Mom & Dad

My Mom and Dad have a really interesting story in which I really admire and it’s sort of similar to how Ice and I met. My mom and dad met on the set of Bonanza at the age of 14, they were both young actors, my dad was in the movie the Cowboys with John Wayne, my mom was an actress too and did lots of extra work in sitcoms, soap operas and movies. She was in The Brady Brunch and in movie The Gremlins just to name a few. My mom and dad were young when the met and by the age 18 my parents were married in Las Vegas. They were married for 9 years. My sister and I didn’t really know they were in the entertainment business or what that actually did until one day my sister and I were watching TV and we saw two boys fighting and one of the boys was the spitting image of my dad and we both said to one another wow that kid looks like Dad if he were younger. My mom over heard my sister and me and then told us that it was in fact my dad on the television. We thought it was cool but we were shocked. I mean we always saw our mom go on audition after audition but really didn’t know exactly what that meant. My mom is a beautiful woman long blonde hair with an hourglass figure, wide hips, with a tiny waist. She was one of the first RAMS cheerleaders in California and during this time my mom got pregnant with me and then had my sister a year later. She put her career to a stop because she had me. My dad was a man of many trades and was always trying out new business ventures, he was definitely an adventurer. My dad was as a stock broker, loan officer, built custom homes at one time and even owned his own bungee jumping air balloon company, LOL which is why I always say him and Ice are so similar in that aspect because they both are go getters. I have to say I was a daddy’s girl probably because I liked being a tomboy. I was the first child and looked alot like my dad, I think now that I’m more mature I resemble my mom more.

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  1. nice photograph

  2. your mom is GORGEOUS

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