Wild Child Days of Coco

By 19 years old, which I call my “Spring Beak” years, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, living there I felt like it would bring me closer to California again and bring more opportunity for me rather than NM which was too small of a town for me, I needed more people, I was much more of a city girl at heart. At this time I started to experiment a lot, hanging out in clubs, drinking, parting, then came trying out drugs. I was just living the (Hollywood rocker lifestyle). Not realizing it because I was so young  but I was hanging out with the wrong crowd but when you’re young, people see your innocence and like to brainwash you into thinking you’re doing the right thing. I didn’t realize it was wrong until later but I was a socialite, having fun and just being the free spirited person that I am. I was hanging in the atmosphere of the modeling world and enjoying the fun that came along with it, I know it wasn’t a good thing for me but I didn’t care because it was an amazing time. This partying phase luckily only lasted about a couple years for me but when you get mixed up in a certain scene everyone around you is doing the same wild and crazy things you are. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong because everyone else was doing it also. When I look back and I think about what I was doing during that time in my life I cringe and say to myself wow I can’t believe I got caught up in that…I did so many things that I would never do right now but it’s all a learning process, our young years are the years that we experiment and experience things, we learn and grow from them, that’s a part of growing up.

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