Flat Tummy Tea

Coco Flat Tummy Tea

My new obsession…. 8 months post pregnancy & this @flattummytea is where it’s at. This stuff is unreal. It has drastically reduced my stomach bloating, giving me a flat tummy. I need to work harder these days to keep things tight and lite.. Hello again, flat ‘n sexy core and Thank you @flattummytea!!

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  1. A month for $50?? Please send me some Coco!! I have the worst belly fat from 3 babies and no money!! I will post before and after pics..email them to you or your page personally and show progress!!

  2. Hi Coco, I’m sorry if this is too personal but did you have a natural birth?

  3. saw some comments from Cherise Roze to the same effect some time ago fairly recently at one of her facebook pages. had wondered then if that tea really works. seeing the same comment from you now, i guess it works. that’s great, Coco Nicole nm. Cheers !!!!!!!!!

  4. Milf.

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