When Coco Arrived To Earth

So now I’m going to get into me, here is the scoop about the girl you all know as “Coco”. I was born in Tarzana California which is in Southern California. I was born on a stormy rainy day on March 17, 1979 on St. Patrick’s Day, which may be the reason why I’m so fascinated with weather, being born during a rain storm in all. I was 6lbs, a tiny little girl with green eyes and brunette hair. Even as a baby I was performer, I would run around the house making everyone laugh, ripping off my clothes & sometimes my diapers and always being told by my parents to keep my clothes on, I guess I was always born a free-spirited person and it’s funny that in my career today I feel comfortable with my body and think that showing the female frame shouldn’t be a shameful thing. I always joke I came out of the womb naked with Louboutins lol. A year and half later from when I was born my sister Kristy was born and my sister happens to be my very best friend. Kristy and I are total opposites, I’m much more of the outgoing one who speaks out and that’s somewhat bossy and she’s always been the shy one looking up to her big sis, that’s our relationship. The funny thing is when Kristy was born I thought that she was my real living baby doll, so I would be very protective of her, I would tell everyone that my sister was my baby and would tell people not to touch her. We grew up really close; we shared a room, slept in the same bed for many years. Growing up, I would much rather have my sister around me then having a friend, she knows me better than anybody, she’s been through the good and the bad, she seen it all with me. I feel like my sister is my lifelong soul mate, not in an intimate way but more of a spiritual way, I just feel like our bond is so tight and I couldn’t imagine life without her. That’s why on the reality show, “Ice Loves Coco” you always see her a lot. So in my early years, from 6 to probably around 14 years old, I was always known to be a tomboy. Instead of sitting around gossiping with the girls at school, I would much rather play sports with the guys. Maybe one of the reasons that I grew up as a tomboy is that my dad thought I was going to be a boy but came out a girl and on top of that I looked like my dad when I was younger so he did things with me as if he had a son, like teach me karate and riding quads. Due to this I was popular in school with the boys because I was “the girl that was good at sports” such as kick ball and tag football. I really did very well in anything athletic. Usually girls that are popular in school are popular for being pretty or they wear name brand outfits, nice shoes or just plain like girly things but for me popularity came from me basically being one of the guys. At six years old my parents got divorced and when this happened I moved into my mom parent’s home in Palos Verdes California. This is how I developed a special relationship with Grandparents, “Momma and Poppa”. My grandparents were really cool and really suave, definitely top notch. They were so cute when they coordinated their outfits; they were really trendy and stylish. My grandpa had super slick wavy styled hair and no one could touch it. He would worry someone would mess it up, while my grandma was pretty, very petite, hazel eyes with a curvy body and really nice natural huge boobs that were so perky for a woman her age, and she had wide hips also. She had really long hair that grew past her booty but it would really bother me that she would hide it under a short wig. I mean people would kill for her hair and here she was wrapping it in up in a bun everyday cause’ she liked the “short hair cut”. My grandma had the whole “Old Hollywood” glam down. I love my grandparents and wish I could’ve know them as I grew to be an adult. At around 10 years old my grandpa died of a heart attack. My family believed he had heart cancer but he didn’t want to know what he was getting ill from. One his biggest fears were dying of cancer, he just wanted to go through the experience and die peacefully. That was the most traumatic experience that I went through in my life at the time, there were a lot of hospital visits and issues leading up to the moment of his death including having a pacemaker put in place cause’ his heart was failing. For some reason I always believed I’d see people that died around me again somehow and always stayed positive. Now my grandma died when I was 19 years old and again she was like a mother to me, she was just so witty and was a shrewd woman. I think I get my shrewdness from her. In the business that I’m in I learned that you have to be shrewd and I definitely learned it from her. One day my grandma went to a normal doctor’s appointment and ended up getting a biopsy for a little bump she had on her lower back. It shouldn’t have been a big deal but it was a minor bump that was there for a while and she wanted to get it checked out. The doctor when giving her a biopsy misdirected the needle, he missed the bump and instead punctured an organ and she bled to death…So the doctor actually killed my grandmother; she would still be living to this day if it had not been for that doctor. And this is one of the reasons I’m afraid of needles. During the time of me living with my grandparents I had a really big personality. We lived in a cal-de-sac (where there was no traffic).A very traditional neighborhood where all the kids that lived on that block would come out to play until it got dark outside. I was a little hustler and would make up plays and dances and make flyers to invite people in the neighborhood to come out and see our plays, I mean I went knocking on peoples doors and we would sell tickets for a dollar to try to make money from our performances.. Like who does that at such a young age? Lol well me, little Coco! I had convinced my sister, friends, cousins whoever to perform with me. We put on some really cool performances together or at least I thought they were cool. Thinking back now it makes me laugh because I had some balls back then. My mom knew that I was going to turn out to be a little performer. My mom worked in the entertainment field going on auditions. The word “Audition” translated to a regular job for my sister and me. We would always see our mom get all primp up for the occasion like it was a normal thing to do before you get ready for work. We’d watch her do her makeup and then put her hair in real big curlers. She’d always looked gorgeous. Our friends would always want to sleep over cause’ they loved our mom and thought she was beautiful and so cool. They also thought it was pretty neat she was on TV but we didn’t see it as a big deal. People don’t realize that there’s a lot that comes with the whole auditions process, I mean you sometimes go on 100 auditions before you actually get a role. My mom is not only a parent but a friend and I am very close to her. She is the most lovable person I know always making sure that her girls are good. She lived for us. I’m so glad I was blessed to have her share my life with me. One day which I will never forget, California was going through horrible heat wave. Back then in California we didn’t have air conditioners. We would just rely on the breeze by opening up windows. My sister and I were told the worst news ever and I won’t ever forget where we were…I remember my sister and I laying completely naked on my mom’s bed because it was so freaking hot that we couldn’t put any clothes on. We were told by our grandma that our mom is very ill and we have to go to the hospital in the morning to say our goodbyes. This was very traumatic moment for us, which makes this memory so vivid, I mean anyone would remember the day there told that their mom is going to die and we didn’t really understand because how cans a perfectly beautiful person just die, we didn’t even know she was sick. I was 11 and my sister was 10. So they took us to the hospital and we walked into the hospital room and my mom who is usually pretty and done up is laying on the hospital bed not looking so good. My sister and I saw her and we broke out in tears, we cried really hard leaving the hospital, believing we would never see her again. Now after being told by doctor’s that she only had one day to live my mom being very ballsy and having the will to live, wanting to live for her family, took the needles out of her arm and removed everything that was attached to her, walked out the hospital, got into a cab and went to Albuquerque New Mexico to seek treatment from a holistic doctor. Our family knew she did this but didn’t tell my sister and me. And for those of you that don’t know about Albuquerque New Mexico, it’s a really big holistic spiritual place and back then in the 80’s there were not a lot of doctors in California who handled holistic treatment. So days past and all of a sudden we were notified that our mom was seeking treatment in a different state and we were told we’d be moving right away to New Mexico, where she went. My mom worked with a healer and a holistic doctor who gave her this tea and she would drink this tea that would help to heal her but this type of tea had a certain potent taste in which I called “Shit Tea” because the tea tasted like shit lol. The taste was really horrible and actually turned into a family joke…“Well if you need anything cured why don’t you have some “Shit Tea”. I don’t mean to offend anyone but it smelled liked poop and tasted like poop. That was almost 30 years ago and she’s still living. So I give my mom a tremendous applause because it took a lot of courage to make that move and she did what it took to take care of her family. So now at 11 years old my entire life changed entering a new beginning. Now living in Albuquerque it was completely different from sunny California. In California I was use to the palm trees, going to the beach almost every day after school, just a lot of great memories. New Mexico was a totally different vibe. I remember driving into the city for the first time on route 40 and my first thought was (cause’ it looked like a desert with tumbleweeds blowing across the road), “When are the dinosaurs gonna come out?”

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