is 6 too and I am a shoe lover and you are the perfect example to follow. God bless you and your beautiful family. Hugs from Colombia.

  197. I love you everything about you! I would love to win Red Satin Aldo pumps because I’ve never owned a pair of red pumps. If I won them I would put them on just to click them together and feel like I’m in another part of the world with fabulous shoes. It would make me feel glam something some moms don’t get to feel every day.

  198. Those black boots are the!! They are fab! They would look awesome on me!

  199. Those black boots would be awesome to go to school in I started collage and would love to have the only pair of shoes no one else has

  200. My daughter age 13 is a die hard fan. She loves Baby Chanel as well. She is wanting to peruse her dream to become a model she has done several pageants they became to much (money wise) she’s done a couple photo shoots and she would love to model a pair of Coco shoes. It would be a absolute surprise for her since she doesn’t even know I’m doing this. I go above and beyond for my kids and push them to do what their heart leads them to. She would ROCK either pair but she has always wanted the black boots. If it’s your and Gods will to be done then she will receive a blessing and if not then whom ever wins will receive there blessing. GOD knows everyone’s need and there might just be that someone who needs them more. So for whom every is blessed take it with Pride God knows everyone’s needs. Coco thanks for doing a wonderful thing and donating. God has plans for you.

  201. I love love love all your shoes!!! You have a great style! Love you and Chanel!!! 😍

  202. Hi coco I love back and the boots look amazing I’ve been wanting to get some boots and those boots are great I love you I really need to start dressing up more girly I always just stick to a shit jeans and some vans or anything that’s affordable I’m 23 and I feel like little by little you have been breaking me out of my shell with all your inspiration via social media love you coco

  203. So ive spoke to you on instagram i do not know if you remember but i told you my man calls me his mini coco πŸ™‚ Those black boots would make my dream come true . i love, adore ,and idolize you so much i wish i could meet you but winning a pair of your shoes would be the closest thing to. I watch your snaps constantly . IM IN LOVE WITH THE CO CO πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Love youuuuuuuuu and your beautiful. Family. You are truly a beautiful soul inside and out ! God bless

  204. I have been following you and your career, as well as Ice’s. Would love to have a pair of your shoes in my closet! Chanel is so adorable!

  205. Coco I have been following u FOREVER!! I’m a breast cancer survivor and would love to win a pair of your shoes!! Please pick me and I’ll be damn I’m a size 6 too… Love u coco

  206. OMG!! Those boots are AMAZING! I’m a little mama too! Lol I’m only 4’11”, girl I need all the help I can get with hight! Hahaha!! It would mean the world to me if I was chosen! #snapchat and #instagramfam! 😍 The pics of Chanel…. 😍😍😍 lol I follow her too! Seriously her smile and dimples kill me. Love you guys so much!

  207. Well I live in Wisconsin, and the suede boots would be very very helpful! Living in the city and being Chicago all the time sometimes you need just to make a fashionable entrance! And I am short so anything that gives me height I LOVE!

  208. My birthday is coming up and I would LOVE a pair of your shoes !!! I love the back once ! Hope I win !

  209. My Borthday is coming up and I would really love to win a pair of your shoes !!! I love the black ones !

  210. I am in love with the Red Heels!😊❀️
    I am a new fan of your and I have been watching your husband on Law and Order for years!❀️❀️❀️
    If I won a pair of your shoe I would die of happiness.
    I follow you on snap chat and your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL!❀️

  211. Love red heels

  212. I feel like my shoe choice of the day represents how I am feeling. My shoe of the day is me! Whether I am feeling bright, dark, sporty, girly, bohemian (the list could go on and on!!!), there is always a shoe to comfort me! You say that your closet is your sanctuary to relax, mine too! I think we are alike in our shoe choices and it’s amazing that we are the same size!

    The black boots listed are FIRE! (SERIOUSLY, the design on the heel – O M G!) I am a thrifter and would be able to pair ANY outfit with those beauties! The black/gold boots would give any women a boost confidence, especially me! πŸ™‚

    I know I would rock the black/gold boots in a trendy way .. Let me show you!

  213. i believe i need those shoes in my life whatever shoes I don’t care I’m a huge fan of yours I used to weigh 295 now I’m down to 225 I’m getting my sexy back please pick me

    • I want the black boots I can rock them 😊

  214. I would like to win the shoes to give them to the organization I volunteer for Junior League of Arlington. We have a dress and shoe drive called The Glass Slipper and then give away to help under privileged girls attend prom in the community. We don’t get very many “smaller” shoe sizes, so the shoes you’re giving away would help benefit some deserving young lady!
    Thank you for giving back, makes me love you even more!

  215. Omg I would really love the black boots! Growing up in a family of 5 we never really had money to buy anything expensive or of name brand. It would be an honor to be able to own a pair of your shoes Coco. I love how confident you are and how you inspire other women to do the same. A woman should always be comfortable in her own skin no matter what her body type looks like. Sending love all the way from Corpus Christi, Texas. Good luck everyone!!!!

  216. I love you coco. We wear the same size and I have been through a lot this year.. so please make my years with a shoe. Thanks

  217. I would LOVE the chance to win a pair of your heels! I, too, am a size 6 and believe the higher the heel the better!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  218. Coco I love you. Baby channel is so beautiful. I hope to win your next pair of shoes. I am also a size 6 😁

  219. I should win because I’m a true size 6 I would not sell them I would definitely wear them!!!! Thanks coco

  220. I can’t believe I haven’t known about this sooner! Especially being a size 6 heel! Cheers to my first try! Love the red.

  221. I would love to win a pair of your beautiful shoes! I’m a big fan of you & ice! I’m 36 weeks pregnant on Saturday with my first daughter (I have a son already) and would love something to make me feel beautiful

  222. I I’m a true shoes lover as you!!! and I’m a 6!!!! but I adore the black boots, I swear the scream my nameπŸ™ŒπŸ½ anyway hopefully one day I can be as lucky as you to own a lots of shoes, but for now I’m a pretty broke nursing student haha, lots of love to your beautiful family

  223. Hello Coco nice to meet you , My name is Ruby and you are the only Superstar i Idol I follow you on Snapchat and Facebook and Instagram you are very beautiful and so is your daughter, I’m so happy you are giving away your shoes very kind of you especially because I am a 6 in high heels and I love the black boots it would be a honored to wear one of your shoes if I don’t win this time hopefully next time do appreciate the time you took to read this comment have a great day

  224. Hi Coco, I think you and Ice are amazing not to mention Channel holy cuteness, beautiful. A million times prettier than the Kardashian west kids.

    I love the black suede boots. I think I should win because I feel that every girl should have that one pair of shoes that make her feel like the queen of the world. I’m in my forties but that does not mean I can’t be sexy. I do wear size 6 and it would be amazing to literally walk in your shoes. Thank you and keep being fabulous.

  225. Pick me, pick meeeee!!!! (waving my hand in the air)

    Being an Albuquerque native, and forever fan id be super excited with any of your πŸ‘ !!!! If I win id want to open my gift and it be a COMPLETE SURPRISE!!!
    Blessings to you for your kindness πŸ’‹

    • I feel that I should be the winner of the black boot heel because I am a woman of a particular age and size and out of all those lovely shoes those are the only ones I feel that I could walk in and Sport like a real diva

  226. I feel that I should be the winner of the black boot heel because I am a woman of a particular age and size and out of all those lovely shoes those are the only ones I feel that I could walk in and Sport like a real diva

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