Shoe Giveaway

Coco Shoe Giveaway 6

I’m at it again!!! Round 6 for my monthly Shoe givaway!! This is always so exciting for me..I’m a little behind on my givaways only because I’ve been working hard in Vegas for the last month and half performing at Planet Hollywood’s, Peepshow!! Here are 2 pairs of shoes from my very own closet I’m giving to 2 fans with a shoe size of 6…all you have to do is comment which ones you like and why…This goes for world wide and every country. The pink and white booties are actually a size 5 1/2 and are a little snug. The Silver rhinestone shoes are faux Lorenzi heels are size 6 and run a little wide..I’ll be taking comments for 1 week then chose the winner the first week of February..Good Luck!!

Coco Shoe Giveaway 5

Can you believe it,were on Shoe Giveaway 5!!!! Just a reminder all you have to do is post a comment of which one’s you like and explaining why you like it!!! Here are the shoes…..White Bebe Platforms size 6 and Zebra Dolce Gabbana pumps in size 5 1/2 …I will pick the winners by Aug 12th..check back on the blog to see who won!

Coco Shoe giveaway 4

Its that time again!!!! My 4th shoe Giva-way!!! If you are living under a rock and haven’t been following now is your chance to win a pair of my heels from my very own shoe closet..1st your have to wear a size 6 and then 2nd all you have to do is comment on which shoes you like and why and in 2 weeks I randomly pick a winner and send um to you..I’ll I ask is to take a pic in them so I can post on my blog the winners!! No strings attached.I just feel good to give my shoes to dedicated fans. Hot pink pumps are shoes I’ve worn in a lot of photo-shoots..The heel is about 4inchs.It smaller than I normally wear but comfy. Black Colin Stuart Platforms are cute summer sandals with little chains in the ropes..There’s a lot going on with shoes so wear with something simple..the heels are like 61/2 inches

Coco Shoe Giveaway 3

Its that time again people when I select 2 pairs of heels from my closet and give them away to my fans.I enjoy getting shoes so why not share the love with all ya.I’m just sorry I don’t have enough for everyone..I have my shoe giveaways every 3 weeks,it all just depends on if I have my hands are tied up while shooting my show,”Ice Loves Coco”…Now all you have to do is write a comment of which ones you like and why,you also have to wear a size 6 in women.In a week all post the winners here on my blog so keep on checking in.All I ask is that the winners take a pic in the shoe so I can display it on my blog for the future.Now the Gold ones are called Bordello,I got them for a Halloween costume and never wore them..They’re a size 7 but the shoe runs small.The white heels are Gianmarco Lorenzi those are a size 6 but run a little big.OK got it?? Good Luck

Coco’s Shoe Giveaway 2

Its time for the next shoe giveaway!! If you didn’t win last time keep trying..I have many to give out to my fans..all you have to do is comment on which shoes you like and why? and next week i’ll pick the winner! Here’s a little description of the 2 pairs below….. Black patent leather Jimmy Choo slinkback’s with gold heel accent size 6 ….Red Bakers red pokadot peep toes,size 6 Good Luck!!! P.S There’s a girl name Lucy L that won last ones shoe giveaway with white Lornzi pumps..If I don’t hear from you all have to give away to someone else!! email-

Coco’s Shoe Giveaway 1

Coco’s first shoe Give-away is finally in motion! I went through my closet & got rid of 40 pairs of shoes!!What I normally do is give all my stuff away to family and friends and I truely get a joy making people especially my fans happy..Now mind you some shoes might not be in perfect condition but there still beautiful and in good shape. So look out I’m gonna give 2 pairs a week away all you have to do is comment on which one you’d like to have and tell me why.. Since were going into Labor day weekend I’ll mention the winner Sept 7th and send them to you! The white pumps are Gianmarco Lorenzi size 6 the heels are 4inchs high …… The Pink/Purple Platforms are Bebe that are 5 1/2 inchs high w/2 inch Platform Good Luck!!