Massage Therapy

So I told you what I wanted to be in life but my family had other plans in mind for me. When I say family I mean my mom, my grandparents and aunt, they were always pushing for me to do one thing because they thought I was so great at it and that was massage therapy…. I was the girl at our family dinners giving everyone foot massages and back rubs all night long. Everyone would make fun of me because I had such strong hands to be so petite and I would even joke and say “I know I have man hands” lol. My grandma would always say to me “You don’t just have strong hands you have healing hands”. I will never forget those words. I must say when I got into Massage Therapy school at 18 years old I loved everything about it. Even the 500 hours of internship that you have to go through. Ice today loves my massages and he always says “Marry a masseuse for real you won’t regret it’

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