Coco Shoe Giveaway 17

So excited to announce the next shoe Give way!!!! Just like the past, I give away 2 different heels once a month to 2 different people randomly.. All you need to do is,most importantly, wear a size 6 and then 2nd,comment which shoe you love and why. I read all the comments and name the winners here on my blog..
I also autograph each pair!!?

(Please keep in mind all I ask from the winners is to take a pic with them on or holding them so I can post um here!! You can take a look at past winners)

OK Good luck….

1st pair are brown Stuart Weitzman pumps… These heels are on the narrow side.. They’re a size 6 but feel more like a 5 1/2 The material on them is really dope kinda like 3D wood…The heel is shorter than normal for me. Nice conservative pumps.

2nd pair are Suede Steve Madden… These are high platforms but really easy to walk in maybe because it has a round toe.. The neutral color goes with everything and makes the leg look longer. They are true to size (size 6)

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

222 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 17

  1. Hi Coco. Greetings from Finland, you Have a hugenfan here far north. I would like to get those brown heels you Have used for my wife. Would be nice to see her wearing those lovely heels of yours. All the best, take care?❤️?

    • Hi Coco I love the Stephan Madden heels!!! I love them because they are adorable and go with anything I don’t buy things for me I have had the same pair of tennis shoes for over 7 years and currently own no heels. I always buy for my beautiful children before me so it would nice to own a pair of sexy heels to go on a hot date with the hubby

  2. Both are cute

  3. Hi Coco! I love the Steve Madden’s ❤️. I would love to see you and Ice do another show together. I miss Ice loves Coco! Thanks for sharing your ? shoe’s with us. You are the sweetest!

    • Hi coco I think they are stunning . colors are perfect. I remember a few years ago meeting you Spartacus an Maximus & ice while filming svu where I lived in queens with my dog sky. I still have the pictures we took with my DPG sky an your pups an that we took with you. We will always talk about Spartacus an maximus all the time. I am a hugeeeee fan.

  4. Alex Marie
    Very comfortable shoes love them

  5. I love the cream color ones! They will go with anything and make you feel sexy!

  6. Hi Coco,
    I love both pairs but to pick I would have to pick the Steve Maddens. They definitely look more comfortable. Love your shoes!

    Jen from RI 🙂

  7. I really really love to win the suede pair please coco as they are beautiful heels , yours and don’t own a pair of suede . I always wait Patiently for this competition to come , i love to win this please, I always try for this but till now never happened. I’m from ?? Malta. You don’t have a winner from Malta please you should win from every country. Xxxxxxx Make a show again . Love michelle

    • I don’t wear a size 6.. But my mom wears a size 6.. We both love watching your show

  8. Cute and fancy shoes

  9. Steve Madden is screaming my name! He is saying Allison! Allison! Those shoes are made for you! They love you as much as you love Coco and shoes! Xo

  10. Hello from the Central Valley, where the weather will soon hit triple digits.
    With that being said, either pair will look great with my cool summer outfits.
    I hope and pray that I am chosen to show off the beautiful and sexy shoe.
    You are an inspiration and a beautiful person!
    Thanks for sharing with whoever wins.

  11. Coco ur so beautiful…nice shoes, I am doing coco’s workout world I love it. Love, you girl

  12. The Brown Pumps are so cute. Would love to rock these to work or out and about with my man. You are one awesome person to gift others. Spreading the kindness to others is truly a beautiful thing.

  13. I love the brown pair with the pointy toes.
    I love them because they look like leopard print and everyone that knows me knows I love leopard print.
    It has become my signature thing. These would look awesome with about every outfit.
    Thank you for a chance of owning a pair of your awesome shoes.

  14. Cocooooooooo!!!!! Love the brown pumps, they are super sleek and sexy.

  15. Hi Coco….after raising my 6 kids plus 1 step its finakly ME time. Am just getying into skin care….make up…dressing uo…etc.. LOVE any shoe from you.
    Thank you for you fabulous kind offer.

  16. I love the Steve Madden one, I was a size 5 1/2 and ever since my pregnancy my foot grew half inch. None of my old shoes can fit.

  17. I just had my birthday on the 17th. I love the Suede. Happy Birthday to me! Yes?!

  18. mothers day is every day.. hope your doing well.. just a couple fans from nj my wife and I… any of these two pairs would look great on her

  19. I’m living for the Stuart Weitzman they are beautiful and remind me of a chocolate candy bar. They would be perfect with my brouwn dress. ????? at 5′ tall I can use every not of help I can get.

  20. Love you Coco! Would be a great gift for my daughter. She loves you too.

  21. Love you Coco! I’d love to have 1st pair – brown Stuart Weitzman pumps for my birthday June 16th. I’d cherish them and protect them for life as a constant reminder of your strength and beauty inside out!

  22. Coco I just love all your shoes I really miss your show my husband and I would watch it every week. Both pairs of shoes are stunning.My husband would die if I was chosen for a pair Thank you for the opportunity Deb from Pennsylvania

  23. I love them both, but seeing as the Weitzman’s are more on the narrow side and not true to size, I’d have to have the Madden’s. Your shoe collection inspires so much envy! I love it! Thanks for being so generous and giving us fans a chance at winning. <3 you!

  24. Love the tall brown ones! Nice tall heel!! You look so great in all the stilettos, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win them

  25. Well, by being a man I do not wear a size 6. =D I hope this doesn’t disqualify me right away.

    From those two, I love the Stuart Weitzman more because they look absurdly interesting with the “3D wood”, as you put it. And even being a little conservative, they are no less hot than most of your shoes. ^^

    I hope they’ll soon be on my shelf along with the rest of my little collection of high-heels. ^^

    A promise I’ll take a good pic holding them. =*

    Cheers from Brazil.

  26. Well, by being a man I do not wear a size 6. =D I hope this doesn’t disqualify me right away.

    From those two, I love the Stuart Weitzman more because they look absurdly interesting with the “3D wood”, as you put it. And even being a little conservative, they are no less hot than most of your shoes. ^^

    I hope they’ll soon be on my shelf along with the rest of my little collection of high-heels. ^^

    A promise I’ll take a good pic holding them. =*

    Cheers from Brazil.

  27. hello,pretty woman!

  28. I love the Steve Madden shoes. You say they are comfortable and they look it! Perfect for helping me feel fantastic for a night out without causing pain and suffering!

  29. First off, I’d like to start off with how stunning you look in every photo you post on either twitter or snapchat. Second, I admire your confidence. You radiate with self confidence and sexiness. You make it seem so easy! I’m hoping to be able to have that same confidence that you have one day without thinking if someone is judging or shaming me just because of my weight. I love the Steve Madden pair. I’m getting married soon in Vegas and would love to make a statement with these shoes. Were currently trying to save for a honeymoon to Disneyland where he proposed but financially I don’t think we can do it, but a pair of heels will be just as great!! . Also, there’s nothing like a hot pair of heels to make you feel sexy for your man on your wedding day!

  30. Well I don’t wear heels ! but my wife adore heels …
    She will surely look sexier in those heels
    The brown Stuart Weitzman pumps is of course is sexiest one …. Its amazing height and the red sole has a heaven look !

    Wish you all the best


  31. Hello Coco,

    I´m sorry to say but i never received my shoes.
    It is been two years since i won you giveway. 🙁


  32. Hi Coco!

    I’m sending fan love from Sydney Australia!
    I am a ballerina and am also a yoga advocate which has blessed with with teeny size 6 feet, I have been following your show for the last 5 year’s and would love to have a signed pair of your prized possessions on display in my home.

    Love Olivia xx

  33. Hi Coco… watching your snaps with Chanel.
    I’m a mom to 6. Youngest 16. And I’d love any shoe from you. I’m starting my fashion life now. LOL Weitzman pumps IS fab. I’d wear them to show off your signature! Love KATIE

  34. First off I die for you! Love you and ice and baby Chanel! I am a mommy of two abs used to love in heels and girl your collection is on point! I would love to get back into wearing more heels and size baby #2 my feet went to a true 6 so what better pair than the neutral Steve Madden ones! Thanks for the opportunity! Xoxo Hanna

  35. Hi coco your daughter and you are beautiful. I have been trying to win a pair of your shoes for my daughter. She is 22 taking care of her son, and going to school to become a radiologist. She had gone through hard times in her teen years and has turned completely around with the birth of her son. I’m so proud of her and would like to give her the six 6 Steve Madden. She would love them.

  36. i enjoy the steve madden shoes ! ? they are so cute and perfect to march with differnt clothes !

  37. Coco! I just adore you! My 62 year old mom actually introduced me to your show with ice many moons ago, and i’ve had nothing but total admiration for you since! I’m constantly telling my mom how much i love your shoes & style. It’d be a dream to actually have a pair for myself! Or my mom! I love all of your shoes & clothes, so the two on the giveaway are gorgeous! I love a good comfy cute affordable shoe! I’m chronically sick and havent been working much lately because of my disabilitiy. And winning this contest would really make me smile! I never get a chance to get dolled up anymore and just go out, but i have an event coming up that i’d love to have new shoes for! Thank you for sharing your shoes & style with us! Youre so amazing! Total admiration for you pretty, momma! ❤️????

  38. oh my goodness, I would die for the steve madden shoes! I would wear the hell out of these shoes, they would be my life? I would appercaite it so much. ??

  39. Hello Coco. I follow you on snap and instagram. I LOVE your shoe collection. Hopefully some day I get to have one of my own. I would love to rock the Steve Madden suede high platforms as I have not worn high heels in quite some time. I would like to dress nice for a weekend and wear those shoes to surprise my husband and spice things up a bit. I’m a mother of 1 but I don’t go out as much or dress cute like I used to since it’s way different when you start a family. I’m crossing my fingers and hope to win. Thanks very much for the opportunity. Much love ❤

  40. Hi coco, first I want to say how beautiful you are I have used your image as a inspirational look every time I under go surgery lol but still can’t look as good as you! I enjoy watching your snaps especially with baby Chanel I myself have a two year old so that’s why it brings me joy to see another milf mom doing her thing!! I love you so much and I as well wear a size 6 I guess that’s the only thing I have like u hahahah! Love you much , Lesslie Garcia

  41. Hi coco I’m a big big fan of you and Chanel. I fallow u on everything. This is my first time entering because I don’t ever win anything so didn’t think I would. I hope so crossing fingers lol. I’m so happy that you do this kind of stuff because not many do. You say to leave a comment of what shoe I would love to win but it really don’t matter I would be so greatful if I do when. I’m not a huge fan for pointy toe shoes but if I won them I would be soooo happy. Thank you for taking the time out of your day and night to read everyone’s comments. You are an amazing women and mother. I love you. 🙂

  42. Hey girl, First of all I am proud to say I am a size 6!! And the reason I would love to have the Steve Madden shoes is simple my man has to see me in these when I give him a little strip tease!! ???. Thank you Coco… both my man and I love you!!!

  43. I love Steve Madden shoes. They are beautiful… I also have an obsession with suede even though I live in Washington and it always rains, but I just can’t quit them.

  44. Hi Coco! ❤️ The Steve maddens! I love shoes that can go with anything.. a pair of heels can bring a girl up so much. Your little Chanel is just beautiful… my daughter is about 18 months as well! I love watching your beautiful life on Snapchat! ❤️ Brittany, CO

  45. I love the Steve Madden’s! ❤ I am on the short side so they would give me life with my short legs. I recently just starting getting into heels and these would be great to wear and hopefully boost my confidence! Huge fan from Denver co and Snapchat fam! ❤ Thank you!

  46. Hi Coco! The Steve Maddens are to die for ??? my mom and I love keeping up with you, baby Chanel, and Ice! We love gushing over your many snap outfits and your shoe closet that’s to die for!!! Hope you all are well including Max, can’t forget him. You are such a role model to me and have been since the Ice loves Coco days ? Much love and positive vibes!

  47. It’s so nice to know that I am not the only one with small feet who still want too look sexy. Having either pair of heels would be great for either spicing up business causal or an awesome night on the town! Sending you lot’s of love <3

  48. Hi Coco! I am a huge fan. The Steve Madden ones are beautiful. I just graduated highschool and i would love to be able to own a pair of my own heels. For me it’ll be like stepping up into the adult world. Thank you for taking your time out to read this comment. I love you!!

  49. I would appreciate either pair. They both are neutral enough for me to wear to my office day job. It would be fun to inner my “inner Coco” while wearing these shoes. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get a raise! 😉
    PS. Blessings to your beautiful fam!!

  50. Hi Coco!!!!

    I love the Steve Madden pumps! Need a cute pair of nude heels – and I have a feeling these are IT!


    Casey xxx

  51. Hello Coco! I would love the creme color shoes! They are the perfect shoe for me because since I’m short they would give my legs length and also make my legs look sexier! I love your snaps on your shoes and I would kill for your closet! Best wishes for you and your family!

  52. Hey!! You are such an inspiration as a mother and all around boss! I love the Stuart Weitzman pumps. I would love to win them for my mom who has the perfect narrow size 6 feet. As i have become an adult, her and i have worked really hard to build up our relationship. She helped me raise my son until he was 5 and I am so greatful for her love and support. She deserves all the best and with her birthday coming up this would be a great surprise!! With so much love – thank you ??

  53. Hey coco ? the Steve Madden’s heels are super fab ??
    I’m about to turn 21 ? next month and these heels totally go with the outfit im planning to wear.
    I Love you so much ?
    I also wanted to tell you that Your such an amazing Mommy ??

  54. I love love you coco! I would love to have some autographed heels from you please! Either or is fine they are both beautiful!

  55. I think as a military wife both would look cute on me for when my soldier gets back from deployment . I can just put heels on an be naked waiting on my man lol love u Coco an baby Channel

  56. Hello , from North Hollywood , I wear a size 6 and love the red marble colored shoes , very pretty and I would honestly love them to feel better about myself , I have had some hard challenges lately in my life, thank you for offering this and I never felt so blessed to be a size 6 feet

  57. Love the suede maddens! I wear heals every day at work and have to walk a lot in the office. I love getting compliments in my shoes and especially when i can say they are comfortable. I need these!!!

  58. You have the best shoe collection! Can I just borrow one? From one shoe girl to another… I want to be like you when I grow up!

  59. I love the Steve Madden and would love to win this beautiful pair of shoes. I love shoes and I’m in love with your collection i can only dream of having one day, I usually end up buying shoes for my kids instead of my self so if you do pick me you will make a very tired momma feel so happy ❤️

  60. I love the nude Steve Madden’s They are gorgeous and I would love love love to win them!!! I would love to own this pair to wear out on date nights with my husband!! Please consider me. I’m a huge fan and always hope to someday meet you when you visit AZ! Think your shoe game is so fierce!

  61. I love the nude Steve Maddens . I would love to win them , I am 53 but age is only a number. Nothing wrong with trying to be sexy at my age .

  62. I love watching your family grow.Chanel is so adorable and I think you are a great mother she is so lucky to have you as her mom .I would love to win a pair of your shoes.Sending love from out here in Albuquerque .Thanks for sharing your life with me.

  63. Hi Coco! I recently started watching your Snapchat and I look forward to seeing your fabulous self everyday! I must say the brown wood-like heels are calling my name! They would go perfect with a wood handled purse I love to wear in the summer!

  64. Love you Steve Madden. They seem fun and professional .

  65. I love the Steve Madden shoes. I’m obsessed with neutral colors. They would go with anything I was wearing! I’ve been following you on social media for the past 10 years. I love yalls relationship and now Chanel is getting so big!

  66. Omgosh!!! I love the light colored heels. This is sooo sweet of you! ?

  67. I like the nude pair of shoes because they match with everything. And it’s very classy but sexy fierce

  68. Love the

  69. I love the Steve Madden!!!! Would love to win cause I haven’t been able to get me nice heels in a long time. Going to be taking family portraits soon and would love to wear these beauties:)
    Fingers crossed!!!

  70. Definitely the Steve Madden ones! I’m trying to get into wearing heels more and these ones look sexy but not over the top. Plus they’re nude, so they’ll match anything! Love you xxxxx

  71. I LOVE the Stuart Weitzman brown marbled pumps. They scream wear me and I am a size 6. Also a huge fan and love your snaps of Max napping with Channel on the baby monitor….pets are family and it is adorable to see him snoozing with your baby girl….my labs did the same with my kids…will send you a pic of my very happy feet in your shoes if I win…much love to you and your beautiful family.

  72. OMG!!!!Love the Steve Madden heel ? I’m such a Shoe Freak (love the song!) and would love to add a pair of CoCo heels to my collection! A girl can never have enough shoes?

  73. Hey hey coco, all the way from Scotland here. I love the brown heel’s! So hot! ❤
    Why would I like to have a chance of winning them… well I am 5″10 tall girl and these would look so good with my sexy long legs of course!! Can’t be forgetting my mum bless her, she would want a shot of them too, after all we are the same size and share pretty much everything ? she is one trendy mummabear lol.

    If i dont get picked, Whomever win’s congrats ? rock them badboys

  74. I love the second pair??? the soles are amazing and the colour and just the general shoe as a whole!!! (And I love you and following your snapchat!! ❤️)

  75. Love you Coco! I’m super short too wear heels a lot just to make me somewhat taller. love the Steve Madden would love to have. Thanks for the chance!

  76. The Steve Madden’s are beautiful, I haven’t worn a beautiful pare of shoes like this is nearly a year since having my son, it’s not often I even find anyone with a size 6 foot like me ????

  77. I would love to win the Steve Madden Shoes, the color and style look nice and those are my type of heels i dont where heels to often only occasionally when i do on dinner dates with my husband kid free hehe

  78. I am absolutely in LOVE with both shoes and I’d be over the mood to win any of them but the Steve Maddens may be better for size, but it’s hard to tell when looking at a picture. Anyways. I hope you read this. Lots of love!

  79. I would love the nude heels. They are so cute and perfect ?


  81. Coco girlllllll im a size 5 1/2 or 6 and those Stuart Weitzman pumps are fabulous like you. I like the sleek look of shoes and that color is Pick me because I like you love a good heel.

  82. Nude!!
    I spend 5 days a week wearing combat boots for work so i would want a shoe that makes me feel sexy and goes with anything at the end of the week.

  83.! I love those brown shoes! They look like tortoise shell. Thankfully my 4 daughters take after their father and have big ole feet and can’t borrow my shoes! I font get to dress up much bit this is our 20th anniversary this year and I’d love to get all dressed up!

  84.! I love those brown shoes! They look like tortoise shell. Thankfully my 4 daughters take after their father and have big ole feet and can’t borrow my shoes! I font get to dress up much bit this is our 20th anniversary this year and I’d love to get all dressed up!

  85. Hi Coco! This is Caitlin from southern Indiana! Both options are fabulous, but I would pick the brown Stuart Weitzman heels. When I read that you thought they were nice conservative pumps I was sold! I am a Funeral Director and these heels would look so great when dressing up for a visitation or funeral service. Thank you!

  86. Hi Coco! This is Caitlin from southern Indiana. If I were to choose between to the two heels I would go with the brown Stuart Weitzman! When I read that you thought they were nice conservative pumps I was sold! I am a funeral director and these heels would look great when working a visitation or funeral service! Thank you! Xoxo

  87. I love the suede!! You know, truth is this past week i started wearing heels again after 12 years (17 yr relationship), i must say i loved the attention my hubby gave me. I felt sexy all eyes on me! His words the following day when heading to the movies with the kiddos;” dont forget to wear your heals” , i was like ohhh. Just to know that he enjoed them gives me motivation to keep making improvements. Its hard most time for a person whos not a size 0/5 to feel beautiful some times, thiss really boost my confidence!!

  88. Hi Coco!!! I am still jamming out to Shoe Freak to this day!!! “I wanna **** them!” I love it!!!
    Beautiful heart and beautiful soul!!! Stay beautiful!!!

  89. I love them both but the suede looks limited comfortable!!! Miss Ice loves Coco!!! ❤️

  90. Good Morning Coco! (Or wherever you are.) I wear a size 5 1/2-6 and I know how difficult it is to find shoes! You are so lucky and blessed, but I would love to feel the same wearing one of your shoes! (Esp signed!) I also have the same body type as you and know how hard it is to find clothes. You are basically one of my idols(Love your line!). I love you! I would love the chance to wear Stuart Weitzman! I am a college student. 😀

  91. Hi Coco LOVE!! I am entering for your show giveaway.. You have beautiful fashion taste, love it..

  92. Love them both! But the Steve Madden pumps are super sexy and would look great with just about everything in my wardrobe!! I love following you on snap and seeing your adorable little baby girl! Hope you and your family are having a wonderful day!!

  93. Good morning. I’m new to your blog but follow you on Snapchat. I love the third pair second row. The reason I would like them is because their yours and I’ve been a huge fan of yours and ice-T since I was little. I’m 36 now!! You and your husband are an amazing couple

  94. Hi Coco!
    Just want to say I love you & ice so much! #couplegoals ❤ I love the Steve Madden pumps, the could be worn with anything and when your wardrobe is limited, lol, these would be perfect! Not to mention making your legs look sexy!
    PS, baby Chanel is ADORABLE?

  95. Hi Coco!
    Just want to say I love you & ice so much! #couplegoals ❤ I love the Steve Madden pumps, the could be worn with anything and when your wardrobe is limited, lol, these would be perfect! Not to mention making your legs look sexy!
    PS, baby Chanel is ADORABLE

  96. I absolutely LOVE the Steve Madden heels! I’m a huge fan of yours and would die to be able to wear a pair of your heels on my upcoming vacation to the Caribbean with my new fiancé!

  97. Hi Coco? I too am short girl and love a good heel! Heels bring out my confidence! I love them both but I love the brown ones the most! You’re so great and I’m such a big fan! Hope you read my comment! ☺️

  98. Your daughter is just the most stylish little baby ive ever seen, she’s going to be a shoe fanatic like her stylish mommy. Big fan here of your shoe collections and style. I live in Miami, I’m 26 and I have two little ones, I barely get to spend on myself for shoes. I do sport a size 6 and i totally love the Stuart weitzman pumps. I just love the color, they are very unique. I would die in heaven if I even get the opportunity for this giveaway. Ofcourse you compliment the shoes so much that I’m already in love with them. Hope I win, you got a huge follower here from Miami !!! <333 x 1000

  99. Buenos Dias Coco!! I’m all for the neutral color. I love the Suede Steve Madden heels. I have 2 daughters now, both under 2, so I haven’t been in heels in so long. I think that these would make it easier for me to get back on track & look sexy for my man on our dinner dates.

  100. Second pair and size 6 ?

  101. Hey Coco! I have been following you on snapchat and you are an amazing mother to Chanel. I love seeing y’alls daily activities but especially love both of yalls styles!
    I would appreciate either pair of shoes but personally feel the Steve Madden ones would be more versatile.
    ?❤? from Florida

  102. First off, I have to say, both shoes are absolutely gorgeous!
    But I definitely like the Steve Madden the best!
    By the way, I love watching your little sweetie grow up!
    My youngest is right around the same age! ?

  103. All your shoes are beautiful

  104. Hi Coco! I love watching you and baby Chanel on snap! Your shoe style is killer! I am a serious shoe lover myself and your closet is goals!!
    Both shoes are beautiful but I’m in love with the Stuart Weitzman heels! They look like a gorgeous tortoise shell and would be such a cool neutral!
    Love you Coco keep being spectacular! ?

  105. Coco your such an amazing inspiration to woman all over the world, not just for being an amazing and caring woman but also the best mom ever to Chanel . I would love to win the nude heels it’d be a dream to own something you once owned. I’d never want to take them off haha.

  106. Hi I love following you on snap chat!! Your so fun to follow. Your an amazing wife and mother!!

  107. I love being 52″. My height goes perfect with heels or flats! Both pairs of heels are stunning! I definitely would take both if i could!

  108. Hi coco…. I really like the brown Stuart Weitzman because I’m into neutral colours … And the brown Stuart Weitzman  is not too flashy which is especially perfect for me since I work in an office. I am a size 6 shoe size and I’m 5’4.. my boyfriend is 6’7 so with these heels I don’t have to jump up to kiss him. Hehehe. I really love the brown Stuart Weitzman… I hope i get to win them so I can send you some pictures of me wearing them. Love u coco.


  109. Hi Coco. You are the sweetest person to want to give away shoes out of your castle room collection. I would really love the Suede Steve Madden to wear on a dinner date with my man. He took a job in the oil fields out in Midland, Texas and I would love to be able to surprise my man with a romantic dinner (plus me wearing a sexy outfit) when he returns. This is the first time we’ve been separated since his last deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. We both love you, Chanel and ICE.

  110. Hey Coco! I enjoy seeing pictures of your adorable family and I’m excited about this giveaway since I’m a size 6! I absolutely love the Stuart Weitzman pumps. The color is beautiful and will match just about anything. I like the heel size since I’m not known to be the most graceful at times! Thanks for this opportunity! Hoping I win! 🙂

  111. Omg????? They are both gorgeous? The Maddens are doing it for me. The go with everything and are so gorgeous. You’re an amazing person for doing all that you do. Thank you so much for sharing on Snapchat

  112. Hey Coco girl! Man I would love these just because being a mom of three and pregnant with the fourth it’s rare to feel sexy lol how cool would it be to win shoes from one of the sexiest mommas out there!
    Gina from Texas

  113. I love the suede Steve maddens ??❤❤

  114. Hello Coco! I’m a big fan my name is Janelle I have to say I absolutely love all the cute matching outfits with Chanel! ❤ I love the Steve Madden heels! Love the neutral color look and I think they would go great with almost anything. They are beautiful and just gorgeous and coming from you just an absolute dream! I’m a Mom of two handsome boy’s I work hard and honestly never have the time Or extra money really for myself to go get a little something to feel you know sexy… Thank you so much for your time Coco! Xoxo

  115. Love you COCO!!! My name is Natasha all the way from Albuquerque (your old stomping grounds) LOL I am in love with the 2nd pair they are beautiful. I would love to be the lucky winner Have a wonderful day take care oh and i love yours and chanels snaps

  116. I love the them both but to choose I would say the “Steve Madden” neutral look because I can wear more outfits with them. To sum it up, I just want to feel like the old me before I got sick, before I was put on disability and when I could feel pretty when I got dressed. I am now living on $740 a month disability with a $309.00 mortgage. I have been blessed but things are too tight and only 58 more payments and I am free and clear! 🙂 I cannot afford any real extravagances like these shoes.( though I once was a shoeaholic.) From Dec 26 each year I stress to squirrel away money so as my children and grandchildren may have a gift from me under the tree. Sometimes I hate to see how I am seen because of where life landed me instead of who I am and where I came from. Thank you for reading…. Karen

  117. The Stewart Weitzmans!? they look so fun and stylish! Would love to wear them for a night out! Love you coco

  118. Hey coco !
    My name is Jessica, I’m writing you from Modesto CA. I love you ! And your shoes ! I’m only 4’11 and I love heels hope to be one of your lucky winners

  119. Hello Coco! This is so exciting ???? well first of all let me introduce myself, my name is Nidia and I watch all your Snaps. I am absolutely in love with the nude heels! They are perfect, HERMOSOS! They go with anything and perfect for this weather. I’m 4′ 11″, heels give me that extra uuummmffff lol Enjoy your day! Ps. Your baby girl is beautiful!

  120. Too cool

  121. Hi Coco! Baby Chanel is getting so big and even more beautiful! I’d love to win the suede Steve Madden shoes because they look like they would be GORGEOUS with anything. I love shoes just like you but definitely don’t have a collection like yours. Hopefully I’ll win soon if not this time. Thanks, love ❤️❤️

  122. Hi Coco! Baby Chanel is getting so big and even more beautiful! I’d love to win the suede Steve Madden shoes because they look like they would be GORGEOUS with anything. I love shoes just like you but definitely don’t have a collection like yours. Hopefully I’ll win soon if not this time. Thanks, love ❤️

  123. Hey coco! I really love the suede steve madden heels. I love how they are a neutral color so they can go with any outfit!

  124. Hey coco! I really love the suede steve madden heels. I love how they are a neutral color so they can go with any outfit! Also baby chanel is so adorable!!!

  125. My favorites are the brown Stuart Weitzman ones…..I almost pooped my pants when I heard you say on snap you gave away your shoes I didn’t know this!!! Very awesome <3

  126. I love both pairs and they are both my sizes! But if I had to pick one it would be the Steve Madden pair just because a good nude heel goes with everything and would be my first pair of high end heels which I dream about owning everyday! Thank you for this opportunity coco I’m such a huge fan and glad I found your blog from Snapchat! My name is gabi and I’m 27 and would die to have my first pair of expensive heels! I could even wear them for my wedding this fall ❤

  127. I love the Stuart ones. I haven’t been in heels for awhile and would love to put those puppies on my feet and strut my stuff.

  128. Hi Coco!

    I absolutely adore the Steve Madden heels and my birthday is July 10th and I would love to rock these heels! I’m 5’3 so I definitely can relate to us short girls wanting to wear heels

  129. Hi Coco! I love the Stuart Weitzman heels. These are the perfect pair to wear for work. I wear heels to work every day and these would be a great addition to my collection.

  130. Hi Coco, from Hewitt Tx. I love following you and Chanel on Snapchat and instagram. I always love your closet videos. One day I hope I can have a closet like yours. I love all your shoes

  131. Coco❤️❤️❤️ The steve madden
    Shoes are gorg, but honestly id probably display them if you are going you to autograph them??I don’t have many celebrities I actually freak out for because I feel most of them don’t contribute enough to humanity and animals etc. but i love you and ice sooooo much!!!!! Your such an amazing family!!! I dont have social media except snapchat but when i heard about Spartacus i cried my eyes out, I felt I knew him and you all, my heart broke….I prayed for you all that entire week knowing how devastating his passing was. But now he is a little angel watching over you❤️. I would always watch your show and saw how amazing you as a celebrity treated and showed Spartacus and Maximus so much love!!! what a wonderful life they had/have you inspired me in so many ways thank you for that. I always thought to myself imagine how she treat a little human baby lol most people push the animals to the side.. NOT MAMA COCO ❤️❤️❤️ And now baby Chanel ??? as gorgeous as we all knew she would be. I would just like to thank you for being such an amazing person the shoes are awesome but you actually giving back is what brought me here.Much more then what most celebrities do!!!! Muah muah muah love you Coco❤️❤️

  132. Hi Coco,from Houston Tx, I love the suede Steven madden heels their color and size!I do follow on snapchat.twitrer,and Facebook I just think your an excellent mother to chanel and she very lucky to have you and ice t as parents! Much love always!

  133. Hi, Coco 1st I wanna say that I think your shoe giveaway is awesome! You are such a wonderful person for doing this. I love the suede Steven madden pumps! Platform is much more comfortable for me. Sending you and your family good wishes. Thank you for being so humble with all of your fans.

  134. Hey Coco . I love the both of them . But my favorite ones are the second pair . My shoe size is a 6 I can also wear a 5 if it’s the right shoe. I absolutely love the snaps with you and Chanel in them so beautiful . You have a beautiful daughter .

  135. Hello CoCo, I am obsessed with all of your shoes. I am an addict when it comes to heels. I am in love with the suede Steve Madden heels though. I also love that you can wear almost anything with them. I like to feel comfortable when I am out walking around.

    I love watching your snaps! I love the way you and Chanel always match.

  136. Hi Coco,
    I love the Steve Madden heels because they are neutral and would go good with a lot of my office attire for work. I also love the rounded toe on them, it makes them look sophisticated and sexy all at the same time.

  137. Hi!! I love both but would need to go with the neutral ones since they would make my legs look longer and the 51/2 ones would not fit me. In need of a sexy shoe!

  138. Hey Coco! I live in HB California. My friend told me about your blog, so I thought I’d check it out & it’s pretty cool. I’ll be honest, if you gave me a pair of your shoes, I’m the kind of girl that would only wear them for my man. I seriously dont own any shoes like this & I know for a fact my man would ABSOLUTELY LOVE me in these!!!! I wouldn’t even know where to buy shoes this hot. I hope you really do read these posts and if you do, hopefully you see that these shoes would do a lot for me and my man! Much love you and your family. Miss Patty from Huntington Beach, Ca.

  139. I love the brown pair, pointy, sexy, woody, and would look amazeballs with any neutral outfit… and they look fab on your feet!!! 🙂

  140. Hey girl! I absolutely LOVE ❤️ the suede nude Steve Madden pumps!!! I have so many important events that are coming up and I can literally wear them with anything to all of them!!
    My nieces baptism is coming up as well as my best friends baby shower!! It’s her first baby and it’s a GIRL!!! ? I would APPRECIATE IT so much!! I can’t believe I just found out of this amazing opportunity!! Xoxo

  141. I love the second pair.
    As you said they are neutral and go with everything. They are by far the most beautiful shoe I have ever seen. I’d love to win these and wear them as a confidence booster. I would love this not just because they are something I’ll never be able to afford but because they were work by you. You have stayed with your dreams and push for your man to follow his. You hold him down. You are an idol.

  142. I love the brown pair they are so unique. I have never seen something as different as these. Absolutely beautiful shoes!!!!!



  145. Hey coco I love the Second pair They are so beautiful I can see myself getting married in them I have been wit my fiancé for 6 years and last year he finally proposed lol so we are planning our wedding and those shoes would be the cherry on top it’s the something new something borrowed

  146. Hi Coco. I loved watching your show Ice loves coco. An think baby Channel is adorable. An also love Max your fur baby. I’m a mother of 4 an I have 2 fur babies also so I’m not picky on shoes. God bless your beautiful family

    • Baby Chanel not channel LOL

  147. I love the first pair! Nothing is sexier that a shoe with a punted toe, it adds some danger. Like damn shed hot but if she kicks me it will do damage! Lol

  148. Love the Steve Madden ones!!

  149. Love the Steve Madden heels!!!! Love ya Coco!

  150. Love the Steve Madden heels!!!!

  151. Oh Coco, you make me go Loco!
    I adore the Steve Madden Heels, they would be the perfect pumps for the Australian Winter.
    I’d love to rock your shoes in the Land Down Under.

  152. I’m obsessed with you and those Steve Madden heels! ? Your fashion and your fabulous life gives me life! I have been looking for the perfect neutral pumps that are also comfortable. And once I read your blog like I do all the damn time and saw these perfect pumps I fell in love automatically and thought it was fate! So I hope you pick me please.

    Love your biggest fan in Miami,
    Hailey ❤

  153. I love both pairs of heels. Your shoe collection is my goal.

    Would love to wear those for my reception .

  154. Hi Coco ?? !!! I love love loveeee Steve Madden heels ? I would be ecstatic to win the ones you are giving away! They literally go with anything and everything because of their color. Love You ? From one of your big fans down here in Miami ☀️ ?

  155. I never win anything ? Well I take that back. I won Power Ranger VHS tapes when I was a kid lmao I would definitely LOVE the Steve Madden heels! They are absolutely gorgeous (Just like you ?) & I love that they are so versatile. Who knew so many people wear a size 6?! I thought I was the only one with a tiny foot! Much love from BFE Missouri! Xoxo ?

  156. Hi coco i Will loooove to win i hope I’m the lucky one?both shoes are beautiful I’m so excited to have the natural color they will look good on me ?I’m a petite girl so maybe they make me look a little tall Lol…? thank you so much for this opportunity hope I win. And i just want to tell you that your little princess is so cute ??

  157. Hey there Coco, Your shoes are hotter than the devil’s dick! I love them all! But I really do love the Maddens’. Of course I’ve never had anything so elegant. I just really like the idea’s and love you put out into the universe. Thank you and bless you!

  158. Hi Coco ???? I absolutely love the suede Steve Madden shoes,they are gorgeous ?? I don’t have enough heels in my shoe collection so I would be thrilled to be blessed with these!!

  159. I love the suede Steve maddens! I love the color and have been trying to find the perfect pair forever!! It would look great with any of my business attire for work! Also I would be honored to have anything of yours and signed by you!! Whoever wins them I’m sure would be so grateful, thank you so much for doing something like this for your fans! Xoxo

  160. Hiya! The Steve Madden’s are on point and would make a great addition to my shoe collection. I don’t have any heels in that color. I love your style!!

  161. HOLY COW…it’s hard to pick just ONE of these shoes!! Both are gorgeous!! I’ll side with the Stuart’s because the name is synonymous with quality.
    The relationship that you have with T, is something I strive for. You give all of us hope that our very own Prince Charming’s are out there also.
    Should I be privileged enough to win these shoes, you can be sure to see them out on social media! I would definitely shout from the rooftops of your generousity!!
    Have a stellar week…xo

  162. Only dreams is all I have:(
    I live on the island of Newfoundland, where you do not have the opportunity for great shopping. Steve Madden shoes, you will be in my dreams?
    Much rather on my feet tho???

  163. LOVE the Steve Madden ones!

  164. Hi coco, I love the Steve Madden shoe reason being goes with everything and have never worn anything like this for the hubby and would love to surprise him

  165. Hi Coco, I love the first pair, Stuart Weitzman shoes are all so gorgeous!!! My mom and I are such huge fans of you and Ice! We bonded over watching your show and were so excited for you both when you announced you were expecting baby Chanel! She is gorgeous and you two are amazing parents! I was lucky enough to see you at the Wendy Williams show a few years ago, and you are even more stunning in person! You and your family are so inspiring and you prove to me each and every day that women can really have it all! Love you so much! I’m a forever fan!

  166. Steve Maddens for sure! Want that lifted butt just like yours. These shoes will definitely do that! Now I need to start my squats! Because as gorgeous as those nudes are they are not magic wands! And I’m a size 6 what what!!
    Thanks for liking my tweet last week. Now I need that autograph!

  167. Love both,
    I’m a shoe freak so any one of them I would be honored to have a pair of your shoes.
    I love seeing your pictures with your family

  168. Love both pair so beautiful!! Steve Madden heels would be my choice. Love you Coco!!

  169. I would be honored to rock the Steve maddens! My husbands favorite brand of shoes of mine are Steve maddens. I would love to add another pair to wear! Love you and your posts. I have also been inspired to start yoga with my 11month old!

  170. I love both of them!!! The brown ones are amazing though!

  171. Hey Coco Erika from South Africa would love the brown ones for work. Love you and your show

  172. Hi Coco!! The nude shoes are AMAZING and I would literally have a heart attack (in a good way) if I could win them from YOU! I adore what a great mom and wife you are… Your personality is infectious and I cannot wait for the opportunity to rock these badass heels!!!!!! XOXO Natalie

  173. Hello Coco first off I love heels & I envy your wonderful collection of shoes, I’m from Alberta Canada have a 6 year old and a husband who knows I will not give up my collection of shoes without a fight. I believe the Nude shoes would fit perfectly within my collection & even better with your autograph on it. ? Ps I follow you on twitter & had the opportunity to see you at the first Canadian Gathering in Calgary AB

  174. Omg!!! They are both gorgeous. I would love either one… if I had to choose, I would choose the 2nd pair. I’m only 5’2 and my husband is 6 foot tall; I need all the help I can get. I’ve recently lost 25 pounds and this would be a great celebratory gift. Your amazing

  175. I love the suede Nuetrel shoe they are a classic look that would go with everything. I follow you on everything and I think to myself when I see you in your shoe cave “how on earth could she decide what shoes to wear with all those shoes”? Your shoe cave is ever woman’s dream room.

  176. I love the Steve Madden’s. I would Definitely rock Them.

  177. Grey ones

  178. I love them both, but the steve madden are my favorite.

  179. I’m a sandal and tennis shoe gal, but would love the Steve madden to wear for my husband.

  180. Coco I love the Steve Madden shoe! I love that color! I might have a dress that’d go perfect with it! Thank you girl! Watch your snapchat always always! This momma don’t get much often.

  181. Coco, what an absolute dream come true to say I have anything of yours! I have watched you from the beginning and just to enter and have an opportunity to wear something of yours would be a daily inspiration !! Thankyou?

  182. Love love leopard its fierce just like my attitude battling Lupus everyday pain no day is the same but would love to lift my spirits. You’re such a beautiful petson .

  183. Hey Coco!!!! First off let me say how much I love you and have always been a HUGE fan! I’m obsessed with shoes and love both pair, but the Steve Madden heels are more my style so I would LOVE to win the Steve Madden heels. I honestly don’t know if I would ever wear them out because I would be too scared to mess them up. I would definitely wear them in the house though LOL . No way I would risk messing up a pair of heels from Coco!! I would cherish the one of a kind gift from such an AMAZING woman!! ??

  184. Hey coco! Love love LOVE the second suede Steve Madden heels! I’m a size 6 UK (which Is probably a good thing cause I’d be terrified to ruin such beautiful shoes lol) but I’d put these on a shelf in my workshop to look at as I made my garments and accessories!❤️

  185. Hi coco! We share the same love for shoes. I must say, my favorite of these two are the brown ones because they are different. Yes, you can’t go wrong with a nude heel but why not stand out with a 3D wood looking heel? Loving shoes means going outside of your comfort zone, right? I’m just excited to even have the opportunity to be in this giveaway, I love you and your family. Y’all are amazing people.

  186. Hi CoCo I Was Wondering Have You Thought About Giving Away Running Shoes Away to ?

  187. I love the Stuart Weitzman heels. I love the heel on them. The color is nice. You always have some beautiful heels. I’m a mom so I don’t buy many heels. These would be perfect to wear on a date with my husband.

  188. I sooo love the Suede Steve Madden!!! I could rock these with so many different things and styles! We need some flare like this in South Ga! Keep up the good work Coco ?

  189. I really love the wood look of the Stuart Weitzman shoes. They have a very classic look to them, from the pointed toe to to the lower heel. I have very small feet and these shoes would look spectacular on them. I would wear them to work to show them off and out to dinner with my husband.

  190. Hope I’m not too late. So, I love the neutral because I’m 5 feet tall and I’d love to wear them. And because they’re true to size :p

    • Yeah me too xD

  191. I don’t own a pair of these and those are the right fit for my feet. Sexy and fun. Love them!

  192. Hey CoCo,
    I love love lovvvvvvvveeee you and your site!!!! You have impeccable style and taste in shoes. I would absolutely love either pair. They would look fabulous on my feet!!! If I have to choose from the two, it would be the Steve Madden pair. Thank you for always giving back!! <3

  193. I love all Steve Madden shoes! …Actually I love all shoes. But yeah the suede ones are super sexy and super me. I’d rock ’em. xxxx

  194. I LOVE the Stuart Weitzman pumps! I am obsessed with pointy toed shoes ! I really like the texture & style of those pumps 🙂 I would wear them with skinny jeans or a nice bodycon dress .

  195. I wear a 6. Would just love any one you would give me. I’m simple person. Been long time wearing heels.

  196. shoes pls

  197. Thanks Coco, I love all your shoes. I prefer the Steve Madden’s. Shoes Please

  198. I wear a size 6 and love your heels. I want one pair please. Thank you.

  199. I would love any pair you are willing to part with…both pairs are beautiful Like you and your gorgeous baby. Love your ig and Snapchat post! Thanks for letting us see your family grow! You and ice need your T.V. show back! Thanks for your time…keep being you…your beautiful inside and out!

  200. Hello my name is Teresa and I would love a pair of free high heels from such a fun loving person like you. I follow you on Snapchat so thats why I know about the shoe contest. I hope I win! By the way baby Chanel is just the cutest diva I’ve ever seen.

  201. I LOVE the black boots!! Very sexy! God bless you and your beautiful family! ??

  202. I would love Stuart Weitzman heels. I love leopard print.

  203. Hey Coco, those Suede Steve Maddens are SUPER C U T E !! I love that they go with pretty much everything !! I am literally a shoe finatic….and LOVE all different types of shoes !! But, to have a pair autographed by you, would just be icing on the C A K E !! Plus, the fact that ur doing this out of the kindness of ur heart is INCREDIBLE !! You, don’t find generosity like that nowadays !! Thank you, so much for the opportunity !!

  204. I love the black thigh high boots! They would look awesome on me!!! Thank you!

  205. Thank you for the opportunity, Have followed you since the 90’s, I have looked up 2 you, admired what you have achieved, looked up to the relationship you have maintained and now the Mother you have become!! You are definitely my idol!!!! Love you girl ❤

    • Love the all clear 1’s

  206. Oh good grief..idk how to pick just 1 from this bunch but the pink ones will get my vote this time. Would love to take these off your hands Coco. You are so awesome for this!! Love ya!

  207. Hi from Canada Coco…

    I think they are all stunning and anyone of them are winners. I couldn’t choose. What a wonderful thing your are doing… Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day. Ps.. it’s awesome you take the time to connect with people. ❤

  208. Hi Coco….. Your one sexy women who wears great looking shoes and guess what it’s my size 6. I love the pink color cause it matches many of my clothing. Love love shoes……

  209. Luv luv luv ????? the black boots ?????

  210. ? love all your shoes and outfits????

  211. ? love all your shoes and outfits????

  212. Neutral suede heels are beautiful!

  213. ilove this shoe and cute

  214. ilove this shoe and so cutr

  215. like pink ziz 6.%2

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