Weather Girl

Now modeling was something I wanted to do as a hobby not as my career but what I wanted to do for a career was become a meteorologist. I was so fascinated with the weather, I mean; I would watch the Weather Channel like it was porn all day long! Haha. I was obsessed. I knew all about it, how weather works, how the wind blows, how the systems moved through, the precipitation, Doppler radars, I mean, I knew everything about the weather. So my dream career was to be a meteorologist and then do some modeling on the side .Forgive me if I talk about my occupations a lot here on this blog I just want to get my point across of how important it was for me to be so successful. When I was young all I could think about was how to make money. I always wanted to excel in life and be better than yesterday. Now my mom didn’t have money for me to go to college so I had to somehow work around that minor detail. Reading this might inspire people out there to do the same thing even if you’re brought up less fortunate you can still make things happen.

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