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Shoe Of The Week Series – Heels Galore


Heels Galore

If you don’t know this by now you will….I have a crazy heel fetish!I’m obbsessed with wearing high heels on a daily bases. For me the higher the better and I love the pain because it brings out sexy legs and completes the outfit. Even when your not wearing anything they look wonderful! In my personal collection I have about 500 pairs shoes,boots and yes sprinkled with a little tennis shoes.I consider it jewerly for the feet,maybe because I’m short,5’2 to be exact,that I could get away with it. In this section, every week, I model a pair of heels from my shoe closet & show different angles & talk a little about them…Some will be in season while others are just so hot I have to show them off!

Shoe Giveaway 18 Winners

Congratulations to winners of Shoe Giveaway #18!!!

Winner #1 is Michelle Curmi from Europe she won the Colin Stuart pink platforms.

winner #2 is Joanna Sheppard from Bellevue Washington she won the black suede Bebe boots

Winner #3 is Christine who won the clear fashion Nova boots (Christine check your email.)

Everyone let’s congratulate our winners!

Coco Super Hero “CLEO” Doll

Hey guys, my action figure just came out from the Super hero character I did for a comic book!! If your a doll collector or into comic books or just a Coco fan you’ll love this! Visit for more details… You get the Doll, throne, sceptor, Egyptian attack dogs, posters and the Comic book I was in and it all comes in a cool box!

Coco Shoe Giveaway 18

Happy New Year Everyone!! This is the 1st giveaway where I’m gonna start giving away 3 pairs of shoes from my collection instead of 2 pairs!!👠.. This isn’t a scam!! Just something I love to do for my fans just because.. If your a follower you probably know the love I have for my shoes and I want you to share the same happiness.. 3 random people will win! I usually do this every month but I’ve been traveling a lot so i’m behind Sorry. Also I started to sign the bottom of the shoes because so many winners requested it.. (don’t worry I sign where it won’t rub off) If you’ve been trying forever don’t give up.. Keep trying! I have a lot more shoes to give away! You just have to comment and tell me which ones you like and why. You also have to wear a size 6 unless its for someone else. The only thing I ask is if you can take a pic with them whether on or off so i can put it up here on my blog.. Good luck! I will pick winners very soon!👠 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

(Please keep in mind all I ask from the winners is to take a pic with them on or holding them so I can post um here!! You can take a look at past winners here) OK Good luck….

The clear Fashion Nova shoes are a size 6 1/2 .You may have seen me wearing these shoes on the net.. I have an obsession for clear plastic shoes..u may sweat a little more than usual but I like the fact it shows the whole foot

The Suede boots are Bebe and a size 6.. They are super high but very comfy..I would suggest someone with a thicker thigh for this shoe because they might sag a little if your on the thin side

The pink platforms are Stuat Colin ..the size is a size 6 but they run small so I would suggest someone with a 51/2 foot or a narrow size 6.. They are also suede with a perfect pink fusia hugh

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

Bash For The Bulldogs Event December 4th

Ice and I will be at the Long Island Bulldog Rescue “Bash For The Bulldogs” event on December 4th. If you’re in town come out and join us.

Comic Con “Coco Super Hero Cleo Doll”

Guys! I made it as a Super Action figure Doll!! How cool is this!!!

Some of you may have not known but I play the Comic-Con SuperHero CLEO in the Comic Book #Gekido and now they made me into a doll. It looks so real with Seamless Synthetic Skin plus a Steel Skeleton inside so its poseable…

They put together a cool “Exclusive Limited Edition Collectors Deluxe Set” which includes the Doll, 48 page Comic, the chair and sceptor.. This is perfect for those Coco Fans or comic book lovers or a gift for the holidays! It’s almost sold out so PRE-ORDER it Now at: www.BeyondComics.TV

Coco Shoeholics Magazine Cover

Its finally out! Shoeholics Magazine! The only shoe mag out there! I’ve been a fan of it for years and now me & my closet make our presence!! Go here for your copy

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