Classy Louboutins

Believe it or not these fabulous nude Louboutins are comfy comfy comfy!! They have a super high heel but the round toe makes them comfortable.. The very thick ankle strap is accented with a gold lock and a cutesy bow to make it both elegant and classy and brings out the 50 shades of grey in all of us.. Since these shoes say a lot I wear no print when I wear these shoes ..for example I i wore a plain brown dress when I wore these last..

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  1. Wow so cute and sexy

    • omg omg omg omg I NEED TO HAVE THESE THESE ARE SO omg omg omg cute!!!!

  2. OMG I love these Coco. I’m getting my 1st LV this Fall. I’m SO excited..

  3. Wow these are really cute. I love seeing your pics that you post. I am a big fan of your Family.

  4. That is such a cute shoe the bow makes it really nice.


    Those shoes omg they are amazing I would do live for those shoes and rock them around town or on a cute date they would be amazing


    Those are amazing I would love to wear these on a date or around town I would live for this so cute ??

  7. Love them and I love you too Coco! I

  8. They are so amazing shoes omg I would love to wear this around town or on a date love you coco and your family you have the best shoe style ?

  9. Those shoes are hoooooottttttttt. Love them.

  10. These would look great on my wife!

  11. Terrific shoes wow…. I like a lady that can spend as much time in heels even working out omg!!!! Nicole that was the coolest thing I wave ever witnessed you go Nicole!!!! I would line to see more…

  12. Love them!!!!
    One day I will own a pair of LV heels

  13. Omg i love red bottoms and the color is amazing with any outfit of the day! Im dying to get a pair trying to Convince my parents to buy me for my college graduationamazing coco. Im 5’2 as well so i like to wear heels to look taler ?

  14. Hello coco i am from mass and i am a huge fan, i would love to just try on all your shoes you have the most amazing collection, i would love these shoes i never owned a pair of lv in my life and its a dreamof mine to own a pair… my passion is shoes.. i would take care of them like a baby..xoxo

  15. Hello CoCo I love your still. Your baby girl is adorable.

  16. So gorgeous

  17. So beautiful ?

  18. ? so pretty!

  19. Idk why these comments are about LV when these are Louboutin but ok. Lol. Coco, I’m ready for your next shoe giveaway! I’ve been stalking this blog. You have the best shoes (& we’re the same size) ?

  20. ❤️I would be honored to wear your shoes! Love you Twin!

  21. Ughhh beautiful! Southern girls can appreciate an awesome shoe!

  22. My daughter is 17 and she is a size 6 she would love these shoes. My daughter wears more dress clothes then I do and she only have 2 pairs of heels

  23. Omgosh, never been so in loveeeeee?????????

  24. These are AMAZING! Just like you!

  25. OMG !! I love these ❤️

  26. I love this shoes Coco they are so cute

  27. Love these shoes. I’m a size 6 and always find it hard to find shoes. Love the bow.

  28. WOW their pretty

  29. Ooh coco I’m in ?? love love these!! And I’m a size 6!! They’re so cute and would look so cute on me haha ?

  30. From the UK I would love to get these for my lovely partner. Always treating me and i love to give here the same.

    Uk is not blessed as the US


  31. I would love to win these shoes they are gorgeous ❤️?

  32. I absolutely love this shoes!!! I have sooo many outfits i could rock with this!! ?? Love you & Chanel

  33. I love your shoe closet. I love these shoes. I think heels are so sexy.

  34. These are super classy and great for a night out in the city or a celebratory dinner! Thanks so much for doing this xoxo

  35. I would love those shoes for my daughter! I absolutely love you and your family!!?

  36. I am in LOVE with these ? Super classy and nude ahh…. you are amazing for doing these giveaways btw. PS we were pregnant at the same time and I hoping my son would be born on the 28th bc that’s his dad’s bday (but he waited til December lol). Love you and your fam!

    • I sorry for the double it said I had captcha error sheesh

  37. I just died, I’m writing this letter from heaven.. those shoes Just took my breath away.. love love love them ??

  38. Coco! I LOVE these ? and I dream of the day I own a pair of red bottoms ? help a girl out!

    You are amazing for doing the shoe giveaway btw…. love the idea. I love you and your fam!

    Side note: We were totally pregnant at the same time (always neat to see someone going through that change with you). I had been wanting my son to be born on the 28th bc that’s his dad’s birthday…. so when I saw you give birth that day I was like ‘no way! Come on James you can do it… you’ve got a few more hours!’ I walked and walked but no baby. He waited til December lol.


  39. Omg these heels are so perfect

  40. Hi Coco and Chanel – I love all ur snaps !!! ??

  41. Hello coco and channel!! Love you snaps really love these shoes! Look super comfy!xoxox

  42. I have followed you through social for awhile and ever since you had your daughter I thought it was too cute cause I have a son her same age and they are literally the same. Being a mom is so hard. And I would love for a show like this to feel sexy in and go on a date with my husband in and just feel great again in. This shoe literally describes me. Classy but fun. This would go with all my outfits and it just fits with who I am. And I just feel with how hard being a mom is and having a muscle disease I feel like I would love a special gift for me. I would love to win these shoes, it would be a great honor to wear your shoes and strut them as I walk. Love you coco.

  43. Love love these! Absolutely beautiful!!!! ??? Love you Coco your a beautiful person inside and out! ???

  44. Love them , something I haven’t seen before ? sending love from Colordao ?

  45. These are everything!!
    Btw, love this idea! What an awesome way to share a little piece of your world with us!

  46. These are PERFECT !! I’m 4’11” and looooove high stilettos! Planning a long overdue girls night and these would really make it amazing!! ??

  47. these are perfection! so nice and pretty! I’ve got a small foot (size 5 Australian) and always find it hard to find a pair of heels that fit! I always loved your shoe closet! I even have some leopard print heels myself!

  48. Am in love!!! Beautiful….perfect girls night or date night with the hubby!!

  49. Love this shoes I would love to have them but could never afford them please choose me

  50. OMGG these shoes give me lifee ! They would go with any type of outfit !

  51. Love these wish I could have the shoes you got ❤❤

  52. Love love love these!! Please choose me I have the perfect red dress 🙂

  53. I just saw your Instagram post and cake here to leave you a comment. Gosh I have such a small foot any cute size 5.5 shoe I would just love to have. It’s so hard to find cute shoes for small feet like mine. Most of the time I’m tempted to wear kids light up shoes lol. Have fun with your shoe give away. You rock Coco.

  54. Lol spell check said cake instead of *came here

  55. I would love these shoes. I feel like as a mom I would love a pair a nice pair a shoes like these for a date night and honestly and night. These shoes are exactly me. It’s crazy how we are the same size and the same height. I have had a hard year with myself and my grandpas medical issues. And I would just love something beautiful even just to put a smile one my face every time I wear them. Hopefully you pick me and I can take these bad boys for a run and feel how it is to strut like Coco.

  56. I would love this nude heels… ?❤️ Coco make my dream to have this adorable heels!! I will be the most happiest girl eve..

  57. This shoes totally define you ! I love them ❤️

  58. Omg I want these! Love them.

  59. Love these espesically the strap “50 shadys of Gray” ?? love it. My daughter is in love with Nude everything right now. They look so good on you as do all ???

  60. I love them ??? I must get myself a pair

  61. Hello Coco am from Uganda and I totally adore these shoes. Please make my dream come true

  62. OMG!!! Gorgeous! I’m in Sasebo Japan because of husband’s military duty!! I pray these are size 7.5!! ?

  63. Son hermosos, súper sexys soy talla 6 y me fascinan los zapatos me encantaría tener un pas de zapatos suyos

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