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I always looked older than I was in my teens and had a little more body than the regular little girl. At 15 I could easily pass for an 18 year old. As a matter of fact, I would always lie about my age and would totally get away with it. I just felt people respect you more the older you are…I couldn’t wait to get to the age of thirty…I always thought that was the perfect age. I always dreamt to be a runway model but I knew that would never happen because I was too short, you had to at least be 5’9 and I was even too short for petite modeling, which then you had to be at least 5’4 and I’m only 5’2. I pretty much became a body, lingerie and swimsuit model cause’ I was on the curvy side”. But back then curvy was not in, to have a butt you were considered fat and I felt like I was fat and overweight. Now if you look at me in photos from that time you would say, “no way was I over weight”, but in my mind I was because in California the ideal image was to be a tall, skinny with big boobs, platinum blonde hair and no curves. So here I was short 5’2, short stocky legs, athletic frame, dark black hair and medium sized boobs, I was nothing like what they were looking for in California. I thought I was fat because everyone was so much skinnier than me. During this time the “waif look” was in and Kate Moss was the “it girl”. So I had it in my mind that when I did turn 18 was going get a boob job and that would take the attention off of my hip area. I also wanted to match my top half with my bottom half. And again even though I wasn’t as thick as I am today I still had a little booty and it was really accentuated by my waist ,which was 18 inches! That’s the one feature I was so proud of. I would show off my waist all the time with mid-riff tops. When I was in school my butt had many nicknames the number one being, bubble butt. I hated that at that time cause’ it didn’t make me feel skinny. Believe it or not I hid my butt and it wasn’t until I met my husband later down the road who encouraged me to be comfortable with it…I give credit to Ice for pushing me to become “the white girl with booty” of my time. I think I broke barriers and helped other women during then until this day…But I can get more into this subject later…I’ll never forget the first time I dyed my hair I never thought in a million years I’d go totally blonde. My mom and sister had natural blonde hair and always accepted the fact I was the odd one in the family with dark hair. I didn’t think blonde would look good on me… well this super gay hair dresser put just a few highlights in the front of my hair to lighten it up a bit and I’ll never forget his words, he said “Girl you got a couple of highlights in your hair now but by the end of this year you’re going to be totally platinum blonde, I guarantee you,” I was like no way,” I’m not going to change my whole head there was no way.” Well, what do you know, the guy was totally right as time went by I kept on going for a little more highlights and then a little more highlights soon my whole head was like a peanut butter blonde, (it wasn’t exactly platinum but close) I liked this look because I looked more like my family not the girl dark hair. Living in Albuquerque people would mistake me as hispanic cause’ I had the exotic look (White skin, green eyes with almost black hair). So back to my boobs, real quick, I’d like to clarify, before I had implants; I had a nice set of boobs. I mean they weren’t huge but they were really perky, a nice C cup and they were jiggly and they moved all over the place and it was really cool because they looked nice natural but I didn’t feel like my body was well proportioned for them .I just didn’t feel like my C cups were matching my 38 inch hips, (That was my measurement at the time) I guess if I had a smaller booty my C’s would have went well with my shape but I didn’t. I just want to clear the air about my real boobs. Since I was 18 I’ve had a couple of changes done to my boobs. Doctors don’t tell you this but once you get implants there is a lifetime of maintainence involved, you must change out your boobs every 10 years or so. It’s like a car that needs a tune up every now and then., they do not last forever and will eventually get old, so just put it in the back of your mind that this isn’t the only set you’ll ever have in your life and if you decide you want to keep them up, you will continuously have to upgrade. You’ll probably have about 3 or 4 upgrades depending on how long you want to keep them but definitely know this because you’re not told usually…I had mines done at a young age so I’ve had to upgrade them a few times.  I haven’t had any other surgery other than my boobs done, no matter what the media tell you, I don’t have butt implants. By the way, here on my blog is the first time ever that I’m talking about these subjects in depth, so you’re getting an exclusive. 

Most of my life I was a tomboy but a tomboy that liked to dress stylish, for instance I would like to ride quads with my friends, being really rough and tough but I was still into fashion, at this time I was too young for heels but I still liked wearing nice shoes, I had every color Keds shoes possible, even then I was a shoe freak. I will never forget my first pair of heels at 10 years old. I was over at a friend’s house and she had these black patent leather heels that were like 2 inches high, they were nice shoes, the ones you’d wear with your Sunday church dress. My friend complained about them saying she hated those shoes and that they hurt her feet so I put them on and it was like a magical moment for me like I turned into Cinderella when I put them on, I instantly fell in love. She said if I loved them so much, I should just take them! I cherished those shoes for years.

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