Shoe Of The Week Series – Heels Galore

Heels Galore

If you don’t know this by now you will….I have a crazy heel fetish!I’m obbsessed with wearing high heels on a daily bases. For me the higher the better and I love the pain because it brings out sexy legs and completes the outfit. Even when your not wearing anything they look wonderful!

In my personal collection I have about 500 pairs shoes,boots and yes sprinkled with a little tennis shoes.I consider it jewerly for the feet,maybe because I’m short,5’2 to be exact,that I could get away with it.

In this section, every week, I model a pair of heels from my shoe closet & show different angles & talk a little about them…Some will be in season while others are just so hot I have to show them off!

{Click Here To View More Pictures & Angles of This Shoe}

186 Responses to Shoe Of The Week Series – Heels Galore

  1. Those python heels are really hot and sexy. They looks so good on you. I especially love how high the heel is. How many inches are they? Also the “toe cleavage” is just too sexy!

  2. Love them !!!

  3. Awesome shoes. VERY Sexy. I could stare at them for hours!

    • Coco I have bin a fan forever. ..the fact u changed the game of how models can actually look. .was awesome. .u did it before all the modern day artist out here now…and ur family has always bin number 1 with u…and u still look absolutely amazing girl… ; (

  4. Your Week 6 shoes are hot , Coco! I like your toenails!

  5. I’am brazilian guy. I want to smell your shoe and drink champagne in your shoe.

    • Coco my darling,
      I share your fascination with shoes and boots, specially superhigh stiletoe heels.
      I also notice that Louboutin is your favorite designer. Also Mine.
      I just love you and your shoes; My dream woman.

  6. Coco:

    Can we please have more pics of your shoes in week 16. They are awesome!


  7. ha ….come for a visit only. Well done!


  9. Coco! I absolutely LOVE your shoes. You should start designing your own. I have a small 100 pair collection, one day I will be like you and have 1000’s 🙂 When Im done school and pay off my loans first of course. This is my first time to your website and I think it’s absolutely fabulous. I watch Ice loves Coco every sunday and I think your a sweet heart 🙂

  10. God I love those heels I want them coco I love shiny things lol cute toes too

  11. Love ’em! I’m sure your busy, but thank you for the
    new shoe. I am also obsessed with shoes and love my stilettos.

  12. Nice Shoes…Wish you and Ice the best!

  13. Coco. I love you. I love your love for shoes. I love your shoe closet. BUT…. I was shocked to see that your shoes are not facing you in the shoe closet. C’mon girl. Change it ! You will feel so much better. Trust me.

  14. I so love all of your great fashions sense..I am a girl that has been inspired by watching you to become girly girly..I have been a tom boy my whole like and would love to get a pair of heels to make myself feel girly just dont the right types of shoes to get..Thank Coco for sharing your shoes and your really has helped me to become that girl my husband always wanted..

  15. Love those shoes Coco Hopefully mine girlfriend would like to wear those shoes to I say kinky!!!

    • At last! Someone with real exiprtese gives us the answer. Thanks!

    • Hittar bara en logisk förklaring till alla dessa ”missbedömningar” gjorda av poängdomare. Och den är att domarna är mutade sÃ¥ att nÃ¥gon annan tjänar pengar pÃ¥ betting. NÃ¥gon annan rimlig förklaring finns inte 🙁

  16. These shoes are ridiculously hot!!!! I’m in love with them. Coco those look awesome on your feet and orange is my favorite color which only makes them hotter!!!!!

  17. Gorgeous shoes not sure if they are 7 inch high look around 6 maybe 🙂 but still a beautiful pair of shoes

  18. I love the shoes. Such great taste!!!! Do u ever donate ur shoes to charity like maybe to high school girls for there prom or something like that

    • I’m about to give some shoes away from my personal closet on my blog soon…stay tuned!

  19. Hey foxy lady,

    Love Steve Madden shoes, always super sexay and comfy, best of both worlds baby. Higher the better specially for us shorties. (I’m 5″2 and curvy like you, represent!)

    Kuckoo for Coco’s puffs

  20. Hi, CoCo. Looking at week 21. Not really into the bow but love the shiny heel and sole.

  21. I love theses shoes I found them on I’m getting them in purple Thx coco I luv ur shoe game its cold like ice lol

  22. Hot!! Love’em!

  23. I love your shoes I can’t wait till the giveaway

  24. I look up to you! I have same body type and height so definitely know how heels make a difference. I wear a size 6 too!

  25. OMG Coco i LOVE you and you show i have tweeted you a couple of times and would love it if you would pick me to win a pair of your shoes, Im onsessed with yourself and shoes and im a size 6 so big bonus! PICK ME PLLEEEAASEE Mwah mwah xx

  26. COCO i NEEEEED your shoe closet OMG they are to die for. Amazing. I also love your poochie too, such a cutie. Picke me pleaase. Mwuah xxx

  27. I love the Isunami’s…they are FIERCE!!!! You just have the best taste in fashion!!! Not to mention the best relationship with your husband!! Ever thought about writing a relationship book? 🙂

  28. You are my shoe idol. I am so jealous of your collection. I am so excited about your giveaway because I happen to wear your size. I would die to have even one pair!

  29. They look HOT love the shoes.

  30. Very sleek and sexy on you

  31. I would love to own a pair or two of your shows..*HINT PINK* and I can have them on my wall in my apartment. If I can have a pair or two can you have pics with you wearing them so everyone knows they were once yours…Hint will not sell them <3 loves your show all episodes are on my dvr!

  32. I love, love, love these!!! Pink is one of my favorite colors!

  33. Omg your shoes are the bomb i just love shoes your song describes it all for me

  34. wow georgous shoes! i love shoes because even on my ‘fat’ days and i shop and cant find anything i like, i go and buy a pair of shoes as they always look good and it makes me happy!!

  35. I agree with some of the previous post. Coco you have a great eye for shoes and should be designing your own! Love, love, love your collection of shoes. These are one of my favs.

  36. Totally love your show and shoe collection don’t have as many pair as you but I am working on it!

  37. Love the shoes. Super cute.

  38. I love the vibrant color and toe cleavage!!! Awesome for any gal’s closet! Love your show!!!

  39. love this color !!

  40. Coco these are absolutely gorgeous! You have such amazing taste when it comes to shoes and fashion. I love how you embrace your curves, you are the ideal motivation.

  41. These shoes are hot!!!!!!!! Id rock every where I went.

  42. I really admire you do much !
    Your really beautiful & your fashion style is beyond amazing ! Love all your shoes (:

  43. Me comería los pies de Coco.

  44. Sexy yett sheek. Love them

  45. thanks ur parents for having you

  46. In love with these shoes!!!! Like the rest of your shoes however I think these are classy and sexy and would look good with anything and well nothing!!!

  47. I also have a shoe fetish .. I love these so sexy

  48. When is your next shoe giveaway .. Mrs. Coco

  49. I’m in love with those September 21 is my birthday wish I can have those I’m a size 6

  50. I love nudes… I’m a size 6 and I would love this pair for if I ever go out lol I’m a mother of two little ones and work so much maybe getting these shoes will get me out …or for the up coming holidays I’d really love to win them …

  51. I have an attraction for nude colored peep shoes!!! I love the color because it goes with almost anything! Def a size 6! Seeing myself with these shoes already, mail em out to me Coco!

  52. My size 6 feet are in love with those! You’re amazing!

  53. The nude shoes are fantastic. Love them. Will go great with my DVF dress.

  54. OMG these are fabulous! Gorgeous yet simple!!!!

  55. Perfect color for any outfit. Absolutely stunning babe!

  56. Awesome shoes!!!! Crazy I am a size 6 too!!!I would really like to win those pairs of shoes!! They r Jst too HOT! I wonder how they would look on me : )

  57. Coco I absolutely love you and everything you stand for! My fav episode of Ice Loves Coco is the one when you go through your shoe closet! Looks like heaven lol! And I love your song shoe freak! I believe a girls best accessory is her shoes and I hope to have a closet like yours someday!

  58. PS IM A SIZE 6 too!


  60. Wow! My fiance would love these!! She is also 5’2. She loves high heels and I love when she rocks them!!

  61. I love these shoes they are so cute i would rock them with a sexy pair of skinny jeans

  62. I have your fitness app, i would try the booty twerking with those python heels…haha.
    I have a size 6 🙂 xoxo

  63. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to tell you how much I love you shoes. I’m a single girl with the love of fashion. Your Dec somebody I think is so down to earth and awesome to really give away a pair of shoes to someone each week. Would love to be able to be that person. I’m a shoe who’re myself and I buy the shoe then the outfit

  64. I wear a size 6 like you too!!! 🙂 I am 5′ 1″ and would LOVE these Python heels!! They would look amazing with any outfit!! I love your pink polish with the white tips too! Pick me, pick me, pick me!! I have never won anything like this and think it would be awesome!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  65. Not sure if these are giveaway but I love them and I’m a 6-6 1/2 depends on the shoe.Love these shoes and I do french pedi too. I’m 4’10’, good things come in small packages. 🙂

  66. These shoes are LUSH!!! And my size too:)plz plz plz pick me so i can show u a pict of me wearing these stunners!! Mwuah!!xxxxx

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  69. Great Boots! fashionable and comfortable.i think bought me same piece of collections..

  70. Coco should start her own shoe company!

  71. Yesssssssss !

  72. @betty ^^ I’m surprised that COCO hasn’t started a shoe company. She would be great at it

  73. Ooooooh I love the colors. I love Charlotte Olympia! Just love love love!

  74. Hi Coco!! I dream of hopefully owning at least one pair of loubiton’s one day. Your shoe closet is amazing!!! God bless !!

  75. I love those shoes …beautiful…everything u wear is Fabulous ..u go girl

  76. I love y’all show, I watch it everyday. Thank you for being real people. I love the shoe give away.

  77. I love you coco closet.i also love your show .im from the south ,geargia to be exact and I don’t get out much so I love watching and living vicaricly though you your awsome

  78. Love your shoe collection. I just so happened to be home today dealing with ongoing plumbing issue and was able to see your show. I am not fortunate enough to own such a collection let alone brand name. I just wanted to share with you that I TRULY APPRECIATE your efforts and big heart to give away your shoes. May your God continue to bless you and your family.

  79. I love these shoes

  80. Those heels are gorgeous

  81. love your closet and shoe collection!!! I love heels but can’t walk in them (paralyzed right leg) I love to see your shoes on the show everyday!! Much love to you and Ice-t

  82. Just got home from work and watch your show. I absolutely love your closet!! Perfect girl get away and so organized! The shoes of the week are also amazing they make me think of a tropical paradise or Carnival.

  83. Thank you for keeping it real.
    Good hearted and love able couple.
    God have truly blessed your family.
    Good looking pets…

  84. You rock those shoes.. Go girl
    Ice T hidden license was nice..and elevated hidden car… Sweet!

  85. Hi my name is Devyn Munoz. I’m nervous to be messaging you but I want to tell you how awesome it is to see someone like you out of your excitement for something you love and share it with someone. I wish to be that someone you pick. Not just cause I want them but because your giving me a part of your happyness that will give me something to be happy about in my life =) thank you coco

  86. You are amazing Coco, congrats on your pregnancy with baby Chanel. just want to say yourshoe collection is to die for, saw it on your new show. I love these shoes with the feathers

  87. To one remarkable women,

    Coco, you’re so bad ass, inspiring and incredible. More women should be like you and tell it how it is and not to be afraid to be them. I believe you are an amazing role model. Girls could learn a lot from you!
    On another note,
    Damn these shoes are to die for!!!??? coco i need these shoes in my life glitter is running in my veins! These shoes would complete my life!!
    Pick me 🙂

  88. Omg i love these soooo much! I can only dream of owning Lubutians of my own-single mama of 2 so they come first, maybe someday i will get lucky and my ship will come in. My birthday is on Friday and I will be 34!? anyway love you thaks for sharing these and all your beautiful shoes, you are a blessed woman and may you enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and your little angel Chanel!

  89. ?? Love you Coco! Owning a pair of YOUR shoes would be a dream come true for this size 6 wearin, Coco lovin fan!!! They are to die for! ?? GORGEOUS!! Congratulations on little baby Chanel arriving soon!! You rocked your pregnancy, babe! #1 classy yet super glam-even while pregnant!!! ?? Best wishes on your beautiful new chapter!!! XOXO -Kara B.-✨????

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  94. Bananas to this shoe giveaway.? I wish I had your size of foot to enter. Good luck to the next person.? I wish I was your size of foot.

  95. Oh my this are just my favorite dont really own lots of heel but if i had these i would so rock them. Locely lovely shoes coco..

  96. Would LOVE to own a pair of your shoes! All of your shoes are so cute! Thank you for the opportunity and for everything you do!

  97. I am in love with the shoe

  98. Coco my favorite color is red and my favorite heels are the ones the show toes!!! I love these! Choose me?

  99. Coco I love any of your shoes are outfits from your biggest fan????

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  125. omg there are so stunning i would love to wear those shoe show them off to everyone they belong to u i love u coco your the best ?????

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  127. Dream shoessss.

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  131. Det er åbenbart sådan, det foregår i bag

  132. Det var betydeligt nemmere at tale om torturofre.

  133. Lige som hun kan være våd, uden at være liderlig.

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  135. I LOVE SHOES………the black thigh highs are super killer!!!!!!! Eeeek

  136. OMG I am so in love with the clear ones it takes me back to the jelly style or my grandmas styles it’s gorgeous

  137. ???

  138. Hi coco how are you? First of all I just want to say I love you so much and you inspire me in so many ways. And ur little mini you is so beautiful. God bless her. I always tell my husband I want us to be just like you and ice.. I love ur matching out fits with ur little girl. I’m also a mommy to a 3 year old .I love the new shoe of the week. I can really use a new pair and maybe wear it for my upcoming wedding. Hopefully I can be a winner. Love you coco

  139. OMG COCO love u and Channel.. I have a baby that was born in Nov.. U n ur baby are so cute. I follow u on snap chat n Insta love u both.. I have tried this b4 but did not win anything. Will keep trying. In love with the black boots…lots of love for u n ur fam.. God bless u all.

  140. Omg I would Love t have a pair! Your family is so amazing and I love Watching your snaps! ?

  141. Those black suede thigh highs are to die for!!! No one rocks them better then you but I’m sure as hell gonna try?❤️

  142. I love you amazing show collection. I love who you are as a person and woman. Shoes can make or break us and girl they all make us right now. BTW, awesome name for your daughter, it’s my name too.

  143. I love your amazing show collection. I love who you are as a person and woman. Shoes can make or break us and girl they all make us right now. BTW, awesome name for your daughter, it’s my name too.

  144. Fabulous just like you ❤ Chanel is beautiful

  145. All the way from the island of Jamaica I you and your family watch all of your snaps and fallow all your social media pages love your shoes collection and everything about you your one of my idols very fun cool and layed back person i am in love with the black thigh high black boots and would love a chance to win them one love lady coco bless up yourself

  146. Hey coco I love that you are doing this! I think it’s awsome to give back!! I am a mother of two boys and I work! I literally don’t make in a month what one pair of your shoes cost lol!! I would be so blessed to win a pair!! I am a size 5 1/2 to a 6! And I love them all but I like the clear ones the best!! I am praying I win this time!! Thanks coco your the best!!♥️??

  147. I love plastic/clear heels too ? you’re awesome Coco I love how genuine you are ?

  148. Imagine winning, it would be like a dream come true, I’m having my baby soon, need a classy pair of shoes for my post baby going out night to celebrate still being young ❤️❤️

  149. I love the Louboutin Spiked Booties they are so fab my kind of style!!! Love you Coco!!

  150. I love the Louboutin Spiked Booties they are so fab just my style!!! Love you Coco!!

  151. Just love everything about you! How you look, how you move!! And now how you make motherhood so fun and easy!! You are just perfect! Thnx for all inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️✨

  152. I just LOVE all of the shoes?❤️ You’re so awesome woman?

  153. Love love the black boots!!!

  154. I love the pink ones for one reason. My mama wears the same size as u n she is my rock! She’s actually raising my 3 kids while I work full time n struggle to finish college. But the wear n tear of raising me n then retiring only to raise three more kids has her looking so tired. Her bday was Jan 9th n I would love for her to have the pink ones because she used to only wear heels when I was growing up. She was that mom that laid in a bikini in the backyard lol so embarrassing but she’s 60 now n hers sister’s got her a Bob haircut n some sexy leggings to make her over recently n those would be the icing on the cake and her husband wouldn’t mind either lol. Thanks for the consideration. Me n my mama love u n ICE T n Chanel. Blessings to u all. My email is so full of spam so if my mama is one of winners please hit us up on if @cckc4eva (wishful thinking)

  155. Wowwww amazing I’d love the clear ones, bet I could squat amazing in them ?????‍♀️ Much love ?

  156. Hello Coco you one of a kind and your daughter is so adorable great family. And yes I love your collection in clothing and shoes of course. You speak success and believing in one self. Jojo!!

  157. Coco! Your fashion sense is on point! The Mommy and Me outfits are my favorite with your amazing shoes being a close second.

  158. Hi ?? CoCo , never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought you wore My shoe ? size ……..loving all your shoes, A girl can never have enough ( love the black boots ?) I can never find any knee high boots there beautiful . ?

  159. Pink is my signature color! Love the shoes!

  160. Coco!! ? You are my biggest fan and my biggest motivation everyday ?
    I’m absolutely inlove with the clear shoes ? it will truly be a dream come true, and own a COCO collection ???
    Keeping my #FingersCrossed to win this fabulous prize

  161. Those boots are beautiful!! I love them!!!

  162. Pink pink pink!! You can’t go wrong with pink ?

  163. Your shoes are beautiful but your attitude is what makes you shine. You are “REAL” and you just don’t see starts like that anymore. You are truly one of a kind. I love you and your beautiful lil family!

  164. Look Super Vinatge very classy I would totally rock them with a one piece!

  165. My wedding is in June and my colors are pink and royal blue… I need a fly pink fuschia shoe! Size 6!!! I’d die if you picked me as a winner…. been following you since our chats on MySpace. I love you Coco! ?

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  168. Coco you have the sexiest body down to your perfect toes?? thanks for sharing your beautiful body and your sexy toes. I enjoy every picture you post of your sexy self

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  173. Love these shoes! They look great on you!

  174. You´re so sexy, Coco!! If i ever met you by a puddle on a rainy day and i didn´t have a coat like in those old romantic movies, i´d just lay flat on my back in it myself so you could tiptoe all over me to keep your sexy heels from getting ruined and get safely to dry land again! 😉 You look AMAZING!

  175. I love these. I could wear them everyday!

  176. Ooohhh. Size 6! Adorable.

  177. I would love to win me a pair of kinky boots. I love heels cause they and I always look Fab!

  178. Love the black boots !! Would love a new pair.

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