Coco Shoeholics Magazine Cover

Its finally out! Shoeholics Magazine! The only shoe mag out there! I’ve been a fan of it for years and now me & my closet make our presence!! Go here for your copy

2 Responses to Coco Shoeholics Magazine Cover

  1. 9/2/17 Dear Coco: PLEASE me tell where I can obtain a copy of COCO magazine! I’d really like to have one, because you are so beautiful! I know you are married, but please let me have just 1 copy of COCO magazine!–Ron Cameron

  2. 10/16/17 Dear Coco: Please disregard my previous comments about you! I’m sorry to have considered having an adulterous relationship with you. I do not want to watch you take off your clothes. You are a married woman. Please forgive me for lusting after you, Coco! Please forgive me for lusting after Coco, Ice-T. It was all wrong of me to want to have sex with you, Coco!–Ron Cameron

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