Fans Dressed Up As Ice & Coco For Halloween

This is hysterical!! Through the years fans have emailed,Facebooked or tweeted me pics of themselves dressed up for Halloween as either me or went as Ice & I as a couple. I had to share some of them……. If you’d like to send any pics to me pass it along to any of these links….. Good job everybody your outfits look great!! (Twitter- @cocosworld) (email-

19 Responses to Fans Dressed Up As Ice & Coco For Halloween

  1. What a wonderful job Coco! Incredible! Are you real? 😀 See ya

  2. You are right these are Hilarious!! My fav is #4

    • Haha..I know right?

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  15. Hi Coco,wow I just wanna let you know that I’m one of your biggest fans down here in South Africa.Unfortunately,due to work commitments,I missed the Sexpo at the Coca Cola Dome when you visited a while ago.I also hear you wanna launch something like that in the states?I wish you all the best and give you my stamp-of-approval.You’re very sexy Coco and have made forget about the like Kim Kardashian,her sister Klhoe,Nicki Minaj,J-Lo

  16. Your awesome coco one of my fav role models much love from va doll!! <3 tsmacbarbie

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