Coco Shoe Giveaway 13

Sorry everybody it’s been a couple months since my last show giveaway… There has been a lot of projects I’ve been having to spend extra attention on… Also we had selected 2 different pairs of winners in the last giveaway and no one was answering the emails to accept the shoes! Finally we got winners! So now on to the next…..
The heels are both by Elle. They were shoes I’ve worn for photoshoots…The first is yellow patent leather with ankle strap and the pink metallic have silver chrome bottoms…all you got to do here is comment below on which pair you like the most, why you should be a winner and of course you must be able to wear a size 6 shoe….Good Luck..I’ll pick the winners in 2 weeks…

* Winners must respond within 1 week of notification to receive the shoes. If the winner does not response within 1 week they forfeit the shoes and someone else will be selected as the winner

189 Responses to Coco Shoe Giveaway 13

  1. I love BOTH of these shoes, but I’ve got a thing for yellow! So glad we wear the same size. Good luck, everyone!

  2. They look gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Coco, I would love a pair of your shoes to wear at my wedding as my “something borrowed”! My fiancé and I are the biggest fans of you, Ice, Spartacus and Maximus.


  4. I would love and appreciate either pair! Have a beautiful week Coco!

  5. CoCo baby, IM OBSESSED with the yellow!!! Yellow is such a great color on bronze skin!!! Its a bright color, and its exactly my size (6). These are !!! I need them for my summer wear <3 <3
    yellow patent heels w/ leather with ankle strap is just what my feet need in life… VEGAS READY <3

  6. I love the Pink ones they are my favorite color. I would love to win because having something that was yours would be a true honor!

  7. PURPLE!!! They are magnificent! 🙂
    Love you all!!

  8. Omg!! Love the shoes!! I am a size 6 and my feet would love to have both spectacular pairs!!!!

  9. I would love to have the yellow ones! I love color and yellow is perfect. Ankle straps are nice too!!

  10. Love the yellow ones. I bet ice loves both pairs. You are a wonderful person sharing your own heels. Have a blessed day

  11. Coco, both these shoes are very unique like yourself, I would love the pink metallic one’s they are so pretty. My birthday is 02-04 and would be a great present for this Aquarius girl, I also share in the love of bulldogs and have a 1 year old girl named Juicy-G, and I am a size 6~
    Love Debbie

  12. The yellow! Following the Coco booty building workout, I need the yellow ‘caution curves ahead’ shoes 🙂

  13. how generous of you CoCo!!!! im a size 6 and i’d take whatever shoes you giveaway!!!

  14. Love em !!!
    Silver & pink of course !!!

  15. So glad we wear the same size!, I would wear the lavender ones to my cousins wedding :))
    I don’t really like heels but those lavender ones changed my mind about them..! Can’t wait to start my shoe collection<3 xoxo!

  16. They are both amazing, but if I had to pick I would ho with yellow. Spring and summer is around the corner and the yellow would look amazing here in Sunny Arizona.

  17. Hi Coco, I think you are so beautiful! I find it hard to find shoes that I like in my size. Every time I go to the store and I see a pair I love they never have it in my size! 🙁 I would love to be given the yellow pumps as I could wear them dressy or wear them casual. Love the bright color!

    Thanks and be well

  18. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the pink metallic ones!! I should be the winner because I’m small yet mighty like you! I love we wear the same size shoe! <3 <3

  19. Yellow! Gorgeous! Momma could use these!

  20. I like the yellow. I think they would look good as shoulder ornaments…you know one behind each ear while on my back!!!

  21. Coco ,love the pink metallic ones my bday is coming up would look great with a dress I have picked out already and just happened to be a size 6 too ya

  22. love you!!!!!!

  23. Coco I always Comment In your Posts everytime. but you don’t like me at all 🙁 I’m a size 6 just like you are. I’m very short and I do need heels to look Tall and Sexy. and I just really wish that I will own your shoes. you will make my dream come true for sure. My boyfriend tells me I have Coco ass .. hahaa my ass is growing so big by it self. hahaaa Love you all the way from MALTA. Please make more shows Ice love Coco.

  24. i would love the pink metallic shoes. I just lost my job, I need something to make myself feel pretty and happy. Please pick me.

  25. ps I was soo excited That I forgot to say which one I like. I like the pink metalic prettyy Pleaseeee..

  26. I absolutely love the yellow, it would be an honor to win a pair of your shoes it would be something I can wear for my engagement photos to make them pop. You are just awesome!!

  27. I absolutely LOVE the yellow patent leather heels with the straps around the ankles! The color just pops and you can wear them with jeans, a dress or any kind of bottoms period!

  28. Hi Coco, I personally met you at the 2014 Sexpo in Johanesburg and that was the happy day of my Life!!! I cant believe we finally met and we took a Photo together, I love everything about you and Ice, you two are such an inspiration to the world of couples, you Two Rock! As for your shoes, every single pair is so Sexy, I would be the happiest gal alive if I could own a Pair of your shoes, I would even love to dance in your shoes with you, lol, that would be a dream come true!!! Thanks Coco xxx

  29. The yellow stilettos are the bomb!!

  30. I love love love the yellow! Why because yellow is my favorite color. I also have the perfect shirt in my closet to match it! Love you CoCo. Live everything you do. I even named my dogs Maximus and Spartcus after your two cuties.

  31. Coco, I would love to be chosen for the yellow heels. I am a breast cancer survivor and I’ve been trying to get my “sexy back” after so many physical changes to my body as a result of chemotherapy treatments. I think being able to wear these for my husband would help spice things up after everything we’ve gone through battling this disease. Thanks!

  32. I am in love with the yellow ones . Spring is coming up and this mama needs a new pair of heels to rock for the Spring and Summer. So please pick me because I will rock these heels like no other one will.

  33. Loveee the pink metallic! Wish I could have an amazing shoe collection like you. I would absolutely love to win a pair and it would be even more awesome if you signed the shoes too ;)!

  34. Both are hot!!

  35. coco, you rock the mess out of any shoe!! I would take suck good care of them and use them to my fullest

  36. I like the pink metallic heels. Why? I love cute shoes!! A girl should always have a cute pair of heels for any occasion.

  37. I love them both. I am size 6….

  38. Coco, you are the greatest, love you and Ice. I would love the yellow shoes! As a short 5’3 girl I love heals they give me that extra height. 🙂 please pick me!

  39. iam a male and i love collecting heels for a hobbies and i dont have your shoes and love to have a pairs for your coco so a could put them in my glass shelve i like both of them and i dont care and i dont care if losing it but iam going to keep trying to win a pair of your heels or boots if men r in your contest

  40. Coco, you got the most amazing shoes! I love both, but the pink would go perfect with my black wedding anniversary dress 🙂

  41. Gosh, i love the pink.. I’ll look so fly in them. Hope other countries can participate too coz I just love heels.i’d love to win. Cant wait to rock dx babes.

  42. I would love the yellow pumps would like to wear on a night out!

  43. I would like to win the yellow ones. They would look awesome while wearing them at a women’s sexual health conference this April. 🙂

  44. i like the pink metallic shoes!!!! i loveeeeee shoes and i’m a big fan of you!!! you’re always so beautiful and have always the perfect shoes and i love it!!!!! that’s why i hope to win your shoes and shine like a diamant!! xxxxxDaphne

  45. I just love shoes in general. A lady can never have too many shoes!!!!!

  46. Hi I like the yellow ones. Thanks

  47. My girl would love those purple shoes, she also wears the same size.

  48. <3 the yellow shoes

  49. 8 pink ♡

  50. love those yellow pumps! How cute they would look walking my babies Zeus and Haides down the street! Haha

  51. Those yellow with ankle strap is so classy, fun, and sexy.

  52. I would love the yellow pair! With spring coming, they’d provide a great pop of colour.

  53. I love the yellow heels, they’re fabulous!!!

    • I don’t owe heels, my ex was the same height as me. Lol!!! I’d love to own a pair…

  54. I love the metallic pink shoes! I love shoes and would enjoy these in my closet! My shoe fund is on hold right now so this would be awesome. Thank you and goodluck everyone!

  55. I would love to have a chance to wear the yellow shoes. I would be forever grateful to have that chance. I hope you keep up the great work with your fitness and modeling!

  56. Love the pick ones!!! And I do wear a size 6

  57. I Love Shoes…..I would love either but I like the pink ones more 🙂 Good Luck To Everyone! !!!!!!

  58. I would love the pink metallic shoes so I can show my little girls that even a Mommy can be a princess! I tell them all of the time that all girls are princesses even when they grow up!!! ~Barbara~

  59. Love the purple shoes coco , would love to have
    Them . I think they would be amazing for me in modeling school .

  60. Good afternoon again Coco.hope everything is well. I truly appreciate you doing this for your fans. I’m doing this for my wifey. She’s a huge fan. She also wears size 6 it would be perfect. I think she’ll freak out knowing that it came from you. I hope you pick us . I think she would like the yellow one’s. I’m just trying to get her a pair her. Trying to get them brownie points. She’s also a mom. You’ll make one of her dreams come true.

  61. I love both but the strapped yellow are screaming my name

  62. the yellow ones for Liz Martinez (via FB comment) so she can start squatting in them like you .. haha but seriously the yellow ones for when i take her on our dates 🙂

  63. Defiantly the sunshine yellow as they would brighten up this miserable uk weather !!! Bring a bit off coco to the uk xx

  64. I would love the pink/purple Metallic shoes please Coco. Lots of toe cleavage. Oh la la. ;-).

  65. The Pink ones! The look like Barbie shoes❤❤

  66. Good luck everyone 🙂 love the yellow shoes. After my weight loss I would love to wear these out and feel beautiful again 🙂

  67. i just love shoes and boots for sure i take a 9 or 10

  68. I love love love the yellow! I would love these! I’m a 6 and I love you!

  69. Coco the Pink ones , I wear a size 6 also and I’d love to win a pair of your shoes , I have been a huge fan of your and your husband Ice and I know my feet would look amazing in them please pick me Coco thank you ..

  70. Hey coco I would love the yellow ones. My family says I need to try new things and switch up on colors, and must say that yellow looks awesome. Would love to try something new and of course would love to have just because you worn them lol. Don’t care what negative ppl say about you. Love you and the relationship you and ice have. I admire Ya bond and love for one another

  71. I really don know which one as my color is pink and yellow is my husbands favorite color, HMM Pink it is please. Thank you and hope I win.

    Hope to see you and Ice on TV together soon

  72. omg love the yellow!!!!!! They would brighten up the dull winter mornings in Ireland x

  73. Please choose me. You are a big fitness role model of mine and it would mean so much to have the yellow ones of yours please! ^_^

  74. I love Pink!! Coco farfrombasix

  75. Yellow!!!!!! I don’t have a pair of those yet!!!!

  76. My friend Nikki recently lost a lot of clothes durring a bad break up/ move, and she would ADORE the yellow stilettos! She super cute and quirky and they would match her personality perfectly! She, my wife, and I adore you coco! Such a big heart and incredible style!

  77. I admire you Coco and would love to own a pair of your beautiful shoes 🙂 the pink pair are so girly yet classy! Good luck to all you ladies ♡

  78. Love the yellow shoes, I like them because of the way they look on you, makes legs look so sexy.

  79. Hey Coco absolutely love the yellow shoes. I would put them in a glass box and treasure them!!obviously id have to get them out and on for posing, house work and working out! Most importantly to leave beside my bed ;D. Love Coco, ice, Sparticus n Maximus best lil family ever !!

  80. I love the yellow ones! I want to win them for my younger sister, they are so her style! Love you coco!

  81. HI CoCo,
    Im sure you know this by know but im a huge fan .I follow you on every social media platform you are on I try to show up with good questions when you do live chats.I also have started a Facebook fan page that’s not doing as well as I would like but I will keep trying and supporting you. As a male I love to see strong powerful women that try to empower other’ be all they can be . I would love to have a pair of heels autographed by you as my prize piece in my collection .

  82. Pink. I haven’t purchased anything for myself, since my baby was born.

  83. My wife wood look as sexy in them as you do

  84. My daughter is 19 Years old, 5 ft tall, and when she gets fussed about her height and having a chest that she finds overwhelming — I refer her to you, and she glows!!!
    She is funny, bubbly, and the sweetest kid ever! She would be honored to wear the Metallic Pink shoes! I would love to send a picture of her to you! You would feel her energy and life through the computer!

    • H ya Coco!
      I heard from Soulgee, he said the shoes would be here by Tuesday, we have been waiting by the mailbox daily, the still haven’t arrived! Is there a tracker on them?
      Love to all, from all,

  85. Hi Coco, I would love to win the yellow shoes for my wife and I haven’t bought her any new shoes in about 12 months as I am poor and If I don’t acquire her some new heels within the next couple of months she will quite rightly leave me! Can you help and save my marriage? Help me one and only coco your my only hope…help me one an only coco your my only hope….

  86. For my girlfriend

  87. Hi coco! I think both shoes would make my butt look great. I’d like to have a nice coco butt

  88. Thanks for giving this opportunity. My honey would love the yellow pair heels. The pink are nice but she doesn’t think her toes look pretty and doesn’t show them off much. Good luck to everyone!

  89. I love this yellow ones but i doubt ill win cause i cant even win a couple dollars ona scratch ticket lol i wish i could own a pair of your heels

  90. i need the yellow ones right away to take the place of my timberlands, even in a snowy day

  91. Dear, Coco
    I wear size 6. I would really love the yelllow pair. They are so beautiful, bright and would really stand out with a black outfit

  92. Dear coco
    I would love to win your purple/pink heels because it would really go really well with my transparent white hello kitty bikini that my husband wants me to wear for kitty dress up time,

  93. I love love love the sexylicious pink chrome ones!!!! The color is killer and I’d love to flaunt the great Coco’s heals! Can’t imagine a better pair of shoes to wear!

  94. I love a lot of your clothes and shoes. I wear a 7 1/2. 🙁 too bad I can’t wear them. Your style is great. Love it! Keep rocking it…

  95. Hey Coco! I’m Heather from snowy Michigan. I am not a size 6 shoe, however, a very special lady here would love to own a beautiful new pair of shoes. The thing is she was in a bad accident and has been going through countless surgies. She is a beautiful person. I do the best that I can to keep her spirits up and feeling normal. I think they would be a pick me up that she needs. Thanks for listening.

  96. I’m a size 6 and LOVE both of them!! I like the yellow because I don’t have any solid yellow shoes and dig the purple because I don’t have any purple open toe shoes! Both would have a nice, cozy home in my closet! I love to rescue shoes!

  97. Coco I love you girl !! you are an amazing person and I definitely will love to win your pair of shoes. I am size 6t, Gracias.

  98. i would die for the Pink mettalic heels!

  99. HEY GIRL

  100. I would absolutely love to show my toes in your beautifully made #Yellow Love you #Coco

  101. I WOULD LOVE THE YELLOW PAIR because not only do they compliment my style ( Sleek, Attention demanding & bold)… but they are so sexy!

  102. I am the same shoe size and body type! Coco has helped me feel comfortable in my own body in a world where size 0 and no curves are popular. I would love to have the pink metallic stilettos, they are unique, beautiful with a little bit of spunk, just like Coco 🙂

  103. I am such a huge fan of you and your husband. my favorite color is yellow and I love them because they will look good with some black jeans I’ve been wanting to wear. I should be the winner because I wear a size 6 and been wanting to win one of your give aways. Much love :*

  104. Hi Coco. I would love the yellow pair. It would be an extreme honor to have your shoes. I am a high heel fanatic. My husband also loves feet and he loves me in sexy heels. To have the yellow pair of your heels not only because your are like the coolest chick ever and are a wonderful person but because you have a wonderful taste in clothes and SHOES!!! I REALLY HOPE YOU CHOOSE ME. I WOULD DEF TAKE A PIC AND SEND IT TO YOU. Well hopeiI hear from you soon. Hope your enjoying the weather in NJ. That’s where I am at as well and can’t wait til this snow stops!!!

  105. Hi coco am from honduras i love u and you family I Will love to have the yellow ones for my Sister she is 6 ser likesyou!!

  106. Hey Girl Hey!!

  107. Hey Girl Hey!! I’d love love love the Yellow pair! I live in Tampa Florida and that color is everything. With a royal blue shorts set, mmmhhhmmmmm! Plus I have 2 daughters I can pass them down to… I’m a huge fan, have been for yearssss! May the best chica win! Love ya CoCo!

  108. I would be honored to wear the pink ones.. Summer is around the corner and they would be perfect.. Xoxo

  109. I love the yellow ones!! Yellow is my favorite color and would love gorgeous on me like they do on you! #teamsize6

  110. Love, love , love. Every girl must have a great pair of yellow shoes! My baby got hungry last summer and had mine for a snack. I would love to own these! Size 6 is just my size!!

  111. Pink Metallic and would love to wear those for my soon to be husband for our honeymoon in June

  112. Omg I love all your shoes .. But I can definitely Rock the purple ones

  113. Ooh I just love the yellow shoe. But then again I love everything about you. So I just want too say I would be real proud too walk in your shoes even if its only for a day. I’m sure you hear this every day but im a great fan of yours.

  114. I love the yellow pair with a strap. Thank you for graciously giving away your shoes to some lucky people. Hopefully I’ll be lucky this time. Enjoy!!! whomever get a pair!

  115. tank you

  116. I love the yellow. And I should win cause my husband loves you and he would love to see me in a pair of tour heels.

  117. I love the yellow heels. I would want to win them so I can go out on the town with my girlfriends & look amazing in my new yellow heels!!! Love you!!!

  118. Hey COCO I know im not a girl but u said guys can even try.. I like the yellow ones with the strip..I know they would look HOT on my girlfriend..Tell ICE T I SAID..WHAT UP!!!

  119. Love the purple ones!

  120. Hola a todos,el amarillo es mi color favorito,es mas me encantan los tacones,y la verdad que ya me imagino llevándolos! Buena suerte a todos

  121. Hey COCO I know im not a girl but u said guys can even try..I like the yellow ones with the strap..I know they would look HOT on my girlfriend!!Tell ICE T I SAID..WHAT UP!!!

  122. I love the Yellow patent with ankle strap..its just my type of shoe . I will be happy if I wore a shoe from Cocos closet.

  123. Coco, I’ll take them all! I’m a size 6 whoop whoop! Huge shoe lover! Can’t afford them all but I do love eye shopping lol. Pick me pick me!

    Love and kisses, Abi

  124. Hello Coco i would love to win the yellow pair for my girlfriend we been dating on and off for almost three years and this last year has been real tough on us both with that being said our anniversity is on 3-8-15 and me not currently being employed these would put a big smile on her which is what I live for plus her favorite color is yellow. So please consider us Coco THANKS a million your fan Mario

  125. Love the yellow 🙂

  126. I truly appreciate that you have a passion for making our feet so beautiful! I’m finally finding my way back to feeling beautiful after having my son and feeling like I had to give up my love for sexy shoes. I’m in awe of your confidence, love and drive for helping women feel sexy at any stage in life. It’s a great model to follow! Oh, they both are amazing but the yellow really make me smile!

  127. Hi Coco,

    I would love to win the pink heels please. I am a massive fan from all the way in Sydney, Australia. I love all things pink just like you. Sendings hugs to you across the pacific and kisses to Spartacus, Maximus and Ice!! Xx

  128. love love love the yellow shoes, I am mum of two you children, don’t really get the time to glam up. I would absolutely wear these all the time, even while cleaning.

  129. Hi *Coco* 🙂 I love the yellow heels, I would have an awesome Valentine’s day photo shoot with these, pinup style. I’m a size 6, please pick me. Much love to you and your fam specially your baby sparticus

  130. hi coco I love both pairs of shoes I think you are so pretty

  131. I love the yellow ones! It’s cold, dark and grey here in Berlin and I really need some sunshine!

  132. The pink ones are absolutely gorgeous ; I never ever win anything spontaneously I just figured why not ; ivegot the perfect outfit to go with those and I feel they’d b a comfy fit; plus who wouldn’t want a pair of shoes you’ve worn?!? Honestly my mom loves u so much if I get them SHE might steal them

  133. I love both shoes and ur feet are gorgeous every shoe look fierce on u and I also wear a size 6

  134. Hey, I love the yellow shoes, I’d love to win these. I have bought your fitness app on my iPad and do it everyday, (my hubby’s a huge fan so aiming for a big round bum

  135. I I would love the pink metallic. My husband will be getting back from his third deployment to Afghanistan and I’ve lost about 50lbs since he’s been gone and would love to surprise him. If I don’t get picked it’s ok I have some cute flip flops to wear w my outfit but it was worth a try. Thank you for being so generous.

  136. heyy coco
    I would love them pink ones
    Thank u
    This seems like fun

  137. i love the yellow patent leather 1, Need them!!!

  138. yellow please…… please!

  139. I like the yellow shoes they are beautiful!!!
    I would like to win since is going to be Valentine’s Day and I don’t have a boyfriend, a girlfriend Or even a date hahaha If I win a sexy pair of shoes from u maybe I get lucky and I’ll get a date!!! Lol

  140. I absolutely

  141. I love the yellow shoes it is my ultimate fav color its bright and beautiful just like me and my personality if you ever meet me you will see how they would resemble me.

  142. I love both of them and would be happy with either pair. Getting married in June and either would match my theme.

  143. Hola Coco!
    I love the pink metallic heels, because they are very sexy but still classy! I’m a huge fan of you and your family! And I would be honored to walk in your heels! Thanks in advance 😉 Xoxo ♡

  144. Pink ones!!!

  145. I love the pink metallic with silver bottoms. I love sexy shoes and lucky for me I wear a size 6. If I were to win them, I would let the whole world know how excited I am to be wearing Coco’s shoes. : )

  146. Girlfriend sees me looking at your shoe pics, starts to love your shoe pics, started taking similar shoe pics, we just love shoes!! Would love to be able to give her either pair, the patent leather yellow would look flawless on her with a cute summer dress. That ankel strap just sets it off!! Those pink metallic chrome bottoms scream its a party! Her birthday shoes..? i think so!!Either pair, is a win win!! good luck to all but i hope I WIN!!!

    • She also wears a size 6!!

  147. Coco!!! Well the reason why im writing this comment is my beautiful future wife who is not just in love with heels but has a crush on you and your heels of course the crush part includes both of us ^__^ but hey no one can disagree with us. Anyhow. She has beenbuying shoes at least twice a month and wRIants to have a huge collection. I told her about the holy grail of her collection (which would be your shoes) but she kinda thinks its not gonna Gastown because there’s thousands of people trying to get themas well. So here iam talking one for the team. Hope you have a wonderful cocoday

  148. I lovee the yellow ones. Would be great to have as a reminder of my dad who recently passed in an accident. His favorite color was yellow and I was looking for something that color to wear to his funeral, these would’ve been perfect! Too bad this giveaway wasn’t sooner. I would be so happy to have these.

  149. Love the yellow ! Can use a night out and these shoes would look perfect with a little black dress

  150. I like the purple/pink pair. Im really into metallics

  151. Love, love, love the pink metallic ones! Pink is my favorite color, and lately I’ve been needing to step up my shoe game and what better way than with a pair from your EPIC collection. 🙂
    Love you Coco. <3

  152. I would love a pair, any pair would be lovely. Havent worn high heels in last 2 years ( have a baby and wear comfortable shoes) would be nice to treat myself to a pair of gourgeous shoes. Thanks Coco

  153. I love all of ur shoes!!!the best giveaway ever!!!!i hope i ll be a winner

  154. Hoi hoi,

    I love high heels. It makes me taller, sexier and it works good for my booty

  155. Both pairs are beautiful. The pink pair are stunning like yourself coco. Would be amazing to be selected

  156. I am a size six and would love the pink ones!!

  157. I definitely would go with the yellow. I like dressing in color to express my personality since I’m more of a shy person. My favorite look is neutral colors with one pop item, i.e. black and white outfit with yellow shoes! Plus with the old school pin up flare it has, you can’t wrong!
    Thanks coco and good luck to everyone!

  158. I wear a size 6 and I would love either pair. I’m not picky. But, if I had to choose it would be the yellow ones for the support. Coco I am a huge fan(I loved you from the moment U saw you make Kool-aid and a sandwich for Ice) and would love to own a pair of your shoes.

  159. Hi Coco….. Me and my husband is a huge fan of yours. I love the pink metallic with the chrome heels and my husband does too. LOL I would wear them with my Summer dresses this Summer. I
    I think you and your family is the cutest!!!! I love your babies as well. Thanks

  160. I would love the pink shoes, they reflect your beauty and style. I think you are such a beautiful confident lady and I would be honoured to say “these were COCO’s shoes!”

  161. I love the yellow ones with the ankle straps. I love ankle straps. I wear a size 6 too! I’m huge fan of yours, my sister met you in las vegas when you were in Peep show and got me your autograph.

  162. I love the yellow heels. This is because my favorite color is yellow and everytym I see yellow I just fall in love.. My sick tone just complements it just like you.

  163. I absolutely love love love the pink ones. They remind me of something Marilyn Monroe would wear if she was a modern day women. It also reminds me of something barbie would wear. Marilyn Monroe is my absolute favorite person/remodel and I always loved barbie. I also believe I am sexy like Marilyn Monroe even though short and brunette and sweet like barbie. So I should have shoes like them and I have a shoe addiction.

  164. Ohhh m g!!!! CoCo you have such an amazing heart and you surprise so many people by how sweet you are! I lovvvee you and I love the PINk shoes because they look very sexy and comfy too! I’m also the same size and my birthday just past on Feb 2nd and I just turned 25 it would be the best bday gift .. Love you! Xoxo -Jessi

  165. Ohhh m g!!!! CoCo you have such an amazing heart and you surprise so many people by how sweet you are! I lovvvee you and I love the PINk shoes because they look very sexy and comfy too! I’m also the same size and my birthday just past on Feb 2nd and I just turned 25 it would be the best bday gift .. Love you! Xoxo -Jessi mwahs!

  166. Love the pink metallic ones!

  167. My wife would kill for the pink pair…shoes are her passion (she is a size 6) and winning these would make her so happy. Please help me to pass on these shoes from one amazing woman to another!

  168. Hi Coco,

    You’re my role model, I love everything about you, i’m a 6 and i would love to have the pink metallic shoes.


    Alejandra! <3

  169. I would love the pink pair! I’ve been unable to wear heels since I broke both of my feet back in 2007. I’m now done having babies, I am losing the baby weight and ready to feeling more like myself.

  170. Yellow is a hard color to pull off but they sure do look great on you I promise to do you justice and wear the hell out of them lol love you coco. ПОЉУПЦИ

  171. I absolutely love your blog you make me comfortable in my skin regardless of my size I am not thin but I’m not obese,I’m curvy,so thank you for being you and making me feel sexy in my own body! You inspire me coco

  172. Hey coco, you have inspired me to bring my sexy back!! and I have been wearing heels again, I love your high heels you have some HOT STYLES I love ALL your styles I would be blessed to have anything you gave me,I don’t care I would cherish them forever! !!:)

  173. Hi there coco I need a pair of your shoes

  174. I love the yellow heels, and yes, I do wear a size 6. I’d love to win!

  175. I love them purple shoes they are pretty

  176. Just listened to the Final Level podcast with you. This was a fun episode, and it is the reason I have found your blog. Lojoking forward to when your Android fitness app comes out. In the mean time winning those yellow pumps would be beyond amazing.

  177. I would “LOVE” the yellow pair of these so i can strut my stuff for a change and feel sexy:) im a size 6 shoe and from England and would love to show you a picture of me looking fabulous in them:)

  178. I love the pink heels. I would really like to feel sexy again after having some health issues. These shoes would be great kick start to that. I love your style and all the great things you do. Good luck to everyone.

  179. Coco…pweetty please…I can’t find those kinda shoes in africa so if the winner could be me …..mmm i will be the Cinderella

  180. Hi
    If i still have chance to win one
    I would love to have one please
    Coco u are the best 😉
    Love all your shoes they are unique ad pretty
    Im live in australia :*

  181. jhvvugkjkmùomguhij

  182. I love the color yellow it is one of my favorite color…all of your shoes are glad we wear the same you girl

  183. I like the yellow pair of shoe I think it would be an honor having a pair of your shoes Coco Im from Alb NM. I also have a med glow so yellow is deff my color of choice. Liliana

  184. Love’s them

  185. I love the yellow ones that come up on the ankle!! I love heels that come up on the ankles, I think they look so sexy, and different!! Oh and I wear a size 6!!!

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