Bash For The Bulldogs Event December 4th

Ice and I will be at the Long Island Bulldog Rescue “Bash For The Bulldogs” event on December 4th. If you’re in town come out and join us.

2 Responses to Bash For The Bulldogs Event December 4th

  1. Hello Coco,
    Im from Belgium.I follow you all the time and i love what you do. I wanted to say that i like the black shoes very much. I would be one of the happiest person if i would win them.
    The reason why i like them is because i dont have a pair like those still and i think they would look very good on me.
    Thank you and bye.

  2. Hi CoCo I neeeeed neeeed need to win the black boots! I never find anyone with feet as small as mine and HELLO I’d love to have a pair of your shoes! Love you and Ice I’m a Philly girl! And a shoe collector I’ll take the BEST pic for you when I win them boots! Yaaaaaas girl pick meeee ?

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