Theater Days

Now, I’m going to take you guys back into my theater days…. Before modeling or anything else there was theater. Theater was my first step into the entertainment world, kind of. I was 13 years old when I got into the theater scene and it was kind of out of the blue. Albuquerque is really into big productions and I’m not talking about school theater. I started out doing my first play, “Annie” at Albuquerque little theater. This was my first audition and I got the part to be of one the orphan girls named Duffy. Before this I had never auditioned for an actual role in my life, I had to sing and dance; now I didn’t have a lot of experience as a singer but I could pull off a tune but I was a good dancer so that wasn’t a problem. When I auditioned for ANNIE, I was up against like 200 girls who were trained professionally in theater and I actually got picked as one! The next production that I worked on was “Beauty and the Beast”. My sister auditioned with me and during the audition process the director I guess wanted to stump us and asked “How would you pose if we were a tree?” So to stand out from the crowd and thinking fast my sister and I got creative and pulled an acrobatic move (much like with the yoga poses you see us doing on instagram to this day), I got on the ground and laid on my back, put my feet up in the air and lifted her up high and then she stuck her arms and legs out as branches. So I was the tree trunk holding her up and she was the branches. Get it? The director fell out laughing, they loved us and we were hired on the spot. It was pretty cool because I never thought I would be doing theater and now I was actually feeling it and getting the concept, I was singing, dancing, acting, doing one production after another and it lifted up my spirits because at home we weren’t doing so well. Not having money sucks but this made up for that, I never really wanted a future in acting because my real love was for modeling and this all started with my first interaction with a playboy magazine. I know this sound really odd but at 9 years old my grandpa had a stack of collectable playboy magazines stuffed in a box in the garage and me being the snoop that I am found the magazines and I opened up one and I was in awe! I just saw these beautiful women and said that’s what I want to be when I grow up. I didn’t see this as a sexual thing, I just saw the beauty that these women possessed and they were free with their bodies. It just hit a nerve and I knew I was going to be in Playboy one day. I wasn’t the typical little girl that wanted to be something like a ballet dancer… Like I’ve said earlier I’m very comfortable being free and feeling confident with my body, I just knew I wanted to be beautiful like that and from then on I had a goal to one day become a playboy model when I grew up.

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