My First Car

In interviews I’m asked, “What was my first car and when did I get it?” When I finally got my first car it cost me $1200.00, it was a 1984 Mustang. I thought I was the shit, you couldn’t tell me nothing. Even though my car was old and it was kind of raggedy, I did not care, with me having to walk everywhere, anything was going to do at that point. I finally got my car at 17 years old. I was so proud because me waking up so early every morning and walking in the snow and working hard at all of my jobs, it all finally paid off and I rewarded myself with a car. I think it’s really big when you’re able to accomplish the goals that you set in life and these are the attributes that I want to pass on to Chanel. I want her to understand that you have to work hard for what you want. I want her to know the value of a dollar. I would love for her to have the hustler mentality too just like her daddy and me because Ice is the same way too. I want her to know that nothing is given to you, it’s earned. I will work my hardest to show Chanel that if you work hard in life you’ll be able to get what you want. It will be mandatory in my household that when she turns 16 or when she gets a car she has to have somewhat of a job.

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