My Grand Parents

I’m going to start off with introducing you all to my Grandparents because they played a big part in raising me. They’re my Grandparents from my mom’s side, Sam and Flori Malovich, or as I called them Momma and Papa because they hated to be called grandpa and grandma, it made them feel old. They are from Yugoslavia, they were in Yugoslavia before Croatia and Serbia split. They escaped during the early 1900’s during WWII from the Serbian concentration camps leaving for America for a better life. They arrived in Bisbee Arizona, they then went from Arizona to California where they started their new life and had my mom and 2 others girls. Our Serbian family was huge and most of them only spoke Serbian at family dinners and I didn’t know what the heck they were saying. They tried to teach it to my sister and I when we were little girl but my response was “No one at school knows Serbian so what’s the point. I won’t be able to converse with anybody. I need to learn how to speak Spanish since that’s the most dominate language in California.”

2 Responses to My Grand Parents

  1. Yes Nicole ! This is how I remember your grandma and grandpa!! And your dog peaches 🍑☺️ Didn’t you have an aunt that lived with you too, or did I just make that up?🤔

  2. “They escaped during the early 1900’s during WWII from the Serbian concentration camps”

    Someone missed her History lessons?
    Does not matter, Coco, you are fabulous anyway, but please correct it.

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