Coco Birthday Party

Come celebrate my Birthday Day with me a day early at Salsa Confuego this Thursday March 16, 2017 Xoxo

2 Responses to Coco Birthday Party

  1. You are a delightfully romantic birthday girl, Coco! Now, please tell me how I can get a copy of Coco Magazine! I need one very much, because you are so beautiful, sexy, and shapely! You will do your best, I’m sure! I know I enjoy looking at your photos and videos! You are a terrific model and you look great with very few clothes on! You look great in a bikini! Keep up the nice poses–I’m all eyes! What a woman you are! So sexy and shapely–what a body! You are nice for my eyes! I’d love to watch you do a photo shoot! If you ever find yourself alone, I’ll keep you company. We have a lot in common–you like taking your clothes off and I like watching you take your clothes off! To our happy future!

  2. Dear Coco: I had a daydream about you yesterday! How does Ice put up with your Tittie Tuesdays, Thong Thursdays, photos, and videos? He deserves a lot of credit! Anyway, the fact that he can spend quality time with your daughter helps a lot! Anyway, I was convinced that you could not find me a Coco Magazine! That was a disaster! That means that you and I need to spend some time alone together! Here is how it will go down: There will be a bed, I’ll be on it facing the foot of it with just my brief on! You will step in front of it with just your white bra and white brief on, and you will massage the back of my neck and my back. I’ll caress your sexy, shapely hips. We’ll spend 3 delightful hours in bed together and we’ll also shower together! I’ll feel you up and when we get back to bed, I’ll drive my hard, erect, 9″ penis between your sexy, shapely legs! I’ll hold your big breasts against my bare chest! I’ll kiss your lips and you’ll kiss my penis with your luscious lips, lick my penis with your delightful tongue, and you’ll suck my penis with your eager mouth! You’ll impale yourself down onto my eager, erect penis! I’ll gratefully squirt my seed of copulation into your sweet flesh! I’ll take you a total of 3 times from on top! Finally, I’ll hold you by your hips, reach for your breasts and hair, and drive my hard, erect penis deeply between your big butt cheeks! We’ll have plenty of fun as we enjoy 3 hours of lovemaking in bed and in the shower!

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