Coco Shoe Giveaway 14

These are this months pick of shoes from my closet….. Black Leather Casadei boots with Red fur trim Very comfy because of square toe or Denim double platform Fever heels. These round toe shoes have chrome on the bottom of them which make it look like mirrors… They are completely different styles and that’s why I paired them together in this months Giveaway

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

108 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 14

  1. i love them both, BUT THE DENIM! good luck, all!

  2. I would LOVE to have the denim heels. I am in love with them… I recently lost weight and am finally able to get back in my old pants these would be perfect to rock with my jeans.

  3. I would love boots, I have heels, but no boots :). I would rock a great outfit with them :).

  4. I want!

  5. The denim heels are all that !!!

  6. Ice is a lucky man !!!

  7. My wife would love the blue denim ones and so once again I hope to win them so i can go another month and not have to buy her some new ones myself! Take pity……x

  8. I love the Denim double platform Fever heels! I would like them to dress up sexy for my boyfriend!

  9. Oh my those denim heels would be perfect for my mommy, she rarely has time to show-off her collection but when she does everyone’s turning their heads in her direction. These would be a perfect surprise :3

  10. The blue jean heels with studs are gorgeous!Would make me feel just as beautiful as Coco looks wearing them

  11. my wife would love any of these! We have both always loved you and your husband and it would be the best gift I could ever give her for our upcoming anniversary!

  12. Love the denim..paired with a mini it would make my legs look long and as a shortgirl anything that makes me look tall is great!!!

  13. Love the denim heels… I need a new look/wardrobe since I’ve lost over 100lbs. Trying to channel my inner diva and wear things I never could befor.. those shoes would def help!! 🙂

  14. Omg I would love ❤ the denim, perfect

  15. I have to answer again because i would love the blue jean heels and just walk one day in Coco’s shoes…..

  16. I have to answer again because i would love the blue jean heels and just walk one day in Coco’s shoes…..

  17. I would absolutely love these fabulous Denim double platform Fever heels to wear for my 1 year wedding anniversary coming up! They are the perfect pair for my husband to see me rock on our special day ❤️

  18. I would love to own the Denim double platform Fever heels,I’m from South africa and I would love to show them off at the club,or with my pensil denim skirt for a girls night out.

  19. Hi Coco.
    I would love the Casadei boots please. I would wear them during winter and they would definitely go well with my Christmas outfits.:-). ♡

  20. Coco;
    Iam in love with the denim heels and as a lover and collector of fine heels I would love to have them knowing that your fine beautiful sexxy feet were in them!
    So please send them to Pittsburgh !!!

  21. I love the denim heels. They are amazing. I am currently working on a weight lose goal and these would be amazing to rock when I make my new body debut!!

  22. i would love the denim ones. I am currently working on a weight lose goal and these would look fabulous when I make my new body debut

  23. Love the black boots with the red trim Coco and you rock them well. I just love to surprise my wife with those and i know she would drop me (and others) to their knees sporting those on her feet

  24. I would love to Rock those Denim ones, but any of your shoes would be great, why cuz they r yours and U rock !!

  25. I love the denim stilettos…girly with a side of bad ass!

  26. i m in love with the coco

  27. Love boots – Red trim fur Casadei I would wear all holiday season- non-stop

  28. love see all wilma aus holland

  29. I would really love the denim heels.. they are sic. Go on coco pick me ♥

  30. Coco I would love the denim shoes! My boyfriend has the biggest celebrity crush on you. I think he has every pic of you ever on his phone. I’ve even helped him with his collection. We love you. And it would be awesome to have something of yours. He would go bananas seeing me in your heels. I love the coco.

  31. I’m buddy would look great in those boots.. She’s a boot fanatic!!

  32. The denim ones for my missus They’d look great wrapped around my ears 😉

  33. I would love to own the denim heels, I think they would go perfect with my coco collection next to my coco air freshners. ; )


  35. OMG. Gotta get myself a pair of your shoes. My husband and I are both fans and I love heals. And I have a english bull dog too . She is the sweetest ever … This would make my day to have your shoes .

  36. I absolutely love the denim looking ones and love the gold detail studding. I am a huge shoe lover and love CoCo also!!

  37. I would so luv to win the Denim ones for my 18 year old daughter she would simply look awesome in them.. She loves you to the fullest you are her idol and one day wishes to be where you are now…you are simply gorgeous

  38. My wife would absolutely love the shoes she is a huge fan and so am I. Love ice as well yall r the cutest. My wife is a huge shoe freak and knowing they would come from you would be the best gift I could ever give her. It just so happens there her size.

  39. Idc which shoe just as long as they come from u…thats all that matters and can’t b to picky

  40. I would love the denim ones they are so cute and cant find any like them in nm your one lucky girl i look up to you coco i wish i had your body

  41. Love all shoes. I too am a shoe lover and I wear a size 6!

  42. Those are kick shoes and would to win those shoes to surprise my sexy wife.

  43. I don’t remember the last time I got a new pair of shoes. If not buying 4 my 3 boys. I’m buying 4 LiL Bit (dog). It would be nice 2 have a new pair of shoes.

  44. They are both beautiful, but the denim are definitely me!!!! I would be happy to win either though!!! You are a beautiful person Coco!

  45. Would love to win these for my wife she is a very hard working woman that doesn’t take alot of time to do things for her self.

  46. My wife and I have a nice little vacation planned in the early summer. My wife has the perfect outfit to go with the denim heels. Plus if I could get her a pair of heels from THE Coco id.make her year. 🙂 Chewie says hello. :

  47. I would love to win the Black Boot with Red Fur Trim size 6’s for my oldest Daughter Dorothy Her Prom Dress Is Black With Red Trim and Red Ruffles These Would Be so Amazing! Thanks For the Chance Coco!

  48. Coco I would be grateful for any shoe! I haven’t been working for the last three months because my aunt is mentally challenged and sick and does dyalasis 3 times a week so I am with her everyday and have to watch my niece as well! My grandmother is legally blind so I help them both! I have some nights off but it would be and feel amazing to win a hot pair of shoes and to feel sexy! Love u and ice t! God bless and hope u and ur doggies are doing well

  49. in love with the denim platforms!

  50. I would love the denim heels. It’ll give me an excuse to go on a date night with my bf. Lol. Haven’t had one in years. We chose family night over date night any time but I think we need to catch up.

  51. I would love the Denim. I always wear pants with a nice dress up shirt and hells so this would be purrfect. But if I win I just may feel like CoCo . Love you and your dogs Spartacus is my favorite love you boo

  52. I would love the heels because my “job” “professional” shoes are flats 🙁

  53. Love the black boots

  54. Love you guys. Also love ur black boots.

  55. Beautiful shoes..just love all the shoes you post ! Thanks for brightening these womens faces as they flaunt the beautiful shoes you gave them.

  56. oh coco, I would love these shoes to be mine because I adore you!! Plus my doggie tripped me down the stairs and I broke my tailbone so I can’t even get sexy like you because I hurt my butt!!

    • I forgot to say the denim ones! 🙂

  57. The pumps are awesome they would be perfect for date night with mu hubby

  58. eres bonita y los zapatos divinos

  59. son bellos zapatos

  60. Married of 14yrs this 4/7/15. Perfect for wife anniversary. Thx!

  61. Denim

  62. Because I am a full-time accounting student, as well as a full-time employee, my life leaves little room for spare time. Especially because, like you and Ice, I am mommy to 2 of the most amazing German Shepards, my boyfriend and I are busy busy! We like it that way. We are working hard and we are focused. But honestly, I’m sure you know what it is like to be in college or fresh out. We are more focused on providing the bare minimum, at least while I finish college and my boyfriend starts his career. We are totally okay with the bare minimum now, to hopefully provide a much better life in the future.

    Now please Don’t get me wrong, we are SOO happy! We are fed, we are warm (or cool since we are in Phoenix, AZ) Our house is so full of love and it’s extremely comfortable. I am so lucky. But to be honest, I don’t remember the last time I bought us some new clothes. Or even bought something that wasn’t extremely practical. Because let me just tell you, high heels are just not practical (yet!) (one day I will be a business woman and they will be necessary!) but right now, I’m sad to say it may be like 3 years since I bought a sexy pair of shoes! (Lock me up!!! I can’t believe I am admitting this) this is a temporary life I am living to be a responsible adult so I can live more than comfortable in the futur.
    So it is with great confidence yet a million nerves that I tell you my birthday is coming up (April 27th) As well as my boyfriends 10 year high school reunion and I would love nothing more than to flaunt these denim babies with the most perfect outfit. Feeling like more than a broke struggling college student wth her life hardly put together on those two important nights would mean everything.

    Thanks for sharing you closet, Coco! <3

  63. Would love love your denim pumps to own a little piece of my idol CoCo

    • Hey, you’re the goto exterp. Thanks for hanging out here.

  64. I luv your shoes and think you have great taste, I would luv to have a pair that you owned.

  65. Man i need those denim shoes. For my girlfriend. Not that she will wear them, actually those are for me. What I mean when i say for my girlfriend is: she will be looking at them saying ” DAMN! My man’s shoes are better than mine!!!”

    Hahahahahaha. So please Miss Coco, denim shoes for me so i can compete my girlfriend

  66. My little sis Tonya is a shoe fanatic!! I know she would love the denim heels!! She deserves to win because she is an awesome little sis and is an even better auntie. She’s my best friend and I love her!!! ❤️❤️

  67. My wife would love those shoes. She is a big fan of yours. If she was rockin those heels she wouldn’t even get a chance to wear them out. If you know what I mean.

  68. Denim and heel together.. oh yeah! Would Love These Shoes!! I can see them on my feet!

  69. My girl is young and loves denim and would look great in them. She works hard and deserve something nice like that. I hope I could win these for her love her so much.

  70. I love em both but since u have to choose one, denim mirrors would look great! I haven’t bought heels in over two years! My shie game fell off when I gave birth to my first and only child 🙂 now almost everything I buy is for him, by choice 🙂 time to step it up again, I would love to be stepping in denim

  71. Coco I would love to have the denim pair of heels,they’re absolutely gorgeous, I love shoes especially heels,and I love your taste in the type of shoes that you have. I would be honored if I won a pair from you.I’m crossing my fingers 🙂

  72. I love love love the black boots! I’d love to own a little piece of coco here in Australia.

  73. Heck I would be happy with either one of them.

  74. I would love the denim shoes to give to my daughter. She is a great daughter and wonderful mother to her son. Just want her to knw how much I love her. But I can’t afford to but those type of shoes.

  75. I would love those denim heels, I am a mother of two beautiful girls… & I spend whatever I have remaining after bills on them…so to have these I would definitely be grateful wearing it out on a mommy night out or to fashionably do errands!! Plus id love to feel how it would be to walk in my one of my role models shoes!! By the way coco…you have an awesome figure and are doing a great job at staying fit! Love the yoga pose with you and your sister! Its awesome and inspirational!

  76. Silver Chrome or Gold Chrome?? LOVN’ Da DENIM

  77. my husband would love me in those denim studded beauties!

  78. Love the denim heels! Jeans+denim heels=Hot!

  79. My girlfriend is a size 6 shoe and she would love those Casadei boots I’m sure. Even moreso because they came from you. We got to meet you after one of Ice’s performance w/ Body Count last year. You were so kind to everyone, and seemed so happy to do so. I think that is a rare thing nowadays, and it was totally the highlight of our day (plus BC probably had the best energy at the show). You guys are awesome, keep doing what ya do!

  80. Maam would luv all of them but ya boot with the chrome is of my choice , i wont give it to anybody but keep them with me for life as giveaway gift from queen coco.

  81. I’m a 6. I have a son with autism so I don’t buy myself anything. I give everything to his daily care.

  82. My wife (Who is a size 6 shoe) had ankle replacement surgery on June 18, 2014. Though it was supposed to be a 8-12 week recovery, the surgery went bad and she spent nearly 8 months in bed and 6 different surgeries to fix it. Would love to give her the Denim Pumps now that she can get back into high heels. This would be a great surprise for her and she is a big fan of you Coco.

  83. The denim just because those has the delicious shape . Plus its denim time , spring is all about denim . These shoes are fabulous and adds up to stylish outfits. .I have a bold attitude I am strong willed and I usually go for the fierce shoes. I haven’t been shopping for a while ,I have tons of shoes that I wore for almost 3years in August. It will make my closet a really happy closet ,wooooooohhhhh ….. Let’s do this!!!!!

  84. I would love the denim!! Xo

  85. Shoes contest

  86. Pick me pick me lol

  87. Its remarkable all people commented to win all this cause ur inspiration to all of us who ever win the shoes is lucky ill get anther time love u coco

  88. It’s so cool seeing someone with a small foot like me!!
    It’s so hard to find cute shoes! I am loving the denim
    Since I am a real life country girl who loves to be sexy
    I think they not only would be a perfect fit literally
    But fitting to what and who I am !
    Thanks coco

  89. I love the denim pumps!
    I’m a married 20 year old to my loving husband who is a Marine. For the last year we’ve been saving so we could afford the place we wanted, and our move as it was not covered by the military. I have yet for months been able to by myself something because we are saving now for a belated honeymoon to Disney world.
    I would absolutely love these to show off and look good for my honey for a night out on the town.
    Thanks for your consideration !

  90. Hi Coco,
    I would love to win your denim shoes. They go with all the faded jeans I own, the breezy summer dresses I will make me this summer and some cool, winter blue sweaters I am knitting for me and my hubby. Love them. Thank you for being so kind and sharing your shoe wealth. Much love, Addy

  91. I would love the boots, they are gorgeous!!

  92. The denim ones please. They are Fabulous as you. Wish I win this time 🙂 Fingers Cross :)) I want your shoe closet. I wish one day I will have a closet like yours .

  93. I would love any pair coco. I love your style your a princess get it girl

  94. Luv ya any boot, just those with chrome r fine. Will gift them to my wife, Well not now since am unmarried yet but after i choose a grl to marry n definetly on the first day will present to her. This way those beautiful boots will remain Ever with me. Whatsoever but really would luv to have them here in front of me. Thnx Maam. Luv U a lot always.

  95. I love the blue denim. I have a pair of skinny jeans that ive never gotten to wear. I recently am going thru remission of Ovarian an Cervical cancer. I vattle the cancer for three years an almost passed away. So now that im doing better an it being close to summer i wanna have a rockin pair of heels. Thank you for your time an good luck all!!

  96. The Denim double platform shoes is a dream shoes. Its a shoes that any women would dream of. This is what makes up the perfect women .
    Hope to have one if not now at least in my dream.

  97. I would love the denim heels! They are amazing!! Good luck everyone 🙂

  98. Denim pumps are hot! They would look super hot while riding up in my harley!

  99. I love the shoe

  100. I would love a pair of heels. I feel like I would feel better about myself and positive about myself. I have had heels since I was pregnant with my oldest son. I would love to feel beautiful again.

  101. I love ur shoes and I been doing ur workout app.

  102. I need to be inspired…I lost my mojo. I’m a single parent of 3, 2 at home still. I work but I used to do so much and now I just feel blah after work nothing…my friends tell me that a good pair of shoes may help. Help me 🙂

  103. I am a boot whore! I love any and all boots and will wear them with anything! I will be posting this same comment for the black with buckles

  104. Am nackia laing from Jamaica ‘I would De blue one cause I never have one before ‘ and why cause ur love have and wonderful talk show as made my day’ u can see ur love all over De world ‘ have a blessed day

  105. OMG I love the denim shoes!!! They are so cute!!! I love the hardware detailing!! These shoes are so me!!! I also wear a size 6!!! ?

  106. Those denim shoes are ? I’m a stay @ home mom who loves shoes & just wears them around the house if I don’t go out…I have a 1yr old who I take care of by myself & I never have the opportunity to splurge on anything & I never won gorgeous shoes either…I’m your size in shoes 6 1/2 short yet sassy?

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