Coco Shoe Giveaway 18

Happy New Year Everyone!! This is the 1st giveaway where I’m gonna start giving away 3 pairs of shoes from my collection instead of 2 pairs!!?.. This isn’t a scam!! Just something I love to do for my fans just because.. If your a follower you probably know the love I have for my shoes and I want you to share the same happiness.. 3 random people will win! I usually do this every month but I’ve been traveling a lot so i’m behind Sorry. Also I started to sign the bottom of the shoes because so many winners requested it.. (don’t worry I sign where it won’t rub off) If you’ve been trying forever don’t give up.. Keep trying! I have a lot more shoes to give away! You just have to comment and tell me which ones you like and why. You also have to wear a size 6 unless its for someone else. The only thing I ask is if you can take a pic with them whether on or off so i can put it up here on my blog.. Good luck! I will pick winners very soon!? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

(Please keep in mind all I ask from the winners is to take a pic with them on or holding them so I can post um here!! You can take a look at past winners here)

OK Good luck….

The clear Fashion Nova shoes are a size 6 1/2 .You may have seen me wearing these shoes on the net.. I have an obsession for clear plastic shoes..u may sweat a little more than usual but I like the fact it shows the whole foot

The Suede boots are Bebe and a size 6.. They are super high but very comfy..I would suggest someone with a thicker thigh for this shoe because they might sag a little if your on the thin side

The pink platforms are Stuat Colin ..the size is a size 6 but they run small so I would suggest someone with a 51/2 foot or a narrow size 6.. They are also suede with a perfect pink fusia hugh

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

1,359 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 18

  1. The clear ones are so Cinderella! Love them!

    • Oooooo I love the black boots there so cute

      • Hey it’s your girl Joanna, from @criminally_coco on Instagram and Twitter! It would be beyond amazing to win this giveaway, especially those black boots!! They are ADORABLE 🙂 <3

      • I absolutely love the black thigh high boots…they can go with anything, very sexy & I been dying to get a pair ?❤❤??

      • Black boots! They are perfect and I have trouble finding ones that fit my thighs!!!

      • those black boots are amazing

    • Omggggg. The pink ones!! Thea are so lovely. And you can used for everyday. I just love them!

      • Love the black bebe size 6 boots with those on my feet I can conquer any day…I also would be very humble to win.?

    • Hey girl Hey!!!

      Love love love the black boots & would love to own a “Hot Pair” of boots like this especially from your collection!!!

    • The clear ones! For my 22 year old daughter! She’s in dental school working her butt off!

    • I’m in love love love with the black boots and all your shoes you have!

      • I am in love with the boots and the pink pumps!!! Pink is mi favorite color!!!

    • Big supprter and fan❤ love U and chanel Snapchat lol. I love the pink shoes.

    • I love the pink shoes!!! They are so girly!

    • Love love love the boots ! Boots are always my favorite go to shoes as you can wear them with anything and dress them up or down !!

    • They are all so sexy but I have to say the clearcsuper novas becausectgey are so my size! I would love to win just to slip them on would have to bring sexy vibes into my life, after all they have been worn by a very beautiful sexy lady. Best of luck to all but whomever wins any of them wear them well and get your sexy in ladies!

    • I love the black thigh high heels, Coco! I’m a woman with thicker thighs and I feel so inspired by you. In the past year, i’ve felt comfortable with who I am and I’ve started to establish myself as model embracing how I look.

      I’d love to wear those black boots in a photoshoot and show you a picture of myself wearing them with pride, celebrating myself and you.

    • Hi! I’m a 5’1 shorty! Those black boots would fit my foot. I’m a 6-6.5 ?

    • I would love the boots! I have always wanted to get some thigh high boots but have never had the courage to wear them. I’m starting university and these would definitely be something good to have in my arsenal.

    • The black suede boots are Perfect!! Love them!! ❤❤

    • Love the pink. Never had pink shoes so would be nice:)

    • I love the black boots, I’m a shoe lover just like you, and wear the same size. I love that you’re so down to earth!

    • Omg can’t believe I’m literally begging someone to tell me how to enter for the shoe giveaway….just don’t seem to find the ‘add comment button’. Sorry to ask but can someone tell me how to enter the giveaway please please. Much thanks

    • I love the PINK shoes because I’m a PINK freak!! Haha, i have a pink purse, pink phone, so many pink blouses. Now I just need some pink heels! Thank you for the opportunity Coco! Sending love from South Texas!

    • I love the black boots the scream seductively seducing!!!! I neeeed thoes! Plus there from you the best part!!!!

    • The black ones are gorgeous! Perfect for fall weather but could still pull them off with a mini dress too. I follow u on ig and sc, I’m a huge fan!

  2. I would love to own the Bebe suede boots. Not only because you have had them but also because, I’m a mother of 2 under 2 years old. Plus, it’s hard finding high boots that fit my thigh. I would definitely be able to bring sexy back with these babes ?

  3. Shoe time

  4. I would love my wife to own ur sexy shoes.. I can see ur shoe blend right in with hers in the closet..can’t wait!

  5. I am a shoes fanatic and love seeing your shoe closet on your snaps! Would love the suede boots!!

  6. I would love to win boots one resin because I absolutely adore you & ice I always say your love reminds me of mine & my husbands you are just an inspiration to me & it would mean the world to me if I won a pair of your shoes I love all 3 I have this obsession with shoes just like you

  7. I would love to win the clear fashion nova shoes.. I also find clear pvc shoes really sexy most especially when you wear it on a well pedicured feet…

  8. Those suede Bebe boots are EVERYTHING! My thick thighs would look good up in them (not as good as yours of course) ❤️ You have awesome taste!

  9. “Glass slipper” , Fashion Nova…Because YOU wore them!!!!!

  10. Those are some amazing shoes.

  11. Those are some cute shoes.

  12. Pink ones to my wife. Would be nice to get shoes to Finland and see how those look like on Finnish winter. I can pay shipping

  13. I would love the Bebe boots! Thank you for a chance at this giveaway!

  14. I love all your ?

  15. I am in in love with the suede boots. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope you, Chanel and Ice have a wonderful holiday.. Xoxo

  16. Suede shoes all the way. Said it didn’t go thru sorry for the 2nd comment if that’s what it shows

  17. Hi Coco,I would love to own anything of yours! But maybe the clear Fashion Nova’s would look best on me. Thanks for doing this. Lee Ann

  18. me and my wife love all your heel and we are number one fan of you

  19. me and my wife are your number one wife love your heel she wear a size 6 to

  20. Those boots.are smokin hot! I would food shop in those!!

  21. I would love the suede boots because they are gorgeous! I wear a size 6 and I’m a 21-year-old with thick thighs! It’s hard for me to find thigh high boots and when I do they’re out of my price range.

  22. Those boots!!! I need those and I have thick thighs

  23. Bebe suede boots. I just adore those. I have thick legs and i wear a 6. Plus im a bootaholic. Lol…

  24. Been trying and I won’t give up Coco! Uh uh lol the black suede boots would be my pick. Perfect for birthday and Christmas gift (wink wink)

  25. I love the Bebe boots! I actually don’t own a pair of heeled boots, this would be a perfect first pair! Big hugs to you and baby Chanel!

  26. Coco I have the perfect thighs for the boots xoxo

  27. Love the boots & clear heels Coco!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, Ice & Baby Chanel!! Love from New Orleans!!


  28. The pink heels are HOT. That’s my favorite color and would look so bangin in my hot pink leather outfit.

  29. Those boots would look amazing in my boudoir shoot next month! They are sizzling hot!

  30. Merry Christmas ? Loved that video of Chanel on twitter twitter singing into that microphone!! So cute!!

  31. I love your Bebe boots. After raising six kids it’s finally me time. And I’m just waiting for the one day to wear a Coco style.

  32. Those boots would be amazing.

  33. The clear Fashion Nova ones,,, why? They make me rock hard by themselves as much as a peek at the current owner.

  34. I hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas and New year! I love love love the pink…so awesome to have the same shoe size as you! I would feel very bless to have anything from you…thanks for the chance! You are a beautiful amazing women…keep being you!

  35. I’d love to win the pink platforms, to give an extra lift & pop of colour to my day.

  36. Coco!

    I adore you and your shoe collection and have written to you before! I always have a “thick calf” problem and love the Bebe suedes!

  37. Those clear shoes give me life! I don’t have anything like that in my
    Collection. But I’m positive I could pull these off! Xo love you Coco!

  38. I would love the boots. I’m a short girl so maybe they would make me look a little taller ?

  39. I’m a shoe collector and have admired you for as long as I can remember, so would love to own a pair of your shoes! I wear size 6-6½ . Would love to have the clear or the boots from this giveaway.

  40. I love the Boots and the clear ones, but they all are stunning!

  41. Hi Coco!

    I love the black boots! Here’s to hoping they will be mine ;0) Thank you for these giveaways. This is fun!

  42. Hi Coco,

    I love the black boots! Here’s to hoping they will be mine ;0). Thank you for these contests. They are so much fun to enter!


  43. Hi Coco
    I would love the black boots for my daughter. She is a sweet 22 year old college student and I would love to have something nice to give her for Christmas. Thank you for doing this for your fans.

  44. i LOVE the OTK black boots!

  45. I LOVE the knee high boots. But even the clear ones are hot. I’d wear those boots a lot though. Being a size 6 is good for something 😉 love you ?

  46. I like all 3 pairs. Pink & black are my favorite color. Also love clear heels. Black boots are my favorite though. Goes with everything.

  47. Hi coco I been trying my luck since day one but till now no luck at all. Hopefully since there is 3 this time maybe one will be mine. I’m short and I’m a size 6 and love to wear heels to make me look taller, cause I wish I’m tall. If I win one of your shoes probably I will store it in a glass unit so I will keep it a memory of you forever would so so love it signed for sure and a picture of you wearing it so everybody will know it’s yours . I really like the pink and the black boots but love to win the black boots ??????

    Thank you for doing this to your fans your so kind and Chanel is so beautiful god bless.
    Happy holidays wish you all the best.
    What a nice Christmas it will be to get this beautiful gift from you. I wish to win one day finger cross ??
    From michelle
    From all the way in Europe MALTA ??

  48. This would be a really nice gift to give to my girlfriend she is a size 6 , her favorite color is Pink and that would be amazing. I was not going to buy nothing this Christmas as we are trying to buy a house together so we don’t afford gifts as we need a lot of money right now. So if I win it it will sure make her so happy with your shoes signed for sure. Thank you Coco good luck everyone.
    Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year be save.

  49. Hi coco! I am a mother of 3 boys she’s 17, 23 and 26, it’s hasn’t been easy but I LOVE being a mom ) cherish every single minute with channel, cuz one say u wake up and she’ll be grown and you will miss the younger years believe me! I would love to win any of these pairs I’m sooo not picky, I may be a bit older but still love to be sexy for my hubby of 30 yrs! And any pair would help as I don’t usually buy myself something sexy like these! 🙂 love love love you girl!

    • Hello please check your email.

  50. Oh and I am a 6 to 61/2 size!

    • Christine please check your email.

  51. Hi Coco …The pink platforms please

    So CUTE!! I would love to own a pair of yours. Hopefully one day you will choose me. I never won anything before. I would really appreciate it if I did one day. You know a girl can dream.

  52. The boots are amazing! I would love to add those to my collection

  53. Love the clear fashion nova shoes. I love clear shoes too bc it does show the whole foot. Love them all. You have the best collection and very giving to your fans. Happy holidays

  54. Hi coco I been trying my luck since day one but till now no luck at all. Hopefully since there is 3 this time maybe one will be mine. I’m short and I’m a size 6 and love to wear heels to make me look taller, cause I wish I’m tall. If I win one of your shoes probably I will store it in a glass unit so I will keep it a memory of you forever would so so love it signed for sure and a picture of you wearing it so everybody will know it’s yours . I really like the pink and the black boots but love to win the black boots ??????

    Thank you for doing this to your fans your so kind and Chanel is so beautiful god bless.
    Happy holidays wish you all the best.
    What a nice Christmas it will be to get this beautiful gift from you. I wish to win one day finger cross ??
    From michelle
    From all the way in Europe MALTA ??

  55. ? ? ?. Merry Christmas. ? ??

  56. The pink I loveeeeee moreee

  57. Hello Coco,me and my wife are loyal fan of you and your beautiful family since many years here from Italy,so she would be happy to wear your beautiful Fashion Nova shoes and send you a pic with them.
    Kisses from Italy !


  58. The clear fashion nova heels are amazing but the pink Colins are also to die for. I’d love to give them to my wife

  59. When are you going to announce the winners please coco I have been looking in my email hopeing to win one every day. Today I had bad news I’m sick in bed and really looking forward for something good to happen as I been crying all day ☹️

    Love you coco

  60. Hi Coco.. Iv never did this online giveaway stuff before but I thought I’d give it a try.
    I just recently had a tummy tuck.I saved up for years and years so I could have the surgery. Since the surgery I been looking online to change my style since I never dressed sexy before. I always wore cloths to hide my belly.
    I came across you. Your the same height as me and weigh the same exact I have smaller boobies lol.. But I love your style cloths and shoes.. Your pink heels I love because I’m a leggings type girl and I seen you wear heels with leggings. To be honest I never own heels but I’m going to try wearing them now.
    Sincerely Stacey

  61. So obsessed with the black boots ?? Love you❤️

  62. I absolutely love the pink heels, pink are my favorite and it being my 30th birthday this year I was going to go to Vegas in a little black dress and these would be the eye candy of the evening! It would be the best birthday gift ever!

  63. Omgosh those those black boots are to die for!!!! I’m in love ???

  64. Love! Love! Love the black boots! Sexy with jeans or something short!!! Pink is my favorite color!!.. They would look amazing with anything and the clear ones look so glass like you could look like your walking on air!!

  65. The Black Boots are gorgeous omg love them !!!
    Just like you Coco! ????????????????????????????????

  66. I loveee them all!! I am getting married next year and would love a pop of color to my dress!!! #shoefreak!

  67. I love those hot pink ones. Im a show lover myself and try to collect ones in different colors. Hot pink is a pretty color that would go great for the valentines day. Thank you for all your do for your fans.

  68. Omg I’ve never won anything before! But if I won a pair of shoes I’d be in heaven! I’m a shoeaholic lbs ever since my god mom would buy them when I was 12, I’m now 27 an loveeee shoes! If I had to picked I’d def go with the suede boots. 🙂

  69. Love these block thigh high boots. Entremely sexy and I have thick thighs and hard to find a though high boot to fit! Thank you for the chance to win your amazing! Love you Coco your they best!

  70. I would love to win a pair of your shoes for my 18 year old daughter. She’s a single mother, that graduated hs at the age of 16 and went to school for a cna by the time she was 18. She loves, loves, loves heels and is a size 6, although she very seldom treats herself to new ones since all of her focus is on her 18month old son.

  71. I would love to win a pair of ur shoes.. I love that u don’t care what people say about u or what u wear u always look good and fabulous.. I’ve followed u for years even when u did thong Thursday.. please let me win a pair of ur fabulous shoes.

  72. OMG I am a big fan . . ??? Ur so awesome and I love how u don’t give a crap about what say and u keep doing you

  73. Shoe fetish .. Black is one of my favorite shoes and I love boots ???

  74. I’m loving the boots! ?

  75. Love the hot pink ones ?

  76. Love the suede boots! This is great what you doing coco ?? -gabby

  77. I love shoes. But can’t really afford the new styles so I try to work with what I have. It’s a blessing to receive a pair from you it’s my 30th birthday on the 23rd and girl will I work these new babies! Keep going what you love the most! God bless!

  78. I love you. I enjoy watching snaps of you and Chanel. You are such an amazing mommy! I wish I could meet and hang out with you! I adore you and your little fam. Anything of yours would be a pleasure ❤️

  79. Love!LOVE! Them all!! My favorite are the black boots and pink pumps. Clear ones look like your walking on air!!

  80. I would love the suede boots, been looking everywhere to find the perfect pair but can’t ever get the right ones.

  81. Love all the shoes but my kids come first so don’t get to spoil myself much ???? love that you give some away

  82. I love the boots. I am a huge fan of you and Ice. Watch him every week in Law and Order. I also follow you on snap. You are such a great person and a fabulous mother. I would so love to have a pair of your shoes. Thank you for all you do and who you are.

    • I also have two children and three foster children that always come first so I don’t have money or time to spend on myself.

  83. I would love the black high boots because they look fabulous and I love boots

  84. I’m in love with those black boots. I think they are so gorgeous and I would love to win them.

  85. Bebe Black Boots ?❤️
    Tthis would look good for my birthday outfit.
    Turning 17th Next Month on February 3 !!! ? Very excited. This would be a perfect birthday gift . Regardless if I don’t win this entry it was awesome for you coco to read my comment ?? LOVE YOU COCO !!!

  86. Literally love those black boots ❤️

  87. The pink ones!! So super sexy for bedroom time!!

  88. The black boots are to die for ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  89. I adore the black boots ? love all of your shoes especially you and your family ? I follow you on all social media your absolutely beautiful and have a beautiful family ?

  90. I love love the pink heels. So cute. ❤️?❤️

  91. In love with your spirit and your kindness. Would love to have a pair from you.

  92. Coco ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You fine boss ass lady youuuu!!! love the black loub boots or the clear pointy toe ugh so cute, hopefully I’d look as hot as you in em hehe

  93. I love all your shoes!! My birthday is Friday Jan 19 and I’ll be a young 43 years ; )

  94. So, I love you AND your gorgeous shoes. I would love to win the BEBE boots for my beautiful mother who deserves a great pair of shoes, especially from the amazing Coco! You are such a amazing mother to Chanel, and you always look great?
    Sincerely, Sara

  95. I would so love the boots!!!! Coco I watched your snaps your tv show and I love when you sang to the part
    I love my shoes I wanna fuck em lol ? I have thick thighs and small feet I’m 5’0 pleaseeeee baby channel let me win lol
    Love you ladies!!!!

  96. Omg the Boots are amazing!!!!

  97. Hhii loving the boots, I love the fact that are yours first of all and the high knee boot it’s to die for!!!

  98. The pink ones are my favorite! They are all amazing though!

  99. I love boots, cuz they sexy

  100. I would love to win the Bebe Black Suede Boots. They are exactly my size and super cute. Back in October i tore my ACL and haven’t been able to dress up in my heels because its been hard to walk in regular shoes. I am not finally being able to wear some of higher heel shoes. I would love to win these to give me that boost of confidence again! -Amanda

  101. This is so cool coco! The boots are fire!!! Don’t you love having a size 6 foot? It’s always the display size! Hehe so awesome you do this for your fans, so generous and thoughtful. Cool things for other mommies to look forward to as well!

  102. I CANNOT believe you are a size 6 also, people always make fun of me because they say I have “baby feet” Lol. I absolutely LOVE ❤️ ? your shoe closet! Having those Suede Boots would be an honor to rock them!!! Love you Coco!

  103. Hi CoCo,
    I Love you’re shoe collection. I’m a show fanatic too. I love the boots?

  104. The black boots! I definitely have the thicker leg for them.

  105. Oh my I love the suede boots!! ?

  106. Bebe Black Boots! ? super cute!

  107. I love the boots they are amazing ❤️❤️

  108. Luv the black suede boots

  109. I love all of them, but the boots are my favorite.

  110. Coco ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You fine boss ass lady youuuu!!! love the black loub boots, I’d give them to my bestfriend for her birthday this month.. she recently lost her daughters father.. something to put a big smile on her face ❤️

  111. I love the boots!

  112. Hello coco, i would absolutly love to own the suede boots!! I am a major shoe lover. As a student nurse i dont get much time to wear any nice shoes so when i do its a big and special deal!!!! Love watching you and channel on snapchat ???

  113. Omg!! I never win but here we go. I love the PINK ONES ❤️❤️ ones!!! Your are someone I look up to as I am a single mom of 2boys and plus size. This world isn’t easy but it’s people like you who make it better

  114. The clear ones! Omg looooove ???

  115. Omg the clear ones are way too cute! And a real life dream to become Cinderella. ??

  116. Oh My Gosh!! Those black boots are exactly what I’m looking to wear when my husband comes home from his deployment to Korea!! ❤❤

  117. Living in Minnesota with the cold weather, going out but also dressing appropriately can always contradict. I would love the black suede boots because they are the perfect pair for going out with style and comfort but also a sense of warmth! I’ve found a new love for thigh highs and even better from Coco who also has the same shoe size as me! Whooohoo! Thanks Coco for the opportunity and spreading love for those with bigger thighs.

  118. I love shoes too but those pink ones are so beautiful!!!!

  119. I love you coco ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Really cute shoes. All of them are my favorite. I would pick the boots.

  120. Omg I love love Love be the boots!!? I remember when I got to meet you at San tan mall you are the sweetest ever!! Such a big heart and so humble and down to waste. Keep doing you boo!! ?❤️

  121. I love love love the boots! I have a three year old at home and never take the time to wear something sexy for myself??

  122. I would love the pink ones my feet are super small and sometimes it’s hard to find a shoe in my size!!!

  123. Coco, I love following you & Chanel! Y’all are a wonderful team, and you’re an amazing mother! I have been moving up in the world with my shoe collection, and your closet is an inspiration. I am a proud Momma of four with three bonus stepchildren. They are my life, but its important to take time to let your femininity shine! I love the pink suede the best, which are my size. I just appreciate this opportunity to participate!

  124. I so would love the high boots coco I’ve always wanted a pair of high heel boots omigaaaaa my legs are melting for them lol I love you coco I follow you since before snapchat
    I watched Ice T and coco, I was so excited when you got pregnant because I k ow how much you wanted a baby and you turned out to be such an amazing momma. Chanel has been a stylish baby since Day one!! You and your sister are amazing and your mama is beautiful she looks a lot like you. I am 5’0 I’ve always have thick thighs and would love to own a pair of those boots!!!!!!

  125. I’m a size 6 ? I Love love the black boots. Love them ?

  126. The pink ones would go great with my birthday outfit..

  127. Omg omg …those black boots are amazing!!!

  128. There all beautiful.. the boots I’m so in love with.. thank you for chance.. good luck all

  129. I would love to win the suede high knee boots♥️ First of all because they are really beautiful and to be honest I’ve looked everywhere for boots like this but honestly can’t find none. The ones that I liked are really expensive and can’t afford them

  130. I love the pink shoes it’s sometimes are for me to find some! I love them!

  131. I love love love them all and there my size I want the boots thxs your the shit to me

  132. I love the seude Bebe boots ??

  133. PICK ME PICK ME? I love shoes and your collection is obviously amazing?

  134. The clear shoe is so different and sexy. I’m loving the boot as well I’m a mother and I just wanna look and feel sexy in these shoes!!!! ❤

  135. Omg stupid phone lol down to earth not waste!! ?❤️

  136. The Bebe thigh high boots are beautiful!! Having thick thighs has made it impossible to find a pair. My husband would love to come home to a woman in nothing but thigh highs and an apron ?? Love watching all your snaps of channel, She looks like Ice so much!!!

  137. Love. Love. Love.
    Thanks for this opportunity. ?

  138. I love the pink ones sometimes it’s hard for me to find me size!

  139. I would love the bebe boots. It’s been a while since I’ve worn sexy boots. I’m sure my husband will love therm mainly coming from you. Lol.

  140. Those black boots are the exact style I’m looking to wear when my husband returns from deployment!

  141. I would live to own the black boots they are absolutely gorgeous

  142. Those pink shoes are beautiful!!!

  143. Omg omg …those black boots are amazing!!!?❤

  144. Love the suede boots!!

  145. I would LOVE the boots.

  146. I would love to win the boots!!

  147. Coco, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. Tge pink suede wouls be my choice. I love following your beautiful motherhood journey, and you are an inspiration. I am a blessed Momma of four with three bonus stepchildren. They are my life, but I love letting my femininity shine through. I have amassed a modest shoe collection, with your closet being the royal goal.

  148. I would ❤️love the suede boots. I am a mother of four and I buy my kids stuff first so I don’t have money to get me right it’s koo though as long as my kids are taken care of first. This is a blessing that you do

  149. Love love the pink heels!!

  150. Love them all! Favorite is the boots.

  151. The pink suede is my favorite ?

  152. Love, love, LOVE the clear ones! So adorable ! Coco you are the sweetest for even doing these type of giveaways ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  153. I love shoes!!! The boots would look amazing!

  154. Looove the clear fashion nova shoes! It’s so awesome that you do this giveaway coco, very generous! Love you and your family, little Chanel is beautiful!!!! 🙂

  155. I love the boots! Thick thigh girls stick together

  156. The clear one are absolutely amazing. I would love to have them!


  158. Absolutely love the clear Fashion Nova ?!!

  159. The black boots…. omg???

  160. I would love the boots!!

  161. How awesome of you to share your love for shoes!!
    I would love to WIN the Bebe Suede boots but will not be picky as to they are all 3 cute . First reason I would like to win is because my Husband loves you. Second reason is because they are my size and I have never owned a pair of dressy boots. Third reason is because I have 2 girls “17 & 13” therefore I never buy for myself. They claimed 2018 to be my dressy year so lets start here 🙂 Good luck to all

  162. Love the pink suede shoes, the are so cute and I love that style of shoe xx

  163. Any one of the three would be perfect for my wife I am entering without her knowing since her bday is coming up the fact that they would come from your collection would be make them an even better add on to her b-day present

  164. Love the clear heels!

  165. I love the black thigh high boots they would be awlsome to have!!! I think you are so beautiful I always watch your snaps and channel she is a doll baby!

  166. Coco! So me and my mom have always been a big fan of yours. We always watched your show “ice loves coco” and we follow you on everything you have on social media. You also have the cutest daughter ever! My mom doesn’t know I am trying to do this but my mom LOVES SHOES. She reminds me a lot of you. Her dream is to have your closet full of shoes. I always try to buy her nice shoes but I can’t afford the ones she really wants. If I could win a pair of your shoes for her that is signed by you I would be forever greatful. And I think my mom would cry of joy! Please pick me for this opportunity so my mom can rock a shoe just like you 🙂 thanks coco!

    • Oh! I didn’t pick what shoe! She would love the pink ones 🙂

  167. The suede boots are to die for! ❤️ Any shoe you pick out are lol!! Love u coco ?

  168. I love the black boots there amazing! so cute!

  169. I would love the boots. Never had a chance to buy one and afraid that it won’t look good on me.

  170. I love the Bebe boots! This year is about working on being the best version of me and the boots would be a jump out of my comfort zone! As a side note this is incredible if you tondo for your fans!!!

  171. I love the boots! I am just starting to wear high heels . I would. Love to add these to my starting collection.

  172. I would love to win the boots they look beautiful and thank you for the opportunity to win some shoes from you coco

  173. I would absolutely love to have the Black suede Boots!! I’m a shoe & boot fanatic. I currently had a family tragedy & the following week lost my job!! It’s shoe girls know nothing cures the blues like a new pair of shoes!

  174. Love the suede boots! Just had my daughter 5 months ago & I always love how you match with Chanel! She has so many cute shoes as well! ❤ I would love to win these boots because I haven’t bought me any new shoes since before I got pregnant! It was a rough pregnancy but it was all worth it! I don’t ever go out, but it is my birthday month & I would love to take these beautiful shoes out!

  175. I love love the boots I’ve never worn a high knee boot but on the other side I also love all your shoes girl I love your closet it’s amazing!

  176. I would LOVE to be chosen for the clear heels! They are so unique!

  177. I would love to win the black boots they are gorgeous chick love your style!! ?

  178. Shoes make a woman’s world go round!!! I love the long black boots! Love glory

  179. I would love the pink heels, they would remind me of you because I know you love pink so much. They look like Barbie heels and they are too cute. I love seeing your snaps they always make me smile. Chanel is the cutest girl ever and I love seeing you two together. I know I sound like I’m kissing your ass for some shoes but it’s truly how I feel about you and your fam.

  180. I would love to win the black boots I have always wanted to wear long boots there just perfect. I am a size 6 so hopefully I win them.???

  181. Coco please sign a pair for me if I win. You’re awesome a beautiful. I think it would really be neat to win❤️?

  182. Omg! I️ am so in love with the black thigh high boots. I️ have been looking into getting some but are a little pricey. Crossing my fingers I️ win! ??

  183. Hello! I’m also In Love with high heels! I would love to add to my collection with the pink heels!! ♡♡♡♡

  184. Hey coco i love the high black ones especially in this weather!!! I also love your style !! And the way you dress Chanel is adorable !! ❤️❤️ Please make more shows with you ice and Chanel!!!


  186. Would love the boots — so amazing — you are so fun to follow love to see what you, Chanel and Ice are up to!

  187. The black boots. I love u and your beautiful family. Your daughter is so smart. You at a great mom! So glad to see u happy as ever.

  188. Hello coco so I have been a huge fan for years!! And a avid shoe freak as well!! I love these boots I have been looking for some with a heel for a while and haven’t found any I like!! Now these boots look perfect and even better because they are from your collection!! Please pick me coco!!! I would greatly appreciate it!! Love you soo much chica!!!??❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

  189. I love the black boots!!! Your such an inspiration coco your an amazing mother and a very hard worker. I look up to you as a woman and hope one day ill be a good mother like you.

  190. Love love the black boots ❤️

  191. Love love love…. I love them all, I wanted to buy a pair of black thigh high but can’t really afford to do that right now, taking care of to teenagers is pretty expensive lol. Thanks for the consideration and all you do you are truly an inspiration


  193. Hey coco so I was just on Instagram and seen your announcement about your shoe give away. Im super excited i hope one day i get to win and enjoy one of your pairs .ok girl so I logged on your blog and notice you have the knew high boots. Let me tell you how hard it is to find a pair of size 6 lol. Everytime I find a pair i absolutely love they never have my size. So i was excited to leave this comment to Hop fully becoming the winner to those black boots of your that are absolutely gorgeous.

  194. OMG I love the Pink Platform heels. I’m a college student working on my last semester of school. I love pink so its perfect for me and I know it would look so beautiful on my feet!

  195. I would love the boots. I have 2 daughters, my youngest has a lot of medical issues so I can’t afford to buy myself much. I don’t think I’ve bought new shoes in about 4yrs

  196. Those boots Coco! Lush ?! Such a beautiful inspiration! ?

  197. I love love the boots ?

  198. I would live the pink one because that’s my favorite color! I love how casual they are and could really go with anything.

  199. We are hoping to build a new house soon these would be a perfect fit for my closet and to spice up date nights!

  200. I am a 5 1/2 to a 6… I seen yoyr snap and was so excited to see that i can win… I love shoes!!!! My son is nine and loves shoes too… I swear its a problem… LOL… I love the boots i am thicker and love the pink ones… love your snaps and blog keep up the good work of being a mommy and yourself!!!

  201. I would love the boots ?

  202. I would love the knee-high boots for my sister-in-law. The reason why I want to win her these boots is first because she’s a fan, Second she’s a really good wife to my brother and an awesome mother . They have four kids, two of which they adopted. I really look up to her she is a really good mother and an amazing human being. She does everything for her kids and her husband they come first to her which leaves no time for herself. She does everything for kids and her husband which leaves no time for herself. Her whole life revolves around her family. So for once I just want her to feel like a sexy bitch ??. Love mandy ❤️

  203. Love the black suede boots

  204. I love that you do this! It is so sweet of you! I would love the boots!

  205. How do I enter for the shoe give away??

  206. Love the black boots Coco! This momma of two would totally be rocking them!

  207. The pink heels are amazing!!! They are my favorite color and would be perfect for my vacation!!!
    (So cool that you do this, you’re awesome! ?)

  208. I love the black boots !!! This is so awesome I love that you are doing this my love for heels like u is insane as much as I wish I can buy as many you have I can’t lol been a single mommy its all about my babies !! I love u & love seeing your snaps with lil miss channel ???? && I am your same size

  209. As a fellow shoe lover, I can appreciate this! I follow you in snap and wanted to check this out. Good luck to all the others this month-I’m gonna pass on these, but will check in again next month in the hopes that you will give away a style of shoe I don’t have.

  210. Love the Bebe boots!

  211. I’m sooooooo in love with the see thru plastic are the black thigh booty!!!!!! they’re all so cute I can’t choose!!! I’m in love Coco!!!

  212. I love love love your shoe collection it’s a girls dream closet !!!

    • I would be grateful for any pair coming from a beautiful lady, Mom and wife like yourself.

  213. Coco, I’d love to win the pink ones!
    PS. Small feet rock!! Xo

  214. I LIVE for them all but my ridiculously muscular calves would not do the boots! Wahhh. Pink or clear would make my year though! Thanks for the consideration!! Xoxo

  215. I absolutely love the clear shoes! They’re so unique but also very wearable. I think they would match so many different outfits while adding an interesting pop of fashion ?. It’s also so great to see there are so many fellow women with small feet

  216. Love the high boots! I have thick legs and have a hard time finding sexy boots that fit. These may just be a perfect fit?

  217. The suede boots are perfect for when I wear a short t-shirt dress! Im not tall, so perfect size! I have thick thick enough thighs so I hope they fit well!

  218. Love them !

  219. I am I love with the boots?? I think what u do is amazing!!

  220. Oh mi God !! Beautiful shoes you have .. They are beautiful, but I’m in love ? with the boots .. Those boots are mine ladies sorry ha .. jk but would love to show off your boots Coco and my sexy legs on snap chat .. I wear them proudly … And cherish them always .. Good luck to everyone .. And Coco love your snaps keep posting and stay gorgeous alway .. many blessing to you and yours ..

  221. The pick ones are my favorite ? good luck ladies!!!

  222. Those pink ones are my favorite!

  223. You make the shoes look great! Love the black boots heels!

  224. I love the suede boots they are absolutely gorgeous! And I love the fact you that state they will fit someone with a larger calf my issue is I have a hard time finding boots that can fit my legs!

  225. Love love the pink heels ? yes please

  226. Pink***

  227. How awesome of you to do a give a way!! I love the pink ones but OBSESSED with the clear ones.

  228. Love the boots!!!’ ????


  230. Hello coco big fan of u and ice t I been a fan of
    His for a long time already the shoes I like are ur black boots u have they are too cute I know u have many more shoes and they are all beautiful I follow u guys all on social media love ur little girl too she is adorable
    I love you guys

  231. The boots are so beautiful, those are my favorite. It’s so hard for me to find boots that fit me because of my thick thighs. So those would be perfect!!

  232. I love the glass slippers so unique just as you r Coco ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  233. I LOVE the black boots because they would match with some many of my outfits. Plus I don’t have any and have been wanting a pair! I think it’s so amazing that you giveaway shows to your fans and actually care.

  234. COCO is just wanna say your such a role model to me your amazing and beautiful, really wish I had many shoes like you lol just have to work extra hard !!


  236. I like the black suede boots have thick thighs and legs and would look good with jeans or leggings

  237. My daughter would love the clear shoes for prom so I’m trying to win those for her

  238. I absolutely love your style

  239. The boots, omg!! I love them ❤️ Also, I don’t know how I was never aware of this shoe giveaway before… this is so awesome!

  240. The black boots are gorgeous!

  241. I would love the pink heels! I’ve never done many of these giveaway things but I think it would be super cool to win a pair of Coco shoes because you’re awesome and I’ve followed you on social media for a while now and watched Ice Loves Coco!

  242. I Would love the black Boots for my Girlfriend! She would love them! Omg CoCo Love all your shoes too!!

  243. Hi coco! This is pretty dope and finally someone who has little feet like me to share shoes with haha!!! I loveeee those black boots! I hope one day I can get a winning pair ? have a good day!

  244. The black thigh high boots for sure!! These can be rocked with sooo many different outfits and looks. I love you recommended someone with a thicker thigh ? I need these in my new SINGLE life.

  245. Love the clear!!! Makes me feel like a shoe freak!!!

  246. Love the pink ones so much they are calling my name??

  247. Um thigh high boots are to die for O M G! If I can have this and some of your ass I would be in heaven ??

  248. Love the black boots!!?

  249. I love shoes too. I’m new to your blog. I think it’s pretty awesome of you to give away your shoes. Love them all!

  250. Omg these boots are amazing but coco makes anything look amazing , I would love to win these boots sometimes being a mum is a tough job and we forget about ourselves most the time but even a simple pair of beautiful shoes or boots can sometimes give the mumma a boost of confidence and some days you just wanna feel sexy and these boots scream SEXY to me lol ? good luck to all people who have entered this is such an amazing generous thing to do coco has a heart of gold.
    Good luck to all anybody who wins is very lucky ?

  251. Hi Coco, my name is Leslie and watch your snaps all the time. I enjoy seeing Chanel interact with you. I love the black suade Bebe boots. I’ve always wanted to buy long boots. I have thick legs so it will be perfect. Like what you do coco we Love you coco!

  252. I love the boots so much!!

  253. I love the black boots ??

  254. I love the boots but I would love to win either, me and my husband are big fans. He would be thrilled to see me wear those boots on a date night or date in. My hellos to Baby Channel



    I hope it’s international as I’m a UK a lover xoxo

  256. Ahhhh I’m loving those boots perfect for this weather ?❤️

  257. I love the black boots. I would love to have these. Hopefully I get picked. I would cherish those babies forever!!!! You are a beautiful soul for doing this and just know it’s greatly appreciated whether I’m picked or not. Los you Coco

  258. Boots!
    I would love this high boots, I’ve never really tried anything like them before and I feel like I can rock them!

  259. The black boots ??

  260. Black BeBe ❤️? love you CoCo. I follow your Snapchat daily ?

  261. I love love love the pink ones ! I been following you since ice & coco on E! I watch every snap i love you and your sisters bond you are awsome to have owned a pair of your famous shoes would meannn the world to me ?? love you coco

  262. Coco I just love you. I met you in Vegas at your meet and greet after you preformed in The Peep Show. We had front row center seats. I love the clear shoes. They remind me of Princess Coco.

  263. The boots are magnificent and would fit my thick thigh just right! 🙂

  264. I am a mom of a beautiful 3 year old daughter and I work over 70 hours in a professional field. The pink pumps would look amazing with a black business dress to add some sass to my every day business look!

  265. I follow on snap. You are such an amazing mommy. And Channel is so adorable!!!
    I would love the black boots. Perfect for this chilly weather.
    Thank you

  266. Ooooh I would love the pink heels or the black boots! I don’t own one pair of heels and I’m 46 years old. I really think it is time for me to feel sexy again. This would be an honor and the perfect start to a new me!

  267. Hey Coco!? Love love LOVE the suede pink platforms by Stuat Colin, I’d love to put these in my new room once it’s all decorated! My theme is old Hollywood (so mostly Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Audrey Hepburn). They’d go beautifully on a wall shelf beside my Marilyn Monroe picture!

  268. Love the pink shoes I would like to give them to my sister who done so much for me and my family she is always there when I need her support it will be a nice surprise for her ? love you coco and your family stay blessed

  269. I LOVE the black thigh high suede boots! I have an obsession w heels just like you do but unfortunately I can not buy them everyday lol. I want to buy more heels and build up my collection and having a pair that you sign will top it off❤️❤️❤️

  270. I love the clear ones!! They are so cute! You guys are my favorite little family!!❤❤

  271. Can’t believe you’re giving away the thigh high black suede boots. They are absolutely fabulous! Those boots will make any woman feel confident and sexy. The same as what you motivate us all to be. They are my favorite out of the three.

  272. Ooooh i just LOVE those boots !

  273. The clear shoes caught my eye right away, these are absolutely stunning, just like you Coco!

  274. Love the black boots!! These would make a great addition to my shoes collection! ?

  275. I so love those boots ?

  276. I love the suede boots because they look like they would keep my legs warm during the Wisonsin winter and would help make me feel sexy and give me that extra confidence boost that I have been trying to achieve…I also love the pink platforms (pink is my favorite color) .. It would be super awesome to get heels from you. I love watching your snapchats, you and chanel always put a smile on my face

  277. The black boots are sexy! Love love Love ?

  278. I would love to win the shoes. Thank you so much

  279. Hi Coco! I love you and your family. I think you all are the most down to earth people. The Suede Bebe boots are gorg! I usually wear a size 5-6, so I know these would be perfect on me! Thanks so much!

  280. Omg love the black boots! ?

  281. Yay shoes!!! A girl can never have too many shoes. ❤️

  282. I love the pink shoes… They would be perfect to surprise my BFF with because she loves shoes and her foot is the perfect size for that shoe type and color! Her birthday is in April and it would be awesome to surprise her with this pair of shoes that is coming from you! Love you Coco and all that you do… Devon

  283. OMG the black Suede boots they are amazing an would look so cute with a dress I just bought love love love them!! ❤️❤️

  284. I ❤️ those boots!!!

  285. Loving the black suede boots!!!! I follow you on snap chat and this is my first time hearing about your shoe giveaway….definitely will be keeping up with the blog from this moment forward

  286. Omg I love the boots!! Yaaaassss soo sexy!!

  287. I love love the pink heels. Pink is my favorite color. I wear a 5 1/2 they would be perfect. I have three kids with one in college as a single parent. I would love to win and being 4’10” I love heels. Your the best for doing giveaways.

    All the best,

  288. I love you shoes i would like to win i am a single mom with 12 so ots hard for me to get anything so plz pike me love u coco and ice

  289. The black suede boots please! As a kindergarten teacher, I would love to go out, de-stress, with some drinks with friends and THESE boots!

  290. Omg I love the black Suede boots! ?

  291. Love the HOT pink shoes!!!! This is so exciting!

  292. Hi Coco,
    I love the black boots also the clear ones is cute

  293. Oh my God these shoes are fabulous . I would luv to add them to my collection .. I have over 100 pairs of shoes . I am a shoeaholic. That’s one thing I never want to be cured of .. My shoe addiction..

  294. My sister is a new mom and she hasn’t bought herself anything since the baby was born 13 months ago!

  295. I love the boots. I’ve been in search of boots. Thank you. I’m trying to be a little more sexy and feel better about myself.

  296. I’m 5ft 2 and wear a size 6 as well!!! I would love the suede boots! I’ve never found a boot that fits good on a thicker thigh in my size. I love you, your fashion and your shoes!!! ?? is so love to win some!

  297. Suede boots Coco! Absolutely love them! Thank you for making my day via Snapchat! Love you and Chanel ?

  298. Hi Coco, love following you. I tell everyone you insipre me from all the celebrities your the best mom. You always with your baby girl not leaving her with nannies. You rock Coco. I love shoes. I love the all of them so I’m not picky. Anyone will be appreciated it.
    God bless ?

  299. Love the sude boots as I’m 4’11 with thick Puerto Rican legs those would look really sexy on. Love heels they look really nice on you. ?

  300. The pink are so pretty!

  301. Hey coco my name is Danielle and iam one of your biggest fans .I love all your shoes ,you have just Great taste . Iam in love with the Fashion Nova clear shoe ?You can wear almost anything with it and it shows off your feet at the same time ..Specially when you going out and you want to look sexy but need the right shoe ,this one will be perfect ! I just think this shoe is so beautiful

  302. Hi Coco, love following you. I tell everyone you insipre me from all the celebrities your the best mom. You always with your baby girl not leaving her with nannies. You rock Coco. I love shoes. I love the all of them so I’m not picky. Anyone will be appreciated it.
    God bless ??

  303. The boots are so pretty!!!!

  304. Hi Coco! Ooohhh! Love all 3 pairs! But would love to have the black suede boots!

  305. OMG COCO thanks for the chance to win I would love to get any pair

  306. I live clear shoes toooo! All are super cute though!

  307. Hi coco just seen your snap chat and had to check out the shoes omg I love the black boots and or the clear shoes are so gorgeous! I love watching your snaps all the time I am obsessed with your shoes closet it it so cute I hope to have as many as you some day!????

  308. I loooove the black boots! They are gorgeous! I’ve been following you for years! And girl you were one of the first big booty girls from back in the day. Even before you were with Ice. Love you girl!

  309. I loooove the black boots! They are gorgeous! I’ve been following you for years! And girl you were one of the first big booty girls from back in the day. Even before you were with Ice. Love you girl! You’re an inspiration!

  310. Omg Those Black high thigh ones are gorgeous the pink are adorable??????? love

  311. So excited!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  312. Those black suede boots are amazing !

  313. I so love those bebe black boots! I totally have a shoe fetish, but sadly my collection isn’t much. I actually love all three. But those black boots are just what I’ve been looking for. And thankfully, my thighs are perfect for them ?

  314. I love the black ones ❤❤❤

  315. I love the black boots?

  316. Omg I love the boots and the pink heels both must need shoes. Super cute. PS love eating your Snapchat I definitely shows a lot more of your personality and family.

  317. The clear ones are so me…. love love love em…

  318. Love the black boots

  319. Hi, coco my name is yuri i love following you the suede boots by bebe are beautiful!!!!!! I love thm ??

  320. I love all of them! I wear a size 6 yay! IF I GET PICKED you can give me which ever ones you want Mrs. Coco. I am not picky instead I will be blessed to get something so special from someone I admire. :* If I don’t get picked I want to thank you ahead of time for thinking of others you rock! May God bless you and your family always. Much love ! Candy ?

  321. I’m loving the pink shoes! I love the color and the fact that they run small gives me a little bit of a chance to possibly fit your shoe as I usually wear a 5-5.5. I love you coco you and your baby are My mother daughter GOALS!!!
    ?I ❤️?I❤️Coco!!!!!
    Luv, AshleySue

  322. The black suede Bebe boots are gorgeous and sexy!! I’ve been wanting a pair like these for a LONG time but I can never find ones that fit my thick thighs!! Thank you so much Coco and Happy New Year to you, Ice, Chanel, Kristy and the entire family!!! Much love from Dallas. ??? #ThickThighsSaveLives

  323. Love the clear Cinderella ones!

  324. OMG the black boots are amazing!! Much luv and blessing to you and your family! ?

  325. I love the black boots!!!

  326. I absolutely looove the black boots..super sexy and perfect for date nite!

  327. Oh I love the boots they look so hot something to wear out on a date night and in the bedroom would be something sexy. Love love.. love you COCO ❤️???

  328. I would love the knee high boots. Mine are gone

  329. The pink heels are so cute!!! I absolutely adore them and to me they scream Coco. A cute pair of shoes is always good for the soul!!

  330. Coco, what a nice thing you’re doing! I would love the black boots. Good luck to the winner!
    Thank you,

  331. Love the pink ones. So so cute. I wear a size 6 and have a hard time finding that size. Would love to win those

  332. The pink platforms are very cute. I love that you do this because I am a size 6! And who doesn’t want to own a pair of Coco’s shoes?!?! I wonder if Chanel will pick up the love of shoes. I’m thinking she will!

  333. Love love live the boots

  334. I am absolutely in LOVE ♥? with the pink heels!!! I have tiny feet, size 5 1/2 & can never find heels, let alone hot pink heels like yours! You are an amazing wife, mother and role model! Thank you for being so generous and real!!!

  335. I realllly love the boots !!! I’m also a shorty I’m 4’10 and I’m trying to wear more heels on a regular basis ! Hope I get picked !!! Love u coco!!!!

  336. I would love to win your black boots.They are beautiful.It is so nice of you to do this for your fans thank you.

  337. I think the clear ones are beautiful and would go great with this little black dress I’ve been wanting to wear for date night with my husband.

  338. I would love to win the black thigh high boots. I have an obsession with boots, especially thigh highs. I’ve only been able to find one pair of thigh highs for myself though and they’re not it black. I just want a nice sexy pair of black thigh high boots and these are perfect.

  339. These are so pretty the pink ones are a dream

  340. Boots!!! Love them!

  341. My favorite are the clear! They are so dreamy!

  342. The pink ones are gorgeous!

  343. The black boots are to die for!! ??

  344. Omg the boots ???

  345. I would love the pink platform ones! I’m a stay at home mom of 2 kids and need a little spice in my life! pick me.

  346. So hard to choose they’re all so cute. I love a good pair of boots. Boots are so classic those black boots will be in style forever!

  347. Love love love the black suade thigh high boots!! ?? siz 6 and thick thighs are not an easy combo when shopping for boots! ? xOxO ?

  348. Yes

  349. Currently pregnant, but due in March and need something to help me feel pretty again. Everyone always said that if I had a celebrity look alike, it woul be you :-). But lately, due to financial changes and pregnancy, I’ve kinda lost my way. I’d love have the pretty black boots to help me get back on track ?

  350. The black ones are my favorite ? my 4 year anniversary is coming up they would be perfect to impress the husband with. ?

  351. Coco I LOVE YOU!!! The pink platform heels are fire!!! If you pick me I will cherish them for a very long time.

  352. U have a great taste!!! I love all ??? but I’m 6 1/2 I’m going for the clear ones ???

  353. Clear ???? like Cinderella

  354. In love with those pink ones ??

  355. The pink heels are a must! Just so girly ?

  356. I would love the black boots 🙂 I’m a college student in Michigan and can’t really afford nice boots like that. They look amazing! I wear a size 6 too how awesome! I would love them so much but I understand if I don’t get them 🙂 thanks for doing this for your fans and god bless!❤️

  357. I’ve got the thick thighs for the boots! Seriously though, I love myself a black, over the knee boot. Fingers crossed I get the chance to rock these babies! They bring such a sexy look to any outfit ?

  358. I would love to have the pink ones , my husband got me liking the color pink when he was teaching me how to target shoot !!! Of course I love you and would love to to have something of yours , I would be so honored !! Thank you so much for the consideration ?

  359. The Black Suede Boots!!! I love boots and I will feel like a new woman after i have my son wearing these!!

  360. Oh my goodness, those black Bebe boots are amazing!! ? Right up my alley!

  361. I absolutely love the clear ones!! I think it makes the foot look sexy!

  362. Hey coco I am big fan of you and your family I Really like those black boots it be amazing to wear to work are date night .

  363. I would love the black boots!! Thank you Coco for being so amazing and showing your fans how much you care.

  364. Omg I love the black Bebe boots! So up my alley!

  365. I just LOOOOVE ❤❤❤❤❤ THE Bebe boots!! ??

  366. Love the pink ones ?

  367. Hi coco i like the black suede boots. They would really keep my legs warm in this winter weather but also look sexy.

  368. I LOVE the black boots! I have thicker legs too!

  369. I love love the pink heels. Pink is my color. Would love and be honor to win them

  370. I love and need those black boots. Thank you Coco for being you.

  371. Love Bebe! Black suede boots are what every shoe lover needs! Btw love seeing baby Chanel on Snapchat ?

  372. I would definitely work those Black Suede boots. They would look amazing on my thick thighs… not as good as yours though Coco ❤️?❤️?

  373. Love all 3 pair!! It would be awesome to win a pair ? Thanks for these giveaways!!

  374. I love the clear nova shoes! I think it would be amazing to own a pair of your shoes. I love watching your Snapchat! You have such a beautiful family. Huge fan!

  375. Hi Coco! I love the clear shoes. The perfect sexy way to show off a pedicure!

  376. Hi coco…i want to say i think it is amazing that you take the time to give back and help women feel beautiful like you, just by donating like this. As a single mom of 4 its hard to feel beautiful when you know you can’t be selfish and buy your self stuff! Win or lose i think your great! Love watching your snaps! (Black boots)

  377. I love the clear pair! You could literally where them with anything.

  378. I love the black boots I’m a short girl so I love the fact that they are super high.

  379. I would love to have the black Boots or any of them they are all to die for. But most of all I would love you to autograph them any where you want. Love you all the way here in West Virginia. Oxxo -LoLo

  380. I love the black boots

  381. The black boots are so amazing! I would wear them all the time but walk slowly and away from dirt so they won’t get messy…..shoe lovers !

  382. I would love the clear ones for my wife. They would make an excellent wedding gift for her as we just got married 🙂

  383. Love the pink heels❤️❤️❤️ They would look amazing in my diva den ❤️

  384. I LOVE the black boots!! Your shoes are all so beautiful and I feel super sexy in the right heel- and those are it!!!???

  385. It’s a girl dream to have them all I love all off them I s so hard to choose one very pretty

  386. I love the pink ones ???

  387. Would love the pink heels! We have a pink obession in our home. Thank u CoCo for showing us how to be beautiful even if you a bigger girl with u its ok! ?

  388. Lovelovelove the pink…I love all your shoes…hope one day to be picked!

  389. I love all the shoes!! I would be honored to be picked to get any one of the shoes!! I have a 16 year old daughter that would love to wear a pair to prom!!

  390. Hi Coco!!! I LOVE the black boots!!! I also LOVE YOU!! You have the best personality!!

  391. The black boots ???? In LOVE!!! Perfect for going out to dinner with my Babe! Xo

  392. Hi Coco!
    I absolutely love the black suede Bebe shoes!! They are gorgeous. Thank you for being so sweet and doing this! Blessings to you and your family

  393. I love the pink ones!!! They are so cute for a POP of color on a plain outfit! I would love to win those ? love you Coco!! 🙂

  394. The pink shoes are amazing.

  395. Omg I love the pink ones!! I am a mother of a 16 and a 2 1/2 year old. I love dressing up and getting out of the sweatpants!! I would defiantly wear these for a night out with the hubby?

  396. Just saw your snapchat post and I had no idea you had this going on! I love you and Ice so much obviously im obsessed with Chanel since her very frist pic on imstagram! I loved Ice in Surviving the Game and New jack City! I love you in general and will continue to enter your giveaways! ?? Much love from New Mexico. (Also a fan of your yogi sister and cant wait for the opportunity to do yoga with her!)

  397. Shoes that would make any women feel sexy

  398. My daughter is getting married in September and shew wears a size 6. It would be so great for her to wear a pair of your heels.

  399. From the UK the black boots are amazin my partner would love them.

  400. Shoes are so beautiful. My favorite ones are the clear and black ones.

  401. Omg Coco! I follow you on Snapchat and IG and I’ve never seen this! You are SOOO GENEROUS, SWEET and KIND!!! I would so love to have a pair of your shoes! I absolutely love love love the black boots!
    Oh my goodness. They are fabulous. Just like you!
    Lots of love from around the corner in Township of Washington (by Paramus Park Mall)!
    Patrina xoxo

  402. I am.not picky I love all of them , and also you are wonderful, and I love how your still hands on with your baby !!! Love you !

  403. Omg. I was so excited to write you that I forgot what you mentioned to say ? I like the high black boot because im a 5’1 short girl and boots look fly lol

  404. I’d feel blessed to own a pair of your shoes but its been so freezing cold in Florida I’d love the black boots, they would be my first pair and I would look and feel so awesome riding with my husband when it warms up a little. All my love to you and your beautiful family kisses and hugs to baby Channel

  405. Hello Coco I would good love the boots.

  406. All three are fantastic, but the clear Fashion Novas are TO. DIE. FOR.

  407. The black boots are giving me life?????❤️???

  408. Boots please!!!!!!!!!!!! To go with my booty.

  409. Hello Coco I would love the black boots.

  410. I love the black thigh high boots they are sooo cute.

  411. I love the pink highs. Those would go perfect with my outfits for work creating a Power look as a clinic supervisor!

  412. Those black thigh highs are to die for I’d love them with your signature. Also saw a snap chat story about you starting booty before it was cool and that’s so so true. You BEEN rock in that shit. Kisses! Mwua!

  413. Black boots please

  414. OMG! They are all awesome as you and Channel! I love the clear Cinderella shoe!!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! My passion is shoes and I love your collection!

  415. Black boots! I’m 5’2 (From Arizona) so cute boots are hard find that look good!

  416. Lovin’ the clear Fashion Nova ones!

  417. I would love the boots. As a mom of 3 im not always able to spoil myself anf ive been dying for a pair. ?

  418. Omg LOVE the pink heels!! Pink is my fave color! I am just as obsessed with shoes as you are!

  419. Hello Coco?
    My name is Priscilla I’m 23 years old I attend college and I’m working on my BA. Sending love from SD. The shoe giveaway is so good this month, they are all so adorable and sexy!! I love them all, so to tell you the truth I wouldn’t care which ones I get! Thank you so much for your giveaways!!♥️? I LOVE the clear sexy heel, love the Suede black boot (I have the thunder thighs for them)?, and the perfect Barbie shoes.

  420. The black boots are my fav! I wear a size 6!

  421. I absolutely adore the clear Fashion Nova heels!! Reminds me of Cinderella!! This is so amazing of you to do these giveaways Coco! Thank you so much for this opportunity! You are such an inspiration to me and I’m always following you on Snap Chat and Social Media!! Thank you for being you!

  422. I love love love the black boots !!!!!! I’m 19 years and a huge fan of yours !!! I look up to you hot mama !!! God bless and thank you for doing this give away for us❤️❤️❤️

  423. I like the black boots because they are sexy and beautifully. I like the pink shoes because pink is my favorite color ?. I like the clear shoe because I can use those on a Saturday night dinner date with my husband. Thanks so much for the opportunity :).

  424. Omg coco I love you so much and to have a pair of your heels would be a dream come true I promise to show them off to everyone because you are my idol and inspiration!!! Coco you seem very down to earth and such a awesome person, things like this sets a person apart !!! I would love to have the clear ones they are definitely my style and to say that coco wore them omg out of this world !!! I would definitely need them sighed and autograph !!! I have been looking up to see this the beginning of time lol and definitely and you are my Beyoncé!!! When people ask who is your favorite celebrity i always say you cause your personality shines thru everything you do ❤️ Thanks for always being you and being such a great role model for us little people!!! And recently I lost my job and became really sick and had the worst year last year and this year I feel like it will b my year and if I got the shoes it would just verify that it will be my year!!! Thanks a lot coco again seriously you are the best !!! Love you lots hun keep up the great work that you do hun seriously ❤️

  425. Unfortunately I am not a size 6 BUT I absolutely LOOOVVEEE those black ones. I’d probably give them to my aunt, she’s has a very good collection and if I can’t shove my foot in them I’d give em to her haha

  426. Those black boots thoughhhh ?

  427. OMG I would love a pair of your shoes

  428. Your shoe closet is heaven!!! I love the black suede boots. Definitely a must have in MN.

  429. Hi Coco!!!
    I would love to win this give away!!! I’m a huge fan and follow you daily on all social media platforms. I love what your all about and you’re such a down to earth chick. This is my first time entering any giveaway so I hope you pick me!!! Can’t wait to rock those black boots!! ????

  430. Omg I love those black boots! So cute for a night out!!!

  431. I would love the clear ones! I wear a 6-6.5 and I don’t own a single pair of heels, so they’d be my first pair…ever! Love you!

  432. I love them all but my fave is the clear ones. It would make me feel as if I was Cinderella especially since I’ve gained a lot of weight since I had my complete hysterectomy. I love your shoe collection!

  433. I would love to wine the Bebe Boots! They’r gorgeous! I’m a first timer so I really hope I get picked! Hugs and kissy to you baby she’s adorable!

  434. I am so beyond obsessed with you and your entire family! I’ve been following you guys for a long time.. from all your shows etc, including Law and Order, up until now. You guys are definitely my favorite! I have never come across a more genuine family. Despite all of the money and fame, you guys manage to remain very humble and wholesome. I know that you and Ice have been together for about 17 years, and I only hope that you two can set as much of an example for everyone else as you have for me, especially when it comes to real love and commitment. Also, Chanel has got to be the cutest baby I have ever seen!!

  435. I love love the Bebe boots Coco! So much love to you and your family. Chanel is growing up so fast! xoxo

  436. I have to say i was so excited to see your snap that you r shoe size is a 6 and i wear a 5 1/2 to a 6… I would be so happy to recieve a pair of shoes from u… I watch u on snap and love u and your daughter… I like the boots i am a little thicker like u said would be better and i also like the pink… I would be so happy to recieve any pair… keep up the good work with that cute lil mama…

  437. I love the clear ones, they are sexy!!

  438. I love the pink ones!! They are perfect with a pair of jeans or can be dressed up too. Would love to win these!!

  439. Thank you Coco for letting every mother and women know that you can look beautiful no matter what you can wear love you and your family. ❤️

  440. This black ones ?????

  441. I love the clear ones ???

  442. Love the boots. Can never go wrong with a pair of sexy boots.

  443. Those boots tho!!!! So beautiful

  444. I would like the black boots

  445. Black Suede is beautiful! ? I’m NM grown too!

  446. Love the black boots ?

  447. I would love any one of them because they all 3 are so beautiful! The black boots would be perfect for me though! Thank you for your giveaways that is very kind of you. You truly have been blessed!

  448. I looooooove the black boots so much ?

  449. Omg the Black pair are super super cute, ive always wanted a pair just like this and can never find them! Ughhh and plus i would love to have a pair from your collection!

  450. I love those boots, they go with anything literally! Want to be casual, “hey I’ll wear my boots.” High fashion event “I’ll wear my boots with a dress.” Simply want to look hot def the boots! Now don’t get my wrong I LOVE ALL OF THEM but the boots are my fave! ☺️

  451. I would so love the black boots coco!! I’ve never owned a pair of boots so that would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity ??

  452. I love the pink heels! Pink is my favorite color!! I know they won’t look as good on me as you but I would love to win them!! ??

  453. I love the black bebe boots . I have always been a boot girl i fell way more confident in the boots ❤

  454. YASSS, come’on suede boots!!! You. Better. Work. ???Love you Coco! Fingers cross for the Bebe boots. Good luck everyone! ?

  455. Omg I love you sooo much I love your song I got it on iTunes when it came out you are awesome I would love to enter in to the show give away

  456. Love all of them! The black are my absolute favorite!!! Would love to have a pair from your collection and just my size too! BTW loved your IG post today about thick women in the industry….you’re amazing and I appreciate you!

  457. It’s my birthday this month on the 18!!! Them suede Bebe boots are on point!!! My closet is calling them! I have Thick thighs?

  458. I love the Black Bebe Boots!!!!

  459. I absolutely love the Pink platforms by Stuat Colin. I’m a new mom after struggling to conceive with pcos, I finally had my rainbow 😉 after having my son, Noah James, I had a period PND ( postnatal depression). Prior to having my son i was very girly, loved make up, shoes and everything girly. During thid period i didnt want to do anything. I was in my deepest darkest days. I’ve had you on all my social media and you have inspired me to bounce back from this and bring my sexy back. I would love to have a this pair of perfect heels.

  460. Hi Coco
    I love what you are doing and I love shoes as well. I would love the suede boots. I have bigger calves and have the worst time finding boots that fit right. I think these would be perfect.
    Love ya

  461. I love the black suede boots! Its hard to find boots that fit because I have thick legs/calves. These are beautiful shoes. It would mean so much to me to be able to own a pair of black suede boots that actually fit. Love you CoCo! ???

  462. Ohhh emmm geeee! Those black suede boots are life???

  463. Love these gorgeous pink platforms. Good luck ladies.

  464. I love the clear heels! Those are so pretty and look very classy! Very nice to wear especially with nice pedicures!

  465. I am obsessed with the pink pumps!! They would put a big smile on my face!! I am about to start my second IVF cycle and I know wearing these on the hard days will life my spirits and motiviate me to never give up!! Yay for having smal feet!! :). Love you!

  466. I love the black bebe boots . I feel way more confident in boots and they are my size ❤

  467. I love the black boots ???

  468. Those black bebe boots are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted a pair of over the knee boots and just never bought them! Thanks for being generous, Coco!

  469. I am soooo happy someone else in this world wears a 6!!!!!!! I love the black bebe thigh boots because they can be dressed up or dressed down and gives a nice, chic look!

  470. The black boots are AMAZING!!! ????

  471. The clear shoes are dangerously sexy. Love love love them

  472. I love those black thigh high‘s

  473. I love the black Bebe boots because who doesn’t need a over the knee suede boot! I lost nearly all my shoes due to Hurricane Harvey so this would be a nice addition to build up my collection again!!!!

  474. The black boots are sooo Hott and Sexy! Plus black goes with everything!

  475. The black suede boots!! ??
    They are what I’ve been looking for!!
    I’m 5ft even and would LOVE to get them!!

  476. Military wife moving from Maryland cross country to San Diego California and I would love to hit the new city with a pair of these heels! Love the clear ones! Will go with anything! ?

  477. Pink is my favorite color so I’d go with the pinks!!!

  478. Hey Coco, my husband is a huge fan and he follows you on Snapchat. He saw your message and he insisted that I register for the shoe giveaway. The shoes that we choose are the ones we thought were the sexiest that I can were for him in the bedroom, which I’m sure with bring him extra pleasure knowing they were once yours! Not to mention they are super cute and sexy! We choose the black suede boots! Thanks for the opportunity

  479. Love the boots!

  480. Omg the black boots are so beautiful !!! I love the fact that they’re super high and well black since that’s my favorite color

  481. I totally forgot to tell you why i like the black suede bebe boots. I’m all about texture and the way things feel, who doesn’t like the touch of suede?! And the boots would compliment me with there ruffles!

  482. The pink ones are amazing. #love.

  483. The black boots are my favorite! They are so sexy! My best friend is a size 6. She would look amazing in these!

  484. So in love with all 3 but my fav has to be the clear ones

  485. Love love love the black boots!!!

  486. Love them all but the clear ones are my fav

  487. Love the black suede boots!! I like you have collected shoes for about 14yrs. I love shoes!! And I’m petite too!! Except I’m 4’7 ? To own a pair of Coco shoes would be…ahhhh!!!

  488. Hey Coco!!! Watch your snap stories every single day! Love you so much & Chanel is literally the cutest. I love the pink pumps. They remind me so much of Barbie & that’s really my personality lol! I’ve always wanted to get a pink pair of pumps but could never find any that I just enjoyed. But these.. these look like some I could rock for sure. Thank you so much!!! Love you!

  489. Love the black boots

  490. I love the black Bebe boots! I follow you on Instagram and Snapchat! They are so cute I would love to own them because they are owned by you!! I love you and all that you do!!!

  491. Love love LOVE the black suede boots , so sexy & classy at the same time .. perfect for date night with my hubby .. my little girl loves watching Chanel on Snapchat ?❤️? we named our dogs CoCo & Chanel ❤️❤️❤️

  492. Those black boots ???

  493. OMG super cute and you are super sweet hun!! Love love love you! I would love any pair you give me! Not picky just love you girl!! XO

  494. The pink platforms are beautiful!

  495. I love the black boots they are very sexy! ?

  496. I loveeeee the Bebe suede boots! They are exactly what I’ve been looking for this winter ?? You have great style coco ?

  497. The black boots. I’m just starting my girly shoes…lol I have always had js…..smh

  498. LOVE the black boots…i only wear black, but i dont have a pair of black boots that high!!

  499. Super cute shoes? Hope I win ?

  500. love the pink ones because my daughter thinks they look like princess shoes!!!!!?

  501. Omg this is my 1st time doing something like this… hope I’m one of the lucky girl!! 🙂 I love the clear ones. Crossing my fingers.

  502. PINK

  503. Hi coco the pink ones are really pretty I think pink ones really caught my eye love you coco xoxo

  504. I love the black suede boots. They would make me feel tall and sexy lol. I think this is amazing. I love your shoe collection. I’m a single mom that got hit by hurricane Harvey and lost everything. I’m still trying to get back on my feet and winning these shoes from you would def put a smile on my face.

  505. ~*The PINK ones! I’m 5’ 1”, love the extra height and a pop of pink!*~

  506. I’m always in the hospital and having brain surgery and the hospital and my doctors know me for my outrageous antics and for the shoes and clothes I wear in the hospital. I’m always dressed to the nines, with makeup and all. If I let the universe know I’m killing it, it won’t kill me! I’d love to wear the pink heels my next go around!

  507. Love Love Love the suede boots. Remind me of my favorite pair that my puppy chewed up about a year ago. I love you and your adorable family , furbaby included. You inspire me as a thicker women to feel comfortable in my body. Especially now that i am expected a new addition to my own family! ?

  508. The black boots would good wonderfully with this cold weather ?

  509. hey coco! i love the boots i’m a bigger girl with thick thighs! i love boots but don’t have any super tall ones hopefully they would make my legs smaller!?i hope i’m a winner! love your style!?

  510. Absolutely love the clear heels!!! They would look great with anything ❤️❤️❤️ You are fabulous btw ??

  511. Dear Coco I love you so so much I am a single mother & me & my daughter had a really hard time last year, she is my everything & her name is also chanel ,snice we are literally having to start over with everything & she will be turning 21 this year & has told me not to get her anything because money is very tight. So I would love nothing more than to win her the pink pumps & on top of that your signing them
    I know she would be over the moon!!! Many blessings for you & your family always thank you for giving me this opportunity ? to try & win

  512. The black Bebe boots because I just had my baby girl and they would look dope for my first date night out with my love since having her!

  513. Ooh your so AMAZING !
    Girl If i can rock those clear heels like you can I need them !

  514. First off I would be greatful and appreciative of whatever pair I would win esp because they come from someone who I have followed admired and looked up to for so many years. It’s great that you are literally giving back by doing things like this, forever wishing you blessings positive vibes and more.

  515. Hello Coco! Thank you for doong this!!! Let ve the pink shoes!!!! Love ya ! Blessings to you and your family!

  516. Omg what a amazing thing you are doing love love love you and would loveee those boots xoxoxo

  517. Omg Coco! First thank you for doing these giveaways as much as you can! Chanel is my favorite baby ever too! Those black boots are so cute! I would love to win them❤

  518. I would love the suede boots. They look amazing!

  519. Awh you are the sweetest ever! Love watching your snaps!
    So fun just to see Chanel and what kind of day you’re having!
    Don’t let ithis detour you but I’m from Canada!! Actually a town that is considered The Polar bear capital of the Workd! – Churchill, Manitoba! Cutest, most loving town ever !
    Enjoy your day/week/month!
    Xoxox Dominique. Hi to Chanel from my 1 & 3 year old ( Lila & Zoey)

  520. Ahhhhhhhh I need the black boots!!!!!!!! I’ve been dying for a pair of these and would love to have them come from you!!!!! ???

  521. I love the black boots because they go with almost everything and I think it s pretty amazing what you are doing even if I don’t win its going to be a blessing for someone ????????????????


  523. Coco I am a super fan and would love the boots because the are so sexy just like you. The only problem I don’t wear a size 6 so I would give the to my super short 4’9 sister that wears a 6 and she would love them so much and not to mention her nickname is Coco. LOVE U COCO ?????????????????

  524. I love all your shoes you have great taste on shoes and they look super cute on you.. I love the black boots and the pink shoes ??

  525. I would loveeee the black boots!!! Thank you for doing this !!

  526. Ahhhhhhhh I need the black boots!!!!!!!! I’ve been dying for a pair of these and would love to have them come from you!!!!! ????

  527. I love the boots Coco! Thank you for doing this and being such an inspiration to all of us moms out there! You are truly a super mom ❤

  528. I just saw your snap chat and I was I gotta check out her blog I love love your shoes..

  529. The pink ones are adorable. They will match perfect with half my wardrobe. It’s all pink!!!!? my favorite color ???

  530. I would love the black boots they are super hot and to die for!

  531. Love them all but neeeeed the boots

  532. Would love to own the black boots. I have the thick thighs to wear them. Thank you for the opportunity. ?

  533. Love the bebe boots, they are just sexy and I am small with thick thighs, I love shoes too!! Hope you pick me and btw I have followed u for a long time, thru insta n snapchat a dinner wit baby chanel would be awesome, Im a grandmother and just turned 50!! Love u and admite u!!

  534. I like The clear Fashion Nova shoes because I think I’d feel like Cinderella in her Glass slippers going to the ball in them 🙂

  535. Hey coco I watch you Ice Chanel and the rest of the crew via Snapchat all the time and this was the first I saw you post about your shoe giveaway. I am so excited I have a chance to wear your shoes, I absolutely love all of them however my foot is a wide 6 and I am not very thick about a size 2 American eagle jeans so I think the clear shoes would work best for me. Thank you for reaching out to woman and giving then the opportunity to own something you care about .

  536. Ummm those boots !!! I love!!! I’ve been such a fan for years always follow you and watch you. I would absolutely love to have a pair of these shoes but those boots are lovely and it’s perfect that they’re Just my size ? you’ve seriously inspired me for so long now my fitness motivation my confidence everything. To own a pair of your shoes would be a dream for me !! And I would love a chance to feel as sexy and confident as you and to literally be in your shoes would help with that of course ! ??

  537. OMg! I love your pink shoes!

  538. I would love to have the black boots as a surprise for my sister.

  539. Omg those black boots r awsome? perfect for any occasion wether it’s clubing casual look I love them ?
    #1 Coco fan ???

  540. Omg I LOVE ???? you!! I love shoes ? probably as much as you do!!!!! ? I would love anyone of those shoes! ????

  541. The black boots are life. The literally speak to my soul lol i watch your snaps everyday, baby Chanel is the same age as my son and i love watching her get so big and beautiful!! You, Ice and Baby Chanel are #familygoals!! Love you Coco!!

  542. I would love to get the pink heal for my sister since she is also a show lover. Huge fan!!!

  543. Love all the shoes this month. I’m a Hugh Fan!!!;
    You Rock the black suede boots are adorable! Love them

  544. Wow this would be a Dream come true! Love you’ll ❤️

  545. I love me some Coco clear heels. Love watching you, Ice, and Channel on your Snaps. Love you all Coco :-*

  546. Hi Coco, first of all I want to say how super sweet I think you are for doing this every month, so amazing and generous.
    I would love love love the black boots. I’m obsessed lol, so cute. I’m a proud mama of 3 (15yrs, 12yrs and 9 months) and the time I bought something for myself was probably when I was pregnant with my youngest. I think the boots would be perfect for our first date night after baby.
    Either way, you are amazing for caring so much about your fans and sharing so much about your guys life. Thank you !!! xoxo

  547. Black boots love them

  548. Omg i just would love the black boots plz xx
    Your amazing thank you coco xx

  549. I would love to win the suede black boots ?

  550. Love the black boots!!! Perfect with a red dress! ❤️❤️??

  551. Hey, coco I first I would like to say your baby a so freaking adorable she is so beautiful ?. Now let’s get the shoes I love the black one are beautiful and Pink ones cause pink is my favorite color lol. Thank you for doing these giveaways that’s so sweet of you! Thank you so much and god bless you and your beautiful family ❤️

  552. I would love the Pink shoes ???
    Thank you for this opportunity

  553. Those black boots are amazing ❤️

  554. I absolutely love the black boots!!! My birthday is tomorrow (1/16) ! This would be the perfect gift!

  555. Those suede boots are EVERYTHING!!! Will be a great help on these cold winter days and nights. Warm AND fierce! It is a wonderful gesture that you “give back”. Blessings to you always.

  556. This is so cool. I love the boots. So cute and my thighs or thick :).

  557. I absolutely ❤️❤️ The pink ones my favorite!!! I l❤️❤️ All ur shoes I follow u on everything and omgee when ur talking in ur shoes closet I’m in heaven your very blessed and im very jealous lol…. I love to wear heels and feel sexy although I can’t afford many the ones I have I adore and cherish so I will definitely do the same when I win a pair of yours ??

  558. I love the black boots!! I have thick thighs and they’re my size!!

  559. Omg I love the pink ones. I love Love anything pink and bling. I would love these!!

  560. You’re awesome for doing this! All of your shoes are amazing but i would love the Bebe boots!

  561. The black boots! ?

  562. Hi coco I love them all!! Anything from your collection!

  563. My wife really loves the pink shoes. I would love to give them to her. Plz pick me

  564. I would love the bebe suede boots!! I love shoes and I think its amazing how you show everyone that a hard working mommy can still be sexy!! Love and blessing to you Mrs. Coco!! ????

  565. Omg!? I love your black boots! I’ve always wanted to have some boots like that, but I feel like I’m too short for them. I’m 5’1. But you totally rock them! Soo that gives me more confidence.
    Thank you so much for what you do! Even if I don’t win, I’m super grateful for the opportunity you give to all these women?
    Love you Coco!

  566. Hi Coco
    You are such a nice person. .fame has not changed you!! Your a awesome an enjoy watching an learning from you..stay real???
    About the them all..but for me the boots..I have thicker legs. I think they will do me good..loll and thanks for what your doing its awesome an real!!!

  567. I admire everything that you I have always admired you since your show Coco and Ice T and now having you on Snapchat and see your baby grow is a blessing your a very remarkable women sending you much love oh and love the black boots too

  568. I would love the suade boots im short with big thighs and these would be amazing. I live in Az and would love to meet you.

  569. I’m in love with the black boots! Giving the opportunity for everyone to have a chance to win a pair of your shoes is so generous of you!

  570. Hi coco love you I actually love all your shoes but the black boots are hot and the other clear ones too

  571. Omg in love with the black suede boots!! ???

  572. Hey Coco! I would love to win your black boots! This is so awesome of you!

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    Love you

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    OMG, I would ❤ to rock those sexy thigh high, black suede boots!
    I’ve never owed a pair of thigh high anything, oooh guuurl, I would feel so HOT wearing them!
    You are sooo sweet & kind to do this giveaway,
    you truly have a wonderful heart and soul!
    Thank you for being so very beautiful, inside and out Coco!

  578. My favorite color of all time is pink. I would great love to be able to win the gorgeous pink heels. We met recently at Nandos in Chandler where my boyfriend had the same shirt as you but a way bigger size ?? I’d love to wear these heels for him since we are both such big fans of yours. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, thanks for doing this Coco it’s pretty cool.

  579. Love the pink ones!

  580. I would love to win the pink platform heels for my kids god mom she has been there for my kids and always has been a shoulder to lean on and would love for have a pair of shoes from you ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????

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    Just saw your Snapchat about the giveaway this week!!
    I love the PINK ones! ???.
    Thank you!

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  593. OMG I HAVE FOLLOWED YOU FOR EVER ON SNAP.. I didn’t know about this blog ?. I love all your shoes especially the ones you match up with Chanel ?. But if I had to pick one the black boots.. but I honostly am going to to give them to my daughter cause I wear 71/2. She is 6 so I would say the pink heels for her.. she’s not risking like me ?

  594. I love them all, but for the purpose of size, I could only fit the clear “Cinderella” shoes since it’s a 6 1/2. Boots are one of my favorite things to wear but my calves are big so I really need to try ’em on to see if they fit. And the pink runs small so I wouldn’t fit it. I love shoes too #ShoeFreak

  595. The pink is my fave!

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    i’d like the chance to win the pink heels..
    there pretty and pink is my fav color..

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    those bebe boots are AMAZING!!

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    First let me say you are beautiful and I love following you on Snapchat and watching you an Chanel an Ice. I’m also obsessed with SVU. I love the clear heels they would be great for my wedding next October. But I also Love the black boots. I have a boot obsession lol. I live in NY an love seeing where you visit around the area. Happy New Year ?

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  621. Coco,

    Please pick me! I am a huge fan! Just saw you were at Palisades Center. Was bummed I wasn’t there. I am a DOE NYC Kindergarten teacher whose love of children shows in the money I spend in my classroom. I would love to have something nice to wear out on the weekends! I love the shoes esp the boots and clear shoes! Please pick me! I will be forever grateful to you as a huge fan! Love you!

  622. Hi coco!! Maybe you do not read my comment but why would I want to win a pair of shoes? my answer is: the shoes make you happy and make you feel pretty at every step but unfortunately I am not size 6 and I would not have a nice and expensive clothes to wear a pair of expensive shoes. but if I win, I would sell them to buy many shoes for my son. I am a single, pregnant mother and my baby’s steps make my life happy now! Goodnight and luck to all the participants!

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  629. Happy New Year!!!

    I love all of them but especially the thigh high black boots. I love shoes, I have lots, but a pair of your shoes would be a special addition to my collection, because it’s you ?❤️. I’ve followed you for years, watched your show and social media.

    The shoes are Hot!!! I know how to rock them and would feel honored to post a picture with them on, if I win. If not I’ll try again. ??Xoxoxo

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  635. Hi coco
    I would love to win the black Bebe boots. I use to have a similar pair but they got ruined. That was a very very sad day. Hanks for the opportunity and good luck to all!!!

  636. LOVE the thigh high boots I can never find any in a six.. I found some socks that are supper long that I wear with booties to give it that similar look to the thigh highs.. so I get to switch around the heels. I love watching u & Chanel on Snapchat, she’s ur mini!!!!!! I love her reactions she so cute! I love the part where she was exercising she’s going to be just like her momma!

    • Oh by the way I love the lipstick vibe!!!!!

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