Beverly Hills Model & Talent Search

While still living in Albuquerque New Mexico at 14 years old I would still visit my grandma in California during the Summers. During one Summer break, I was reading a Teen magazine and there was big ad in the magazine for a chance to win a scholarship to one of the best acting schools for kids in California at this time. I always saw this ad and I would think to myself, “Well this contest is not too far from where my grandma lives, it’s in Beverly Hills, I’m in Palos Verdes that’s about an hour away so maybe I should try to give it a try.” So I talked my grandma and my aunt Laurie into taking me, (Laurie is my mom’s sister who is also very close to me). This was a very prestigious acting school called “Beverly Hills Studios” where they teach children, those who have potential, the essentials you need to become actors/models. They kind of mold you at a young age to become little entertainers. I will never forget what I had on during the contest day, I wore white Guess jean pants, with a white turtle neck and a red blazer with sparkles all over it, I mean you guys have to really visualize that outfit, it was so 80’s lol. There was a whole panel of judges including celebrity judges and one of the judges was well known actress Lisa Voorhees who played Lisa in Saved By The Bell, I mean I was so excited because I loved her! To think she was judging me! And come to find out that’s how she was put on in the world of acting was through the Beverly Hills Studios too! To my amazement after a week or so later one of the 5 winners that won was me! When I heard them say Nicole Austin, I begin to literally jump for Joy, I dropped the phone, ran out of my house screaming, ran down the street screaming, back up the street screaming and back into my house screaming, I mean I couldn’t believe it, out of all the kids in Southern California, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, I was one of the 5 kids to win a scholarship to go this school. Here’s a little trivia, Jessica Alba was my classmate and sat right next to me but she wasn’t the famous Jessica Alba back then, she was actually Jessica Brown. I remember a conversation she had with the teacher in class that she didn’t like her last name because it was too normal and she was debating what to change it too. Later on she changed it to her cousin’s last name which was Alba. I mean when I saw her on the big screen 4 years later, I was like wow I know that girl. I wonder if she remembers that class or even remembers me? So that was my first competition and from then on I was ready to compete and do more. Due to me living in New Mexico I couldn’t go on any of the auditions that they prepare you for but I did have a chance to go to the school. I always wondered what direction my life would end up if I continued like Jessica Alba?

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  1. I wish you and your family many blessings and happy holidays.

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