Wardrobe During Pregnancy

This so odd for me to say this but during pregnancy I never thought my wardrobe attire would get noticed. I really thought the world could careless granted when my fans heard I was with child there first comments were “I can’t wait to see the outfits that you put together”. I pushed them aside because I thought now why is this so fascinating for people to mention over and over, why would people even care about my wardrobe, my wardrobe won’t change much I guess… well to my surprise it changed completely, my normal style would be something form fitting most of the time, when I get dressed up to go to a premiere or party I would always give my man the option on picking out my outfits to see what he wants to see on me. I always would pick 3 different types of outfits for him to choose from and he would always pick a tight short dress, the reason why? Well he loves to see my legs, so when you ask yourself the next time why does she always dress in the same type of dresses, it’s because of Ice because he hardly ever likes for me to switch up but when I was pregnant he stepped aside and he didn’t interfere with my choices. Since I was small during my pregnancy and didn’t show for a long time, I could wear my normal clothes, my wardrobe didn’t start to change until around 5 months, I felt so self conscious about my little lump. My midsection was in an awkward stage between my 5th to 6th month. It wasn’t big enough to be a lump or big enough to show off and I had the world commenting on it and I couldn’t wait to get a big round bump. I wanted so bad to feel pregnant and people around the world did not help this situation they made me feel bad commenting on how small I was when I wasn’t trying to stay small, but this is how my wardrobe started to change instead of wearing tight clothes to extenuate that area, I would actually cover it with loose tops or flowing blouse and would pair it with leggings or yoga pants. Ladies, if you don’t want to spend money on maternity clothes invest in leggings, they feel the best during all stages of pregnancy. When my bump was little, I could wear the waist band high above the bump and when I was bigger I would wear the waist band under the bump and pairing it with a top was endless. If I had to wear a dress to a certain event I would wear a Sky dress, that designer makes mostly flowing everything and I would live in that, the materials were so soft and the dresses don’t bind in the waist but I think it’s still romantic sexy, this is not considered a pregnancy dress so I could still wear them even after pregnancy. They also make Sky tops too, like I said, I lived in them. Since the majority of my pregnancy was during the summer time I would also like to wear maxi dresses, those were awesome. Another great item for the layered look are the baggy sweater jackets, they came in handy when the weather gets colder, you can just throw it on with any outfit you’re wearing. 

Now there’s an item that I must talk about, it’s a must have when you’re breast feeding, I got it at the maternity store and they are bras and tanks, these items have a little mechanism on the straps near your arm pits that snaps off, you can pop your boob out without having to take your whole top off while feeding your baby, it’s awesome and such a great invention, I’m addicted to them and I have like 10 bras in every color, the tanks are also so nice to wear during the day, I sometimes wear them to sleep they have such great support (In another post I will talk about my breast feeding endeavor). So to cap off this post, it wasn’t until the last month really where I was most comfortable with showing off my bump because by then it finally popped. Once it popped I was so fascinated, I now liked showing it off with long tight dresses, these were still comfortable yet so womanly to wear and also the flowing tops I was wearing became more like regular t-shirts on casual days, original t-shirts are a great way to display the bump. Looking back I wish I had a little more time with my bump so I could get more pics but 9 months went by a little too fast for me.

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