Comic Con “Coco Super Hero Cleo Doll”

Guys! I made it as a Super Action figure Doll!! How cool is this!!!

Some of you may have not known but I play the Comic-Con SuperHero CLEO in the Comic Book #Gekido and now they made me into a doll. It looks so real with Seamless Synthetic Skin plus a Steel Skeleton inside so its poseable…

They put together a cool “Exclusive Limited Edition Collectors Deluxe Set” which includes the Doll, 48 page Comic, the chair and sceptor.. This is perfect for those Coco Fans or comic book lovers or a gift for the holidays! It’s almost sold out so PRE-ORDER it Now at: www.BeyondComics.TV

3 Responses to Comic Con “Coco Super Hero Cleo Doll”

  1. Would love any of the shoes for the #18 giveaway. I am a size 8 but would love to give them away to a very deaerved lady at our battered sheler here.

  2. I Will Important Fuck You CoCo

  3. I love those leg wraps on the figurine. So sexy.

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