Coco Shoe Giveaway 16

So excited to announce the next shoe Give way!!!! I know I haven’t been heard in awhile but as many of you know I’ve been busy with a new baby..She’s kinda taken up most of time and i haven’t had a chance to post much or even post the Shoe Giveaways.. So here it is the next pairs… Just like the past, I give away 2 different heels once a month to 2 different people randomly.. All you need to do is,most importantly, wear a size 6 and then 2nd,comment which shoe you love and why. I read all the comments and name the winners here on my blog..
I also autograph each pair!!?

(Please keep in mind all I ask from the winners is to take a pic with them on or holding them so I can post um here!! You can take a look at past winners)

OK Good luck….

1st pair is light Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps.. they are perfect with jeans and are about 3 inch high..(note these fit really tight so might fit a narrow 6 foot better or a regular size 5 1/2 foot)

2nd pair is Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms…These have great toe cleavage and also fit a little snug so your true size should be a 6 not a 6 1/2

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

277 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 16

  1. I love you and the shoes!

    • Love live love those grey pumps!!!! Come on Coco…help a sister out:)

  2. I am in love with the Ruthie Davis fushIa shoes. They are stunning and they remind me of the shoes I lost when I moved. I love how they have the little open cut outs.

  3. 1st pair loveee ????

  4. Coco, thank you so much for doing this giveaway. I was so excited when I saw it on your snapchat. I am a true size 6 so I am loving the Ruthie Davis fuchsia heels. I enjoy following you on social media and love seeing snaps and pictures of baby Chanel. Thank you for sharing her with us. I have a baby girl too who is turning 1 next month. It goes by so fast. Thank you for making me feel comfortable to still be sexy and mommy. Love, Kayla

  5. Love you Coco! Your an amazing, driven, talented, gorgeus mother and I am so inspired by you! I’m excited for the shoe giveaway and am hoping To be selected! If not then I’ll hope for an autograph!

    • Pink is my favourite colour and these shoes are aoo pretty!

  6. I love the Denim shoes!
    Will they make me as sexy as u? ?
    Can’t believe u still do this. U have such a great heart.
    Met u and Ice at the Pink Rhino in Phoenix AZ.
    My hubby is ur number 1 fan!

  7. I wish to have the stuart weitzman denim pumps….every shades of cute.. Love the low toe vamp.. Am not a huge fan of round toe but the fact that the weitzman pumps is pointed, is a huge plus.. Coco am a huge fan of your shoe style..
    Your fan all the wat from Nigeria

  8. Coco, first of all congrats on your beautiful bundle of joy and welcome to motherhood. She is so precious?.I have a daughter as well she is turning 10. Enjoy every minute with her they grow so fast you won’t believe it ?. I love the Ruthie Davis bright fushia because the color is to die for. I am a size 6!? can’t wait to get my hands on those. Thank you COCO!!

  9. I would love to have a pair of shoes that you owned because your my inspiration, also with being an army wife it’s hard to get things for yourself because you always want to give your husband everything that he wants first because he more then deserves it for sacrificing his life for others. Plus with having sezuires I can’t work so I go without getting nice things alot so that he could have the nice things he wants. I would love to the lucky new owner of your gorgeous pink pair because they are beyond stunning like you Coco!! ??

    • Also with having a miscarriage it’d give me my confidence back to not give up keep trying. My time to be a mommy will come.

  10. You have a party to go to in here In Finland. Imagomainonnasta my wife has the perfect outfit for the occasion – a stunning catsuit and Coco’s stunning high heels.
    Her kept her hair loose and long. She had a mixture of minimal, but accented makeup with smoky eyes, but natural lipstick. I was sold.

    Pair 1

  11. Those Fushia platforms are beautiful!! ? I have serious shoe envy rn ? They’d go perfectly with an outfit I have planned for an event in London ?
    Much love Coco ?
    Stay Fabulous?

  12. Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms..
    My husbands 31st birthday is coming up and i would love to wow him with something new and exciting. Aswell as him beinf a fan of you and your family..

  13. Hi coco I a true fan of yours I really what this heel

  14. I love the fuchsia ones they are super sexy and definitely an eye catcher!

  15. I love the pair 1. I always go to with jeans and leggings…and this is a perfect fit my my daily outfit going out…i have a little girl names Annika she is half norwegian…and i wanted her to feel her filipina mama is a sassy mama…???

  16. Omg I’m so in love with the Ruthie David did his heels ? please pick me!!!!! Couldn’t believe when I heard on snap chat that you’re doing this! So awesome!!!!! You totally rock good luck to everyone I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed ❤️

  17. Both shoes are amazing! But the fuchsia peep toes are begging me to wear them out for a night on the town. I don’t get out much these days but when I do..I always put on a pair of sexy shoes my vast collection of heels. These babies will become a member of my shoe family and will be treated like gold. I am a size 6 and love love love your shoe collection. And you of course! And btw..Chanel is the cutest celebrity baby out there. Not a lie!!!?

  18. Hi Coco!! I am soooo inlove with the Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms. I normally do my nails that colour and i am a true size 6.

    All the way from South Africa!!

  19. Hi Coco, I also collect shoes. I just love all kinds of shoes but I would say the denim ones are my favourite out of the two because they remind me so much of a pair I had which were very similar when I was around 18 or 20 and believe me that was some time ago, LOL. By the way you are an inspiration to me. Had a reply once from you on Twitter too, the discussion was about orbs in photos. ?

  20. I would love a pair .. I would love your closet of shoes lol and I’m a size 6

  21. I LOVE, LOVE the denim pumps!

  22. Hi Coco,
    I wear a size and love the Ruthie Davis Fushia Patent leather platforms …They are just awesome!!! I love you too 🙂

  23. Hi Coco,
    Hehe I meant I wear a size 6 and love the Ruthie Davis Fushia Patent leather platforms …They are just awesome!!! I love you too!!

  24. Hi Coco! I have to tell you that I am a little bit obsessed with baby Channel’s Instagram page! My phone sends me a message when a new pic is posted! lol! Shoes~ the fushia for this girl ;0)

  25. The 2nd pair i would love coco ❤❤
    My husbands birthday is coming up and i would love the pair of heels to go with my outfit..
    Including him and i both are obsessed with you and ice and chanel ????
    I would really love to wow him with these shoes
    Thank You Mrs. Coco
    Xoxo JoJo

  26. August 21, 2016 at 5:41 pm
    says: |

    The 2nd pair i would love coco ❤❤
    My husbands birthday is coming up and i would love the pair of heels to go with my outfit..
    Including him and i both are obsessed with you and ice and chanel ????
    I would really love to wow him with these shoes
    Thank You Mrs. Coco

  27. 2nd pair please Coco . Cause I’m in love with pink 🙂 I’m always trying for this maybe one day I be the next winner how I wish to own one of your shoes <3

    Ps when your gonna do a show again Ice loves Coco + Chanel <3

  28. Such beautiful shoes, I too try to collect. I go for the platforms, I’m short they make me feel beautiful. I’m a mom of 6 and shoes give me a smile just for me…

  29. I’m a size 6, and I love both shoes because I’m starting my own shoe collection slowly, and would be honored to have shoes from you added to my collection. I adore the Jean pumps, a girl must have pumps, especially in Jean, but either or both heels are must haves!!!

  30. 1st pair please!❤️❤️
    I love the way they look and believe they would look wonderful with some of my dresses. I rarely wear heels but would wear this till I can’t no more.! I would cherish them so much!!!

  31. I love, LOVE the Ruthie Davis! I love pink, there yours and I want your autograph!!!

  32. Hi CoCo! I love you and your shoes collection. The Ruthie Davis is my fave and the color is so cute. I would love to have them on my size 6 feet. Thanks CoCo! ?

  33. Ruthie Davis ones slay me omg I’m in love!

  34. Love the fushia pair, they are beautiful.

  35. Hello hermosa ! i really love the Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platform ?? because the are fun sexy bright color that will make any outfit pop I ak a size 6 birthday is this month aug 23rd

  36. Hoping to win. Love to have some new heels…especially from such a beautiful woman as yourself. Good luck to all.

  37. Would love to win the Ruthie Davis heels. They look gorgeous especially knowing that they used to be yours. Good luck to everyone

  38. I love to win the Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps they are so cute and they would go with many outfits!

  39. When you are into cocos shoes!
    Awww man, sometimes I just..
    I just say to myself man; why am I this God, man? (I’m so fly!)
    I can’t help it baby, no matter what I do, man (I’m so fly!)
    Everything just comes for real, man
    Just makes it ~ just happens, man (I’m so fly!)
    There I go; just so fly

    • Continuation……. That second pair is lit and good looking. Why I would like to have it? Give it to my big sis as a thank you cuz we have been through lots of hard time together.

  40. Hey Coco
    Love the denim!! I admire you for your shoe give always!! You’re awesome ??
    Thank you
    New Orleans, La

  41. I love the pink pumps!!! ❤️

  42. I am so excited that you are hosting a show giveaway again. I thought I might have missed out due to undergoing fertility treatments to become a mommy. I had 5 unsuccessful rounds and I start my IVF process on the 29th of August. I really would love to win these shoes. So I can be a sexy momma in those shoes. Just like you COCO. Chanel is a beautiful baby. I always look at your snaps and your and hers IG and like all of the pictures. I got my fingers crossed.

  43. Being a female in college trying to compete with the men in the Technology department is extremely difficult. I lack confidence when I’m continually called a “dumb blonde” yet I have great grades. You are inspirational because you prove to people that women can lead and they can do it in heels! I love the Denim pair by SW because they are the pair that says “I’m a female and I can code in six computer languages and still look sexy and BLONDE”. Thank you so much for spirit and fire! I hope you pass it on to your children and they show young girls what confidence and grace mean. Continue to shine!

  44. beautiful shoes – and I wear a size 6. Thanks so much for sharing.

  45. Coco I am new to your Blog but I love it! Thank you for sharing your time with us!
    The DENIM shoes ARE PERFECT! I wear a size 6 and was SHOCKED when you did too! I’m a mom and self taught seamstress trying to be a designer and your shoes would be AWESOME! I’ll post a pic in one of my own outfits IN YOUR SHOES 🙂 THANK YOU AND GO RAIDERS!!!!

  46. I love the Denim Stuart Weitzman

  47. Why Lord?! Why did you bless me with 5.5W feet?!

  48. i love how can rock your shoes in and out i would die to own so many like you but heals make you look more sexier than just sandals or flats when you go out i’am short as hell so when i step out i always put on a great heel! god bless you and your family

  49. I love the first pair! They are a great height and i like the idea you gave to wear them with jeans. They are perfect coco!

  50. Hi Coco , Enjoy your baby doll to the fullest they grown up to fast ?? ! I would love to win the first pair I’m in love . Thank You God Bless Your Family

  51. Hi Coco, just love your snaps with baby Chanel… look forward to them every time…Love both pairs of shoes….:)

    Coco! I love your shoe collections! I would love to own a pair of Ruthie David 2 .Btw , your snaps with your little princess are so adorable. Thank u for sharing her <3

  53. Hey coco, I love the Stuart W. denim shoe ! Currently entering my 3rd year in college and I feel like these would look so cute with presentations for class and soooo hot for a night out ?Love you and the fam ?

  54. My 18 year old daughter would love the ones to wear with denim jeans..she only stands 4’11 & hates being short. These would make her day. …THANKS …LOVE 2 YOU & Your family

  55. In love with the Ruthie Davies! Would love the pair if you think I’m worthy!!!

  56. I am a 6 and I LOVE the pink pair! ?

  57. Hi Coco you responded once to me on fb when I asked about donate to a single mother that can never afford anything new for myself so here I am entering your contest I love the second pair the grey ones my favorite color. Love you and baby channel are the cutest in your matching outfits she is so cute looks just like daddy.

  58. My wife would love the pink ones!

  59. Hi Coco,
    My wife loved the pink pumps. Why? Her words “because they are just f***ing awesome”.
    I know you select the winner randomly but if there’s a person who deserves to win is my wife, she’s just an exceptional human being, she puts her needs on hold to take care of everyone else, she always sees the good in people, and she never asks for anything.
    Thank you.
    PS. She is 4′ 11″ and wears a size 6.

  60. LOVE the denim ones, those are rad! I am a size 6. Love you and your fam, followed y’all for awhile now. <3

  61. I just love shoes and would love to win a pair. My bulldog Tank said his mommy needs a new pair of shoes to wear when daddy takes her out for their anniversary ?

  62. I love the pink ones! I am a new momma of a three week old baby girl! I am a size 6…during pregnancy I had only a worn out pair of flip flops to wear since my feet were swollen. These shoes are amazingly perfect and I would love to have them to help jump start my way to dressing in a way that I couldn’t the last nine months. Love you Coco and your positive attitude and self love! It’s helped me stay positive even with a changing body!

  63. I love the fushia, thanks for this give away! Also you have a beautiful baby girl! I follow both of you on instagram.

  64. Hey coco,
    I love the Ruthie Davies! They’re super cute! I am a size 6, and absolutely ADORE YOU!! My aunt practically lives 5 minutes away from you, and I always look out for you. Love the brownstone pancake factory! Also, I think we got our eyebrows done by the same girl, Danielle. (I’m not stalking you I swear!!!) it’s just a small world. Anywho, I am starting the nursing program at my school this fall, and am super stressed out. These shoes would definitely make me a little unstressed haha!! Love your daughter, she’s adorable. Love you girl, keep doing you!! I’ll always support you!

  65. Hi Coco! First and foremost I want to thank you for sharing your pregnancy,birth and most beautiful celebrity baby Chanel with all of us?I absolutely love your honesty about everything and the fact that you ARE a classy,sexy,breastfeeding,baby wearing mom! You make me want to up my mom game and be sexy for my man to. I’m in love with your Ruthie Davies fuschia heels??I’m a true size 6 and I’d love to surprise my husband with a night out, just the two of us and I can dress sexy for him wearing a pair of your shoes! I can only imagine the confidence I’d feel wearing them. I’d be truly blessed.
    Thank you for doing this and good luck to everyone??

  66. Hi Coco,First i would like to say what a Beautiful Baby! and you are Amazing for doing this Blog ,reaching out and talking to Your Fans..That is totally Awesome!
    Anyway I am a size 6 maybe a little smaller..I just Love
    Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms..They are Hot and i have the Perfect Dress to go with them!!
    I always try to win but never do lol..Good Luck to me hehe!

  67. I love the Denim pair because you can dress them up with anything!!!!

  68. I love both pair so I would be happy with either pair,You or sweet to do things for your fans.

  69. Dear Coco, I love the denim pair!! As soon as I saw your snapchat I came up here, it’s really nice of you to do this^_^ your fan from Taiwan and I’m also a size 6!!

  70. Just watching you today on dr oz was very is heart warming to me…very big fan of ur husband wich drew me closer to you and had me more interested in you then ever today I got up did ur work out alil, and was touched when u was talking about ur daughter ..wishing u and ur family all the blessings in the world… Just thought I’d let u kno ..I do love shoes .but my nessage means more to share!wasnt expecting nothing more, just wanted to check ur website out …. love the demon .. He wanted you to know that you inspired me watching you on Dr. OZ and I loveD it


    I need these shoes lol Im your biggest fan lol dressing up like you for Halloween last year was the coolest ever !!! i ave been need Coco since i was three my grandpa used to make me cocoa every morning while I was growing up. My grandparents raised me. I have 4 kids of my own now and i will never forget him every mooring doing that for me. You are a awesome mom Coco !!! Y’all are the best famous family of all of the celebrities we see. What can I say But your Amazing and my one wish in life would be to meet you in person 🙂 forever your biggest fan _CoCo #2 XOXO

  72. Pick me, pick me!! I’m a size 6 so not only would I LOVE them, they would fit perfectly! Thank you for the opportunity!

  73. Morning CoCo!
    I love the 1st pair is light Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps! They can make you feel amazing in every way! You can do a dress down day with just a tee and jeans or dress them up with a hot blouse and some nice slick jean.. either way they would look amazing on!
    Have a blessed day and keep loving that beautiful baby girl!

  74. Long time follower of your blog here, nice to see it get an update! I’m trans and have been idolizing you for the past decade. It’s obscene how quick time seems to fly nowadays, and it amazing how well you’ve adjusted to this new time in your life with chanel. Seeing how fierce you can look and be gave me a lot of the courage to finally go through with hrt and finally transitioning. It also helps to be very short and have tiny feet! I’d love the pair of Ruthie Davis shoes.

  75. Even if i dont win i think what u r doing is such nice thing 4woman out there who can’t afford ??such beautiful heels.Many many blessings 4u n ur fam?

  76. I love the denim ones I would love to rock them with a pair of jeans!

  77. What you are doing coco is the most blessing thing you can do and it only brings more blessing to you and you’re lovely family. May god bless you more for each thing you do in kindness.have a Great day today missy.

  78. My mom loves the 2nd pair.

  79. Coco, My one and only baby girl left me to attend college. Those Ruthie Davis bright fushia shoes would brighten my lonely days to come. I’d love to win these beauties but if I don’t, I pray that they go to a loving home.

  80. Hello Mrs. Coco….id love to be the winner of those Ruthie Davis fushia heels….they are so beautiful and beside all pink, purple is my absolute favorite color….I’ve been down these last 2 1/2 months i have gain so much weight and been trying my hardest to get these pounds off. So if i am the winner of these Fabolous shoe they will go great with my new body…if not im sure they will go to a lovely home.

  81. Hi Coco,
    I love watching you and your family on snapchat! You are an amazing mommy and so real! I would love to win the Ruthie Davis fushia heels because my husband and I could use a night out and these shoes would be perfect!! Thank you for considering me and for creating this opportunity!

  82. Hello Coco, I must say I’ve been following you for ever, and u are so awesome. U have spired me in so many ways you just don’t know. I woukd love to be the winner of those Ruthie Davis shoes. Not only is it my favorite color, but my shoe size, and id love to be the winner. Ive been yrying hard to lose weight and its coming off slowly and your shoes would complete my goal. If im not the lucky winner, im sure they will find a nice home. Thank you for being u and never snyone else….

  83. 1st pair ??
    Hey coco , I’d so love to win a pair of your heels
    There Fab as & Heyy Im a size 6 & I’m from
    NEW ZEALAND xoxo

  84. Hola Coco,
    What a beautiful heart you have. Giving the world a chance to win an actual pair of your shoes. Your such an inspiring role model to have. Also you and Ice T are an amazing couple. I was so happy to find out that I wear the same size of shoes as you that I can possible have a chance to win. So this is my 1st time taking the chance. I really love the Ruthie Davis fushia. The color is beautiful and bright and I can already imagine outfits I have to wear them with. Please give this New Mexico girl a chance… I will wear them proud ?

  85. Hi Coco Lady, so after a bad car wreck I gained an enormous amount of weight. It took me four years but I lost 100 pounds using many of your fitness tips. I lost a shoe size in the process! But…I am a size 7. Bummer, but my mom is a size 6 she just lost my granny and grandpa and has her own apartment for the first time and is out on the dating scene. She goes dancing three nights a week. I am now the adult dealing with a 63 year old teenager! lol I am very proud of her and all the help she has given me as I have battled a pseudo brain tumor which is now in remission. She did everything for me for almost a year. I would like to gift her a pair of your autographed shoes to show my appreciation.

    She has adopted Baby Chanel as her online grand daughter since I never had a child. hahaha Thank you!

    Much Coco and Ice T Fan Love,
    Pip from Dallas (Sorry I didn’t get to see you guys at “Art of Rap”. I was so disappointed.)


  86. I love them both but the pink ones are amazeballs!!!! Please pick me Coco! These would go perfect on my shoe shelf in my pink closet that I converted into a shoe room when I’m not wearing them!!!

  87. The hot pink leather pumps for the win! I would love to tell my husband I won a pair of your shoes! He would die! 😀

  88. I would love the fuchsia pumps and I think they would go amazing with my outfit for my baby shower!

  89. Hi! I love your fucsia shoes on, because they remaind me the color of my new job! I really like you and I follow you from Italy. I LOVED your pregnancy blog because in the mainwhile i had a baby too. I know there are no possibilies to be picked but i wanted write you the same. Have a nice day and big kisses to your lovely girl.

  90. I am in with the pink pair!!!

  91. The pink ones! They are super cute and love toe cleavage shoes! Feet need to feel sexy too! Lol

  92. Omg this is great. Your awesome coco. I loce you and T. I would love the 2nd pair is Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms… thank you again for this chance. I never wi. Anything soooo fingers crossed. Oh your daughter is soooo precious. I bave a soon to be 8month old a 15 y/o and a 8 y/o so i know how busy it cam be

  93. I would love the fuschia Ruthie Davis shoes. They match my hair and any shade of pink is my favourite colour.

  94. I would love the pink pair!!! I love pink and the cut outs are super cute. I think this is so amazing that you give your shoes away. The fact that you are so giving when you don’t have to be is very admirable. Thank you!

  95. Also Saturday is my birthday this would be an awesome gift!! My husband and I both are huge fans of you and ice. ?

  96. I want the 1st pair is light Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps because they are a nice beautiful color I like darker or plain colors and with me having a small feet it’s hard to find the right shoes in colors yes I want it so bad especially coming from your own personal shoes collection I would be so happy oh gosh… can’t believe you also have small feet but they are perfect sizes..??? I would love to own you personal shoes yes please and I also love each following you on Fb and ig your daughter is beautiful.. bless you babe

  97. Love the second pair. I wear a size 6. You are adorable and so is Chanel. I am a grandmother helping raise my beautiful grandson. I surely would love a beautiful pair of shoes since becoming a grandma and providing for all of his needs has hit my budget pretty hard. Not complaining because he is my very best friend. Would be nice to have some non-granny shoes however. LOL. Love the pictures you post. Thanks for sharing.

  98. Hi Pretty Mama, I love following you on everything so in love with you and your little Diva..all her outfits and of course those headband???i love you the first pair, I wear mainly jeans but sometimes this mommy just needs a little extra pump ?Thank you -Amanda Craig mommy of two

  99. I LOVE the Pink Pair!! You are my inspiration as a Mother!! I often find it difficult to find the time to put my make up on and get out of the sweats( they are VS Sweats) so they are not that ugly!!! I really enjoy your thoughts and comments. Motherhood made you even better!!

  100. Love love love these shoes! I am a 5 1/2 but 6 on a good day. 🙂 glad you have tiny feet like me!!

  101. Hi Coco, first I want to say that I absolutely love your soul. Such A beautiful lady inside and out. I would love to be the winner of the Ruthie Davis fascia heels, I think they are stunning. I love your style.

  102. I love the denim. I am a 5.5 to a six and my fiance said he would love to see these shoes behind my ears.

  103. I’ ll love the first Denim Stuart pair! Couse I use jeans all the time. ❤?????

  104. Coco i love the fushia patent leather platforms. I can only dream of having good platforms. I am a single mother on disability. So its hard to try to yourself anything when everything you have you spend on your child. But i am so glad that you do this contest just to give a woman a chance to just dream. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl to. Motherhood is awesome.

  105. I wear a size 6 in shoes. And I am totally in love with the Pink shoes. I currently do not own a pair of pink shoes I mostly wear black, red and nude colors. But when I saw your pink shoes it makes me want to give it a try to step out of my comfort zone. And I promise that if you choose me I will not disappoint you and wear them as much as possible! thank you 🙂 god bless you and your wonderful family.

  106. Love love the denim pair. Rocking a pair of shoes from you would give me my 15 minutes of fame among ma friends. Love you, yo life & family!
    All the way from Uganda; Africa.

  107. Coco!I have recently become a fan of yours and started following you and your adorable baby girl on snapchat. I am a fan not because of your modeling or who you are married to but of your personality and fun style. I like who you share with us and I love your relationship you have with your sister (reminds me of my love for my sis and the crazy things we do together). I would love to receive the denim shoes bc it seems they would go with many things I might wear….hey what doesn’t go with Jeans but a pair of Coco shoes?! Sending you Love,

  108. I want the 1st pair is light Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps because they are a nice beautiful color I like darker or plain colors and with me having a small feet it’s hard to find the right shoes in colors yes I want it so bad especially coming from your own personal shoes collection I would be so happy oh gosh… can’t believe you also have small feet but they are perfect sizes..??? I willing love to own one of your personal shoes.. btw you daughter is so beautiful I love looking seeing her pictures bless you babe.

  109. Hey darling! I like the denim SW but I don’t want them for me. I would love to gift these to my sister. She’s the most awesome person in my life and the total opposite of me. Lol! She’s the tiny one in the family that these would fit. She’s had many health issues this year and I know these babies would pep her up. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these. Good luck to everyone!

  110. COCO!!!
    Love the Weitzman Denim pumps!! So classy yet still sexy! I adore your snap chat shares of little miss Chanel, and you and Ice are a wonderful couple! Wish you many years of happiness and health!

  111. Coco!I have recently become a fan of yours and started following you and your adorable baby girl on snapchat. I am a fan not because of your modeling or who you are married to but of your personality and fun style. I like who you share with us and I love your relationship you have with your sister (reminds me of my love for my sis and the crazy things we do together). I would love to receive the denim shoes bc it seems they would go with many things I might wear….hey what doesn’t go with Jeans but a pair of Coco shoes?! Sending you Love,

  112. The Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps please!!! They are some sexy shoes!! ??

  113. Love your shoes give away! The pink heels are awesome and I love seeing you and your baby girl dressed to empress! You and IceT are one power couple.

  114. Coco I love you and your baby doll. I follow both of you on IG and love all the pics. My bday is next month on the 28th. I would love to win the Ruthie Davis in bright fuschia. This would be the best bday present ever!!!

  115. I am a true size 6. I love them both. Love you more. In the years of following you, each day more and more I see how beautiful you are inside out! This is very generous of you!
    Reason I’d love to have a pair of your shoes, with your autograph is because each day for the rest of my life I want to be reminded of your kindness and generosity, of your beauty, to know that this world has amazing people, and every girl wants that pair of awesome shoes 😉

    Thank you!!!

  116. Oh my!!!! I would love the pink shoes!! Im a size 6 as well, it would mean so much to have those from you. My newborn recently broke the coco necklace you gave me in Phoenix which im still heartbroken about lol so this would make it up, I wore that thing everyday and I feel naked without it 🙁 anyway, thanks for all you do for your fans, you’re truly a big inspiration ❤

    Sincerly, a dedicated fan with the neck tattoo……with more to come ?

  117. I would most definitely choose Stuart Weitzman, not only are those shoes and all his items beautiful he cares about the education of children worldwide so you know when you purchase some of that money is going to help a child get an education that otherwise wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure it’s called Pencils of Promise and I think he should be noticed more for all their hard work! Thanks COCO! I’ve always loved you and Ice! Being a Jersey girl I always loved that you and Ice stayed and didn’t move to some outlandish pad that people cannot afford LOL Keep up the good work mama… I most certainly look up to you as a businesswomen and mommy <3

  118. Coco I love how fashionable you are and would be such an honor to wear your shoes. I live in trinidad ( the Caribbean) but I have family in America to keep the shoes at till I visit. Hope I win,I love the denim?

  119. WHAT I WOULD DO FOR THOSE Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms
    It’s not every day we as women feel at our most. Yes we are all beautiful for who we are within, but being able to reflect our fabulous-ness that we carry inside, on the outside is just as important! I work a 40 hour mim wage job, I’m a guest service specialist at a Lottery/Deli and let me tell you I work my butt off, I start my day looking and feeling FAB but by the time I lock my doors at 3am I am exhausted. I wake up and do it again while raising my beautiful 9 year old daughter with special needs and taking care of my fiance that suffer from his own mental health. I don’t own any heals probably for the last 7 years, but girl do you realize how ON TOP OF THE WORLD I would feel to slip into a little black dress, put my face on, toss my hair up, grab those beauties, run my hands over every curve take in the texture the imperfections, the weightlessness, and sit there like Cinderella, while I CROWN my feet in some thing as beautiful as my heart Is! I have goose bumps just thinking of getting dolled up and having those fuchsia clouds be the foundation of the women I have strived to be, for one night even just, SLAY what I have BUILT. A strong, full of fight, dedication, passionate, determined, independent, caring and warm hearted WOMEN, DAUGHTER, MOTHER, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, FRIEND, ROLL MODE. Oh by the way hun I’m a size 6 😉 I love you and follow you, you are an amazing WOMEN that teaches us women to have the up most confidence and walk talk even when we are feeling short. I would love to walk in your shoes if it meant just once, that’s all it would take! Good luck ladies, may CoCo find her Cinderella! All a girl can do is dream. 🙂 Much love to you all and to the world. Let’s turn the hate that has blanketed God’s green earth with love, love for each other, love for our community’s, and love for OURSELVES!

  120. Hi CoCo! I am a fan of yours. I always love your style. Youre very expressive woman. I watched one of your show and Ice T back then when I was in Philippines and now I’m here in USA.
    I love the fushia leather pair because it will make me feel feminine and it goes on every outfit. I so want to have a pair of shoes like this, too bad i only have 2 flat shoes to choose from. I will definetly wear this and make me feel more like sexy and sassy woman on a date with my husband. Me and my husband just got married 6 days ago and definitely this is a perfect gift.
    Thank you Coco! God bless!
    Ellaine, all the way in Florida

  121. I’ ll love the first Denim pair! Couse I use jeans every day. ❤?

  122. Ruthie Davis are my favorite! The bright pink would make a pair of pants pop! I can see myself wearing them on a date night or a day out with the kids! I just love the color!

  123. I love the fuchsia ones! Stunning as you are!

  124. Love the denim one!!! ???

  125. Hi Coco
    I ❤ both shoes. My birthday is coming up in a month and I usually buy my shoes first then my outfit vice versa. It would mean the world to me to be wearing a pair of your shoes for my Birthday that will be the best gift ever. Thank you for allowing all us ladies to participate in your give away. Your such an amazing person.
    Stay sweet
    Cindy R.

  126. How incredibly kind of you! Hard choice they are both gorgeous shoes. I think the Stuart Weitzman pumps would be my favorites. ?

    • This is awesome, I found out about the contest through your facebook. Now you might be wondering why a guy is responding. I’ve always been a fan of you and of course your husband. Whilst I am not a size 6, my girlfriend is. She, like you, is very career oriented and goal driven. Her birthday is coming up and I’m sure she’d love waking up to the Ruthie Davis platforms. What a better way to a woman’s heart than with heels, right?

  127. Coco I just loveeeeeeeeee your shoe collections. You have not worn a pair that I did not like. (plus you have very pretty feet I must say)

    I would love Ruthie Davis’s Pink fushia. If I won, I would wear them on my wedding day. I get married Nov 4th of this year. Thank you for your time and ty sooo much for giving people like me an opportunity to get fancy shoes that they can own. There really should be more people like you. You stay humbled and that is one of your best virtues. Kisses to you and Chanel. God bless. xoxo

    If you can take a look at the website we created that would be amazing. Maybe share one day for us. If not its no lost love. Thank you for your time. <3

  128. I love the light denmin Stuart Weitzman pumps?. I work in an office and I’m always looking for a sexy/professional pair of heels. It’s sometimes hard to find a size 6.

    I also like to dress up my jeans and these heels would go great with my white jeans?

    Thanks Coco

  129. Hey Coco pick me for your shoe giveaway 16.
    I like the denim pair just cause they are so me.
    So pick me, pick me I’d love to shoe them off for my birthday Month (October).
    How more lucky can I be to say that the feel will fit me!
    Love you COCO!

  130. I know you said we have to wear a size 6, I don’t, I am a size 9 and a girl with curves, but I seriously want the toe cleavage shoes. To frame. I want to look at them and know, I am just like that shoe. Shoes are shoes, like people are people … but we can decided what kind of statement we want people to have of us. I want to be known for being a bright spot in someones day, a unique look and one of a kind in a world of imitators. PS I love you earrings, do you have a line of earrings?

  131. Hey CoCo,
    I am in love with the denim pair, they would go with most of my Mommy wardrobe. It has been so long since I bought new heels, being a mommy of four the budget doesn’t always allow. I hope you & your beautiful family the best!
    Love your fan,

  132. Hey there coco,
    I’m Amanda! I am a size 5 1/2 to 6 I love the demin pair! They would be prefect for my new job venture!!! Love what your doing!!! And love the fact that you don’t hide away Chanel… She is amazing and thank you for sharing her with all of us!!!

  133. Hello doll! First, I want you to know that I love you and you are so beautiful. Second, thank you for doing this shoe give away. My fav pair is the Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps. I love the color and how sexy they look on your feet. Also, the fact that you can wear them with jeans.

  134. I will like to win the shoes because as a stay at home mom I think it will be super exciting to have something so nice. It will keep me going .

    • By the way I am grateful with any of them

  135. I would love a pair of those glamorous shoes you wear. I have no expensive shoes 🙁 and I think I deserve a nice pair 😀

  136. Such a huge fan and think you are amazing! Fellow az girl here and would love a pair but not to wear just to admire 🙂

  137. OMG! Those Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps are beautiful. Would love to wear them on a much needed date night with my husband…

  138. I would be happy to win any of the two! I love you and you family Coco! I am a shoe lover, my closet is decorated around my shoes! Thank you Coco for giving me a chance to have a pair of you beautiful shoes in my closet?

  139. I would love to have the gray pair. They are very classy looking.

  140. Hey Coco! I’d love to have the denim Stuart weitzman pumps! They look amazing! I hardly get a chance to wear anything but work boots but I too love heels! Congrats on all ur success and growing family. I love watching ur show with u and ice! Thanks again! Xo

  141. The grey ones. I want to get them for my mom i feel like she deserves them for everything she does for me. I hope i havnt missed the dead line… I barely saw the post 5min ago… So i jumped on it. 830-428-8855. Even if its from a blocked number(i understand) itd be easier to get a notice if i win via call, since i get alot of spam…thank u coco

  142. I am such a big fan of you coco! The gray pair look more like my style. They are beautiful! Love how they are 3″. Perfect for mom on the go!

  143. Hi CoCo, I would love the Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps! Having your autograph is just an amazing added bonus! I absolutely love your style, you have the most amazing closet of shoes and clothes! I believe that you are an amazing role model, you’re a hard working woman who is an amazing mom. You and Chanel are absolutely adorable and I hope one day when my fiancee and I have children, our daughter and I will have an amazing bond like you and your beautiful daughter. I’m hoping one day soon to see you and Ice-T in Atlantic City!! Xoxo

  144. I love the first pair! I’m a first time mom with a daughter around your cuties age. I don’t get out much lately, but when I do, I would love to rock those pumps

  145. Love anything that you wear. Would be nice to wear something so pretty on date night with my hubby since we don’t get to go out as much as we would like. Love your family you guys are my inspiration.

  146. I like 1st pair.. More true to my size.. Can’t wait to try them on.

  147. I absolutely love the pink shoes. Id love to win them because my dogs ate all my heels 🙁
    Love to you all

  148. I love all of your shoes!!! They are amazing. I prefer the fushia if I win. Thank you and i sure wish you and Ice would start your reality show back up. I sure miss it.

  149. I love love the Ruthie Davis ?

  150. I absolutely love the Ruthie Davis heels 🙂

  151. I wear a 6! I love the Ruthie Davis hot pink ones! Its fate! Pick me pick me!!

  152. I’d love the pink sjoes!!

  153. Pink is always a winner

  154. I love the shoe’s and yes I;m a 6. I ove you and your family

  155. Definitely the hot pink they remind me of you super fun and cute.

  156. I love the first pair! They are simple yet sexy ! Absolutely beautiful .

  157. Coco, I love the Denim Stuart Weitzman! I want those for date night with the hubby. I had a baby earlier this year and had to quit wearing heels. I’m slowly trying to relearn how to walk in heels, lol! Yes, I am a size 6! 🙂

  158. I Love the Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms Pink is my favorite color

  159. I like the pik ones….they will be look lovely on my wifes feet……

  160. The Ruthie Davis are to die for! Bright and electric just like me! Perrrrrfect!!!

  161. Hello Coco! I love Ruthie Davis shoes. I have never owned a pair of shoes like this so it would be nice and i wear a size 6. I just had twins so it would be nice to be able to dress up to feel good an look good for my husband.

  162. Those greys have me! They are sophisticated yet still sexy and could are so versatile to style! I can see them paired with white high waisted jeans and a cute crop top or even a little black dress! Love them????❤️

  163. I would love to win the 2nd pair Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms, For a couple of reasons I am a mother so i do not get nice shoes to often , Im 4’11” so some height would be nice LOL and my birthday is coming up in October and this would be an awesome birthday present .. also my favorite color is pink…Please choose me ….

  164. The Ruth Davis!!!

  165. Second pair by Ruth Davis is my favorite. I would really love these since in my life I have never ever owned any pair and this will be like heaven on earth for me. Am your biggest fan all the way in Nairobi Kenya

  166. Hello! Mrs.Coco? I would like to start with I truly love you and everything you stand for! I love your shoe collection it is truly heaven and life goals to me I remember first seeing you when I was on 12years old it was a beautiful picture of you in a beach in Hawaii I was mesmerized. You have always been a huge fan and after I started following you Facebook and Instagram and watching Ice Loves Coco your shoes were my dream seeing your closet inspired me to build my own collection I can afford high end brands but that’s never stopped me from find the cutest most unique heels I could find. My Dream is to one day have a shoe closet just like your!?? If I was able to be Blessed and fortunate to win a pair of your heels I would like to donate them to my local School for the Prom program to help young men and women who can’t afford to get their prom attire! I am truly blessed with the collection I am building and would be grateful to help a young woman start hers! Thank you for taking the time to read this God Bless you and your family??

  167. I love you and your baby girl is so cute! I love the pink pumps I am a new mom and would love to wear these on a date night with my hubby and feel sexy like you. ??

  168. Im truly in love with those Ruth Davis fuchsia pump they are truly a dream? I’ve never owned a pair of Name Brand heels before I’m a stay at home mother and everything I do I do for my son so in the end honestly taking care of myself truly doesn’t happen very often and My Boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 7 Anniversary soon amd we have never really been able to do much for our Anniversary so this year I would love to feel beautiful again and if I was able to get those Beautiful Pumps I truly feel it would boost my self confidence back up again and I could feel sexy for My Man on Our Amazing day? Thank You!! For taking time out of your day to read this comment it’s truly Appreciated??

  169. Honestly, I’m not picky. You could give me ANY shoe and I’ll be thankful where they are coming from.
    I think you are such amazing person. Beautiful inside and out.
    I can tell you love Chanel soooooo much. When you finally got pregnant I was super excited because you deserved it.
    Lord, even if I didn’t win a pair of shoes, I’ll be happy if you signed a picture of yours.
    Have a bless day girly. 🙂 ☺️

  170. I love the denim heels! i am a true size 6 and it’s always hard to find heels for me to wear since the size 6 shoes always go first. I don’t wear heels usually, but the denim heels have a comfortable and sturdy enough heel where i will be able to wear these to work everyday!

  171. light Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps 🙂
    My husband and I are huge fans and on our first trip to Vegas watched your show VIP and did the meet and greet for peep show….let me add that my husband has had that picture of you two on his screensaver since that day August 2013 …so winning would not only make me happy but make him happy I’m wearing a pair of your shoes ?….take care and much love from our family to yours ☺️

  172. I Would really really love to wear the light denim shoes ? I l?ve denim. ?
    I wear size 6.
    Wish you and your family all the best ?
    greetings from norway.

  173. I love shoe # 1. I would love these. They would be perfect to rock any day with a cute ass pair of skinny jeans. Being a single momma I don’t get to buy many heels. I would love to have these in my closet. Pick me girl!!

  174. Im in love with the Ruth Davis fushia pumps, they match my fushia hair perfectly. Also my birthday is a few weeks away and they would make an awesome present ??

  175. Love so much! Size 6 here!!! ????

  176. Fish is pink please

  177. Definitely the Denim would be perfect! Love being casual while still in style! Btw love you and your hubby and your baby and your doggies! My hubby and i have the same age gap and we love it!

  178. I am so in love with these shoes!!!! I love them both.. to me they both neutral colors. So many possibilities

  179. Hey girl
    Def not a size 6 but stumbled across ur shoes give away n though how fricken awesome!
    U are gorgeous and have a beautiful soal xx
    Sending love from New Zealand ?
    Janine x

  180. Coco!! Love the bright fascia platforms! Only get to wear heels when I’m not at work so like to make a statement!!
    Sending love from Scotland ? x

  181. Hello,

    I just wanted to say I think you’re amazing! You remind me of my mother so much who also looks amazing… I love the denim heels they are so lush! I use to be addicted to your show a couple of years ago, your love and respect toward your family is amazing. You live a glamorous lifestyle but still very relatable! Even for a girl from Wales who was born down the Valleys. If you ever want to visit we have some cool places to see 🙂 but you might want to wear wellington boots.. hmmmm???

  182. I love the pink. And I wear a size 6. So hard to find anyone to share shoes with since no one has little feet.

    I’ve followed you for a long time. Your absolutely beautiful and baby Chanel is so precious!

    Much love. ?

  183. Hi Coco ?
    My names Ashleigh, from New Zealand!
    I have followed you for a while now and I just wanted to say you and Ice are an amazing couple, I have just recently got engaged! So currently planning a wedding! I would love the Pink pair of shoes for my engagement photo shoot! Please pick me! All the best to all the entry’s.
    Love Ashleigh xx

  184. So exciting! I’ve always been a huge fan. Love the pink shoes but your signature ? I would love to meet you and Ice some day ☺

  185. I love the denim Weitzman pumps….this would be such an honor to win these. I am a hardworking mother of 2 . I barely have time for myself but when I do I have no sexy heals to wear out due to the fact all my money goes on bills and my kids. I would love to wear these out and show them off. Also I think you are fabulous and I would love to meet you one day!

  186. I love them both very much, why because pretty girls get pretty things. And I would wear the heck out of either pair! ?

  187. Absolutely in love with you and chanel and ALL those shoes girl!!!! The lastones are my favorite

  188. Coco ?? the denim ones ? Love baby Chanel aand your bod ? Body goals right there!

  189. Hello Coco!!! I love the first pair of light Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps. Just lovely!! My anniversary is coming up and I would totally rock these pumps on a romantic casual night out with my husband.

    Just want to say I love you and Ice and LOVEE Channel! You guys are such a beautiful family. My family and I send you lots of love all the way down from Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

    Much kisses to Channel!!!

  190. I love the Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps!!! I would be honored to be able to wear a pair of your gorgeous heels! I’am a mother of 3 and being able to get dolled up would be great but what would make it even more fabulous would be styling one of your personal heels!!!

  191. I love your daughter she is just too adorable and love your family

  192. I love the ruthie davis bright fushia shoes. They are super cute. I love that you wear the same shoe as me, I don’t come across people who do. I can never share This would be so cool to wear a pair of yours. 🙂 Your awesome.

  193. I would feel so blessed to have either pair but, my inner Coco says the Ruthie’s might just have my name written all over them!!! Keep being the strong and inspiring woman that you are Coco!!! You make us regular ladies feel like Goddesses every day!!! Thank you for being you!!! Sending love to you and your beautiful family!!! (your daughter is sooo flippin adorable!!!)

  194. I would feel so blessed to have either pair but, my inner Coco says the Ruthie’s might just have my name written all over them!! Keep being the strong and inspiring woman that you are Coco!! You make us regular ladies feel like Goddesses every day!! Thank you for being you!!! Sending love to you and your beautiful family!! (your daughter is sooo flippin adorable!!)

  195. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Coco!!!! Hola chika!!!!!! I adore you! Your such a sweet heart down to earth! Our kids were born a month apart and I love you even more, your such a great mother, just like me lol!!! It would be an honor to have something that belongs to you we even have the same shoe size!!! I am a big fan of heels as well!! I’m in love with your bright fushia shoes! Xoxo Faby Aka Fabulouz

  196. I would love the last pink pair u have the best taste an im a mother of 2 that would never b able to afford anything like that because i put my kids first an go with out u are a great mother an wife an love how u carry urself an show woman all over the world how to b a great remodel with working out an mpther hood i really admire u an look up to u ty for taking the time to read oxox

  197. I love the light Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps. I wear a size 6 and am obsessed with shoes as well. I have a daughter who is 3 and obsessed as well. Her first word was shoes and learned from the best. I would absolutely love to win a pair win the shoes and be proud to wear them. The shoes would be taken care of exceptionally well.

  198. Hi Coco, first and foremost let me congratulate you on baby Chanel, she is absolutely gorgeous like her mommy. I love the fact that you express sexiness, I try to be sexy all the time. I love every shoe you posses and to win two beautiful pair of shoes which i might add are the perfect height for me as I am a short woman that Mrs. Coco have worn is an honor for me. I hope to win but most of all hear from you even if I don’t win. God bless you and your family and may god continue blessing you with much success.

  199. Coco live your shoes and you first off. Love the denim and hope to win. I have small feet and I swear I can never find shoes in my size or if I find one sin my size they aren’t great. Doesn’t help I’m a momma of three and literally, no lie, I almost never ever get to go shopping. Walmart and grocery store is pretty much where I get out to. Again live the shoes and hope to win

  200. I know how difficult it is being a new mommy. I love the 2nd pic of the first pair of shoes. The pumps.. I haven’t wear shoes like that in a while. Im a 5 1/2.. my husband would die if I wear them for date night… hope I win.. best wishes to you and your family.

  201. Hi Coco I forgot to mention that I like the Denim heels because I would look fabulous in them with a great pair of jeans. Thanks love

  202. I love the first pair! Your amazing!

  203. I love the first pair. I haven’t wear shoes like that in a while. Is difficult to be a first time mommy. My husband would die if I wear those for date night. Hope I win. Best wishes to you and your family.

  204. Hi Coco,
    Youre biggest fan here in Holland.
    I always love the pictures with the adorable Chanel.
    Keep on posting !
    The denim shoes would look really nice with my new
    denim jacket.
    So maybe I have a chance of winning.
    Love you, have a great day !!!

  205. Oh wow. I love first pair pump by Stuart Weitzman. I know there are so many comments and so many fans trying to get shoes. I’m a huge Fan of Coco and her family Gosh they are all lovely. #itrulyhopeCocoherselfreadsthis# love you COCO!

  206. I love the 2nd pair I am your buggest fan I love all your outfits and shoes just to be able to wear your shoes would be the most wonderful thing that ever happen I would die it wouldn’t feel real I pray I win love you coco

  207. I would love thie pink ones!!!! ???? ive been a big fan of yours for a long time. And so have my daughters. Lol much love and respect always

  208. I think this is a great idea! I’m such a fan of yours, it would be an honour to own a pair of shoes from a true shoe fashionista. I absolutely love the pink pair.

  209. Love pair one of the heels ?
    You’re the best Coco! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  210. Love those shoes so hard to chose ,beautiful collection,

  211. Those fuchsia ones! Oooohhh! My wardrobe has a dire NEED!

  212. I love the grey and the pink. They are so simple but elegant! They can ne worn for dress up days or casual leggings days!

  213. I doubt even care which ones! From you I would wear plastic bags 😉

  214. I love the denim heels!! They look like the perfect pair to wear casually or with something a little dressier. Love that you spread the shoe love with your followers 🙂

  215. I love both pairs! I love the pink ones more though!

  216. Hello Coco . I love all of your shoes but I love the denim Stuart Weitzman pumps.. I llove you.
    I also worked for beehive cleaning.!!

  217. Hi Coco, I love the Ruthie Davis Fuschia pumps!!
    I’m a mom to 3 amazing kids and I would love to wear them for date night with my husband to help keep that spark alive ?

  218. Omg.. I love the first pair. And they are my perfect size.. since I became a mommy I haven’t wear pretty heels. My husband would flip if I wear those. Im keeping my fingers cross.. best wishes to your family..

  219. Hi Coco, I absolutely love the denim Stuart Weitzman shoes. May you and your beautiful family have a blessed day.

  220. Coco I love u and your daughter I really love Ruthie Davis I would love to win the heels be the first time I win so thing and yes I where size 6 ??

  221. Hey coco! My favourite are the 1st denim pair. I love me the pointed shoes. That’s basically what all of mine are! I’d love to win. Great idea. So thoughtful. Xoxo.

  222. My wife has a shoe fetish. I love to see her in heels, especially during sex. The pinks ones are awesome. My wife’s nickname is coco. She has the (assets) to prove it.
    Keep cool chick.

  223. I am loving the denim shoes! I’m usually a size 5 and 1/2 to 6 in heels, so I know those would be perfect. I absolutely love your family and am a big fan! You are the sweetest momma! ???

  224. Hi Coco. I love the Ruthie Davis fuschia pumps.I wear a size 6. I love them because I love the pop of color and the height of the heels. I am 5.2 and really need the added height and it would be so cool to have a pair of your shoes signed by you. please pick me.

  225. I absolutely love the denim pumps! I would love to win them! As a mommy of 3 I don’t usually spend on myself and especially not after my youngest son was just diagnosed with cancer ptld (post transplant lymphoma disorder). So I would be beyond happy to win! And even more so that you autographed them!!!

    Good luck everyone!!! ??

  226. Hi Coco,

    I am a true size 6! I love the light Denim Stuart Weizman pumps. I would love to wear these shoes and try to look as sexy and sassy in my business suit as you do girl! Congrats to you & Ice on your gorgeous baby Chanel! Love you guys! Keep killing it!!! ?

  227. HI Coco!! Its so nice for you do this! I use to be a heel lover before kids. Still am!!… I am a mother of 4 kids under 4 years…Its hard finding the time out of my everyday schedule to think of myself. It has been a while since I have felt beautiful because im always putting my family first. Which I am not complaining because I love them all to pieces! These heels would be nice to have so I can practice to walk in them again since it has been a while & maybe rebuild my self esteem.. I am a size 6 & If you choose me I would love the pink shoes. Love you!!! Thank you for taking the time to read our comments & interact with your fans <3 hugs

  228. I adore you and your beautiful family and appreciate the chance to win some gorge shoes! Love those denims! Thank you!

  229. Fushia shoes pop looooove them! You are amazing

  230. The fushia shoes would look abandon on my girlfriend to be

  231. I would love to win the Denim Stuart Weitzman pumps they are so cute and they would go perfect with many outfits!

  232. Hi Coco!!! I’m a big fan of yours – coming all the way from Saskatchewan, CANADA! Loving that we both have tiny feet. I love your style, your amazing, genuine personality, I absolutely love baby Chanel, your relationship with Ice and just everything about you. You have no idea how many women look up to you. I would love to win the Ruthie Davis bright platforms. It would be so amazing to have a pair of shoes that came from your very own personal collection. I would cherish them forever. Lots of love from Canada!!!!!! XOXO

  233. I adore you! You are honest and just don’t give a crap what people think….great wife….great momma. To baby and dogs…i wear a 5 1/2 but can fit a 6…please chiise 50 i coukd use some sexy…lol

  234. The fushia Ruthie Davis shoes are super cute! I would love a pair of your shoes!! Me and my hubby used to love watch yours and ice’s show, you guys are so cute!! And I love Chanel, she is so sweet!!

  235. I love the Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms, i dont wear a size 6 but i would love to have a pair of your heels because me and my wife are big fans of you coco. I would put them in a display in the livingroom. Please coco make our home more beautiful with a pair of your heels XXX Theo & Wendy.

  236. Love the Ruthie Davis in that gorgeous color. Would love to make u proud wearing these shoes for some squats! Love u Coco! Keep working it sexy mama!?

  237. First pair of denim pumps. I love this color it goes with anything!

  238. Dear Coco. If you ever get to read this then I am the luckiest girl alive. I love you because you have a heart of gold, you care about your fans and you take the pain of giving back to us (your loyal fans). Thanks for this opportunity. I like the pink pump heels. I would love to have that shoes because
    1). I have NEVER celebrated my birthday before in my life and my birthday comes up next week.
    2) I have always wished my birthday of this year to be special with a special gift.
    3). Because I beleive it is a good luck gift be cause I just have a short time to live.
    4). It has always been my dream to get something from you. Thanks again. Blessings to Channel because she has the best mom in the world.

  239. Hello Coco…..I loooove your show your way…your advice…. And ..even you as a mommie!!!…its nice to see how just because we are moms doesn’t mean we can’t still be sexy!!!….I especially love the 4th pair of shoes…pink is a favorite color of mine…and after being a mommie of 2 IRA a little harder to afford the things I really want….only needs for this mom.? and I’m ok with that….just thought I’d give this a try and maybe get lucky!!….Thanks again for the opportunity and please keep being the inspiration you are!!!….I even do yoga because of you and your sister!!!…I just love it too!!!…

  240. Meeeee please. Thank you. Bright pink.

  241. It’s me again!! A dedicated fan with the neck tattoo lol……I don’t know how you can read all the comments, I tried reading them all and only got half way haha just shows how awesome you are and how much you care for your fans <3 anyway, hope you pick me, would love to have the pink ones but ill be happy with anything of yours.

  242. I have to wear all black at work, which has become boring. The pink pumps would be a great way to add personality for after-work fun.

  243. Hello im a teen mom of two little boys my oldest is 2 and my youngest is 5 months its been really hard on me, i would like to won day have a wonderful night out with my babydaddy and have a little fun but always when shopping never have much left for us to buy a little something wear and have a nice night out i love just how nice you are and give to lost on mommies out here and congrats on that wonderful little doll of yours ??

  244. My favorite pair is the Ruthie Davis Fushia heels. I love them both but the Fushia heels are sexy, the color is amazing and I dont have a pair exactly this color. Yes, I wear a true size 6. Thanks so much for your page. Love that your family is so down to earth. ?

  245. Hi Coco! I would love to own a pair of your shoes and trust me they will be worn! And since you asked, I would have to choose the Ruthie Davis bright fushia patent leather platforms! Why? Because they are Pink of course! You are an inspiration to me. Because of you, although I struggle with my figure, I remain proud of myself. My husband and I also have an age difference, 20 years, so for that reason I truly enjoy your relationship with Ice. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for this opportunity!

  246. Hi Coco
    I am a big fan of yours and Ice as well. Your baby is adorable. I have only one child, a girl 21 years old college student. I raised her by myself since I got divorced when she was very young. We wear the same size shoe do we will be sharing your shoe. Thank you much. Take care of your beautiful family. Love your dogs too!

  247. Hello Coco
    I am a big fan of yours and Ice as well. Your little girl d Adorable. I have one child, a girl 21 years old college student. Raised her by myself sine I got divorced when she was very young. We are the same shoe size, so we will be sharing your shoe. Take care of your beautiful family. Love your dogs too!

  248. I really wouldn’t care which pair I recieved as just having a pair that you once wore and owned would mean the world to I would ask if I won for you to pick which one was your favourite pair and surprise me.. xx thanks for the opportunity to be included

  249. Coco I just want to say I love you and your family baby Chanel is so beautiful. I’m a single 32 year old mom with a 12 year old beautiful pre teen. And I lost my father to lung cancer a few years ago it’s really been hard to pick up the pieces and U.S. Get on with our life cause he and my mom was our rock. But I k God has helped carry me a few times. But I’ve always had a shoe passion and if I had money I would have a shoe closet similar to yours oh my God all the beautiful beautiful shoes I would love to be one of the winners of the fuchsia heels and please keep putting post of that beautiful baby and your family up thank you God bless

  250. Hello from the other side….
    You have fans from all over the world, but I am your biggest fan from Croatia!!! <3
    So, I'm in love in pink shoes…pink is always my favourite 😉 And I will be so happy and honored if I can wear them on my wedding day next year <3

  251. I have a friend that is fighting breast cancer right now. She is 37 years old and just had a baby boy. She did chemo while pregnant and has started another round last week..I would love to get the pink shoes for my warrior friend Shantill!!

  252. I would love to have the first pair, the Stuart Weitzman pumps. That fact that they are from you, and – autographed would make them so special for me. They would be my special event shoes 🙂
    Love and greetings from Canada!

  253. Hi coco im dayla im a true size 6 im a big fan i love shoes lol i think i could be a shoesaholic im in love already with those Ruthie Davis bright fushia Platforms and would love to show them of to the world on my feet and hopefully you would give me the opportunity to keep your shoes alive thank you

  254. Hello Coco, I am a huge fan & I LOVE, LOVE, Love either of the hot pink heels. They give my hubby an erection just looking at them! I think he would die if you sent them our way! They would most assuredly be lusted after! We love you & your beautiful family!! It is most kind of you generously giving the shoes away! Good luck to everyone!!

  255. I truly love them,i just recently had a baby too,an i have not lost the baby weight an i use to dress up all the time,cause i loved to look beautiful but since I have gained weight an still have not lost the baby weight i dont feel sexy anymore an i have lose the passion of dressing up to make myself feel good i just hope i can overcome this an i just wanted to say thank u for letting me be so involved in your family life


  257. Absolutely love the pink ones. Thanks for showing all moms out their especially me that we can still look amazing.

  258. The fushia heel are fantastic. My wife would look very sexy in those. Also it is breast cancer awareness month so she wear a lot of pink.

  259. my fiance would love both styles

  260. im not picky any gift from you would be awesome

  261. Hi I’m just wondering when will the winners be picked and how will they be notified? I pray I’m a winner and if I am I don’t want to miss out due to I don’t know when or how we will know. Thank you.

  262. I absolutely love the denim pumps! After 10 years of hard work, I was recently promoted. After wearing uniforms for so long, I had to buy myself an entire new wardrobe. These would be a perfect addition to my new career wardrobe! I love them!

  263. Well, both are great but the Ruthie Davies pair has more appeal to me. Not only they are absurdly sexy with that “cut” showing what’s inside but I could enjoy “messy times” with them and it will be easy to clean. =D

    Love you, love the fact that you have a shoe fetish.. =*

  264. I won’t be a false sycophant speaking about how much you’re fantastic,beautiful or how much my girlfriend would be happy to receive such beautiful shoes…No, i hope to be chosen for fuchsia pair just because i love you and anything that is yours becomes for me unique and priceless

  265. I really like the grey pumps they are cute and sophisticated. I’m a size 5 1/2 so they will fit perfectly, not only will I rock these pumps, but I will cherish them especially coming from a special person like you who wants to give away her shoes for free. Thanks

  266. Well I don’t wear heels ! but my wife adore heels …
    She will surely look sexier in those heels
    The Ruthie Davis bright fushia is of course the sexiest one …. I

    I just love them

    Wish you all the best


  267. I love the denim pumps! I’m a mama to 4 little girls and never get to dress up. But these are gorgeous and I love following you to see Chanel. She is so cute and makes we want another baby!

  268. I haven’t been able to treat myself to anything for over 8 months due to the fact that I now have a daughter and everything I earn goes to her. I’m a single mother who works full time to provide my baby with everything. Wining these heels would make me so happy ❤️ I love you and your family ? (RIP Spartacus we miss you?❤️)

  269. I love the gray pumps Coco, they are beautiful and look very sexy on you

  270. I love the Ruthie Davis shoes, I have been looking for shoes with that color for a long time .My heart was like wooooow that’s the color I like.Love from Tanzania.

  271. Omg I follow you on Snapchat and I love all the videos
    Of ur beautiful baby, I have a lil girl as well and we love ur babies videos ❤️ And omg I would love to wear some of your sexy beautiful heels? To be honest all ur heels are nice ! Don’t mind any of them lol I’m a size 6- 6 1/2 super cool we have the same size ? Good luck to me! And hi all the way from Texas

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