The Beginning of Ice and Coco

I met Ice when I was 22 years old and it was very similar to how my mom and dad met. I was working as a model in California, on a movie set that Ice was doing a video for. I was there for a weekend with my best friend Aubrey who is also a model and Ice was having a grumpy day so his friend/producer for the video wanted to cheer Ice up and grabbed me. I wasn’t told who I was going to meet; I was just pulled in the direction where Ice was sitting. Ice was sitting in a chair he had his back to me and all I could see from the back was this guy, with a brim hat on and a red snake skin suit and when Ice turned around he looked at me with a really big grin on his face! We were so close like inches away from each other that he didn’t even get to see my body he only got to see my face, when you ask him to this day what was the first thing he noticed about me people assume it was it my boobs or my butt? He’ll tell you it was totally the opposite, it was my teeth lol…we were introduced and said hi and then I walked away but I guess he was kind of was taken back because Ice doesn’t really like to be introduced to anyone but I guess he like what he saw and then he came over to where I was sitting to reintroduce himself and he says “Excuse me I was just taken back by our meeting and I just want to know are you married? Are you dating anyone? Can I flirt with you?” then he goes on to say “Have you ever thought about dating a Gangster rapper?” Now me being a white girl from the valley I had never heard of a “Gangster Rapper” and didn’t know there was a difference between a regular rapper and a gangster rapper, I know there is a difference now of course but back then I had no idea so I was sort of thrown off from that question. So I responded to him “Well, If he’s nice…” and Ice responds with “Well baby if you take the N off nice you get ICE” Now you have to imagine this being said in that “Ice T” deep pimp voice.. That line made me laugh. I couldn’t believe he just came with that line out of nowhere. There was no way he know that I was going to use that word “Nice”. And yes he is a rapper and is really clever with his words but I thought it was cute, kind of cheesy in a cornball kind of way but from that moment he had my attention he took quarters out of his pockets and started doing magic tricks to keep my attention. It sounds ridiculous but it worked. 15 years later we’re still here! I just think it was a really cool way for him to introduce himself, something funny and not too serious. I’m glad he did something different. After that weekend he had to return back to NY and that was around the time when he first started Law & Order and I was living in Arizona but pretty much worked as a model in California. So I went out to NYC within 2 weeks from when we met, I went to go see him for a weekend, it was my first time ever visiting NY and we hit it off right away. I remember having to go back to Arizona and ladies follow me on this one…I knew he didn’t want me to leave and I didn’t want to leave either, so I left my shoes and clothes on the side of the bed that I slept on and I told him “Don’t worry I’ll be back”. Most girls would never leave their clothes behind but this was my way of letting him know I was serious. I came back two weeks later and when I returned all of my things were in the very same place that I left it, he told me that he missed me so much that he didn’t want to move my clothes…I thought that was really sweet, we were really into each other right off the bat. When you really like someone a lot, you will kind of do anything for them, they will consume you in every way and Ice totally consumed me. We dated by way of long distance from then on, through two way pagers. This was before texting on your phone came out for those of you that don’t know what that is, it was a device where you can text each other back and forth on a pager before phones started doing this. That’s how we dated while I was living in Arizona and he lived in NYC working on Law & Order. When you’re on the television set, he might be there 14 hours a day but hard to talk on phones…The third time I came out to NYC I came back for a 11 day trip to see how he really lived, to see if I could even get accustomed to moving my life from the west coast to the east coast. In those 11 days we I observed all the facets of “IceT”. I went to the Law & Order set, and then saw him perform in his rock group (Bodycount), then watch him in his rap show and then lastly watch him do one of his lectures at a university. So for me I had to transcend to each aspect of his life smoothly. Like for a rock concert, I put a wild outfit on, maybe a cutoff shirt, then for lectures I’d switch it up and get conservative and put my glasses on. Then I would change it up again for a rap show where I could be a little more flamboyant, then go to Law and Order and go back to being less flashy. There were so many aspects of his life that I had to see if I just would fit in. Take note that when I first met Ice, I didn’t really know who “Ice T” really was; I had no clue of his career. I was really young when we met. I was 22 and he was 42 which make us 20 years apart. I mean I had heard of the name Ice T but I didn’t know what he had really done. Ice loves the fact that I didn’t know who he was because it gave us the chance to date as normal people and he could show me who he really was and not go by what people or the media said about him. Another note on me and totally strange to say is that the public saw me grow up. They saw me in my crazy years then seen me mature to who I am now…Ice and I were always out and about out at all the events, at all the clubs, we were everywhere in NYC and people got to see me as this wild girl by way of pictures because we were always having fun. People never really got to see the family oriented side of me so they always portrayed me as this wild crazy girl that liked to dress super sexy and Ice didn’t want to stunt my growth, he knew I needed to get that out of my system, I was this young girl seeing certain things for the first time and he loved the fact he was the one able to show me around. 

We got married pretty fast. He became my best friend and this instantly was someone I didn’t want to live without. We just knew we wanted to be together, we were like yin and yang, like peanut butter and jelly. LOL Now of course just by looking at us we were completely opposite, (Black man/ white girl, older man/younger girl, the most hardcore guy out there/ then there’s me who doesn’t like to fight & is spiritual) but yet we are so similar in every way. One day when we were lying in bed after a couple months of dating we looked into each other eyes and we said our vows and we got married in our hearts and minds. To us a piece of paper didn’t mean you were married, it happens in your hearts. So when people asked us if we were married, we both would say yes. Not too long after that we officially got married though, we didn’t tell no body, no family, no friends, we just kept it between us, we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so we just kept it to ourselves. We got married in Vegas at Cesar’s Palace during New Year’s Eve and it was the most romantic, beautiful moment ever! I’ve had many magically moments with Ice since being with him but I can remember this being the first so vividly. I will never forget looking at him face to face just me and him no one else in the room but a priest and a pianist. He got choked up while he spoke which made me get choked up. I saw the best in him and his soul. I was so happy I found the perfect guy for me.

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