Coco Shoe Giveaway 8

Ok, we just finished shoe giveaway 7 and now we’re already on the next one…This may be your lucky day so take a look at these cute shoes from my personal shoe closet and tell me in a comment which one you would like to have and why? So here are the shoes! The white Claudio heels size 6 are sort of old school with the real pointed toe but they’re like candy all over your feet very colorful with a 4 inch heel. Then there’s the Brown suede sandals size 6 which are great to throw on with a summer dress very interesting see-through 4 inch heels…I will let the contest go for a week then announce the winners here on this blog and on facebook and twitter…Go for it!!

109 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 8

  1. I would love the brown suede shoes. I am going to Vegas for the first time next month. They would be perfect for my everyday high heel. You are the best! Keep it real Coco

  2. I love the brown suede shoes. I’m such a shoe freak too. I have some wonderful dresses as well as some straight leg jeans to make go pop with the right shoes plus I have a hand bag to match. I also think you have great taste so I wiuld like to follow in your shoes.

  3. Love love love you Coco!!!

  4. I love the white ones, really fun and ultra sexy. Thank you Coco you have a beautiful heart your a inspiration!

  5. I love your shoes. I want them all!!!!

  6. I would like the brown shoes because I have always been wearing jeans and now I want to be more feminine so I just got a dress and the shoes go well with it.

  7. The browns ones will be perfect.for me to use at the office!!!

  8. Whatever happen to your clothing line. Would love to be one of your models. If your looking for full figure woman.

  9. Setting here in flooding Colorado. And the white ones would really brighten up my day! Love you Coco

  10. Love the white ones Coco, they’re like shoe bubblegum, and the toe cleavage is sexy 😉

  11. How about an autographed pair for a male Superfan, Love me some Coco 😉

  12. I am obsessed with all of your shoes! I would love your brown suede heels. It would go so well with many of my outfits in my closet, and I am celebrating my anniversary with my man and going on a trip! I would be so grateful to have these heels to go out with 🙂

  13. I would love the white ones. I would love to own something of yours. I’d cherish them forever and think of how lucky I was to own a pair of Coco’s shoes!!

  14. I love the white Claudio heels. They would be the perfect statement piece to a night on the town. They would match my personality to a tee, either dressing them up or down. Your a big inspiration keep doing what you do! Xo

  15. Shoe porn! I feel naughty! :)~

  16. Hi coco! I love all shoes but my favorite are the Brown suede sandals i love them damm! Are so beautiful! I forgot sorry for my english im argentinian im your biggest fan here also i have a fans club here we hope some day you come to argentina! For my win the shoes is a dream i hope some day you can send my a kiss only you are a inspiration for me. Your a wonderful women and a beutiful person. I always look you on ice loves coco! If a day i go to nyc i want to meet you and take a photo! If you read this text is a dream come true and a pleasure to me. I love you coco. I hope one day i win a pair of your shoes! Xoxo
    Sofia bueno

  17. Coco I am so glad we both have tiny feet! lol Coco I just want to let you know that I have never met you but just by seeing you on TV you give off this vibe that just makes a person happy. Thank you Coco

  18. Coco I would take any heel that you have pick out. If I had to pick Id pick the dark tan ones because you could dress them up or down. I get to wear them a lot more often than I would the white ones, also because Im not to tall and they will make my legs look longer. Id love them because my husband and I are moving to South Carolina and Id love to flaunt some Coco wear 🙂 Thank you for your inner and outer beauty

  19. Hi Coco,Pick me for the tan shoes with the Perspex heel are beautiful

  20. I love both pairs!!!! I especially love the white ones because it would go great with summer dresses I have n I live in Houston, TX n it stays hot n humid here til January so those would b perfect!!! Plus I am a size 6!!!!!!

  21. Oh definitely the white Claudio heels, so fun and sexy! I think I’ll take a picture for you in a sexy oufit with those shoes. (Will name it my Coco inspired look) stay sweet and fun girl! Lots of love from South Africa!

  22. Hi beautiful, i would like your brown shoes. It would be a perfect match for my straight leg jeans. Love you Coco

  23. I love the brown suede heels plz 🙂 you’re and inspiration<3

  24. Hi Coco,
    I love the brown suede sandals!
    I’m a size 6 and today is my birthday!

    I meet you after one of you peepshow performance and showed you a picture of my bulldog which I named after you 🙂
    you were phenomenal and so gorgeous, I wish I could have seen the final show.
    Anyway I’m in love with those suede sandals and they would really make my year!!


  25. I love all of them, but would appreciate any one of them for my daughter. I was a teen mom and with everything my daughter and I went through she still graduated from HS and College with Honors. And now she is in the working world. She helps me with household bills; she goes beyond the call of duty. So I hope I get to give her a pair of your shoes.

    Luz a proud mom.

  26. Hi coco, I would love to add a pair of your shoes to my walk in closet not to wear but to admire because I admire you and live everything about you would love the white pair so I would love to add the Claudio heels as a start to my never wear but love to admire collection

  27. Love the brown suede shoes! Finding a size 6 where im from is hard to find!

  28. Coco all there is to say is that I freakin love you and you are amazing! I wear a size 6 and would love sporting your brown sandals!!!! Love always!!!

  29. I love the brown it will b a honor to rock ur shoes on my birthaversary, that is coming up this 29th of sep. Thanks n I love watching u with ice!

  30. coco ich willll dieweißen die sind sooooo toll 🙂

  31. I would love to win the Brown suede sandals. These would go great this fall with a cute dress and im also a size 6. Really hope i win! I love you Coco!

  32. I want them both because I love you! I would wear the white ones when in a fun mood and I would wear the tan ones when I feel mellow and I would wear them both everyday with everything if you give them to me! You inspire me and I think you are so very beautiful inside and out! You are my role model and I try to be a hard worker and I try to be confident and own my beauty like you do. You have so much to be proud of and you deserve many blessings. I can tell you have good heart and that you are sincere in everything you do. Another thing I love about you is that like you I’m a dog lover. I have always wanted a bulldog but instead I have a male pit bull and a male toy poodle and my toy poodle bred with my aunts dog a yorkie and I kept the runt of the litter a little girl so I have a yorkie-poo. I have a 10 year old female cat that I’ve had since she was born. We also have goldfish and a beta. I have a 5 year old daughter who I prayed for after losing 3 babies before her! I am grieving and trying to move on and heal and become a better stronger person because of the difficulties I have been through! I didn’t care about how I looked after my 3rd baby was stillborn, the first 2 were miscarriages. I prayed to the creator to please let me have a healthy pregnancy and baby and bring it home and my daughter arrived 03/22/08 one year and 9 months after I lost my daughter Lily to a umbilical cord accident. The reason I’m telling you all this is because I watched you with ICE and you were talking about importance of looking good and dressing up for your man and I realized I had let my own appearance go because I was sad and I was matching it on the outside with my clothes and I still do. Plus I was and I am still kinda poor but i have more than other in my community and I usually have to wear thrift store and clearance section clothes. I put more effort into my daughters appearance and wardrobe than I do my own. I’m trying really hard to make a change! I want to feel good and look good to match! I think you are lovely and these shoes are lovely and I would wear them everyday if you give them to me!!!!!

  33. Liking the brown suede shoes! They rock!!

  34. I would like any pair… I’m not picky If there Free.. Lol

  35. i really dont mind any shoes wich you are not using or will give away i’m sure my wife will love to use she really is in love with all your shoes and im happy when i see her face admiring them,but in our case they are more than a fair away dream,keep up the good deed Coco!

  36. I would love the brown ones, I’m a very neutral color person. I am addicted to heels and I’ve always admired your heel collection. I would love this pair because no matter how hard I try Just Fab can never get my fashion style right!… but I think you got it perfectly!

  37. I have NEVER worn heels before, I guess its the inner voice I have that’s tells me I cant walk in heels and I have been scared to. I am 30 years old in Dallas TX and would wear your heels for the first time ever (brown suede)

  38. I’ll love to have the Brown suede sandals for my wife! We are fans of you and she will be very happy wearing your personal shoes, and well also me will feel like she is wearing a part of you and it will be very exciting and awesome!

  39. Hey I would love to have any size 6 shoe you are willing to give me. .. its gonna be a surprise for my wife of 4 years… she is absence with heels shes got a ton… I know that she will appreciate and take great care of Miss. Coco shoes… thank you Fernando Medina

  40. I love them all ! I am a shoe freak as well : )

  41. La reference sur le sujet, on en redemande merci.

  42. Hey Coco ,, I’m a mommy of 4 and don’t really have time to shop for myself or time for myself period but if was to choose between those two beautiful shoes it would have to be the white once cause they can match with anything 🙂 thanks for ur time to get to read this , god bless

  43. Omg I am in love with the white rainbow friendship strap shoes!! Just looking at them makes me happy!! If I won them I would rock them with Diva style!! I would give these shoes a great home in my shoe kingdom!! Hope you pick me as I know hard it is to walk in someone else shoes!! 🙂

  44. Rainbow all the way!!

  45. OMG I am in love with the white rainbow friendship bracelet strap shoes! They make me Happy just looking at them! I would rock these shoes Diva style! They would have a place of honor in my shoe kingdom! I truly understand how hard it is to walk in another womans shoes~ but I will do so with pride! Thank you! “)

  46. I love all your shoes and I could maybe get into a 6. But my foot is smaller, hard to find another woman with small feet !!

  47. I would super duper love the brown ones…why you ask….cus they would look super cute on me…I have about the same build as you and they look cute on you sooo I think they will be great for me!

  48. I love the brown suede shoes for avery specific reason. As a little girl I used to see shoes like these with lucite heels in store windows and I dreamed that when I grew up I would have a pair just like them. My Mom was horrified and told me that only hookers wore shoes like those. I was forbidden to look at them ever again. By the time I became an adult they were out of style and I could no longer find shoes like them. Now it is many years later and my Mother has passed away. My dream, has not however. I would cherish these shoes because they came from you and because they fulfill a long overdue dream.

  49. I’d love to have the brown sandals because the strap is modest, and the lucite heel keeps them from looking ‘heavy’. I already have lots of colourful shoes so these would be a great addition to my collection. When we met at your meet & greet we immediately went to fashion-talk, so it would be fitting to come full circle by adding a pair of Coco-approved shoes to my collection!

  50. Hi
    Coco I would love the brown suede sandals the reason being is I only have one pair of heels and their small heels as well and these heels coming from you be a great way to start getting me into heels 🙂 please let me be the one you pick for this great awesome giveaway…

  51. I actually love them both their so cute i would love to wear them im a size 6 and also a mother of two little girls which i never have time for myself i would love to look cute for my husband he would love it too thanks 🙂 i love cocos style shes always looking really good, im looking forward to see her in the peep show.

  52. I really love the brown suede. That heel is super cute!

  53. I would love the white ones its hard for me to find cute shows in my size I live colorful shoes but I am a single mother and don’t get to splurge on myself very often I would love to have them and be truly grateful you are like an idol to me you inspire me to do what I have always wanted to be a model like you . And if I won I defintaley would take pictures Abd cherish them everyday just knowing you have such a good heart. Because I knowvi could never afford shoes like that with two children…. thanks for the oppritunity coco

  54. They r all so cute but no as cute as your dogs!!! I’m obsessed!

  55. Love ALL your shoes! in this case, the brown suede.. <3

  56. I love all your shoes, I check your facebook regularly especially to see all the great shoes you post. In this case I love the white pointed shoes, totally my style, hope I win them

  57. I love the white ones! My husband’s Ball is coming soon and they would be perfect for that occasion. I work hard everyday and I would be greatful to feel like a lady and match these shoes with a great dress.

  58. I really like the white ones with all the wonderful colors that remind me of summer! Thank you Coco for giving away your most prize possessions! 🙂 Hugs to Spartacus & Maximus!!!

  59. I love the white ones. I love wearing heels at work and with reality I would never be able to buy a pair of my own due to the prices. I would probably just stare at them if I won too scared to mess up a pair of fancy shoes like that 😉

  60. Love the open toe brown heels! Extremely sexy. My man would like these on me in the bedroom! 😉

  61. I looove these shoes…but I love you Coco, Ice, Spartacus, Maximus, and especially Soulgee…heart ya’ll

  62. I live in Holland, and we are in desperate need for beautiful heels! Where can I get a size 10 (24 in European size)??? Help me!!!

  63. O and we also need your clothing line licious over here… lots of beautiful curved women who should be adored with something beautiful to wear!

  64. STOOOOP COCO….read my reaply!!!

    I would really like to have the brown pair of shoes! They are so wonderful and damn sexy. Not only for me (it would be an honor to wear them) also for my lovely boyfriend (he would be sooooooooo happy ;-))


  65. Dearest Coco xx

    I dream the wite ones
    The reason
    I gave birth and couldnt walk on heels for 8 months i was very sad.cuz i always walk on heels and the saddest is that after the birth my feet grown 1 size and now all my beautiful heels no fit 🙁 i am heartbroken .
    Now i have same size as you!!
    And i saw these wite ones and fall in love!
    I had similair ones they were my favs but yours are more stunning so i pray to win and wear them every sunny day .
    And i also think you are a passion woman !

    Have a beautifull day coco.

    Loves anya

  66. hello coco .
    I want the shoes for my wife she Is the biggest coco fan in Canada,ps so am I but don’t tell her.and she is a shoe ocd and on top these shoes are coco. and on top I am the pusher a true ice t fan , still have him on coco please pick me as one of ur winners. white shoes or brown.i will be happy with the ones u pick.
    thanks and have a great day

  67. I pick the beige cause they resemble a pair of shoes my mom who just passed away of brain cancer owned. Although Coco’s, they remind me of my mom.

  68. I have to be honest and say they won’t fit me but would definitely fit my older sister. I know her style and she would love the brown suede ones with the clear heels. They are gorgeous and she would love them! Good luck everyone!

  69. Yes pleez!!! The brown suede shoes will look awesome (on my nieces feet!! For her B-Day!!)

  70. I adore the white Claudio heels. They remind me of Shera or other little girl 80’s classic cartoons. Gorgeous heels for me over all mean something more than just eye candy on my feet. Coming from a poor family in farm country. I promised myself that one day I would make enough money to buy all the pretty shoes in the world. I would line them up like princesses and sit and marvel in their beauty. Now that I am an adult; I still adore shoes and they symbolize something for me. A strive to succeed; to follow through on that promise I made to myself, bare foot on a farm. I may not wear your petite size 6. But that should not suggest that they would mean any less of me to have next to my other beauties.

  71. has the winner been announced yet ?

  72. I really love you Coco. But I like the brown ones with the clear 4 inch heel. It will compliment any outfit. I’m glad we both wear the same size.

  73. I love the brown suede sandals ❤️

  74. I would love the one in picture 2 the white one’s. I”am from the Netherlands, maybe nice to know that one off your beautiful pare’s becomes a second “good”life in Europe 🙂

    grtz Henn

  75. The brown suede sandals can be worn with anything ❤️

  76. Oops sorry I forgot to tell you why I like the shoes lol They go with any outfit ❤️

  77. I love the brown suede sandals. I normally wear a pair of converse & some jeans but my daughter has convinced me to wear a dress & those shoes would be perfect!

  78. I just love all your shoes, Being 58 I know it’s never to late to rock any shoe.

  79. I would love the bbrown suede sandals but I would also love the “candy” heels! I’m a mother but still love to be supper girly! Love you coco ♥

  80. Luv the brown…see thru heel……Sexy!!!! I soooo…need these!!!!

  81. Not words of many, but I do LOVE the shoe. They are so classy like you.

  82. I would love either one of those shoes!!!! Because either one goes with any of the outfits I have in my closet and make it look sexy ,casual, sporty or dressy, is not about the brand or style it’s how you wear it!!! Love both of them and I know i would be able to pull it off nicely!!

  83. I like the brown ones because I am a litlle of a shoe freak just like you. <3

  84. Loving the black ones, you had up, I know I would be it with them on. Thank you . but also the white one I can ware in the winter.

  85. I love the white ones I love the colors and the happiness that they show 🙂 thank you

  86. Hi Coco Lady, I like the brown suede sandals, not for me though, but for my mom to cheer her up. She is starting to go out again and she has a dress that would look great with these! She’s the girly girl…I’m more of an Ice T OG Vans girl so if he has a 6.5 in mens size just laying around, I’ll take them! hahaha. 🙂 xoxo Pip

  87. Hey Coco!

    I would LOVE the suede sandals because they are just so MY style (HOT) and also because they are yours and I love you!
    Thank you for being so generous. XOXO

  88. Hi Coco my name is Karla I am 100% Mexican and I love you show also I when to Vegas to see you show but unfortunately that day it was no show, the other day I hear in the news the you and u honey they not together any more and get sad but I see in instagram the you guys they together good for u guys I am 7 years merry and Unfortunately I dont have kids like u guys 🙁 but hey God do everything for reason! I hope one day I get a chance to win one par of you shoes I am size 6 like u and I shoe lover hahahaha! Thanks for your time if u reading my coment God bless you and u hubby!

  89. I would love the white colorful ones because I have an awesome dress that’d match, as well as a bag. I too am a size 6.. 😉 So..they’d fit just perfect. You & I see eye to eye when it comes to shoes!! Love you Coco!!! <3 <3

  90. Coco, the white ones are the most amazing shoes I have ever seen. I have a shoe fetish as we’ll and as a gilf who keeps her sexy on by clothes, shoes, and workout. I currently started taking pole classes to keep the sexy going. You are an inspiration for us women under 5’3″ that sexy is not always tall and thin but short and busty just like me

  91. Hello Coco my name is Shaun, im the owner of Shoes Heaven. I was wondering if you had your own shoe line or you just giving away shoes. Also how could i join the club of giving away shoes with you. My website is down right updating the info on there. My facebook page is

  92. I love both of these shoes, but the nude sandals really would be a sexy yet sweet match to anything someone wants to where. Jeans, summer dress, tanning nude would all work for them. I am hoping I win the shoes to help cheer up my friend at work. Her mother’s passing a year ago has kept her down this whole year. I would love to cheer her up. She is a size 5. (I personally wear a 9 in womens) She is learning to be comfortable in her skin since she was put on antidepressants to deal with the death. I want to help make her feel sexy and ready to conquer the world! You do that for all women regardless of who wins. Thanks for always being woman and proud.

  93. I would love to have either one of these shoes, unfortunately I wear a size 12 which makes it extremely hard to find adorable shoes like yours. I do however have a friend who has just had her last chemo treatment and is due for another surgery next month who loves to wear heels. If I was picked I would give them to her. If you have any suggestions that cater to the larger foot, I’m all ears. You are an amazing woman, thank you for showing the world that real women have curves!

  94. Coco I live all the shoes any pair I would love to win size 6 1/2 hope I win any pair they all are sharp n sexy

  95. COCO, I would really enjoy rockin the white and colorful shoes you are giving away this month!! I would like to show a pair of COCO shoes all over downtown Milwaukee ;). Please pick me ps: you are a babe!! Love, Anastasiya <3 U!

  96. Big follower of your show, these obviously wouldn’t be for me but a surprise gift to my daughter. She’s a very shy girl who also watches all your shows and if need be she’ll DVR any missed shows. You would make a 16 year old very happy and the proudest girl in her school. thanks

  97. I love the brown suede…. so cute and looks comfortable…would very honored if picked to have a pair from ur closet… keep looking fabulous as always

  98. I love them all. I wouldn’t even care which pair. I love shoes but have been a single mom for 13 years so there’s no money for a ton of shoes. I’m a huge fan of yours and it would be nice to just have something….nice.

  99. Hi there, constantly i used to check webpage posts here in the early hours in the dawn, since i love to find out more and more.

  100. I’m lovin your shoes! Sadly, my feet are far to big and I’d never be able to wear your gorgeous shoes 🙁 I’m a big fan of both you and Ice and sure hope to see you guys back on E! doing your show soon. Would love to buy you a drink if I ever make it to your neck of the woods…I know you get that all the time, lol, but I seriously could care less about who you guys are, I always thought you’d be a hoot to hang out with. Love that blinged out laptop! Have a great day.

  101. Omg I can’t believe I have the same shoe size as Coco! Now if only I had your figure! I’ve been on a quest for the Christian louboutin pigalle silver strass pumps for my wedding in May, but sadly I can’t find a used pair of size 6’s anywhere. They’d be the perfect Cinderella slippers for my big day. There’s no way Coco doesn’t own a pair of these blinged out babies. They are just her style. I figured I’d give it a try…

  102. I love shoes but really don’t pamper myself much I’m a mom of four so I’m always putting them first so I sure would love to just win something your always looking beautiful girl

  103. I would just love the pair of shoes with all of the colors in them. They are just AWESOME!!! I am a college student with no funds and look at shoes all the time. I am shorty, just like you are. I not only would I love to have these shoes but I would CHERISH them because they came from you, COCO!!! Your freaking AMAZING and most of all you and ICE are my FAVORITE BEVERAGES!!! LOL It would just be over the top to win something that you had…At any rate your great for even doing this. You are also wonderful for sharing all of your workout information…your so inspirational!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!

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