Classy Louboutins

Believe it or not these fabulous nude Louboutins are comfy comfy comfy!! They have a super high heel but the round toe makes them comfortable.. The very thick ankle strap is accented with a gold lock and a cutesy bow to make it both elegant and classy and brings out the 50 shades of grey in all of us.. Since these shoes say a lot I wear no print when I wear these shoes ..for example I i wore a plain brown dress when I wore these last..

11 Responses to Classy Louboutins

  1. Wow so cute and sexy

  2. OMG I love these Coco. I’m getting my 1st LV this Fall. I’m SO excited..

  3. Wow these are really cute. I love seeing your pics that you post. I am a big fan of your Family.

  4. That is such a cute shoe the bow makes it really nice.


    Those shoes omg they are amazing I would do live for those shoes and rock them around town or on a cute date they would be amazing


    Those are amazing I would love to wear these on a date or around town I would live for this so cute 😘😘

  7. Love them and I love you too Coco! I

  8. They are so amazing shoes omg I would love to wear this around town or on a date love you coco and your family you have the best shoe style 😘

  9. Those shoes are hoooooottttttttt. Love them.

  10. These would look great on my wife!

  11. Terrific shoes wow…. I like a lady that can spend as much time in heels even working out omg!!!! Nicole that was the coolest thing I wave ever witnessed you go Nicole!!!! I would line to see more…

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