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Here are my tips I post weekly on my Twitter @Cocosworld If you would like to view more Workout and Yoga moves visit my Facebook Page Coco. For those that always asked I do have a fitness app for IOS and Apple users skm.me/cww


Fitness Tip #99

Stay flexible throughout life! I’m 36 and I’ve never had a broken bone.I’ve played sports my entire childhood & been very athletic my entire adultlife.(People don’t understand how much a tomboy I was when I was younger.) I give a lot of credit to stretching. Check it out>> http://tinyurl.com/coco-stretch


Fitness Tip #98

This is my secret workout for the TOP of the booty! Check it out>> http://instagram.com/p/ui1p3rhQ8-/?modal=true


Fitness Tip #97

After an aerobic class end your gym workout by getting on treadmill for at least a 15 min jog.It’s hard but push your body!


Fitness Tip #96

I like to take 2 classes a week of any kind like, kickboxing, aerobic, cross fit. Its very motivating to workout w/other people.


Fitness Tip #95

Hit the splits! My sister Kristy is a yoga instructor. She pushes me to do the #AnyBODYcandoyogachallenge so I’m gonna dedicate this tip to yoga. Yoga is a great start to getting into shape. There’s all levels..It’s helps with you physical and mental being.. Give it a try you will see…Check out the split> http://instagram.com/p/snXp3ABQ-T/?modal=true


Fitness Tip #94

Bosu Squats! Good for Booty&Core. Squat & balance on a Bosu ball Get my fitness app Coco’s Workout World on iTunes or apple products > http://instagram.com/p/qMyDYIBQ5r/?modal=true


Fitness Tip #93

A simple handstand can keep your upper body right. Good for toning shoulders & arms…. http://instagram.com/p/pXRB-5BQ0M/


Fitness Tip #92

For my back, I love old school “pull downs”. I’m comfortable with the weight at 110 pounds but I push myself to do more….. http://instagram.com/p/oy28R0hQ5A/


Fitness Tip #91

How I plank…Hold plank for 1 min then stretch 1 arm in air, hold for 1 min then do…then do other side.End with an ab twist for 30 secs…http://instagram.com/p/oywDQpBQ-A/


Fitness Tip #90

The cardio machine I use most is the Treadmill. I sprint then jog for 25 mins at a time about 3 times a week.


Fitness Tip#89

Exercise of the week “Cable Kickbacks” – really lean in & kick high in ankle straps. Low weight high reps. Great for building the top of the butt! (Workout from Coco’s workout world app> :http://instagram.com/p/noe-auhQ2P/


Fitness Tip #88

Sometimes it’s not all about how much weight u lift. Concentrate on form. Get low on them squats! Check it out -> http://instagram.com/p/m5gRvvBQwq/


Fitness Tip #87

Exercise of the week! Ball hand-offs. Great for your core & attacking the middle section. Check it out -> http://instagram.com/p/lfkl_UhQ_l/


Fitness Tip #86

The protein drink I take on the go is Core Power I seriously can’t get enough of the taste.It helps w/ building muscle too!


Fitness Tip #85

Exercise of the week! Ninja Lunges..Get low with this move.Great for the booty! >> http://tinyurl.com/CocoFitness


Fitness Tip #84

Get a sixpack!! Here are some cool moves u can do to get that tummy right.. Also try to fit in at least 3 days of cardio >> http://instagram.com/p/kFxQddBQ9e/


Fitness Tip#83

These inverted situps are no joke… Just try to master 1 >> http://instagram.com/p/jutKxGBQ1b/


Fitness Tip #82

Here’s a some tips on how to get your tummy flat & see some abs http://instagram.com/p/jmdZoVBQ-Q/


Fitness Tip #81

I preach this all the time people.. This is why the scale doesn’t matter.. Maybe the visual will help ya: http://instagram.com/p/i7GM1LhQ_i/


Fitness Tip #80

There are 3 major muscles in your butt u need to build to get that “onion booty”. Here is your basic guide http://instagram.com/p/htofoEBQzm/


Ftiness Tip #79

When it comes to building legs & booty go hard & heavy or go home! #bootypower I use the Smith machine for assisted squats it makes it easier to push more weight.. start off with alittle weight to get the rythym of the movement and slowly move up .. Normally I do 3 sets usually 10 reps with around 70 pounds on each side but every now and then u have to push your limit like I’m doing here.. please don’t try this unless u know what your doing you’ll hurt yourself. http://instagram.com/p/hOTJiLBQ3v/


Fitness Tip #78

I know we hate Planks but do them everyday. Really good 4 your core.Get that tummy right! http://instagram.com/p/gfvnocBQ0E/


Fintess Tip #77

Another trick 2 suppress hunger is try chewing gum. Do it right before lunch & you’ll consume less calories than normal.


Fitness Tip #76

During workouts of any kind will suppress hunger. Make sure u drink a protein shake afterwards 2 keep u full. Thats what I do.


Ftiness Tip #75

Take a class on the cadillac equipment in a Pilates session. Great 4 toning upper body & concentrating on flexibility. http://instagram.com/p/bzpOmSBQ8M/


Fitness Tip #74

tTis machine is great for the Glute Muscles!You put strap around your ankle and kick 20 times to the back then 20 times to the side repeat on other leg do 3 times on each leg. Make sure you kick your leg as high as you can. http://say.ly/Evr5MmO


Fitness Tip #73

Good workout for abs!Prop your body so the tips of toes R on the ball, roll the ball out until body is straight then raise up again. >> say.ly/JaS5Ce0


Fitness Tip #72

Believe it or not but balancing on a ball works the whole body especially legs. Don’t try this by yourself.


Fitness Tip #71

“Kicks Backs” are great for the rear end..I kick high up so it works the top of the booty muscle http://say.ly/UiW5hJR


Fitness Tip #70

Always stretch! It lengthens your muscles..makes u appear longer,even for ppl like me that’s only 5’2… http://say.ly/smh5hJJ


Fitness Tip #69

Try taking a Pure Bar class it’s great for the core and toning.its a mix of dance & fitness moves but no aerobics.


Fitness Tip #68

I’m constantly changing my fitness routine u got to trick your body to get faster.


Ftiness Tip# 67

Concentrate on you upper legs(quads, hamstrings)& it will automatically tone your butt & make u look curvier.


Fitness Tip #66

Get booty & thighs tight by doing Squats that end with a jump. Its easy, squat down low, then jump high. Do 20, rest then repeat.


Fitness Tip #65

Greek yogurt is the bomb and is so good for the bod..I start the day with it!Good when your trying to get rid of body fat.


Fitness Tip #64

Eat lots of Guacamole!!!! I eat lots of Avacodos,they’re so yummy and good for you..its very good for your hair,makes it healthy & shiny”also,makes nails strong.


Fitness Tip #63

Somehow this tip was deleted & honestly I don’t remember what I wrote.Hopefully it will come to me again…


Fitness Tip #62

A short effective cardio workout is to Sprint on treadmill as fast u can for about 2 minute then pull in a jog back for 2 minutes(to catch for breath) then repeat-go for 20 mins…..Its great for your thighs.


Fitness Tip #61

For those that R asking,personally,my cardio regiment consists of 25 min of sprinting on treadmill 3 times a week or I take a Boxing,Zumba,kickboxing, Dance or Body sculpt class.I even take my dogs jogging at the park.I try to confuse my body & not repeat my routine everyday.


Fitness Tip #60

Try out a Power Plate Class.(look for a local class near u maybe google it)It works your whole body but is excellent for the booty.I love it so much I’m gonna get one for home…Its a machine that vibrates lightly while you only workout out on it for 15 minutes to 30 minutes.Just look into it.U won’t be let down.


Fitness Tip #59

I wear a sauna sweatsuit to gym and sweat it out for 30 min on treadmill sometimes. I feel 5 pounds lighter.Its mostly water weight that you loose but its also rejuvenating & detoxifying..Not gonna hurt to try it!


Fitness Tip #58

I don’t diet!I just eat small portions of food though-out the day & don’t eat a lot of sweets.I start the day w/yogurt or oatmeal & Fish oil pills.


Fitness Tip #57

Side-kicking a punching bag is so good for toning the butt & legs..I love how it makes my legs strong..I do 3 sets of 20 reps.


Fitness Tip #56

Protein is key to losing weight & also building muscle.Once a day I drink”NuTek Pro5″ Protein Shake for women.Its really yummy too.


Fitness Tip #55

When u do ab crunches exhale forcefully at the top of the movement. It forces your abs to work harder & you’ll get more definition.


Fitness Tip #54

To work out the top of the butt,lay down (doggie style) with 5 pound ankle weights on & push leg straight out high as possible, hold for 5 seconds, then switch to other leg.


Fitness Tip #53

I walk around the mall to shop in heels because I’m giving my calves & quads (front of thighs) a workout.But put lower comfy heels on.I don’t think of wearing heels as a choir but more of a work-out.


Fitness Tip #52

Lunges Lunges and more Lunges are the best way to keep your butt and thighs tight.I hold 10 pound weights in each hand when I do mine.


Fitness Tip #51

Remember to workout the side of your butt too!.Stand w/ankle weights on,hold on to something like a chair & lift leg high from the side then back, repeat, change legs.


Fitness Tip #50

The only way you’ll see ripped abs is eat less fattening foods.PERIOD! You don’t have to take all fats out just lower your intake of meals alittle .I do ab exercises 5 days a week then top it off 20 min cardio.


Fitness Tip 49#

Ultimate squats!Take medicine ball place n front of u,squat,pick it up,push fast high above your head & slam it down.Do 15 reps,3 sets.


Fitness TIp #48

The smaller you can get your waist to look the more shapely & plump your booty will look.Thats why I always finish my workouts w/ab.


Fitness Tip #47

Take a fish oil pill everyday.Its great 2 boost metabolism, prevents heart disease & cancer,good for muscles.I love it!!I personally take “Ultimate Omega”.You don’t get burps either.


Fitness Tip #46

Take a Power Plate class at your gym.Its a great workout for your whole body.(30 min workout on a vibrating machine).Luv it!


Fitness Tip #45

For special occasions like if u have a wedding or need to get in a bikini..take a water pill a week before..Gets your body little tighter.They’re herbal pills u take to get the excess water weight off ya.They have good ones at GNC or Vitamin Store!


Fitness Tip #44

“Naked” Smoothies R great 4 the first meal of the day.. it has all the fruits u need.1 a day has maintained my weight.There already made drink u can get at the supermarket.


Fitness Tip #42

When workin out your legs DON’T forget calves!This is essentail! Stand,roll up on toes,hold weight for added pressure.Repeat


Fitness Tip #41

I kick a punching bag at the gym 20 times each leg,3 sets.This works the abs & shapes the whole leg.Its good cardio too.


Fitness Tip #40

In order to get in shape fast u have to incorporate weight training and cardio together.Don’t skip one.You’ll burn more calories.


Fitness Tip #39

Abs!Lay down in a sit up position hold medicine ball up in front of u and twist it from side to side..(Good for those muffins tops).


Fitness Tip #38

U may not all agree but for a good fat burner pill try Hdyroxycut. I luv it!


Fitness Tip #37

Adductor/Abductor sit machines are great for strong thighs!Pushing weight outwards works the side of butt so u can get that bubble booty.


Fitness Tip #36

I love leg presses! You have to have nice quads (thighs) to have toned legs.Try these with as much weight u can take.I do 200 pounds.


Fitness Tip #35

A great Ab workout is at the gym get on knees in front of cable machine & pull cable rope down until you curl your body in,hold. Repeat.


Fitness Tip #34

Build a butt by using heavy weights.No sissy weight!!(Like w/squats) Stay away from butt surgery.Hips should have a little jiggle.


Fitness Tip #33

Squat & Kick (kickboxing style) Try kicking to the front & side.But keep your balance.This is very good for the glutes.

Fitness Tip #32

I know this sounds gross but colonics R great 4 getting n shape!I always have the flattest stomach afterwards,plus the pounds u lose.


Fitness Tip #31

Hold your stomach in for a 1 minute then repeat10 times.It works great on the lower abs.I do it while I’m sitting in a car.


Fitness Tip #30

Throw on 10 pound ankle weights when u can!Try it when walkin your dog.This really tones the legs.


Fitness Tip #29

Chai Tea naturally boosts your metabolism.Its also suppresses hunger.At times,I went on Chai Tea diets before modeling contests.


Fintess Tip #28

An aerobic workout will boost your metabolism for hours afterwards.Moving your body will burn the fat off your abs.I love treadmill.


Fitness Tip #27

Wear your high heels around the house,to do errands,vacuuming…Its great for the calves.Thats why I’m in them all day.Its a workout!


Fintess Tip #26

Don’t have time for the gym?Just do this move if any..Hold a squat for a min.Do 3 times & then try adding weights n your hands.


Fitness Tip #25

Stand up while holding on 2 something put on ankle weights & kick back high & hold.Do 10 each leg w/3 sets.Good for the top of butt.


Fintess Tip #24

“Milk really does the body good”.The calcium in it fills you up which makes your body not want 2 snack a lot so a have a glass a day!


Fitness Tip #23

“Windmill” Abs-Stand up & stretch arms out side 2 side,FAST.Do 3 sets of 20.This helps w/the love handles.You’ll feel it the next day.


Fitness Tip #22

To get a nice tush you must build butt muscle.Lounges,Squats and Leg extensions are the best for that!!


Fitness Tip #21

If u want to try a diet pill.I personally loved Hydroxycut.I used to take it & I got super cut but it did make me a little shaky.


Fitness Tip #20

Another great food that speeds up your metabolism is green chili! Mix it up in some eggs & there u have a good protein dish.love it!


Fitness Tip #19

No pain, No gain!! Push yourselves hard and you’ll see much faster results. You got to feel some discomfort after working out.


Fitness Tip #18

Commit 2 work out 2 lose weight.Going 2 the gym once a year is not gonna cut it.Don’t get mad if u don’t see results right away.


Fitness Tip #17

Eat through-out the day.U will actually gain weight if u stop eating.Eat small proportions to keep your metabolism going.Trust me.


Fitness Tip #16

Add 30 min cardio to your workout.I like treadmill & stationary bike.Sprint for 5 min as hard as u can then back off for a min.Repeat.


Fitness Tip #15

I love protein!The more the better.It helps to maintain a proper diet & good for muscle build. Keep in mind protein bars & shakes!


Fitness Tip #14

Squats R the best for your butt.Start with no weight & work your way up to heavy weights.Squat like your gonna sit and lean forward.


Fitness Tip #13

I drink “Super Charge Extreme” for energy & performance before I workout.If I’m not in the mood 2 workout,this puts me in the mood.


Fitness Tip #12

Do boxing punches in the air w/ 5 pound weights. This is not only good for your arms but really good for the side of your Abs.MY FAV!


Fitness Tip #11

Lay down on your back,feet on ground lift your butt hi in the air for 1min intervals.20 timesThis is good for the butt & lower back.


Fitness Tip #10

Leg extentions.Strap a weight around your ankle & lift your leg 2 the side and then to the back.this is so good for the butt cleavage.


Fitness Tip #9

Would you believe if you take your vitamin C everyday it will add 6 years to your life? I take multi vitamins so that should do it.


Fitness Tip #8

Stretching is great!! It lengthens the legs and makes them much more shapely looking. Believe me,I’ve got short legs & it helps me.


Fintess Tip #7

(detox)Get”Hollywood Diet Juice” at Walgreens.U can’t eat for 2 days but u lose weight,cleans u out & taste good.Do this twice a year.


Fitness Tip #6

(Abs)Get in sit-up position & w/ a 5 pound weight move it side 2 side holding w/both hands as you sit half way up, contract muscles.


Fitness Tip #5

(food)Eat Avocados.They make the hair shiny & healthy.There is fat in them but its the good kind,the kind you need.


Fitness Tip #4

Do this at a gym. Use the”Smith machine”2 do deep squats. It workouts the outer thighs, butt & calves. Its what bodybuilders use. I love it.


Fitness Tip #3

(food)Even though Salsa has a lot of sodium(salt)in it, its still good for you. Its speeds up your metabolism.I bet ya didn’t know that!


Fitness Tip #2

Booty Blaster.Take any room & do lunges across it until u can’t anymore. Eventualy hold 5 lb weights.This is so awesome for the legs.


Fitness Tip #1

Do this anywhere- Suck n your stomach(contract)& hold for 1 min,keep breathing. Do this 20 times.Its the opposite of doing sit-ups.


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  1. These tips are fantastic! Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Yeah these are good! especially if you’re just starting and dont really know what to do. lol 🙂

  3. Great tips Coco!!! You are so pretty!!! But how do you keep your waist so small?

    • yeah you have an extremely small waist do you diet all the time Coco, if not what is the best exercises for this

  4. Thank you so much for the tips.

  5. Thanks for the tips Coco, these are very helpful and ones you normally don’t get from people.

  6. colonics? i’ve always wondered about them. I think i want to try one.

    • Hi,yes there good when I have the time>I always feel skinny for some reason afterwards..If you try it let me know how it goes!! Coco,xoxo

      • Hi,coco I’m Spanish and Irish,5″9 and was born with a booty like yours but I also did some modeling. but I was told so many bad things about my butt i stoped. I have always and do still get made fun of. I was in to lifting weights but my butt got bigger and was made fun of so much i stopped now since hearing and seeing you I feel better I want to work out now even if my butt gets bigger. I can’t wait to try the tips here on your blog. Thank you for being you. J.M.G Chandler Az

        • Thats wonderful..Don’t be ashamed I went through it for years and now its a trend..Good luck girl!!

  7. Thank’s Coco! I always read your blog and a very big thank you for the butt tips, how to built a nice butt! What can i say, it works!!

  8. Coco you make it sound so easy to do and in your spare time that you can get it done just do it and make the time for it thank you so much i am going to work on it today i am happy to have found your website

  9. I love your body and you seem to have a very nice personality,It is also nice to see that you give tips to girls who want to improve their curves 🙂

    For me…you are an inspiration

    keep it up and merry Christmas<3

    / Louise

  10. I have donen you squats in heels and omg does that work you really can feel every muscle in you booty. That was a great tip. Do you have any tips for celulite on back of legs.

    • Hi Hon…Not really,celulite is hard to get rid of.I love the treadmill.I feel that helps alot….xoxo

  11. Hey Coco do you have any tips on how to lose the rolls in your back…. I want an arch in my back without the rolls

  12. great tips! thanks coco!

  13. Thanks coco for the fitness tips. I just some squats in my living room now i see why they give you a nice toned ass. I did 20 and my ass hurts

    • OMG! Thats funny.I love it! Go girl!

  14. Hi, Coco
    I have to say that you are amazing and you look great. I am 5’2 and am looking to lose some weight and tone up. I think that it would be absolutely great if you would do a WORKOUT VIDEO. Touching on all of the key points mentioned above. I garantee you they will fly off the shelves. I’ll be the first to buy one :). I need all the help I can get.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Yes,trying to finish one but my schedule has been jammed packed..Hopefully in the near future! Thanks Hon!! xoxo

  15. I think you should do work out videos you have a great body and its all because of hard work.

  16. Thank you so much CoCo, I am motivated and inspired by you so much! I have work to do!

  17. can you leave more tips please!! also how do you remain “thick” without any cellulite? and such a skinny waist 🙂

  18. Great tips Coco! I’m a High Heel kind of Girl. The taller the better! Definitely adds height to my 5’3″ frame, gives my calves a great workout & gives my bootie a good lift! I’m using some of your workout tips to maintain my recent 65 lb weight loss! We have a similar body frame (everything except the boobs) LOL! Love your show. Hope to meet you as you give us curvy women a voice & visual in the public eye…. xo

  19. It’s so nice to see another woman with curves. I am 5’3, 140 and curvy. You’ve given me incentive to get working out and make the most of my curves. With all the “stick skinny” models and actresses in our faces every day, it’s hard to feel attractive if a woman has curves. I plan on heels everyday, working out, and taking some of your tips. Yay Coco! Thanks for everything you do to inspire us!

  20. These tips are amazing! Thank you Coco! <3

  21. I just want to say you should do a workout video Coco!!!!!! You look amazing and I love your new show!!!!

  22. Hi Coco,
    You have so many great tips will you be making a workout video soon?

    • Hopefully yes…

  23. Thankyou Coco you give us girls w/ curves a name & ur rite the exercises do work….#teamfit&curvy=)

  24. hi hun, do you use any particular brand of water pills? i’ve never taken them before, so i wanna know which ones you use :]

    • I’ve taken shredded and Lazix

  25. Thanks for creating a tips section! You totally read my mind, I was going to request it.

  26. i love that you are a real person. i love you on your show. you take care of your man first, from what i’ve seen on reality tv that doesnt happen alot, p.s. how do you keep your waist sooooooo small??

  27. Coco first off, love Ice loves Coco. I even have my fiancee telling me when your on. I.m not in as good shape as you are, but I.m going to put your advice into action. I’ll get back to you and let you know how I”m m doing (can’t wait til sunday)!

  28. Hey CoCo…Love your show!
    And your Blog.
    I had to chuckle, when I read tip # 22 for those great butt muscles. Lounges is what I would do…But I bet it’s Lunges that makes yours so awesome! 🙂

  29. My adore you!!!!! You spice up my life : )

  30. Coco if you want to try the best meal replacement shake around that makes you feel full and gives you all the protein and vitamins in one glass that you need. Check this out: http://myshakeology.com/NBNFitness
    I’d love to send you some samples if you think it would be something you like. You are amazing, Tue/Thur are my favorite Twitter days to follow you 😉

  31. Hi…CoCO…first luv you….and love the fact your parents talked and took off in the night…I would love to get the shirt that says licious…on it…i couldnt find it…Im going to try the hollywood diet see how that goes …going on a cruise…ciao bella

    • Hi…Yes,i realized that that T-Shirt is not on my site and I’m working on it now….Check out Liciousclothing.com in a week and it should be there…xoxo

  32. Coco, I’ve been a Personal trainer for 17+ years and have been wanting to be a massage therapist too but kept putting it off. When I heard that you were not only a trainer but had your license as a massage therapist, I went out the next day and enrolled in school for massage therapy! Thanks for kicking me in the butt! I live in Palm Springs, CA-any chance of you coming this way?? I would love to meet you! I watch your show all through the week!! 🙂

  33. OMG.. coco I love ur fitness tips they’re awesome.. I’m working on building my better booty as we speak lol cause ive got a lil one and I want one like urself. Love u doll!

  34. Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  35. Hey Coco. Really appreciate your tips. I’m having trouble trimming my waistline. Do you have any tips for working out this area? Thanx coco:)

    • Maybe wear a tummy wrap when you work out under your clothes..its sweats you out even more in this area

  36. I’m not over weight w
    but curvy and mid 30’s. I have severe cellulite. Any tips? ????

    • Turn up the cardio the older ya get the harder u have to workout..try classes like boxing or dance classes

  37. Thanks for the fitness tips, I am working on the small waist to have the illusion that my butt is bigger!

  38. Coco you need to make a workout dvd!

  39. Thank U soooooooo much for the tips. I was praying Id find something like this. My hubby and I watch your show faithfully. Can’t wait for the new season!!
    Im 38, I use to cheerlead in HS and college, but too old for that now. hahah. I have always been a thick girl. Had a few kids and want to tone it back up.
    Any suggestions on getting rid of back CHUB/rolls?? lol
    I have a nice size booty, but if the rolls were gone, it would REALLY POP!!!

  40. I forgot to add that I use to work at a gym and had free membership when I was younger, So my body was looking GOOD..
    When I moved out of the area there wasnt a gym for me to join. So now Ive gotten out of shape and plan to work out at home. No time for gym right now.
    Love ya!

  41. If you want you can have a piece of my legs. (Miss 2 tall). Is there a way to learn to love streching??? I hate it.

    How’s Spartacus doing by the way. Absolutely in love with him. <3

    • Haha..very cute..I love stretching because it was inbedded in my head going to dance class when I was little.I learned to love it.Its feels good! Spart is awesome.He’s my little man…I mean dog..LOL..xoxo

  42. COCO I LOVE YOU!!!!
    I just bought the golds gym waist trimmer/wrap at walmart.. I wore it at work today and it was AWESOME!! Sweated my Azz off.. (Well actually my Stomach). I never sweat when working out. THAT WAS AN AWESOME TIP!! can’t wait to use it while taking walks and actually working out!!! Ill keep you posted on the progress. is there someplace I can send before, during and after photos or something?? IM SO MOTIVATED.. THANK U SO MUCH FOR THE MOTIVATION.. MUAH~BESOS!!! (and smoochies to Spartacus too)

    • Yes!! send to this blog address thats so great!

  43. OK sorry to bother you, but I was trying to find the Super charge extreme & I cant find where its sold. I looked at GNC website and various stores But its not there. looks like you can only buy online @ bodybuilders.com?? is this true?

    • Yes,thats where i bought it but there are other pre-workout drinks that are goo too

      • OK I found it..It was at GNC. I was looking for it by the name super charge, not the manufatures name “labrida”.. 🙂 When I searched it by Labrida, it came up.Thanx again for your help. Also there are a few different emails associated with the Blog. which Do I send to for before, during and after pics? Don’t want to send to wrong one… Thanx a bunch

  44. Coco, which hydroxycut did you use? I’m interested in trying but they have soo many different types.

    • I did the Hydroxycut”Max” but hear the one for the woman is good too..haven’t tried it though

  45. Hi Coco,my name is Tara, my hubby an I are big fans of your show ,U are so pretty ,an we love the relaitionship that u an Ice share. I would like to thank u for posting some of your tips,Im trying them all.

    • I’m just sttaring to get back into shape and this ab workout feels really good!!! I only did one set, but next time I plan to do the second set I’m sweatin too Karena!

  46. WOW COCO!!! I have to be honest, I am soooo busy I do not get much me time, but I just came across the reality show a few weeks ago and have watched it ever since. I can REALLY relate to you and the clothes fitting issues for us CURVALICIOUS women, LOL. I am 31 and 5’9″ with long legs, DD’s, and as we call it here in the south a cornbread booty with the waist (although flattering) can be impossible to dress it to accommodate my larger assets. I have done everything I know to get my clothes to fit me right and I am lovin’ the new clothes line, I can not wait for more to arrive. Everything goes so well with all the heels I get from shoedazzle. I just wanted to say thanks for helping out the “OTHER” women. Oh and thanks for all your tips! Holla from your new biggest fan.

  47. Hey coco I was just curious like can u spot train?like pick what areas u want to increase the fat?I want thicker thighs and a plumper rounder behind.I have hips and I use to have a big booty but not anymore.what do u recomend as far as protein drinks/shakes and workouts and how often?

    • I used do just weight train but now I do that and more cardio it burns the fat faster..I don’t really pefer a certain shake..I try all of them ..and I try to have at least one a day skip the weekends..I workout 3 times a week for 1 hour 40 mins on weights 25 on cardio…Hope this helps some

  48. Coco….love the website. You are a true woman whose behavior and success are worthy of emulation.
    TC, holly :).

  49. I was wondering if you ever had to GAIN weight, at any point in your life? Like, maybe back when you were younger and did the body competitions? If so, do you have any tips??

    • I just drank protien drinks..its good for muscle gain

  50. Hey coco..Emulation meant you are a great role model..I tried to use a big word.. lol. I just looked it up..it.s says jealous rivalry. Total Opposite of what I meant. Sorry about that.

  51. I Love You so much. your so awsome! these tips really work, my butt is bigger and i get so many complements. thanks for taking the time to give us ladies some tips to embrace our curves.

  52. I think my butt gettin’ big….. Thanks girl. Happy Holidays.

  53. Omg how did u get that v at the top of your ass like that is it natural. Im a black girl with a butt but i want it to be rounder and plump any tips for that:-)

    • Yes,that V is natural I always thought everybody had one then I realized they don’t so people think my butt is fake because they rarely see it.. but I love squats that helps it get rounder..You just got to squat deep….Love Coco xoxo

  54. Hi:
    I just booked marked your webs in to my MacBook after watching your reality show.
    I like how sexy and confident you look, and its good that at least on famous person wants to keep it real.
    Meaning that you show the real deal, because today everybody wants to look thing, and they are not realizing the damage they do to their body.
    I am merriend, a mother of two great children, and I am a KIOKUSHIN KARATE instructor, and I can tell you that I look much better now in my 35 that I did before.
    Just by eating properly, and exercising.
    Thank you

  55. dear coco i hear that all vixens, hip hop models, and butt models. dont just workout but also have a huge appitite which gives them a thick body. what would you recomend i eat so i can gain weight

    • eat or drink protein..chicken and protein shakes are my favorite

  56. Great tips, time to tone up dat booty. Thanks girl, love your show 🙂

  57. dear coco
    love u!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m a curvy girl also. i’m 5’2″ 41 /32/40 sooooo how do i get my waist smaller? i go to the gym and work . also work out at home. obtw i am 63 yrs old and i can do 150 mens push up!!!!!!!!!


    • Cardio! Cardio Cardio..Also fat burners have worked with me too!

  58. Coco,

    Love the work out tips. Have you ever considered just giving some of your suggestions on youtube or an actual DVD. Some of the suggestions I’m trying to picture. Thanks again for your tips! Trying to tighten the “toush” after my baby girl recently!

    • I have yes..I just need a little more time on my hands.Also,I think I’m finally gonna finish my workout video this year so stay tuned!! xoxo

  59. Hey Miss Lady, how are you? Hope you are well & blessed! First off, my man & I love the show! Ice & yourself, remind us a lot of our relationship <3 Thanks for inspiring us even more 😀
    Question, I know you're busy & I haven't had a chance to read everything on here yet, but……from what I can see, you & I are very similar as far as body type goes. I am also 5ft, 2, & I've always had a small waist, big hips, big butt, but not as much chest as I'd prefer :/ Never can find pants that fit. Always too long of legs, too big of waist, & not enough room in the hips & butt. Always looks like I'm wearing an untied garbage bag at the top! It's tight in the butt & thighs, but the fabric sticks straight up at the top & never touches my waist! Belts are very uncomfortable with all of the bunched up fabric. Can't wait to try your jeans one day!
    Problem: In order for me to get my butt & chest where I like them, I have to gain weight, but I don't like getting the belly & fatter arms with it (much less cellulite), so I'm in search of a happy medium. However, I've been exercising at home in the meantime. I can't afford a gym membership at the moment, & it's hard with my 3 year old son, so I've been using all the exercise equipment that I've collected over the years & never tried until now! 😛 It seems to be a good workout, but I don't think I'm getting the results I really want 🙁
    I am 36 & before I had my son, I always had muscle definition with firmness, no matter if I worked out or not. I also used to lift weights back in high school & college. Now that I've had my son, the relaxin, that your body produces to loosen you up for delivery……has loosened me up a little too much! Never had this looseness before – looks like melted jello under a sheet! So I'm trying to get my legs & butt shaped back up. I want to get my butt lifted high again, more rounder, especially in the middle, & more of my curves in the hips again like it all used to be. The exercises I'm doing with the toning bands, seem to be taking my butt away & my hips! I seem to be getting a square shape now, instead of the hourglass shape I'm used to! And my butt is getting firm, but only in the places that didn't need it! Ugh! I'm a mess!
    SOS! What do I do? I can't lose my Pot of Gold! I know my options are slim without the gym equipment & leg presses I love, but surely there must be something I can do at home besides squats & lunges & all of the other things I do? And if the Bun & Thigh workout with resistance bands is really making me square, do I need to stop that ?
    I printed off your fitness tips, but is there any other info you can offer me to get my backyard, waist & thighs shaped back?! I need my arms thinner too, but want to keep the muscle. I hold a lot of water weight at times 🙁
    Well, sorry this was long. I didn't see anywhere else to contact you & I know you are busy, but if you find a moment & don't mind, I would appreciate your input. Thanks! Have a fabulous day! It's nice to know of someone else whom I know can relate to all of this! Until J-Lo, I felt alone, but now I have you 😉

    Love & Blessings

    • Hey hon,I hate to say it but as we age it just gets harder..for me once I hit 30 I had to up the ante with cardio..Cardio is EVERYTHING! you have to move your body to where your almost out of breath for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week..I took up boxing cause it moves the whole body..Can you get some ankle weights and walk a mile in your neighborhood? Try that! Coco xoxo

      • Hey, Thanks for your time! I appreciate that. I know you are very busy. Yes, I was ok with fitness until after I had my son at 33. Damn that Relaxin!
        Yes, I was thinking of getting some new ankle weights, as I had some old ones that I threw out. If you feel that will help me get my butt lifted back up and shaped, I will do it, because sadly, the DVD I’m using, seems to be taking it away I do my own things as well, but nothing beats the legs presses and calve curls at the gym! Guess I’ll get some weights and put my son in his stroller and walk it out!
        BTW, hope you’re feeling better. I felt your frustration during the 2nd episode, this season. I have all of the same symptoms as yourself, but blood pressure is always normal. I have been tested for many things, but still no answers. Going for the next round on Wednesday. Hope you can find some peace of mind soon and get better! Prayers are with you, Sweet Lady! <3

      • I love that you said that… I’m 35 and have been into weights A LOT more the past 3 years. I’ve tapered off the cardio, and while my butt is bigger-in a good way- I need more cardio BACK into my routine. Thanks for your feedback on the suppliments- I have found a happy medium with a fat burner, multi-vitamin, and fish oil. Have a great day! P.S. I also go by Coco in my family…my little brother gave me that nickname when he was about 10 years old! xoxox

  60. Hi Coco,
    I’m fit and workout at least twice a day (Marine Corps officer training) and I read ALL kinds of fitness tips,I especially LOVE yours because you’re straight forward and add a little personal touch to it. Since we all get to see how busy you are its great that you posted these because you show that IT IS possible to workout and get everything else accomplished. Thank you and I love you and your show! Awesome work girl! Keep it up and stay humble! 🙂

    • Yes,its super hard but I love my dedicated fans so that’s why I try to make time for them..thanks for the love…xoxo

  61. Hi CoCo! I just wanna say that I know you get soooo many comments every day from girls that look up to you and Im sure you hear the same things over and over…. But you are TRULY an inspiration to me! Your relationship with Ice reminds me so much of my own relationship with my man! And I too have an english bulldog and his name is Bugsy ha ha! He’s my love! But ya you remind me so much of myself! I have to admit that I had’nt started following what’s up with you and Ice until the show and I cant miss an episode! I love it!!! I don’t have many friends…. well I don’t have any friends because I just think that it’s so hard genuine girlfriends and it’s sad because when I have a friend, I am the bestest friend to that person…..and I bet you make a great friend too! You seem like you have a great heart! Keep up the good work mama you look great!!! Thanks for the tips as well it’s so nice of you to share the things that make you successful!

    • Thanks that’s really sweet of you..Who needs friends if you have your baby,Bugsy..LOL Yes,good friends are hard to come by.. Glad I have ya!! Smile..xoxo

  62. Thanks for the tips, love the website, Big fan of you and ice! Absolutely luv the show, You’re a very nice person!

  63. hi coco i love ur look i have a big booty too n use too have a lil waist but i have two kids so its not the same how could i get my waist back fast n flat stomach fast i want a nice body for may could u help me if not its ok thanks for the tips hope to hear from u:)

    • You can change a little of your diet but honestly you got to move the body somehow to lose the fat,They’ll see… xoxo

  64. Hey CoCo, I’m trying to gain weight in my butt, hips and thighs but I DONT want a muscle butt or thighs lol, Im 5’1 and I want thickness and meat to my lower half..suggestions??

    • Gotta lift them weights girl to get muscle..also protien is good…xoxo

  65. HI COCO, I recently purchased a waist trimmer belt,& dumbbells & I’ve ben doin my squats with ankle weights. My goal is to lose my muffin top& arm fat while building my booty. I’m 5’9 & 206lbs. I’ve seen a nutritionist to adjust my eating to a better lifestyle. I need to round my booty on the top & sides. What do u suggest. My booty got a little giggle & fat at my cheeks but its minima.l I’m also doin the slim in 6 workout dvd. I would appreciate n e advice. I love your body & want to feel the same about mines. Thanks in advance. ;0)

    • Cardio,Cardio Cardio..I’ve noticed so much of a difference when i stepped it up a bit..I do treadmill everytime I go to the gym 25 min at least

  66. hey coco, I am a curvy girl like you but after my kids my body isnt where i want it to be.What kind of workouts do you use to get your waist so small i would love to know.

  67. Awesome tips Coco! You ROCK! I will be trying the butt shaping tips pronto!!! … hope to see results very soon!

  68. I absolutely love your site. Can’t wait for your DVD to drop!!! I I have yet to see the show but saw you on Wendy Williams show and was like WOW!! You are truly an inspiration. Thanks for being so transparent. I have already started using some of your tips. So excited to see the BEAUTIFUL change in my body. Destination ~ FIT and FIERCE : )

  69. Hi coco. U actually took a picture w one of me & my sisters friends at cantina Laredo in AZ. My sister used to work there but anyways u probably know this but youre beautiful n I’m 5’2 and my biggest complaint daily is my lower belly pudge but I’m not into any diet pills at all but in getting married in October n I wanna be in super great shape I just am so dumb when I get to the gym w my fiance I usually just hit the elliptical n work out. What can I do w mu diet that doesn’t cost a fortune p.s. I take fish oils

    • Try switching it up when you do cardio..Your body gets use to the same routine and it will be hard to lose weight…Also maybe try less carbs more protein

  70. Hi Coco,
    in about 2 weeks I will be giving birth to baby girl. After labor and a few weeks of rest I plan on following all your tips. I’m 18, and I want to be a fit and healthy mom. Do you have anymore tips I could follow, like food wise?

    • Congrats,how exciting…Eat less carbs more protien.I love chicken..yum..and get on that cardio girl! you can do it…xoxo

  71. Hi Coco, You are such a inspiration. I watch your show all the time I never miss it. I have been going through some pretty bad times. and now after reading your suggestions to others I am now going to start taking better care of me. I have started walking 5miles a day at a local outdoor track.. I want to start working out w/ weights we have plenty. My man keeps buying them every time he see’s them on Craigslist.. I know there are no real fast weight loss solutions… I do eat only veggies and fish. My problem is my guy he never stops eating junk food and he is skinny anyway he knows I cannot control myself when it comes to eating sweets I had asked him to respect me and please don’t have these items in the house. he tells me to get over it. He also comes home w/ pizza and drive thru foods. I am constantly in tears over my weight I put on 50lbs and having a bad time taking it off. I work out while he is working then as soon as he gets home it all goes down hill. I don’t know what I should do I have even started having thoughts of leaving him so that I can get healthy.. What would you do? By the way we have been together for 17yrs not married. Crazy right..

    • Take control of yourself..If there’s sweets around u take a bite or so and move on..Get stuff in the house that you like and don’t worry about what he’s eating..Also change up your cardio your body will get used to the same routine and you won’t lose weight..Coco xoxo

  72. COCO*
    PLEASEE come out with a build your butt DVD !! (when you have time :D) . Im 18 years old and wanting to be in magazines just like you did, so if you have any good tips on how to get into the business PLEASE sharee !! You are completely my inspiration and motivation girl !


    • I’m trying to…. Hopefully it we’ll be out this year..cross fingers…Love Coco xoxo

  73. Hi Coco, Thanks for the advice.. I cant wait till you come out with your DVD… a must have…and I have to say THANK YOU for keeping it real to your fans..

  74. Hey coco I just wanted to say you have a nice body and if i follow your tips can I get mine like yours ? I’m only 17 though lol

    • Great thanks keep up the good work..it pays off..xoxo

  75. Hey Coco… I’ve been working on my lower half by doing different squats, lunges and heel ups(usually with about 100 lbs +\-)….I can’t seen to target the center of my butt that’s where I’m flat what moves can I do to get that more round?….#dedicated to the pain.

    • You have to work all 3 butt muscles..The top,the side and the middle to see results..xoxo

  76. Hello I’m gonna start these tips I’m 170 and mostly booty and thighs 🙂 I’m kind of insecure but I’m a beautiful biracial 21 year old and see you makes me focuse on my tooshy 🙂 I hope you and ice have many beautiful biracial babies!!!

    • Thats excellent..Go for it!! I support ya!! xoxo

  77. Coco your so strong I would love some relationship talks I know it’s weird trying to communicate from not knowing someone only from reading these through a website can you please email me sometime this is not a weirdo I promise on my lilttle baby girl.
    Sincerely Kierra Hunter

    • Hi..I love my women fans.I don’t find ya weird ..I’ve just had one crazy guy but out of 100’s that write in thats nothing…xoxo

  78. Hi Coco, once I saw that ‘truth’ about your butt, I had to find your tips, thanks for posting!!

  79. I can’t wait to follow your tips and see how my body can improve..do you know how long it will take me

  80. Is there any way I can keep my thick legs and loose belly fat without sweating out my boobs? Im 21 and have been considering breast enhancement pills. My dream is to end up on Hustler magazines:). I have the heart, the height, the legs. Just the belly needs alot of work. Do u also recommend any scar removal treatment? My body has to be perfect 😀
    loveyou Coco <3

    • Wow a lot of questions there…first you can’t get rid of sweat sometimes I put a tissue under my boobs..LOL never tried enhancement pills….3rd you got to burn the fat off the belly & also eat a little cleaner….4th there’s laser treatments for scars.Check it out..Finally why don’t you try a different mag to start off with… Thanks the comment….Coco xoxo

  81. Saw you for the first time on Andy Cohen’s show a couple days ago. I wasn’t really sure what to think, but one thing I was dumbfounded/amazed by was how many pics of your T’s looked like your A and vice versa! My life is probably the complete opposite of yours- I’m a 30 yr old mother of 2 and just completed my Masters in Elem. Education. I wear khaki’s, cardigans, and ballet flats daily (haven’t bought a pair of heels in 5 yrs). But for some reason, I now have a Coco crush. I’m making it my mission to get a coco booty!! Spent 1hr in the gym today and buying ankle weights too! Thanks for being a random source of motivation for me.

    • Haha..Your message made me laugh and smile..Thank you.I was actually surprised myself when I saw the T&A test too on the Andy Show.I even got confused..Love how your in the gym too.Your gonna feel so good about yourself.Hey,you might even want to get into some heels too…hint/hint.LOL.Actually whatever makes you feel comfortable..On the DL I’m getting into ballet flats myself..Its great dog park wear..Thanks for the crush…xoxo

  82. Hi Co Co! Thanks for all the fitness tips! I am a naturally skinny girl and even after a baby I can’t keep any weight on me. I know that at 5’3 105 I may not get the butt you have but I want to build the best one for me. My Hubby is deployed with the Army and my goal is to have a bigger butt and legs when he comes home in Aug. I will definitely try your tips for building the butt any suggestions on tasty protein shakes and bars? Thanks in advance for your help!

  83. Great tips Coco! I am definitely going to try all of the booty building and leg workouts! My husband is deployed with the Army right now and will be back in Aug. It is my goal to have a bigger butt and better legs when he comes home. I am naturally skinny even after a baby I am only 5’3′ 105 lb.Do you recommend any particular brand of protein shakes and bars so that I can put on some weight? I have tried boost and ensure i just don’t like the taste. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Try NuTek’s Pro5 for women it tastes yummy..I don’t even like chocolate and the chocolate is great..Try it…xoxo

  84. You are such an inspriation to me, I am a thick girl but I love being thick I think it’s sexy and healthy and seeing you just keeps me going. I am 15 and I plan on using your work out to get in shape and stay in shape, I also want to use some of the products you mentioned, how can I convince my parents that they are safe? Also about how long does it take to see results? I’m looking for at least some results before June, is it possible?

    • Thanks for the comment girl! Actually all the products I mention are safe.I either get them at GNC or Vitamin Shop.Remember,I have to be careful because I was born with high blood pressure so whatever i take I’m careful.I tell my fans because the stuff I talk about works for me and I like to share.. Good luck! xoxo

  85. Hi coco! Thanks for the tips. How often do you tan and do you use a specific self tanner?


    Ps: you are beautiful!

    • I tan once a week,that includes a tanning session at Hollywood Tans then right after I Mystic tan..If I tan at home I use Lancome…xoxo

  86. hi coco…how do you keep your wait thin do you use a corsette or issit just abs workout…? maybe working out with a corsette will help with getting a small waiste for a more plump booty like you said…..thanks for the tips girl..xx

    • We’ll I have to give the most credit to my mom,she has a small waist too..But yes.I do abs every single time I go to the gym…xoxo

  87. Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

  88. Hi Coco,

    Question about heels. What if you don’t wear them or are not used to them? What do you recommend for that? I want to start wearing heels but I don’t want my feet to hurt. What size do you recommend to start with and to workout with? Do you get to a point where your feet don’t hurt in them or get used to wearing them all the time?

    Thanks and hope you feel better with the blood pressure.

    God Bless:)

    • Hello..This is a toughie because I took ballet class when I was younger so my feet are used to being on its toes also my feet really don’t tired unless I’ve been walking in them all day but I give my feet breaks…I would suggest getting low heels to start off with maybe like 2 inchs or even little wedge shoes because they’re easy to walk in and slowly get them higher but if your comfortable with the low ones stick with them,no pressure..Start walking around at home in them like make a meal in the kitchen or something,just get used to the feel before going out in public..2ndly try calve stretches and work-out calve muscles at the gym..Hope this helps..xoxo

  89. Ahhhh coco me and my boyfriend just started watching your show “icetlovescoco” and I’m in aw about how wonderfull your body looks …. My boyfriend calls me mini coco minus the blonde hair … Lol but my belly needs work I look forward to ur tips helping …well keep u updated!!!!! Btw <3 Spartacus

    • Right on!!! you got to step your cardio game up to lose the belly fat….xoxo

  90. Coco I have a really big butt and I want to know how to keep it tight and firm lol n i know you say to wear high heels but I get tired in them really fast ! And suggestions?

    • Try to put gel pads in them..also try lower heels at first…xoxo

  91. Hi coco I’m 24, 5’1 and curvy but have a little tummy bulge. I Am getting married in September and have been working out 5 days a week and have yet to see results after diet change and 3 months of working out. I am starting to feel defeated, any tips or motivational words ?

    A simple girl with a little love for coco pink 😉

    • Take hydroxycut or a diet pill to suppresses hunger it also boost metabolism

  92. Hi coco! I was wondering, how long does it take for exercise results to show?

    • You got to stick with it..your body changes with out knowing it..probably at least a month

  93. COCO, Justin Timberlake wrote “bringin sexy back” about you, I know he did. I’m 26 and a single mother, I’ve always struggle w/ ups and downs in my weight. I’m currently 190, just lost 15 and have 30 or so to go. You are an inspiration to every woman, thick or thin! You remind me of Marilyn! What a woman’s body should look like. Thank you for just being you and trying to help others! Ice is one lucky man! You’re a realistic-ish role model for women and girls. I mean your crazy sexy but also seem laid back and down to earth even when you’re al dressed up! <3 YOU! <3 KL!!!

    • AW girl just think of yourself as healthy..Thin is not in in my book!! Keep up the fabulous work!! Proud of ya.I know its hard work…Thanks for the cute letter..xoxo

  94. hey coco im from the uk.. do you no if i can get the pills, smoothies ect in england??
    thanks for the tips 🙂
    also what lipgloss and lipstick do you use? xx

    • Hi!No,I don ‘t but you can get the pills online just google it.. I wear MAC lipliner and gloss together.I try all the pinks..xoxo

  95. Hello CoCo. I was wondering how do you keep the cellulite off your thighs? I’m just starting to workout, and may I add that it is hard work, but I kow the results will pay off. –

    • I have to say I’m not completely cellulite free..You always have some..But the more you build muscle the less you see..Also ya got yo step it up in the cardio department…

  96. I was wondering if you can give some examples in how to build a butt. I have always had a nice shape from my hips(hour glass) but after the kids (3) I’m now haveing to lose weight. One thing I noticed is that my butt is now wide and flat!! No bueno!!! Any advice would be great!:)

    • Yes,if its flat you have to build muscle to fill it in..Try protein shakes and squats

  97. Also tips for how to square off shoulders would be great- I feel like mine go are rounded. It reminds me of the penguin from batman! Lol no bueno! Lol

    • wow I’ve never been asked that before..Sculpt your shoulders by pressing free weights up in the air..try to go as heavy as possible

  98. Thanks CoCo for the advice on the shoulders and build a butt! I will incorporate those techniques starting tomorrow! Your the best!

  99. So; I started today with the shoulder and butt techniques – I also did some cardio; which were basketball drills; pushups and some running. well all I can say Is “OUCH” lol I feel so sore lol- needless to say I am way out of shape!!! 🙁 its ok – “Fly and Fit, Jenn” I can do this -day – 1 is done!

  100. HEY COCO! So i have a question regarding the NutekPro5 for women. I kind of have your shape (small waist, really big butt) but my butt and thighs are kind of jiggly. I wanted to know if the protein supplement can help tighten those areas up, as well as make my waist even smaller? What do you recommend?
    PS: I am so grateful that you’re sending out the message that you can be fit and healthy without having to be “skinny”. 🙂

    • Yes,Protein is good with all body types..It actually helps with fat.. The NutekPro 5 has vitamins too..but you also have to workout to get smaller waist

  101. Hi CoCO… first off i love u! i have a question ive always been skinny but i always had a butt i just had a baby and it seems to have lost its shape. I want to make sure im not losing any weight during this process but i want to build my butt big. What size weights how many pds should i use?

    • Depends on what you can take..You usually want to feel the burn after 15 reps..If you you don’t go up in weights

  102. Hey CoCo I have been doing a lot of glute exercises but idk if there working I do feel like my butt cheeks are burning lol u think that means its working?

    • YES!!! Burn is great!It means your doing the job..If I don’t feel it the next day that means I have to push harder….xoxo

  103. Hi Coco!! I’m a huge fan, love your show and all your work. I’m a young, single & hardworking mom of two so I really thank you for the tips since I don’t have a ton of time to work out 🙂 I think that you should seriously consider looking into herbalife, as an independent distributor for the company I’ve witnessed many successes without having to put these crappy supplements in your body. Research and see for yourself and if your interested, you can sign up with me as your sponsor getting a 25% discount and work your way to 50%….its a great source of extra income as well and it feels great to help other people losethe weight that they dream of & in a healthy way. I know money isn’t an issue but still any way to save is great in my eyes 🙂 If not I’m still a huge fan and will always love you and your work. God bless you, your family, & especially your new grandbabies!!!!

    • Thanks girl but right now I may sign with a supplement company and I can’t be attached to any others ..But thanks for letting me know….xoxo

  104. Coco why r you so nice to everyone, that’s what I love about you me and my mother watch your show all the time and she says now coco that’s a real woman shes no fake. I think your real also ice T is a very lucky man. I hope I can be the woman that you are(: wish you the best in everything you do <3 oh yea and your tips are great!

    • Thanks..Ice tells me that I’m too nice..Its my downfall at times..xoxo

  105. Any tips for strengthening the lower back CoCo? I have a lot of back pain from working in the nursing field for almost 5 years. Doctors have mentioned I need to strengthen my back.

    • I would recommend stretching..Ice has problems too and I try to stretch him out..He says it helps him…xoxo

  106. Hello Coco,
    I am trying to get my butt and legs like yours. What do I need to do. I really hate squats but I know that is one of the things that I have to do. I want to have those legs that may my hubby be like DAMN girl come over here.

    • I started as a dancer when I was 6 and its help sculpt my legs..Maybe try that? Also I side-kick a punching bag it makes your legs strong …xoxo

  107. You are such a lovely person. You and Ice are so sweet together. Thanks for the tips, I am trying to build some more muscle on my butt and hope this works.



  108. Hi CoCo,
    I want your advise, i have always been too skinny, im 31yrs old, 2 kids 5’8 & 110Lb. I have no hips and no butt, I read your advise on how to get a bigger rounder butt but what about getting a wider or bigger hip? I want to have curves and im lacking on that part of my body. HELP……

    • Hey girlie..you need to think protein..that will help you get thicker,meaning to build lean muscle..that’s what you need to build a butt.. It sounds like you don’t have an athletic body type so it will be a little harder for you but its possible….Good Luck

  109. Thanks for the advice, I just purchase the protein NuTek Pro 5 plus the vitamins hopefully those with the exercise you recommend I get to see good results. Lol.. Thanks again Muah!!!

  110. Hi coco, love your ass! Im curious How much lbs do u squat/lunge? I’m 5’8, 34-25-38 trying for 34-25-42 🙂

    • Um depends…If I’m going for only 3 squats I do 200lbs if just casually squating then 120lbs

  111. Hey coco, lately ive been trying to gain weight in my butt, hips, thighs. Ive been using 12lb ankle weights and doing 15 reps 3 sets with every workout. I drink protein shakes as well but it seems like im loosing weight whether than gaining. what should I do? Lift heavier? How many sets/ reps do you do?

    • Definitely lift heavier no need to do more sets…xoxo

  112. Hi Coco! I love your show. Ok so where do I begin, well after giving birth to my son almost two years ago I havent been able to lose the weight. I have tried dieting, taking weight loss supplements,cut soda completly out. Now I have always been big up top but no booty. Also I am very upset because my belly is much more loose I would say. Ive thought about getting a tummy tuck but I want to at least try again to go the natural way. Can you give me some advice please!!!

    • OK may i suggest VelaShape?? There are session you take in a spa like place and its like a massage type machine and its supposed to tighten and get rid of fat..I did it several years ago a couple times and noticed a difference but didn’t keep at it because my schedule..Google it..Other than that Cardio is best to to naturally..xoxo

  113. You got the most perfect body ever! I need to follow youre tips!

  114. Nice post at Coco’s Fitness Tips | The Coco Blog. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  115. hey coco,i love your tips but i dont even know where to start.Im 5’9 and have nice hips buti have a little muffin top and im starting to get rolls in my back and i have a deep arch.I will like to know how to keep and maintain a flat stomach and get a big butt at the same time..my butt is firm but its not as big ass i want it.IDK what to eat or take….HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    • Eat protien,skip the sweets and start a cardio regiment ..Like take a class at the gym or box or treadmill…xoxo

  116. Hey Coco,
    I am a huge fan of your show, first of all. Secondly, I love your tips. Now my issue is that my legs and booty have become jiggly after the birth of my third child. Im 5’6 215 lbs 38-34-51 are my measurements. I need some help trying to tighten up this frame before my vacation in august. Do you have any suggestions?

    • You got to jiggle that area thru intense cardio workout..Whatever it is you have to stimulate circulation…Thats where you start..Then eat less portions of food but don’t take away food..xoxo

  117. Thanks coco i love you no homo but I do you are my role model…

  118. thanks ur parents for having you

  119. Hi Coco! You are truly amazing! Thank you so much for your awesome tips! They have helped me greatly.. i have had 2 beautiful boys and they left me with a little belly, and thanks to you and your tips im sexy again and not to mention my bootys getting BIGGER!

    I owe you! Your the greatest! Xoxo

    • Thats awesome!! Thank you sooooooo much.I’m glad I can help..xoxo

  120. What does the fish oil pill do? For the Butt and body?

    • Its good pill all around..I use “Ultimate Omega”..Its helps deposit fat in getting rid of it naturally..Its a good pill for over all health…blood pressure,inflammation,anxiety,boosting metabolism,helps to strengthen your immune system,good for hair,cancer pretty much everything..I take in the morning with breakfast….PS.This doesn’t do anything for the butt just for the internal body….Hope this helps!!

  121. Hi Coco, once I saw that ‘truth’ about your butt, I had to find your tips, thanks for posting!!
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  122. hi coco. I’m 18. always been a big girl. not so shapely. honestly part of me has always hated celebs like u because u the reason y our peers have such high and unrealistic expectations and ideas of beauty. but..I realise that every person faces their own challenges in life and we can’t all b a coco and u have worked to be where u are. so I also have to work at what I want to be. I have decided to start working out and eating well and embrace my body and make it the best of it. thank u for the tips..perhaps if I keep at this I will oneday feel absolutely beautiful and the curves will appear. used to think I’d need surgery. I’ve been doing some of the things you’ve posted and it feels good. must say its doing my dating life a lot of gud. I have no intentions of being q model. an engineer rather…but every woman in every field needs to feel beautiful. just that some of us need to put in more effort. thnx again. I have mo access to a gym but saved for some ankle weights. have some small dumbells and skipping rope for catdio…..getting in shape for the prom* wink

  123. tnx for booty tips..how about titty tips?

    • haha I have no tips for that..I got my boobs done when I was 18yrs old…xoxo

  124. hi coco!! im a curvy girl myself, being 42-37-46, but im looking to trim a few inches off my waist and tone my body. how long would it take to see results?

    • Honestly its a lifestyle change if you stick to a 3 day a week workout you’ll see results probably in a month but even better at 2 months…Just hit the cardio more and mix it with weight training

  125. How many reps of butt workouts
    do u recommend for each workout move?

    • I usually to 20 reps in 3 sets

  126. Hey coco! I just found your blog and I think these tips are awesome. I could use a little advice though. I’m a teen mom. I got pregnant when I was 17, had my daughter at 18 and I am now 19. My daughter is ten months. Anyway, I haven’t lost much of the baby weight and its hard knowing that I should have the hot body of a 19 year old and see the body of a 40 yr old mom in the mirror. I’m also attending culinary school and I am wondering what is absolutely necessary in a workout for you? My time to work out is short so I want to make it count! Anyway, sorry for the book lol thanks for all you do!

    • Take a cardio class of some kind like Zumba or Kickboxing..Its very motivating to work out with other people plus you burn around 1000 calories in an hour with those classes and working the WHOLE body..Give it a try!!! xoxo

  127. Hi Coco!
    I am a huge fan of what you stand for. Curvy women are sexy! I am a curvy woman myself. I had a baby a year ago and developed post partum depression and most of it revolved around what my new body looks like. I am 35 lbs heavier than I was before. After my sons first birthday, I made a pact to myself to make me feel as sexy as my husband makes me feel. I’ve got my booty nice and right, but I’m having a little trouble with my inner thighs, abdominals, and love handles. Would you mind lending me a little girl advice. I don’t want a tiny waist, I just want everything nice and tight to where I look good in a bikini. That is my main goal because since my husband is now inthe coast guard, we’ll always be living near the coast his entire career. So I want to be a hot looking 21 year old mom for my hubs!

    • You have to stick with a program in life,like exercise 3 times a week..Cardio is key here and you have to challenge your body for an hour each time you workout..Thats it..Thats what I do..Also go to GNC and try a womans fat burner.I like HD..Good Luck

  128. Hello Coco I need help me and my wife love your show by the way. Me and my wife have a 10 month old she is 5ft 2 and has a very similar body to you she has always had a huge booty and loves it.She is trying to loss the baby fat and I was thinking of purchasing an eliptical machine but she is afraid of lossing her butt if she uses the eliptical only because at this time with the baby and her job its a little hard to get to the gym so we are looking for a home solution.what do you think of our scenario. Should I forget about the eliptical and just get her zumba tapes lol or what can we do thank you.

    • I happen to love the eliptical,she’s is not gonna lose it..”stepping” in that way actually helps the booty..Tell her don’t be afraid..Its a great start

  129. hi. I’m 18 and from South Africa. I am going to share something very personal and honest. i feel like this shouldnt be a big deal but it is and has been since i was 6. Honestly you are the kind of woman ive grown up disliking because ive always felt that its celebrities like you who make my peers have impossible expectations of how i am supposed to look. i have always been a big girl. i have no memory of being at a ”normal” weight becuase i have always been overweight. this has led to a lot of unhappiness and depression for me because i am unable to love and accept myself.i may be big but my butt is small, i am not very shapely. feel out of proportion because i have a seemingly larger upper body. God knows i would jump at the opportunity to go under the knife. i really would go for it if i had the money. i came accross this page through a google search ( i am always looking for ways to improve my body though ive failed for many years and have done everything financially possible). i realize that you are not the enemy here, i just need to work harder. even you work to keep your body beautiful. just that i have failed many times. im trying to put as many of your tips as possible into practice and i thank you for them. i have a matric dance coming up (it is our version of prom night). i have chosen a nice dress but i do not believe i will look pretty in it. nobody even asked me to be their date. i am trying really hard to look get my body looking better before then. congratulations on your success. you are a beautiful successful woman with a great relationship with her husband. thank u so very much for sharing your tips…maybe oneday i can have a figure like yours. God bless

    • Thanks for the letter sweetie..I loved reading it..ALL of womans body’s are beautiful but I know how you feel ..You want to feel great!!Honestly the fastest way your gonna see results is moving your body in an aerobic way…take a Zumba Class..I love it or something similar that moves the whole body….Then also reduce your portions sizes in every meal..Good luck wanna see ya happy!!Coco

  130. Thanks, Coco.

  131. Great tips!
    By the way, what do you think about the new P90x workout? Do you think it’s just suitable for men or can women also do it?

    • I think its great..I wish I could have a little more time to do it..But its great for both men and women..Try its awesome!!!

  132. Coco, I admire your strength, style, and beauty. Thank you for sharing your practices! You continue to inspire me in the gym and in my personal life. I have had a problem with suppliments in the past-they make me moody, like impatient. DO you know why this is? One was creitine.

    • Wow.I never heard you that..only one that would make you anxious is fat burning pills…You might want to check your blood pressure though because I have it and I get impatient without even doing anything. Thanks for the compliments!! xoxo

  133. Hey Coco I am a huge fan and always have been since you can on the scene. You are a raw beast and beautiful as hell hands down. I wish you and your hubby happiness and propriety . I have a blog myself called “how do i get a bigger butt” which is based off showing women how to get a lil bit more on their backside the safe and healthy way. Being a woman of your caliber and having a body like yours in all do respect how you keep your backside in great shape like it is. I was wondering can you please shoot over to my blog to leave a comment or two giving some of my subscribers pointers. I would truly appreciate it. You are the best hand down.

    • Thanks for the info please send the link and I’ll check it out!!…xoxo

  134. Great shit

  135. Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m
    absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    • Yes,my twitter is @cocosworld

  136. What is your opinion of the Alli pill? I was told as long as you eat good; you won’t the negative effects. Also, I have been drinking the GNC lean shake ( berry flavor) as a meal replacement but I don’t know if there is a better, nutritional shake that will curb my appetite. Do you think this is a good shake to help lose my belly fat?

  137. Thanks – should I do cardio everyday or only three days?

  138. The website is http://Howdoigetabiggerbutt.com thanks CoCo

  139. COCO i need your help!! I have been skinny all my life. Now i have big boobs and a gut that i can not get rid of with no butt. I would love to get rid of my gut and gain a butt. I would definitely feel more comfortable in my skin. PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!

    • You got to burn it..I started seeing fat at 30 and I had to step up my cardio game…Intertwine weight lifting and some kind of cardio and you’ll loss weight faster

  140. So happy I came across your tips! I recently had health issues & the meds caused a bit of weight gain. (about 20 lbs). My husband loves the added weight (I’m 5’1 & have always been around 100-105 lbs) but I have really struggled with it. You have been such an inspiration & I am slowly learning to love the new curves & have stopped pushing myself trying to get it off

    • Yes,you seem like your at a perfect weight.I’m 5’2 130 pounds..please accept your body and plus your man loves it!! Thats excellent! Don’t be so hard on yourself

  141. CoCo,
    i love all your advise. just wanted to say thank you for being the GREAT role model you are to us ladies & your always such a postive women in everything you do!!! You are my idol in my modeling & i really look up to you!!
    Quick Question: i have a lil tummy that just wont go away. it really bugs me alot in my photos is there anyway that can help to go flat or just smaller?? THANK YOU for you time & tips <3

    Jamie Vanessa
    Tucson, Az

    • Cardio in your life with help so much..Anything like dance class,aerobic class,jogging..you have to stimulate the area..also eat a little less portions…Thanks for the compliments.I try to help people the best I can..Good luck

  142. Coco,
    please help!! I need a workout for mainly the tops and sides of my butt! I knew we must work all three muscles but idk how to. I’ve got the meat, just not where I need it, it seems to be more at the bottom. I’ve been trying workouts but it seems like nothings helping. Im concerned it may be genetics.. If that could interfere? But There’s nothing sexier then a beautiful toochie, im doing cardio but other then that how can I get myself a coco bottom? Hope to hear back from you thank you so much!

    • It definitely has a lot to do with genetics but are you taking in a lot of protein? Also step it up in weight..you need to get stronger and that’s the only way to build muscle

  143. Coco…Im a Healthy Eating Specialist and Plant based nutrition coach so my diet is great but Im having a hard time building my booty….How many days per week should I exercize my booty? Thank you!!!!!

    • I workout around 3 days a week and work-out my butt everytime..Make sure you have a lot of protein in your diet

  144. That so funny I thought I was the only one who did tip #1! I think this is totally awesome my body shape is the sane with a small waist and big butt too but I’m finding as I get older it was hard to maintain, my main prob being my thighs. What are some awesome exercises that can help keep my thighs toned?

    • I like to take class such as kickboxing and Zumba its great for firming..Oh and also I stepped it up a bit and I do a lot more jogging

  145. when i do the workouts that you have up top i only feel the burn in my legs not my booty am i doing something wrong?????…please comment back:)

    • Yes,thats Ok.I usually only feel it in my legs too..but there connected its OK.I’m not sure why that is!! keep doing what your doing!!

  146. thank you soo much:D

  147. Hi again Coco 🙂
    I love that you are so interactive on your blog, answering our questions and offering helpful tips. I am also a curvy woman who embraces my curves, I don’t want to lose weight, but to maintain it instead. I hear so many positive things about running, I hear it’s good for your heart and mind, but I’m concerned that if I start running I will lose my lovely lady lumps. 😉 LOL Do you have tips on how to maintain weight while including cardio in your fitness regime? I know that protein plays a major part in forming curvy muscles.. do you just eat a lot of chicken and fish to meet your protein needs, or do you drink protein shakes as supplement meals? Sorry for so many questions.. you look amazing as always 🙂 God bless <3

  148. Hey Coco! I want to start by saying that its amazing to see someone in the public eye being really real & actually helping girls like me who are just living day to day making ends meet & its inspiring that you take time out & hear what we have to say, I love how in shape you are but still have a big ass lol I am a young mother, have 2 kids & an amazing husband & I’m only 20, so we’re done with kids, I’m young & already have a big behind( my hubby favorite asset!!) But I want that sect flat stomach

    • Thanks Honey..I try to do what I can…I answered your other question…Take a look at it and let me know what your think.xoxo

  149. *Sexy flat stomach & toned thighs and ass!I want to look sexy for my man while we’re still young lol My problem is I don’t know how to workout & the right way any advice on how I can start, Im a stay at home mom & never have time to get out to a gym, never been to one either so it makes me nervous cuz i have no idea what I’m doing!

    Thank you for taking time out of you’re busy schedule to read my comments!

    • Hey girl,1st you got to wake up your body by moving it..Take a walk or jog where you live,if you don’t go to the gym.Like for me I take my dogs to exercize at the park and I jog with ankle weights…So when you get used to working out,upgrade to wearing ankle weights around the house or walking its great for the legs..If you try the gym take a class that you like..they range from different ones from dance class to kickboxing to yoga..the point is if you are around people you’ll feel more motivated.Give it a try and let me know

  150. hi coco…me again. can’t exactly afford to go to classes but I got some zumba dvds. Working hard but enjoying it. I tend to give up when not seeing results but I’m gonna keep at it. will visit your site often for inspiration .hehe…tnx a lot. still tryin to find a solution for my self esteem…I think its the most important part of this process…thank u once again.

    • Oh thats great Zumba is awesome for your body!!! Good luck

  151. I love that you said that… I’m 35 and have been into weights A LOT more the past 3 years. I’ve tapered off the cardio, and while my butt is bigger-in a good way- I need more cardio BACK into my routine. Thanks for your feedback on the suppliments- I have found a happy medium with a fat burner, multi-vitamin, and fish oil. Have a great day! P.S. I also go by Coco in my family…my little brother gave me that nickname when he was about 10 years old! xoxox

  152. is your bootie suppose to get smaller then bigger as u do these exercises or does it add on to wat u already have????…cause i cant tell if my butt is getting biger or smaller??..comment back:Dxoxox

  153. Hi, Pretty Lady

    Coco I am A Thick Women and 43 Years Of Age. I Work Out 4 To 5 Times a Week Love Working My Legs. I Want The Booty You Have, I Was Almost There Last Year But I Found Out I Was Pregrant. I Love Sweets I Don’t Have To Anything But II Have Toned Very While, But That Bottom Gut It Has Came Along Way. And I Need A Good colon Cleaner Can You Tell Me what Is GOOD.

    Love You And ICE!

    • Hey…Actually I’ve never done one at home I’ve always gone to a therapists to do it because they know what there doing..just go to the nearest to you..I love it

  154. Hi Coco, I’m a huge fan! I watch Ice loves CoCo all the time and I always wondered how you keep your body in such a great shape, I have a baby and too many people tell me im too skinny. I’ve been using some of the tips to try and get toned and they are amazing, thank you so much!!! XOXO 🙂

    • So happy to hear that..remember protein is great for what you need!!!! xoxo

  155. COCO GIIIRL. I need help here!
    I’ve spent so much money on personal trainers and diet plans. I’m 5’8 and 135 I’ve got a butt(probably half of 1 of your butt cheeks, but it’s there haha) how ever I’ve noticed it’s getting smaller!? I want that smaller tiny tummy like yours but us baby curves seem to shed with the lbs =\ how can I build butt muscal and get that teeny waist? I understand it’s tuff to isolate one area but I’ve been through 3 trainers, the last one I had short time with(she was moving) helped me gain weight(which took forever) but my butt grew and not my tummy 🙂 problem: as soon as I hit the treadmill to tighten everything EVERYTHING burned off!! I’m guessing I had more fat then butt muscle so that sucker went 🙁 whey protein I couldnt stand. I have pea protien works good, but now I need a work out routine(who better then COCO!) when should I intake protein and how do I get the tiny waist and build my butt bigger at the same time? Realistically I know my butt will never look like yours but you can help add to my bubble..right? Haha

    FACT OR MYTH?: you can actually add inchs to your boody through diet and work out/weights??

    2 trainers said you shape and tighten boody, which you can lose inches.
    1 trainer said if you do it right you can bulk that boody and add some inches.
    Which one is it??…
    Thank you for your time girl. I trust in you cuz I know you know what’s up. These other big booty celebs have these work out vids and all they know how to do is bounce in the right direction and all basic stuff.
    But NOT COCO! You’re hardcore and control of your whole being. I dig that, I feel good bout that 🙂

    • Hey girl,wow thats was a long letter you wrote…First off..Any kind of protien is good..I switch off all the time so my body doesn’t get used to it..Then secondly,I believe the more weight you can do the more good inches you can add to your body,like the booty..I do a lot of weights,but in order to get a waist you need lots cardio…So I do both when i go to the gym 40 min of weight training then 25 min of cardio..then on an off day I’ll take a class of somesort for an all body cardio…. Hopefully that helps ya in someway..Good luck

  156. Coco,
    What pre workout drink do u recommend?
    When is your build a bigger booty excursive video coming out? I want to buy it ASAP. love u xo

    • I drink Super Charge..but I take a break from it every once in awhile…Video??? Yes,Hopefully by early 2013

  157. What do think about getting Silicone breast implants? I know they are so post to be safe now. However what if the bag breaks and you don’t know for a role years. they say the old silicone left traces of toxins in all the major organs in peoples bodies. Do u think its the same with the new silicone? What do you have? I’m getting mine dine next moth so nervous lol. Did you go through arm pit or under breast fold?

    • I love my boob implants!!I got them 14 yrs ago..I went under the breast..I had to start with saline but after a year I went to silicone because for softness…Go for it I’ve had no problems…xoxo

  158. Thank you so much for sharing Coco, you are a big help! Ive been on a strict consistant diet with excersizing & following your tips, its only been 1 week and Ive lost an inch from my waistline 🙂 I cant wait for you to come out with a workout DVD! P.s. You & Ice T are too cute I watch your show all the time. 🙂 Thanks again!

    • AW man that’s awesome..So very cool.keep up the good work!!! xoxo

  159. Hi Coco! What are your thoughts on the green coffee bean vitamins? I saw them on Dr Oz and he was all for them.

    • Thats funny haven’t heard of them..I’ll try anything once to see if there’s any benefits..Let me know if you try um…xoxo

  160. From what I understand it’s for weight loss. Have a good night! I’ll let you know if I see a difference with them.

  161. Thank’s COCO, I will try one

  162. I grew with waking up your body – but does the pain ever end? Lol I am trying to maintain but I tell ya ; I get cramps in places I didn’t know was possible. Quick question; I feel like my butt is going flat but the top layer is getting higher or the fat on my lower back is just more notice able- could I be doing something wrong? I do squats; lunges and leg lifts.



  163. I want to get a butt like Coco or like Kim Kardashin, or Beyonce, i do a whole lot of squats and stuff like that but i seem not to be getting any results at all, i mean how long does it take? how many do i have to do? PLEASE HELP ME!! please

    • Remember its not gonna get huge if its not in your genes its just gonna get a little more rounder.. Try adding more weight..building muscle is good

  164. Hi coco im super self concious. Im 19 & 5 feet tall. I weigh roughly 120 lbs and have no butt or breasts. Please help! I hate not feeling brautifyl. Especially naked. Thank you so much!

    • You need to gain confidence from within,you can be any shape and still be sexy..Maybe trying a pushup bra..every girl loves them!! You have to think sexy before doing anything..Hold your posture high and walk with confidence thats where I’d start

  165. Hi, CoCo When I Go In The Gym Now I Can Not Lift The Weights I Did Before.Do You Know Of A Good Engery Vitaman

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  168. Coco…Im a Healthy Eating Specialist and Plant based nutrition coach so my diet is great but Im having a hard time building my booty….How many days per week should I exercize my booty? Thank you!!!!!

  169. love the tips. How do you keep a flat stomach

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  171. Great fitness tips! Finally, I can begin my journey to becoming a fitter version of myself. Thank you so much for sharing!

  172. always i used to read smaller posts which as well clear their motive, and that is also
    happening with this post which I am reading at this place.

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