Louboutin Pumps

I’ve always been a fan of the classic pump style.. Their traditional and will always stay classic ..
These are Christian Louboutin “So Kate’s”. The colorful pattern adds flar to a simple black dress or goes great with bright pink pants or anything with vibrant colors..The material is patent leather so in my opinion u always go up half a size when purchasing because they don’t stretch very much.. I also consider these a comfy style when it comes to Louboutins.. Generally Louboutines are not the comfy-est heels but “So Kates” are, just remember with Louboutins you always have to go up a full size no matter who you are they run very small

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  1. Perfection😍

  2. Love these so beautiful 😍

  3. Love these sexy heels that you are wearing what size do you wear in heels and do also wear wedges

  4. Very sexy and beautiful!

  5. Omg they are beautiful! I have size 37(eu). I love shoes but can’t afford a new pair because my boyfriend and I are going to live together in december and we are rebuilding our new home. They would be perfect for our first christmas together in our new home! Ps… I really have respect for you and Ice. Wish you all the best!

  6. These shoes are absolutely perfection!

  7. All I can say is FABULOUS!!!!


  9. Those are gorgeous! I’ve started my collection of louboutins and they’ve become my favorite shoes.

  10. These are so cute!!!

  11. I love pumps and platform heels. Need to find a cute,sexy pair for my wedding day.. Love heels so much that I don’t by them.. Love Ur style, heels, and Ur hole coco closet. ..

  12. These are gorgeous! I wear the same size as you 😙😙

  13. I would love to wear these beautiful heels

  14. All of your pumps are gorgeous!!!😍😍♥️💋 Love you Coco

  15. K Babe that’s sexy

  16. Hoping for a chance to win a pair of Coco’s fabulous heels !

  17. Would be so wonderful to win a pair of your amazing heels or wedges. These are so amazingly sexy yummy!

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