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From 18-22, I was on a roll. I did fitness competitions, tons of bikini contests, worked in movies, modeled in calendars, I mean I was just trying to do everything I possibly could, and even if it wasn’t making a lot of money I did it just to build my resume. I tell girls to this day if you want to become a model you must build your resume because people want to see experience from you, they’re going to look at your pictures and they want to see a lot of work not just one job. For myself, I just wanted a huge resume showing that I’ve done a lot of things and that I know my stuff. So if you want to get into modeling you must build your resume but mind you always have to have something else on the side NEVER look at modeling as a career. Same thing with acting, make it more of a hobby and have a main job because it can be kind of disappointing when you’re not picked. When you go to auditions, you walk into a room and so many people look just like you, going up for the same part and when you’re not picked it can be depressing and some people are not strong enough to handle it and when you’re doing this as a hobby you don’t feel so bad because you know you already have your main job so you don’t feel like you’re losing anything and it’s just something to do. At this time I had no agent just A LOT of contacts. I was taking jobs right and left not being directed in the best direction doing B movies, exotic modeling, (like topless or nude photos). I thought it was the best thing for my career, I was young and didn’t have any kids so I thought why not…I had a lot of people around me at the time who had a lot of connections so these opportunities just came to me. I knew a lot of photographers in the business and back then no one had their own websites, no one had their own laptops, no one were really into emails yet, it was just starting to bloom . The technology world was just getting started. I don’t know if you guys remember but computers were like these big square boxes called Macintosh Apple computers, well anyway I would do a lot of modeling for photographers who had their own exotic websites and they would pay me $1000 a day to model for them and they would get like 5 looks out of me and that was good money back then but they would get a great deal because they would sell your image on their website and make money from it FOREVER. It wasn’t until I got with Ice that he suggested to me to have and own my own website and sell my own images but it was just so farfetched because at this time no models had their own websites it was very rare. Today these risqué photos still pop up on the internet and now you know the back story to them. I must say I love the steps that I took in life and I wouldn’t have changed them, I’ve done a lot of provocative modeling but with my body type that was the only type of modeling that I could do to make money but I’m happy with my choices. I love the woman body; I just think that the female body is beautiful. Woman have different shapes and sizes, smooth skin, beautiful breast, legs to match their butts, I mean the female body is amazing and to top it off woman can have babies. Women have such the advantage over men. I look at the female form in a non sexual way, I see it as art but when people look at certain photos they just see sex but for those of us who work so hard in the gym we don’t see it as that we want to show off our bodies cause’ it took dedication to get to that point. Why work hard at something and then want to throw on a turtleneck. There are people who like to show off their bodies and I’m one of those people. I work hard for my body and I take care of it, I eat healthy so why not. I’m a borderline nudist and also exhibitionist, I don’t talk much about this and my husband knows me the best, but it’s hard to I feel the way I feel, l think everyone should feel the same as I do. I think we should all love our bodies and run around nude and have naked babies and just be happy and at peace with the world lol…Like those tribes do in the middle of the jungle but instead most people just see this as a negative thing. Like when you watch those HBO documentaries that show those nudist communities, I totally get them, but I’ve learned over the years that I’ve had to tone it down now that I have made a little name for myself. It also takes maturity to figure this out..I’m a little bit more sophisticated now-a -days But I must say I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m proud of myself and the decisions that I made growing up.

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