Giuseppe Heels

These badass Giuseppe heels are the ultimate sandals. They are sharp looking also very comfortable so comfortable I wear them as my airport shoes at times. They are Chrome silver with 5 inch heels they are kind of narrow in the front so your toes pop out a little bit but that doesn’t bother me.. I love them so much that I bought the gold chrome and black sandals too.. these are perfect when you want to show off your pedicure and I wear them with mostly pants so the focus point is mainly the shoes when you wear them…

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  1. Those are nice girl! U r work n them!?

  2. This is a beautiful shoe. That heel is so extra in the best way.

  3. Love these!

  4. Simply fantastic. Mr. Zanotti never let us down. On the contrary, he usually helps “things” go up. x )

  5. Beautiful! I would to own a pair od Coco’s shoes.

  6. My God you have amazing feet!!!!

  7. Omg these are the cutest sandal heel … i am a shoeaholic its bad lol… i would absolutly love these..

  8. Beautiful shoes……I will continue for s chance to win no matter how many times I lose ?? love you coco ❤️

  9. So CUTE!! I would love to own a pair of yours. Hopefully one day you will choose me. I never won anything before. I would really appreciate it if I did one day. You know a girl can dream I’m huge fan


  11. Can you just have barefoot pic of the week?PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THINK ABOUT IT!

  12. Stunning!! The lines of the shoes are fabulous….I’m sure I wouldn’t take them off… I’d even vacuum in them, lol. I would love to have a pair someday.

  13. Very beautiful shoes and feet!

  14. I would like to buy your statue, please email me the purchase information.

  15. Beautiful shoes. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  16. Amazing shoes!! Love love love

  17. Love these. I admire your shoe collection. If I could just workout in heels ?. I want them all ??.

  18. Omg I love the black suade boots. I just recently lost over 100lbs and now am able to wear those kinds of boots. Omg

  19. Love these!!!

  20. I need a win in my life right now, and what better way than with shoes!

  21. Not exactly sure what to say but my daughter is absolutely a shoe fanatic. I pick with her saying she came out wearing stilettos ??. She is the total opposite of myself. I wear any kind of shoe with my clothes. Where as she picks the outfit around the shoe. She asked for a pair of Lois Vuitton for her prom 2 years from now because that will give her dad and I time to pay for them. Lol hopefully if I were to win a pair of your shoes I would blow her mind. Bc I had NO idea how much Louis Vuitton were.

  22. We love you coco and your shoes as well!

  23. Love them

  24. Love them!!!

  25. Fabulous! Sexy yet classy. ?
    Love you Coco ‘Queen of the derrière phenomenon’! ?

  26. Wow those are really sexy I love shoes especially heels love love shoes…?

  27. There Beautiful ??

  28. Very beautiful ?

  29. Nice would love your shoes please

  30. Love them beautiful like you.

  31. I love your style and your family!!!!! I would give anything to have a closet and shoe collection like yours!! Love to have a pair of your shoes need to spice up my game and my husband loves when i wear heels thinks they are so sexy..Please pick me

  32. Absolutely beautiful just like you are! My daughter has very small feet and she’s 5’1 if that. Keep up being a wonderful mom, best job ever!! ❤️

  33. They are sooo cute!! Love them!!??? I looove shoes!!! But i hardly ever get shoes for myself I usually get more 2 kiddos more shoes. But it’s ok as long they’re happy.

  34. Hello Coco I would absolutely love to win the Giuseppe heels . I been trying for so long to win a pair. I’m not giving up. Hopefully one day I will. I would really appreciated it .????

  35. Love you Coco & your Badass style , we absolutely LOVE to rock a pair of your shoes ? I’m a Mama of 3 and just turned the big 40 ? on New Years Eve lol !!! Would love to show everyone that I can still look Badass even at 40 with your Awesome shoes ? lol !!! God Bless you and your Family ❤️ Chanel is absolutely the cutest little girl ever ???

  36. Coco you are such an inspiration to so many people. Whoever gets the shoes will be happy for sure ? Much love to you and the fam❤

  37. Love them.. thank you for being so kind… Good luck to me?

  38. Coco thank you for knowing a mom can look good no matter what she is wearing. Love you and the family. ❤️

  39. I love those shoes hopefully I get to win them ❤️?

  40. Love these!

  41. Ok! Coco!! I really like these. Date night with my hubby. ♥️Valentínes Date night!

  42. Love these!!! I am so excited for a chance to win!


  44. Super cute shoes. ??

  45. Ah I love you CoCo, your family is beautiful. I also have a little shoe fetish,and when your 4’11 like me heels are your bestfriend..The higher the heel the better. All your shoes are absolutely georgous.

  46. Gorgeous ???

  47. Simply beautiful!! Thank you for doing this for ur fans. Ur Amazing Coco.. God bless?

  48. Thank you for doing this for ur fans. Ur Amazing Coco.. God bless?

  49. Thank you for doing this for ur fans. Ur Amazing Coco.. God bless? Would love to own a pair of these beauties!!

  50. Love them

  51. This is a dream come true, Louboutin are like you Coco… Unique!!!

  52. Hi there miss coco.. I’m new to this contest and I saw your snap chat and wanted to see what this is all about I just started my shoe collection about a few months ago and I would love to collect even more and I see these are beautiful.. So I hope to win and add these beautiful shoes to my collection ❤❤

  53. Those are stunning… all of your shoes are tho. You have great taste Coco.. have a fabulous day and thanks for this wonderful giveaway you are doing ❤?

  54. Those are stunning… all of your shoes are tho. You have great taste Coco.. have a fabulous day and thanks for this wonderful giveaway. ❤?

  55. Nice , this are cute … All ur heels are beautiful, you have great taste.

  56. Beautiful shoes!!!!! Classy and gorgeous

  57. Love love love ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Those are fabulous.

  59. Beautiful, would love a pair of cocos hills!!

  60. They look so comfortable and sexy??

  61. My motto “Give a girl a good pair of shoes and she will concor the world” – Marilyn Monroe I have followed you since I saw your MTV Cribs show hahaha I’m so obsessed with you! You are an inspiration! I would kill to own an original pair of Coco Shoes ? Jimmy Choo who?! LOL!!!!!!

  62. That heel is everything#magical# ❤❤❤❤❤❤thank you for doing this for your fans GOD will probably add we’re you give coco #kisess and smiles❤#

  63. Hello sweet coco?
    I have always admire your shoe closet?. And am obsessed with shoes ❤for I believe a pair of shoe can change ones life, and CINDERELLA is a proof of that?.
    Am hoping you will consider me, for I can’t wait to change my life with a pair
    of shoe from coco… Be blessed?
    Greetings to baby Chanel?

  64. Would pick the black knee high boots plz, thank you so much glad I seen your #snap about give away. I hope it’s international since I live in Canada.

  65. I love those shoes

  66. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I’m your size, would love to have these, absolutely stunning!!!!

  67. Love these

  68. Awwwweeee you are such a sweetheart for doing this! God Bless ur ❤ Heart…Best of luck 2 EVERYONE!???

  69. I just adore you ?

  70. Love you Coco x


  71. Love them

  72. Now their hot looking heals. Would love love love to win. Only question is. I’m not sure if this is open to Canadians. I live in Toronto Canada
    Good luck to all who enters You have amazing taste.
    Such a beautifully Wife mother and women

  73. I never get tired of following you n ice t & channel. You are truly blessed. ???

  74. Coco. I LOVE THE BOOTS. I’ve forever wanted a beautiful pair of thigh high boots. I guess just never brave enough. Many would say at my age… I’m too old. But I’d love them and WEAR them just the same!!! You just get to a place and time ,a season perhaps? In life where you just don’t give a damn what people might say or think. With that, thank you for the opportunity sweetheart!! ❤️Jane

  75. IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO HAVE A SEXY PAIR OF HEELS from you! At times it’s tough to buy shoes since I’m a mom but it would be nice to win a free pair
    Yay :))

  76. Hi Coco! Been following you for a while. Love you. Ok wasn’t sure about this until I saw the boots ?. My husband just said something the other day about wishing I would wear more stuff that he like such as boots like those. We’ve been married 13 years with 4 kiddos so spicing it up is kinda fun, so I thought this would be a super neat way to do it! BTW you rock and keep so you!! Channel is too much ❤️❤️❤️

  77. Coco you make me want to be pretty and wear beautiful shoes which i have never owned a pair!!

  78. Hey girl hey… I follow you on Instagram. I feel like I can relate to you. I love that you keep it real! You’re family oriented yet you still do you… ☺ just wanted to say I admire you embracing the curves. I’m 4’11 145 big booty mamma of 4. Now that I’m 41 you keep me inspired. I enjoy seeing your post.

  79. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those black thigh high boots! I never owned a pair but always wanted too. Coco I admire you so much and your my idol❤️ I am a single 41 year old woman who works two jobs 70-75 hours week to make ends meet, and take care of my mom who had brain cancer and recently went through chemo and removal of her tumour and now has difficulty walking so I don’t spend time doing for me. I forget what it feels like to feel beautiful. I never won anything in my whole life but would love to have a chance to win a pair of shoes ? especially from you?

  80. Hi girl I love to watch you a d your beautiful family! I will love to win one of your shoes ???? kisses to your beautiful baby chanel!

  81. That shoe is the…money shot.

  82. I’m getting Married ? this march back home in new jersey would love to take
    A photo in a beautiful pair of shoes! I’ll take anything I️ can get from you only if they are signed. I’ll take a pic in my dress . Love you for doing this! I will keep on trying

  83. Yes i wanna give it a try ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️????????????????

  84. These shoes are so cute ! I’ve never seen this kind of design before , LOVE IT

  85. Omg i did not know this wa s going on. Ahhhh im ao excited! The boots are super cute but those pink ones! Whew!!! Super sexy!!

  86. Those are nice on you girl??? of course ALL shoes look good on YOU! I hope you like your gift its on its way up I hope the weather up there is ok I heard alot of ❄ snow lately its been cold in Florida to like one day 29. It snowed in like up state FL But anyway Love the Shoe of the week even tho I’m late posting this. I did get my comment in on time for chance to win a beautiful pair of your clear ? Fashion Nova Shoes So excited and have my fingers crossed. Its so sweet that you do this every month for your fans. I’m a big one of you and the fam xoxo Stay Blessed Beautiful?????? Nikki

  87. I want them ? I hope..

  88. I absolutely love heels with jeans my style I think these shoes are gorgeous and would love them so please please pick me you are so beautiful inside and out god bless you and your family sending love your way

  89. I absolutely love heels with jeans my style I think these shoes are gorgeous and would love them so please please pick me you are so beautiful inside and out god bless you and your family sending love your way and please pick me:)

  90. Love em, gorgeous ❤️?

  91. I really. Will love to own one pair of your heel

  92. I really. Will love to own one pair of your heel thank you

  93. Hi Coco I am a true fan of you I will love to get a pair of your heel

  94. Hi Coco I am a true fan of you I will love to get a pair of your heel.

  95. Hello coco. I would love the shoes with the rhinestones. I would look fabulous in them. They would really bring out my calf muscle. Then they would accompany my walk. I would be the best candidate to have a pair of your shoes. They are my size as well. Little feet rock.

  96. I need some sexy shoes for my wedding

  97. Love these! ?

  98. I need some sexy shoes for my wedding, I’m a true fan I watch yalls show. I follow you on everything your very classy I love it

  99. Son hermosos, me encantaría tener un par de zapatos suyos. Mi esposo y yo somos su fans #1, soy de California

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