Ice T & Coco New Talk Show to air on FOX!

Ice & Coco Talk Show Artwork

So much awesome stuff happening in Cocosworld for 2015 ..I’m gradually releasing exciting news…..Everybody is always asking when will Ice Loves Coco come back! Well, Ice and I took it to a new next level and we’re excited to announced that we’ll have a daily talk show this Summer. The show will preview for 3 weeks starting August 3rd and will air on Fox! Hopefully you’ll ❤ it so its a regular show! Everyone that you saw on our reality show, including the dogs Spartacus & Maximus you’ll see on the talk show. You can follow the new show at the social media links listed below. I will keep you guys posted xoxo

Twitter: @iceandcocotalk
Instagram: @iceandcocotalk

3 Responses to Ice T & Coco New Talk Show to air on FOX!

  1. Yay!

  2. All you do on your “talk show”, is talk about how wonderful you both are. Ice T did NOT invent gangsta rap. Wow, Coco, you can press 400lbs.!!! What have you done to change the world, or help the world?

    You both are very egotistical, with the small things you have done to help others. Ice has been on SVU for 17yrs., and he is barely in each episode. Wow Coco, you can follow a diet and lift weights. You have your own gym, and you don’t do anything else!!

  3. Love this couple and wish them the best.

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