Shoe of the Week Series

Shoe of the Week “Gianmarco Lorenzi”

Gianmarco Lorenzi – Week 2

These are my fabulous Lorenzi rainbow red mules…I got them in Paris and actually wasn’t gonna get them at first because the red on the shoe almost looks coral in person and thought they would be hard to match but to my surprise they go with my wardrobe really well. I love how the heel is super skinny with gold chrome on the bottom.I’m absolutely infatuated with them..The bottom pic is how I rocked them with the exact match dress and I didn’t even buy them together.

Shoe Of The Week “Louboutin Isunami’s”

Louboutin Isunami’s – Week 1

These are “Isunami’s” by Christain Louboutin. I was told only 30 were made.(I know Janet Jackson has a pair). When I asked, Mike Nitis,(my louboutin hook up in NYC) if I could get a pair,he said that no more were being made.I was so bummed out but to my surprise 9 months later an unexcepted package was delivered to my house,when i opened the box,there laid 7 inch platforms with sparkling crystals and silver spikes that shined before me..I almost broke down..But in all honestly a tear came to my eye…What a happy day!The Louboutin people and Christain himself know just how much of a collector I am to the brand so they went ahead and made them for me

Heels Galore!!



If you don’t know this by now you will….I have a crazy heel fetish!I’m obbsessed with wearing high heels on a daily bases. For me the higher the better and I love the pain because it brings out sexy legs and completes the outfit. Even when your not wearing anything they look wonderful!

In my personal collection I have about 500 pairs shoes,boots and yes sprinkled with a little tennis shoes.I consider it jewerly for the feet,maybe because I’m short,5’2 to be exact,that I could get away with it.

In this section,every week, I model a pair of my own shoes from my closet & I show different angles & talk a little about them…Some will be in season while others are just so hot I have to show them off!

Shoe of the Week 16 “SlingBacks Louboutins”

SlingBacks Louboutins – Week 16

If you love Platforms these are to die for!! These Christian Louboutins are patent leather slingbacks with peek-a-boo toe…Yes,there very high but also very comfortable..I love um because they have my favorite color combo which is red,white and black..If you custom order them through the store they’ll do any color combo for you..Hott!!