Coco Shoe Giveaway 20

The first time ever i’m gonna have a flash boot giveaway.. Flash meaning you’ll have 1 week to comment instead of a month to win!! Also I normally givaway heels and this time around gonna give out 3 pairs of boots to 3 different people.. All you have to do is comment on which ones you like and why and I randomly pick the winner at the end of the week..all i ask the winners to do it take a pic of them either wearing them ot holding them and send it back so i can post on my blog..its pure fun!! And i love to give back to my fans Good luck… Here are the boots

Red Fornarina are a size 5
They are true to size but have a narrow foot no wide feet for these..also I have big calves and it was hard to work with these so the smaller calves the better

White Steve Morris are a size 6
These boots are also tight in the calve area so if your a girl that has little legs thats even better!

Black el dantas are a size 7
They are roomy but super high.. If your afraid of heights these not for you!

195 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 20

  1. Omg the black one are gorgeous!

    • I would love to have the white or black boots. I’ve never worn designer shoes. I love the red would fit but I dont have a narrow foot. I love that every time I’m feeling down all I have to do is look at ur family and that puts a great smile on my face and makes my day. So to have something from you coco would make my dream come true.

      • I would love your red pair in fact any color of ur boots.

    • The white boots are fire just my size 😍😍😍

  2. I would love the black ones

  3. The black boots are my size and I would love to win them! Thank you🙏

  4. The black ones are totally calling out to me! Something I would’ve worn back in my dancing days; not sure they’d quite go with my scrubs these days but I’d love to go shopping for clothes to go with mah new boots!

  5. Of course I love them all, but my favorite is the white Steve Morris boots. Thanks for the chance…

    • Omg I never win anything so guess I will take a gamble since I love you and follow u on everything and a big fan and now u have a version of boots I want 😍 and black my fav color and my size 🤞🤞🤞

  6. Love love love the red the size is perfect and like you coco I’m a girl with some calf’s. I have the perfect outfit for these beautiful red boots which hopefully I can wear to Vegas in July. Yes I know it’s hot in July but it’s VEGAS!! Baby

  7. Size 6? Check
    Small calves? Check
    Already have white boots? No

    I’m the perfect ‘fit’ & would love the white Steve Morris boots!

    Thanks, Coco!

  8. I love those white Steve Morris We’re good for a nice sweater dress or even jeans Bonus it’s in my size.

    • Rewrote *#:

      I love those white Steve Morris They will be so good with a Tight sexy sweater dress or even jeans Bonus it’s in my size

  9. Omg! I absolutely adore the black el dantas! It’ll make a great match for my outfits. Love them all actually but these are just the right size.

    Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  10. I love the white ones.. because I have some cute black skinny jeans they would go perfect with.. and I just lost a ton of weight so my legs and calves have gotten smaller.. so these would fit me perfect.

  11. Love the white boots!

    • My wife would love the white size 6 boots. She is always taking care of me and our three boys and never takes the time to do much shopping for herself. Thank You!!

  12. The red ones because my husband is a freak and wants to see me in only the boots and a top hat 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. I love the red boots. I have a hot black dress that would look great with them.

  14. I would love either the white or the black. Gave birth to a baby girl a couple of months ago and I’m trying to bring sexy back. Thanks for the opportunity ❤

  15. Hi Coco, I’ve been a long time admirer of your style and, for me personally, the red boots absolutely epitomize you to a t! Daring and brave, yet feminine and vulnerable. Would love to have them as piece of memorabilia! Love your work! Best -Z

  16. I LOVE the black el dontas ! They are my size and black goes with everything! Not afraid of heights!

  17. Love the white heels!

  18. I would love the white boots because they would be perfect under my wedding dress this summer! Also, they would be cute with any outfit after that.

  19. I am in love with the white boots because I want to put them on a display shelf and say they was yours haha

  20. I looooove the black boots they are perfect for me I’d love to wear these on a night out with my husband I would love to own a pair of your shoes I too love shoes & the great thing about these are they from you!!

    • I would love the black or white ones so I can look sexy in them for my husband ♥️💋 even more because they were yours at one time ♥️

  21. I would love the Steve Morris boots for the plane reason that I need to up my game with wearing “sexy” shoes for my husband.
    Plane and simple, this Momma needs to bring “sexy” back and those boots would definitely make it happen!👍🙏👍🙏

  22. The White Steve Morris boots they will look beautiful on my wife and she will love them too

  23. I want the black ones <3 <3 <3
    I'm a shoe collector and a fan and would love to own a pair of your shoes. The black boots are my style and my size, would be a dream come true to have them!

  24. Omg! My daughter is a single mother working at the hospital cross training for MRI. She doesn’t have extra money for boot And would love these! Please!

  25. Shoes 🤗 I love the black boots,They’re so Gotti lol Which Is why there my fav I would Probably rock them out a few times take a bunch of pictures, than baby them in my collection!

  26. I love the black ones!! They are my size and I love that they are boots!! They are beautiful!! 😍

  27. Hi coco I would love love the size 7 black ones. 😍😍😍😍😍

  28. I give my wife the white ones. Woohoo.

  29. Hey there I’m new to your blog been following you forever and I am a New Yorker live in Florida now and those red shoes size 6 would be perfect for me and my wardrobe because I wear red all the time and especially my red lipstick and I am 5 ft and I would look amazing being a little bit taller wearing those

  30. Yassss love the black boots!! Would look great at my doctoral graduation!!!

  31. I love the black ones they are amazing ❤️❤️

  32. I love the white boots! I think they’d be fun to wear for a night out with the husband. 💕

  33. Flats? I don’t think so!! Love those high black boots 😍! Thanks for posting on Instagram! I’ve been following on there, but somehow missed the blog until now 🙂

  34. The white ones will rock for this 4’11 mom of boys!!

  35. My daughter would love the black ones

  36. Omg the black ones are ADORBS!!

  37. Those white Steve Morris are absolutely sexy as hell and have a perfect outfit too for them ! I’m a stay at hone mom so I’m in need of heels all mine are old lol

  38. I love the Steve Morris ones!! The style is different and unlike anything I have! Super cute and fashionable! Good choice for a night out!

  39. It’s hard to find pretty boots

  40. I love the black booties! Can’t believe they are my size! I would love to be the winner of these since I buy booties but they are flats . These will be my first high heels pair of booties! Hope I win, and thank you for the opportunity! Win or loose is a great opportunity!

  41. The white one 🥰 need those 🤞

  42. White Steve Morris Boots please!!! 🙂

  43. I love all of them but my favorite are the White Steve Morris’. I usually wear a 5 but in boots I tend to wear a 6. I work with kids in a non profit children’s agency in Illinois and they get a “kick” out of my small feet because I can fit their shoes. Needless to say, I have mostly comfortable working shoes. I would love some nice shoes to go out with my husband!

  44. I’ll would take any color they are all gorgeous size 6 or 7 love you seen I’ve seen you in Vegas

  45. I love the size 7 black ones. They’d be perfect for me as i live in heels 24/7. ❤

  46. I love the red fornarina! Firstly cause they are my size hahah and honestly, I’ve just been trying to step out of my comfort zone in terms of my style and really exude the confidence I worked so hard on for so long, and I think these shoes would definitely help me and do that

  47. coco! you are an inspiration to me! you are so empowered that it gives me insipiration to be my true self! i love the black boots but also the white ones! if i won this contest i feel it would give me such confidence in my everyday life! love you queen! slay all day!

  48. My daughter is a size 5. She would love anything that comes from you. She is a huge fan. I would love to win just to surprise her. We would be honored❤️❤️❤️

  49. I love my shoes, I love my shoes, “I want to fuck them!”
    Definitely love your song Coco if I win the black boots can’t wait to represent!!!!!!

  50. Ohhhhh I just absolutely love to get a pair of your boots ♡♡♡♡♡ sz7 would fit me but I’d squeeze into anything from you😘😘😘😘 love you dearly

  51. I would love you have the size 7 boots!!! I am trying to get back into my groove, and they might help me feel sexy!! Thank you so much

  52. I Love that your doing a range of sizes. I’m a size 5 and it’s so hard to find heels. Much love from New Mexico💋

  53. First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be chosen to receive your shoes/boots! I’m sure we can all agree how much we appreciate your generosity. Anywho I must say I love them all but the white boots would be perfect for me and I hope I’m chosen by you and they become mine lol!!!! 💋🤗💕

    • I don’t have a pair a booties! How is that even possible? I would love the black pair they are super cute (:

  54. Hey girl, Hey! The black size 7 are SIZZLING ☄ And sometimes you just need to step your shoe game up when on a hot date with your man & this would DEFINITELY put the wowza in date night ❤
    *on another note, you’re amazing and such a great mama!

  55. Love all of them!

  56. The black ones are gorgeous. I had a gastric bypass almost 4 years ago and have lost over 100lbs and can now wear stuff like that.

  57. I love Red Fornarina are a size 5, I’m a shoe fanantic and i love red..

  58. I wear combat boots everyday. I rarely get time to switch it up. But when I do I would love to do so with the black boots since they are super cute and can go with almost anything. Plus they are my size 😉

  59. The black ones are fabulous 😍

  60. I love the white Steve Morris because not only are they awesome but they would fit my best friend. She’d love them and look great in them so they’d make an awesome present! 😘😘

  61. Huge fan!!! I’d be so happy to get the 7’s my mother passed away back in January and I’ve had a streak of bad luck before that even happened and I’m still having it rough! I would be so happy I never win anything!! Stay awesome!

  62. I would love the red ones because they are actually my size , I have so much trouble finding boots size 5 . My husband would go crazy if I won a pair of boots from you he loves you 🥰

  63. Black size 7 beautiful

  64. First off, you are absolutely amazing!! All of your boots are gorgeous!! The white boots are so perfect, my size, and I have small legs so I have a feeling they would fit perfectly! Thank you so much for doing this!! You are the best! Xoxo

  65. The black boots are adorable! I’ve always wanted a pair just like those!!

  66. Coco I love you, always have! You inspire me to work my curves and be a better person you’re a great mom And baby channel is the cutest thing ever, hope my baby Jolene turns out as sweet as her. I’m 8 months pregnant and the black boots would look so bomb on me. I’ll be stylin and working that run way with my bump 🥰 #hotmomma ❤️❤️❤️ XOXO 💃🏼👠

  67. I absolutely looovvvee the white ones! They would be perfect for me because I have lil legs and I need a pair of beautiful white boots from the beautiful CoCo!!!

  68. Omg they are all gorgeous, my favorite is the white ones. Praying i get picked by the lovely coco 💋💋

    • My step daughter will be graduating from high school this June it would make her day if she
      Would win . She is all into fashion the white boots size 6 are beautiful for her..

  69. I have tiny feet and the red ones will fit!!! Omg I love them!

  70. Would love to have the size seven. All of these are gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win. Love your style.

  71. I would love to have the white or black boots. I’ve never worn designer shoes. I love the red would fit but I dont have a narrow foot. I love that every time I’m feeling down all I have to do is look at ur family and that puts a great smile on my face and makes my day. So to have something from you coco would make my dream come true.

  72. Love them all ♥️♥️ Size 6 White Boots would be my perfect fit 👠 Thank You So much for the chance to win 😘

  73. I love them all, but the black ones are a dream!! I would love any pair to save memorabilia to you Coco.

  74. Love em all im a boot freak i dont owend a white nor red would love one of those God bless ur lovely family always watching ur snaps

  75. These boots are amazing! I would love to be a lucky winner of the black ones. Being a month of a 17 yr old who is graduating this year and a 1yr old..I don’t get to spend alot on myself (not being a mom). This would be such a wonderful treat!

  76. I love the black boots because one they’re just my size and two for me they would be the type of boots I would wear during the spring and summer time🥰🥰

  77. I’m in the Marine Corps and currently deployed but my wife would love those black boots. She’s your biggest fan and she’d love a pair of your shoes more than my homecoming lol. I would love for her to win them. She definitely deserves it. She’s holding down the homefront while I’m gone. Couldn’t do any of this without her.

  78. Well they are all beautiful. And the only ones I would be able to wear are the white ones. And knowing myself like I do if I were to win them I’d probably put them in a glass box and display them.

  79. The black ones, because that is my go to color! Goes with pretty much everything.

  80. The black boots are awesome! I am very happy you do this for us women. One of the reasons I follow you is because you ALWAYS inspire women! You are not just business oriented but FAMILY oriented and that tells it all. I hope to win the boots, but if I don’t I will be happy to know some other special women out there won them. CHEERS to all the women. WOMEN POWER!!! Keep being you Coco 🙂

  81. I love seeing the shoes you and your little girl ware… Love love the size 7…Love from Canada girl xoxoc

  82. I would love to win the Black el dantas boots for my wife. I think should would love them.

  83. I love the red… why? Because their yours and I think you’re amazing! Almost 3 years breastfeeding here! I think it’s incredible you still breastfeed your little boo!

  84. the black ones are insane. my daughter has better taste than me but we could definitely share these

  85. Black boots size 7 are beautiful!

  86. the black pair are insane. my teenage daughter usually makes fun of my fashion choices but even she agreed they were amazing. plus we could share them

  87. I love the black boots…❤ please pick me

  88. Hi coco…love her soo much💙 the black boots look amazing 😉

  89. Coco i LOVE you as well as those AMAZING black boots!!!!! Bet my boyfriend would enjoy me walking in with those and a bath rope around me LOL.
    Thank you for the give away! Hope i win! ❤️

  90. Omg their all cute… I’m a size 7 but damn girl how do you walk in the hi heel… I need some some high heel lessons otherwise I’m going to shit if I win them

  91. Yay so excited to see a size 7 😍 and even better that they’re fabulous!!

  92. Love the size 7! How fun is this…yay!

  93. The black ones are FAAAAAABULOUSSSS!! I’m a short girl and any heels that bring me closer to heaven… I LOVE!

    You and Chanel are beautiful! Love watching your adventures on Snapchat! 🥰

  94. I’d love to win the Steve Morris Ones 🥰

  95. I 😍LOVE😍 the black ones!!! Especially since they would fit me perfect!!! They are super hot!!! Love you coco! You are a beautiful person and a wonderful mother!! 🥰😘

  96. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black ones! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  97. Hi coco you are so beautiful I love the white boots because their my size and white goes with everything…

  98. Thank you Coco for doing this for ur fans it’s great!
    All of the shoes u give away are beautiful!
    The black boots are my favorite in this giveaway!

  99. The black boots ROCK!! Visualizing 👁wearing these to my next real estate listing presentation. Dressed to impress…

  100. The black boots ROCK!! Visualizing 👁wearing these to my next real estate listing presentation. Dressed to impress…

  101. Those white boots are gorgeous! Love that red heel!😍🤩

  102. Thank you for paying it forward. Thats why you will always be blessed. I know I won’t win but I still wanted to come here and tell you how your blessing helps others. And also my sister and i follow you so she tells me quick your dream can come true! You to can wear a pair of @coco shoes. Lol well here goes nothing. Only one that would fit would the size 7 but they are all very lovely. Thank you and good to all. Post pictures of who won’t with them on.


  104. In love with the white ones!! I’ve been in my bag this year it’s been rough new levels bring new devils. I haven’t had the money to get myself anything nice. If I won these it would make everything that much more worth it.

  105. Sad, my last comment was error I had to Redo it I love the red pair and being 410 would give me a little size LOL just wanna say I follow you and Chanel all the time your beautiful girls have a great day and thanks again for doing such a fun thing

  106. Hi !!
    I love the black boots I think they’re gorgeous. Usually I don’t spend big dollars on shoes, clothes etc. I tend to go for a “looks for less” kind of vibe because i can’t afford them unfortunately. I would love to be able to own something of good quality . Especially s pair of shoes from THE Coco’s closet. I’ve met you multiple times at the LIBR Bull dog winter Gala & I must say you are one of the nicest people I’ve met with the cutest daughter ever! If I’m not the lucky winner I’m sure they will look fabulous on whoever you chose. xoxo thanks for reading 🙂

  107. I would love any pair from you. I’m a size 6/61/2 depend on shoes!

  108. I love the White Steve Morris boots! They would look perfect for my renewal wedding day!! Beautiful boots!

  109. I love the Steve Morris ones!! They are different and unlike anything I have. Super stylish! Great for a night out!!

  110. I love the white boots. They will be a great addition to my closet! Love watching you and Chanel with the new addition to your family.

  111. Hey Coco first time on ur blog web sending you much love from Miami, FL. But yes I love the black ones they are very pretty and sexy. I dont go out and spend alot of money on shoes like that due to the fact that im a single mom of 5, been on my own with my children for the past 3yrs and it has been a struggle so i dont have time like that to go shoes shopping i rather spend it on my kids. But i do have an event pretty soon and i think those shoes would look great with the outfit I have. (Size 7)

  112. The black boots are ya die for! Super high perfect for a night out or a day at the office with a cute top and jeans ❤️❤️❤️

  113. The black boots are to die for! Super high perfect for a night out or a day at the office with a cute top and jeans ❤️❤️❤️ Love! Winning would be amazing I don’t ive won anything in years now ☹️, love ya babe

  114. Omg I would love to win the white ones my sons graduation is coming up so proud of him and that he’s made it

  115. I love the white boots I love you period lol I’m also so tiny that I can can only fit a size 5 or 6 lol

  116. I would love the white boots!!!

  117. Black goes with everything and I need the height!!

  118. Hi Coco you are very beautiful. Don’t know if I’m doing this right I hope so. I would like the white boots.Could never afford nice boots like that.And I would like you to autograph itThank You.

  119. Hi Coco, I love the red boots since they are a smaller heel and would fit my tiny calves nicely. I also feel like the red color will make any dull outfit standout.

  120. My daughter would love the white boots. She’s a huge fan and follows you on all social media. Her birthday is coming up in August and she would absolutely be amazed to get these from you!

  121. My wife is a size 5 or 6 it depends on the shoe… I know she would love either one of them.. but I know her favorite color is red… to with for her would be soooooo awesome !!!…. this is way toooooo nice that you do this for your fans … hope I win … thanks

  122. It’s my Birthday today and I would love boots worn by a goddess 🥰 The black one are to die for 🥰 even if I don’t win I enjoy watching and following you on Snapchat this is very nice of you to do ❤️ May god keep blessing you and your beautiful family

  123. My wife is a size 5 or 6 it depends on the shoe… I know she would love either one of them.. but I know her favorite color is red… to with for her would be soooooo awesome !!!…. this is way toooooo nice that you do this for your fans … hope I win …I think I will be trying every month now

  124. Hello coco I would love to rock the cute white boots. I have the perfect small foot with a perfect slim leg so they would definitely look sexy on me! I would absolutely love and adore them. I’ve never won anything before so I’m just gonna give this a shot and hope and pray I win. Thanks for this opportunity I’m a big fan of yours. Thank you.

  125. The black size 7 boots are so perfect for me I only wear black and they are sexy af

  126. Love the red 😍 but can’t go wrong go with black 😍

    • Coco, I’ve been following you and I’ve for so long! All the boots are beautiful! But the black ones are the correct size! You are doing a good job too with Chanel! ❤️❤️❤️

  127. Coco, I’ve been following you and I’ve for so long! All the boots are beautiful! But the black ones are the correct size! You are doing a good job too with Chanel! ❤️❤️❤️

  128. Coco, you are so blessed! Your family is everything. My mom and I look up to you. We are always talking about how cute your daughter is or how amazing you look when you rock your outfits! We are loving the black size 7s and we can even share them!!! I will post some hot pics for your page if you pic me!!! Thanks for all you do for the supporters! I’m always going to rock with you, even if I don’t win. I been wearing some ghetto ass $30 shoes for 5years too long. I’m a mom of 3, who works full time. Saving for my first home!!

  129. Hi Coco! I have been a fan of yours since forever 😍 the black el Dante boots 👢 are an absolute dream and their my size! Thank you for giving back and also giving me an opportunity to win! Love you girl 💕 XO

  130. Wow! All three pairs are amazing. As a size 7 girl I’d be so pleased with the Black el dantas!

    The mom life knows that we don’t treat ourselves very often. So this would be amazing!

    Thank you so much Coco for the chance to treat my feet!
    Much love ♥️

    • Would live to win the red 1s for my wife

  131. Such gorgeous shoes! Love Love Love the black ones 🙂 Such a beautiful selfless thing to do coco. Get it girl!

  132. Hi Coco, my 16 year old daughter and I LOVE you and your such a positive role model for all size women everywhere!!!! If I could could choose a pair of shoes to win it would definitely be the black pair!!

  133. This is amazing! You have been an inspiration and a great role model. You don’t let the haters get to you guys. I miss your show! As a size 5 sometimes 6 (depending on brand) girl THANK YOU for this amazing opportunity!!!!

    • Hi Madam Coco ❤️ You are my idol in instagram ❤️ You are so true in everyway. You have a lovely and happy family. I envy. Good day to u Madam 🙂 All the shoes are gorgeous, It would be my happiness to have size seven. If I will be pick luckily to have a pair of a shoes. I would treasure it for the rest of my life. If I dont. That’s fine Madam Coco. I love you, you are so gorgeous. From: Mary Grace Mendoza

  134. I love the white boots!! Finger crossed to win!!

  135. All of them are gorgeous! I love the black ones! Your awesome coco for doing this! Love watching your amazing family! Your an amazing mom! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  136. I love them all coco. The black boots just has that sex appeal to it. I need some height to my life. Maybe i can see my new man from up there . Dreamy . Love yaaa

  137. I would love to win a pair of the boots! I’m a size 7 and never have worn designer shoes!! 🙂

  138. Omg! The black ones are totally calling my name and it’s the perfect size. They perfect for my sexy legs! Big Fan Coco🥰

  139. Omg! The black ones are totally calling my name and it’s the perfect size. There perfect for my sexy legs! Big Fan Coco🥰

  140. The Red or white boots are perfect! As a former New Yorker, you and Ice have always been a couple that I adored. I’ve always wanted to have at least a pair of shoes from you & I love these!! My birthday is approaching and this would be such an incredible birthday gift especially since we just moved & are a bit low on money! love you Coco!!

  141. They are so 👌 I hope I win ..thank you for this chance..

  142. They are so nice I hope I win ..thank you for this chance..

  143. Blacks one are so prettyyy, i luv to had them , love you Coco <3

  144. Love the black ones. Would be perfect for my honeymoon dress next month. Love you coco!!

  145. I love the black boot. It would be perfect for many occasions. I would love to have the opportunity to win these boots and rock them with a sexy dress.

  146. I would love the black pair.They are so pretty.Thank you for being so giving Coco <3

  147. A size 5 is the hardest size to find👢👠👡🥿 and having a size 5 and being a shoe freak I would do rock those red boots !!!!!

  148. I would love to acquire the black boots. They would be perfect to wear for my birthday at the end of this month. (April 25th) Thank you for the opportunity in advance.

  149. Omg! I would love any of those! Love you Coco you are such an inspiration! ❤️❤️

  150. I would LOVE the black ones because they are my size!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  151. Hi I love all the shoes very classy lady… XOXO I’m a size 7 💋💕🤗

  152. I love all of them. I love all your shoes and clothes lol. My favorite is the white ones but I’m a size 6 61/2 soncan wear both the white one and then black one

  153. OMG!!! The black ones are gorgeous and my size 7!!!!! Coco they are beautiful the height of the heels are just right. Who doesn’t need some high heels to feel good!!! Xoxo

  154. I have trouble finding size 5 most of the time i have to buy in the kids department. I love them all you have such great style. I haven’t worn a pair of high heels in a while for the reason that it’s difficult to find great stylish shoes my size. I’m a wear wat i want and don’t care wat anyone thinks kinda girl. I’m a proud 50yr old going on 30. Btw My husband loves Ice.

  155. I would love to win the white or red for my wife she would be thrilled

  156. I need The Black el Dantas in my life right now because they will definitely give me my groove back. And I definitely need to channel my inner coco! Xo

  157. White Steve Morris size 6! I love you coco and i love ice-t and i love your doggies!!! Pls pls pick me! All the best for you and your family! 🙂

  158. I would love to win the RED BOOTS because they are so cute! perfect to wear out! Red goes with everything!!!

  159. the white ones for sure would look smokin on my girlfriend!!

  160. Hey beautiful Coco, I would LOOOOOVEEEE to win the Black el Dantas boots, and I know exactly when I’d wear them, on #August172019 for my wedding to my man of 17 years!! In front of our three children and my brother I’m getting married in a black and white avant- garde wedding dress unlike no other and these sexy black booties would be purrrrfect for my big day!!! And if I won, they’d be my go to booties for any date night with my husband after our wedding get day!!!

  161. Love all of them but black will go with everything and my size

  162. Hi Coco, I I’m really liking both the white and black pair. I don’t have a pair of white boots. Please choose me. I will rock the white boots any chance I get! I usually wear a size 6 or 7, depending on the style of shoe!

  163. I love these white, size 6 boots! They remind me of a balling Barbie girl. I would maybe wear them with a fur coat! White really goes with anything!

  164. I LOVE the red boots!!! I wear a size 5 and have a narrow foot and the fact that they are red (my favorite color) is even better. Here’s to hoping I get picked. 🤞🏻

  165. Those black el dantas are amazing 💋👣

  166. Hi coco, I’m a huge fan from Dublin, Ireland. I love everything about you, the fact that you are an amazing mum, wife and role model. I would love to own a pair of your boots. Any colour would be amazing. You always make me smile, especially watching you and Chanel. Your relationship is amazing!! I try everyday to be both best friend and mum to my two daughters. You remind us all how time spent with our children is more important than how much we spend on them

  167. 💜💜😍🎀🎁HI COCO, I CALL YOU THE SHOE GODDEST!!! I WOULD LOVE TO WIN ANY PAIR U GOT AMAZING SHOES! 😍😍 I RRANGE FROM 6-7 I GOT 3 kids but still nadie time to put some heels on! Thanx n God bless toi beautiful family 😅💃💋👡👠👠👢

  168. I’m size 6 and would love the white ones please I follow you on every site I’m on it would be a blessing for me to win

  169. Love the boots but I’m a grandma and I don’t think I could rock them as well as you do… just like to thank you … you always put a smile on my face …😁

  170. Hey coco this is Brooke from Instagram I love your shoe collections so much it’s just life lol I want one of ur shoes and I like the white ones because I’m ur size and because ur my idol I look up to u alot. Love you coco😙

  171. Would love to have any of them as I range from a 5-7 they are all gorgeous but am absolutely in love with the white ones !!!!👠👡👢👞👟

  172. The black ones are beautiful. Trying to step out of my comfort zone and be more open with sexy side. Love you and the fam.

  173. I want size 7

  174. Those black ones 🔥🔥🔥
    Oh my goodness. The outfits those would go with!!!
    Girl your amazing keep workin it!!!

  175. Black! BecauseI. A size 7, most of my clothes are black, and I love you! No sob stories from me, I want them because I love you. I look like you (& we both know it hasn’t always been “popular” for us to have these curves), and you gave me confidence when I was a teenager & needed it the most.

  176. you can’t go wrong with classic black! i could use a little height. good luck, ladies!

  177. Has the shoe giveaway been picked?? I don’t see #20 posted? I could be wrong since this is August! But those white boots are so classy. What an awesome thing to do Coco with your items. I love that. Thank you!

  178. I love the black ones and the reason why is for my 22yr old niece who had to put off graduate school for 1yr due to illness. Those boots are just her style

  179. The white boots for me if I win!! Is perfect!!

  180. Omg I want the black ones!!! I’m a heel lover!!! Trying to expand my collection!!!

  181. I LOVE the white ones. I don’t have many heels but I love them, I just received a double lung transplant 7 months ago. Financially, taking care of me before transplant and even more so after transplant I cannot buy extras. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis and received my transplant when I was at 14% lung function. I had to relearn how to breathe, to walk, I’m training my body to run, I lost all my hair due to medications. My body has several new scars and it would be amazing to have these heels to make me feel sexy again. I also have two kids who I’m showing that you don’t let what life throws at you get you down. Push for what you want. I’ve surpassed every obstacle and these boots would really brighten my closet. Everyone wants to feel sexy.

  182. I think its amazing you give shoes away. The black ones a beautiful! I enjoy looking at your shoes.

  183. Oh wauw, i would love the black el Dantes 😍😍

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