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Coco at Conan

Coco on Conan

How cute is this? This picture is hanging on the wall at Conan O’Brien studios in Cali..i had to take a pic with it. We were there because Ice was preforming with his band on the show..just there for support this time!

Coco Shoe Giveaway 11

Okay for all the new comers who don’t know what the hell my shoe giveaway is about let me break it down for you…About once a month I give away 2 pairs of shoes from my very own shoe closet. All you have to do is comment on which ones you like and why.

The first shoes are blue “Ellie” pinup heels with a cute bow and now for the very first time ever these are a size 7!! I usually wear a size 6 and this is the reason why I’m giving them away because they’re too big for me…I was supposed to wear them in a photo shoot and couldn’t use them…

The second pair are a size 6 and they’re a pearl-like- color “BeBe” booties with a shiny gold heel

Good Luck even if you tried before keep trying! I love reading your comments… Coco xoxo

My New Glamour Box

Quarterly Box_Kiss

Get my Glamour Box! Totally for the girlie girl and yes the pic of kisses are from my lips & signed by me…Get your Glamour Box Now Click Here For More Information

Selling My CTS Cadillac

My CTS Cadillac

Hey Everybody… I’m selling my pearl white, custom Coco Edition CTS Cadillac… If interested call Joe at “Custom Lifestyles by Action Tire” 973-473-2211 (Serious Inquiries Only)

The 10 Commandments of Girlfriends on The Bethenny Show

Coco The Bethenny Show

Hey Guys, I’ll be on The Bethenny Show on Monday, May 19, 2014 at 11:00am on Fox 5, debating “The 10 commandments of Girlfriends” You don’t wanna miss it!

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A Message I Posted on Facebook

Coco Questions Pic

OK Lets take a poll… I want to see what my fans mostly want to see or read from me… Feel free to speak on it… If you follow me you’ll see I try to make everybody happy and make you apart of my world. This is what you get…

For the visual people I post:
- Pics of my life
- Pics of me and my hubby IceT
- Pics of my fur babies,Spartacus and Maximus
- Ice Loves Coco TV Pics
- Vanity Vixens (New Off-Broadway Show)
- Family Pics
- Modeling Pics (17 years in business)
- Booty Pics
- Fitness Pics
- Bikini Pics
- Shoe Pics
- Car Pics
- Red Carpet Event Pics
- Outfit of the day Pics
- Crazy Internet pics I find on the web
The list goes on …..Pics are my favorite thing to post. You can tell more by a photo than sometimes with words.

For my readers I post:
- Shoe Giveaways on a monthly basis on my Blog
- I give Fitness Tips
- Have relationship talk
- Talk about personal marriage talk but I don’t get too deep
- Have an Exercise of the week
- Talk about Media Crap regarding me but stay away from gossip cuz 99% is false and its a waste of time
- Talk about Ice Loves Coco TV show
- Give Law & Order updates (but keep it short & simple)
- I try to DM people back with with answers to their questions on Twitter
- I try to answer real questions on Instagram posts when I upload new photos but stay away from stupid questions
- Talk about my clothing line
- Talk about saving ALL animals in the world
- Talk about dog rescue.I’m a spokesperson for Long Island Bulldog Rescue Group which caters to the East Coast
- Talk about what products I personally use such as,makeup,lotions,perfumes to even dog food I use
- What do men want? What do women want? (my view of course)
- Sex Talk and Tips
The list again continues….

Now you ask yourself, wow where can I see all this stuff ?? Well you have to keep in mind that I have a lot of sites I talk to fans through its not just here on Facebook.

Thanks to all my dedicated followers throughout the years. My goal is to keep everybody happy on my page and believe me its hard keeping 7 million people here on Facebook 100% happy.You might not agree with everything I say or do but just take it lightheartedly.. I want for the most part to entertain and make you smile or laugh. Now that I wrote a freaking book I will hope this message we’ll help you understand me a little more..

P.S I’m not the best at typing and I think really fast so sometimes my writing and spelling can turn out funky so please dismiss the errors…
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