Coco Shoe Giveaway 19

It’s that time again where I break down the shoes for this months giveaway… Remember if you’ve tried and entered in the past and haven’t won keep trying you might be lucky this time around… All u have to do is comment on which shoes you like and why and I randomly pick 3 winners in a couple weeks.

Bordello rhinestone shoes were used for a photoshoot and even though they are a size 6 they fit like a size 5 so you have to have a small foot…

Animal print Sergio Zelcer heels are old school style classy heels with the long pointy toe, they have low heel that pretty much anybody can wear, about 3 inch tall.. They are true to size 6

Silver Steve Maddens sandals are also a size 6 but u need a narrow foot for them.. The band is super tight and it will drive u crazy if you have a wide foot

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

109 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 19

  1. I hope I win!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love your black boots the beige

  3. Steve Madden love ya coco you the best Happy Easter

  4. I would love the leopard ones or rhinestone ones!! So so beautiful!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I love the silver Steve Maddens. They would go great with my wedding dress in November. So cute!!

  6. Hi Coco I love your black boot and your beige one

  7. Now only ugly shoes, no needs

  8. They are all so beautiful!!!

  9. I like the animal print ones because I have a super narrow feet and I guess those are the only ones that I won’t slip hardcore, maybe this doesn’t apply as a why idk but (prepare for a long story) when I was in high school I fell in love with this guy and of course it broke my heart when someone told me he was dating one of my friends and at that moment I told myself that I’ll never fall in love again I wasn’t ready to feel that type of pain again in my life, them I dated another guy and he was a jerk he made me buy him stuff and pay for everything don’t get me wrong I’m all for equality but it wasn’t fair I was doing minimum wage and I reinforce the idea of never fall in love again fast forward to this year I meet a guy that made everything in the world to go out with me he works on another state and I barely see him and he took his vacation days to spend the time with me in my birthday (April 2) and I would love to wear those shoes in his birthday to show him that I can look femenin evey once in a while . Coco even if I don’t win you give me hopes for a better tomorrow

  10. I love the Pump heel Silver and black it will be great for date night or to the club 👡👠

  11. HI Coco ,
    I really love the rhinestone bordello shoes.I am always buying stuff for my kids and never splurge on nice things for myself.I recently had knee surgery which has been a nightmare it has since then made me lose my job of 15yrs.i have been extremly depressed about that so hopefully it will pass soon.I appreciate the opportunity to be able to show off those gorgeous heels.I am also from Albuquerque so a part of you will be home if you choose me .P.S.I love watching Chanel she is growing up so fast .She’s a beauty. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.!

  12. Silver Steve Maddens they are absolutely gorgeous and I would love to win them to wear when my husband and I got on our couples getaway!

  13. Hi coco they are all beautiful! I’d love the silver steve maddens 😍 thanks for reading and doing awesome give away to your fans!

  14. My wife just had a baby and is a huge fan of yours. Her feet just got back to normal which is a size 5. She would LOVE the bordellos.

  15. I absolutely love the Animal print Sergio Zelcer heels because they are classy sexy!! They look fabulous on you by the way!

  16. The bordello rhinestone heels are amazing!! I would love to rock those heels cuz I love bling everything. Hope I have good luck this time around <3

  17. I love them all😍hope u pick me as 1 of your winners Coco!😘😛😛

  18. I love the silver sandals!! I have really narrow feet and I can never find a strappy sandal that fits me right

  19. After.the crappy start to this year I would love to be able to have a night out with my hubby the bordello rhinestone heels are amazing. Your such an amazing person coco never change this world needs more people in it like you.

  20. The Steve Maddens are absolutely gorgeous!

  21. I would really love those Steve Madden silver sandals! They are beautiful abs would be a great addition to my collection!!

  22. Silver Steve Madden’s for sure.. #HAPPYGOLUCKY

  23. I would love the bordellos but any would be special from you

  24. I love the Silver Steve Maddens sandals so much they are so cute

  25. I would love a pair so my daughter can wear a pair of dream shoes at graduation! She is graduating high school with a great gpa and a baby! She is an amazing mom and even though young she is headed to make all her dreams come true! She is smart and has a full ride to any college near us! Thank you for the opportunity to even try to be a winner! We love you and Ice! By for now!


  26. Omg..lpve all bit the animal print are my fav….clasic and close toes for better grip…it woupd look fab. For my bday outfit red pencil dress …good luck to mee 🖤🖤🖤

  27. I am in love with the Bordello!!!! I would wear them all the time 🙂

  28. Oooooohhhhh. The bordello! So beautiful!

  29. The bordello are stunning……I love them

  30. I love the bordello rhinestone shoes because I love anything that sparkles!

  31. All are sexy!!

  32. Hi Coco, I definitely love the Bordello Rhinestone heels. I’d love to be the winner of them. 🙂 Happy Easter, to you and Babygirl, and your hubby Ice Tea!

  33. I would love the cheetah print, they are so beautiful and classy

  34. The rhinestones are adorable.

  35. Would like the rhinestone pumps!! So beautiful! Could wear them for my wedding shoe this September!!

  36. Bordello Rhinestone are the bomb! OMG i can see myself totally sporting around in these and telling everyone i know that I have a pair of Coco’s shoes on. Yep i would be the envy of all. Love you and your family, you guys are great family role models. Love you Coco!

  37. Coco I love all your shoes but the sparkling ones are so beautiful and they would go great with my daughters prom dress 😍. She asked me for some sparkly shoes and I told her we will see. But if you pick me this will be your gift to her for the senior prom.

  38. Would love the bordello shoes. I have a tiny foot and it is hard to find awesome shoes! And these are extra special since they belong to you.

  39. Oh! I want those Bordellos in my life! Yes please!

  40. I love the rhinestone shoes. I have a very small foot and would love to have a nice pair of heels to wear.

  41. I love those rhinestone ones! But I have a wide foot :(. I would love to win any of your shoes though lol. So glad we have the same size ❤️

  42. Silver Steve maddens 😍😍😍😍😍

  43. I love them all! The Rhinestones are my favorite! I would love to own a pair of your shoes. So special. Thank you

  44. I’d be honoured to win the Steve Madden sandals. I’d get a lot of wear out of silver & with a narrow foot myself, the fit would be perfect.

  45. Hi Coco I also have a small foot 🙂 I love your shoe collection. Fingers crossed I’m one of your winners🤞🏼

  46. I would love any pair but since I can only pick one then I think the silver Steve Madden would be great sinc summer is just around the corner!

  47. Coco baby❤ I would love to win the silver Steve Madden shoes!! I love the wrap around strap buckle that goes around your ankle!! Love this style shoe and would go with everything!! Last but not least they had cocos beautiful foot in them❤❤ Love you coco❤

  48. I love the bordello rhinestones! They are classic and versatile. 😁

  49. I absolutely love the animal print , very sexy & I been dying to get a pair 😉❤

  50. I love the Steve Maddens! Sleek and sexy! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

  51. Happy Easter! I love the silver Steve Madden heels 🙂

  52. The Bordello Rhinestones are simply amazing. Receiving such a gift from you would be a dream come true. Such a generous gesture and a fabulous idea of giving back. Much love to you and your precious family.

  53. The Bordello rhinestone shoes are super sexy!!!!

  54. The Bordello rhinestone shoes are super sexy!!!!

  55. The silver sandals are gorgeous! The will wiht anything, jeans, dresses. They look classic and comfortable at the same time. COCO YOU ARE AMAZING!

  56. Rhinestone Bling for me!!!!

  57. I looove the Bordello Rhinestone pumps are hot! Very hot with a little black dress!

  58. hey Coco!!!! I love the Steve Madden sandals!!! The description sounds perfect for my feet!! They look classy and can be worn with just about anything! Would love to have them for the summer! You are an inspiration and an amazing role model for all women!!!

  59. I love the silver heels, they would be prefect on my skinny little foot and look amazing on me in Vegas this summer!

  60. I’d love to get the silver ones! I wear a size 6 too! I already have Bordellos and many leopard print shoes, so would love to get the Steve Maddens from this giveaway!

  61. I’d take the Leopard or Bordellos! So glad you are my size! Fingers crossed!

  62. Love anything with Bling. Thank you for being such a great role model and great mom to Chanel. Love her!!

  63. I’d love to get the Steve Maddens from this give away they would be prefect on my skinny little foot and look amazing on me in Mexico this summer!…Thank you for being such a great role model and great mom to Chanel. Love her!! Love you Coco!! xoxoxo

  64. Love the bordello and would be a dream to own a pair out of your collection. 😍

  65. i absolutely love the bordello rhinestone pumps.. 😍😍 stunning.. ❤❤ would be a dream to own a pair.. fingers crossed.. 🍀🍀

  66. Bordello Rhinestone of course!!! Who doesn’t love to bling it out every now and again!!

  67. I need some more heels in my life… i don’t care what pair they are all beautiful 😍

  68. I will love to win the silver or leopard heels. I’ll keep trying till you pick me. Have a great day love you Coco

  69. What can I say u have gorgeous heel’s 👠👡👠👡👠..I would luv a pair 🤗😘Best Luck 2All the females who trying 2get a pair..

  70. I love all three but my fav’s are the leopard <3 !

  71. Would love to win ur shoes such a big fan of yours!!!!!

  72. I love, love, love the rhinestone pumps! Those would become my Vegas heels. Love you Coco!

  73. I love the rhinestone ones!! I wish I had your shoe closet!

  74. I love the Bordello rhinestone heels. They’re super sexy!!! 💎 👠

  75. Dear Coco,

    I’d love to win the crystal Bordello heels so I can shoot in them as well! I love your modeling and you let me know to keep doing what you love and love will find you. I thought about quitting for a while but then I look at you and your family and know it’s possible to combine the two.
    You can find my page on Instagram @carobones

    Caro Alvarez

  76. Dear Coco I am getting married and I really want something nice to for my wedding photos and this will be perfect I would be so greatful for this amazing gift thanks agian for the chance.Silver Madden heels with the strap

  77. I would love the bordello silver pumps

  78. I loveee the animal print ❤ you have a gorgeous shoe collection xx

  79. Sorry i forgot to say why my comment is above. Its because they can turn a plain outfit into a sexy outfit!

  80. I absolutely love the Bordello shoes. They are so beautiful and classy!! It would make my life if I won these!! I’m a huge fan of all 3 you!! Chanel is adorable ❤️ Thank you for the chance. I really appreciate it ❤️❤️❤️

  81. I will love to win the shoes because i have small feet n they’re my size 💖💖

  82. I love the Rhinestone pair. Mainly because my foot is so small (children’s size 3) and it’s hard to get heels to fit. I can wear a size 5 though, depending on the shoe.

  83. Bordello rhinestone 😍

  84. I love the Steve Madden sandals..they are so adorable and i can match them with almost every outfit.

  85. The bordello, they are sexxy and I have small feet!!

  86. Hello Coco, those Bordello rhinestone shoes look fantastic on you. Also I hope you had a great weekend and you are so beautiful and classy. I pray and wish you have a lot of happiness and prosperous longevity in your blessed life. Puro amor from Jose.

  87. I love the Bordello Rhinestone shoes! They’d be perfect to wear to my little brothers wedding and they look a million bucks!!

  88. I love the leaphord print! Hey are so fashionable yet sensible to go dressy or casual! Thanks if you pick me!

  89. LOVE the leopard slingbacks! love your style.

  90. Hi Coco
    I asked my husband which shoes he would like to see me in and why I will tell which ones he said but can’t say why, (my husband and I are in the same page!)! We both like the black rhinestone shoes they are absolutely beautiful! I would love to win them and surprise my husband when we go out on a date and then let happen what happens, even at 57 and 62 we still have it in us! Love you and Ice and that sweet baby girl, you are one awesome mom!

  91. I love the leopard shoes for work since we can only wear closed toe and no higher than 3 inches. Hope you chose me ❤️

  92. I would be soooo happy to win any of these gorgeous shoes. Fingers are crossed!

  93. I love the leopard ones

  94. Hello Beautiful Its Nikki💖 Trying again Wont stop gotta keep trying💯 I would love the chance to own the pair of Bordello RhineStone 💎👠 worn by you and signed by you would be so awesome such I am such a big fan of yours 😉😍 Also I Love Bling 💎 and wearing these on my Birthday on June 3rd would make me feel real special and especially coming from Da One & Only COCO 💯🙏💖 *As Marilyn Monroe says Every Girl deserves to Sparkle💎😉💖👠

  95. I luv the Bordello rhinestone heels. I have a super small foot myself (size 5-5.5). I’m slowly building my heel collection and of course anything with lots of bling is my thing! Plus the honey will luv these with the new nightie i just bought, lol!

  96. I love love love the rhinestone heels!

  97. Omg the animal print 🐆🐾 are so adorable, the buckle on the side definality makes the shoes pop . I love and need 😍 . I have a little black dress that goes perfect .

  98. I absolutely love the rhinestone pair but I wear a 8. So I wish all you ladies that wear a 6 good luck.

  99. Love the Steve Madden silver strap sandals! Everyone needs a sexy sandal in their closet!!

  100. Love the animal print!! All the pair’s is perfect but love the animal print heels ❤❤❤

  101. Hi Girlie I know you are super busy. Do you know when winners will be slected? Im still hoping I win Then Borello 👠 so many entered for them. So my next choice would be the steven maden Sandal Thanks xoxo💖🙏

  102. Hi beautiful Coco,i would love to win the animal print or rhinestone,because it perfectly match to my girlfriend beautiful feet !
    Love from Italy !

  103. I would like a chance on the Steve Maddens I have princess feet just like yours coco I’m 5.5:6 ty

  104. I am a woman of a particular age and I love the animal print one because that one would suit me better it’s a lower heel I love slingbacks and I know that I can wear that well I would not like to take a shoe that I know I couldn’t wear and someone else could would need it but the slingback I know I could wear those and where and proud

  105. I am a woman of a particular age and I love the animal print one because that one would suit me better it’s a lower heel I love slingbacks and I know that I can wear that well I would not like to take a shoe that I know I couldn’t wearI know I could wear those and where and proud

  106. I LOVE the animal print ones. I love a good cheetah print and I also love a pointy toe! 💕🐆

  107. Hi Coco! I love all the shoes but would wear the silver or rhinestone ones!
    Good luck everyone!

  108. Love the silver rhinestone shoes!! I loveee anything that sparkles ✨🤩

  109. Hello Beautiful Its Nikki💖 Trying again Wont stop gotta keep trying💯 I would love the chance to own the pair of Bordello RhineStone 💎👠 worn by you and signed by you would be so awesome such I am such a big fan of yours 😉😍 Also I Love Bling 💎 and wearing these on my Birthday on June 3rd would make me feel real special and especially coming from Da One & Only COCO 💯🙏💖 *As Marilyn Monroe says Every Girl deserves to Sparkle💎😉💖👠 # 2nd time posting cause i know u been on BodyCount Tour all over wold so u been busy but wanted to make sure u find my post.😘💖🙏such a nice thing.u do girlie God bless

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