Jimmy Chow Slingbacks

Pretty in pink. These suede Pink Slingback heels are perfect for a multicolored dress.. Skyhigh 6inch heels are definitely for the advanced high heeled walker, even I had to watch my steps with these beauties.




23 Responses to Jimmy Chow Slingbacks

  1. LOVE IT, can you also model ur feet like heels and soles?

    • I love your shoe’s very Stylish & Classy!!

    • I agree can you post some “nudes” of your feet? For all us foot fetish people out there.

  2. ♡♡Very beautiful & sexy shoes!! ♡♡ I LOVE THEM!! 🙂

  3. I really luv those shoes, very pretty

  4. Luv um luv um luv um

  5. Very cute shoes!!!!

  6. Coco these are also amazing!! I will have these if I don’t get to win the Versace ! Either way I appreciate anything xoxo

  7. I Beyond Love the pink Jimmy Chows. If I had those I would wear them everyday and feel sexy & empowered!

  8. Absolutely love them… Girl you can rock some hot heels!!!

  9. Your shoes are amazing. But I’m a size 8 to bad I can’t participate.
    But I love your shoes 🙂

  10. Coco I ♡ u and ur shoes, I’m your biggest fan, I took a trip to Vegas to watch u perform da peep show in June, 2013, amazing, I was so excited then to notice ur husband seating across from me, I was star struck, Lol.. I also wear a size 6 if u know what I mean, 🙂

  11. Love !!! Sooo love them..girl u got style

  12. I looooooovvvvvvvveeerrr the red spike and black& gold ones;)

  13. You have amazing taste in shoes. I wish I could afford a closet full like you. ! Love you Coco!

  14. Hi Coco! can’t comment on the new shoe give away 🙁 Would love to win the Silver “Micheal Antonio’s”. But don’t know if we Dutchies also have a chance…

  15. Would love to have these… They are so sexy… You have some hot and sexy ass outfits and shoes… Do it!!!

  16. I need these in my life coco!!!! <3 <3

  17. Ahhh l LOVE sling backs nothing sexier they are the ultimate bombshell shoe
    From a fellow blonde bombshell xoxo

  18. Hi beautiful Coco ♥
    These are to die for!! I also have a small foot and it’s hard to find beautiful heels for me. I only have 2 pairs due to being hard to find any. I would totally love these

  19. Were the same size!! Would love to win these heels.

  20. Wow!!!! My favorite color, plus the style is awesome very beautiful.

  21. I just love shoes if i see a pair i like i always buy them even if i have nothing to wear with them! But im in love with these beauts! And they always says if the shoe fits buy them in every color!!

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