Giuseppe Heels

These badass Giuseppe heels are the ultimate sandals. They are sharp looking also very comfortable so comfortable I wear them as my airport shoes at times. They are Chrome silver with 5 inch heels they are kind of narrow in the front so your toes pop out a little bit but that doesn’t bother me.. I love them so much that I bought the gold chrome and black sandals too.. these are perfect when you want to show off your pedicure and I wear them with mostly pants so the focus point is mainly the shoes when you wear them…

10 Responses to Giuseppe Heels

  1. Those are nice girl! U r work n them!🤗

  2. This is a beautiful shoe. That heel is so extra in the best way.

  3. Love these!

  4. Simply fantastic. Mr. Zanotti never let us down. On the contrary, he usually helps “things” go up. x )

  5. Beautiful! I would to own a pair od Coco’s shoes.

  6. My God you have amazing feet!!!!

  7. Omg these are the cutest sandal heel … i am a shoeaholic its bad lol… i would absolutly love these..

  8. Beautiful shoes……I will continue for s chance to win no matter how many times I lose 😊😊 love you coco ❤️

  9. So CUTE!! I would love to own a pair of yours. Hopefully one day you will choose me. I never won anything before. I would really appreciate it if I did one day. You know a girl can dream I’m huge fan


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