Playboy came to Arizona to audition girls for the magazine. I was 20 years old at this point so I went to the location where they were holding the auditions and I tried out! They took 3 photos of you, an angle of the back, front, and side. They didn’t want you posing they just wanted you to be yourself and stand naturally which was a little different for me because I was used to posing..The atmosphere was totally different than I expected…When you think of playboy you think it’s going to be a super sexy studio with music playing in the background and maybe some creepy photographer dude in the corner taking pics but it wasn’t like that at all. It was very professional. After that you wait 2 weeks for a letter in the mail from them saying whether or not they liked you. I received my letter in the mail and not only did I get an acceptance letter but I got an invite inviting me to the Playboy mansion 2000 New Year’s Party and I even got an autograph of Hugh Hefner personally! I was so ecstatic, my dream was finally coming true and this took me back to that little 9 year old girl that I was. I didn’t know what to do with myself I was so happy. So I went to the party, I met Hef, who was a really nice and from then on I started working for playboy. I made many friends during this time some of them are still my friends till this day! FYI- I did the celebrity centerfold years later in March 2008 issue.

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