Sex of The Baby

Since Ice has had children before me, who are now adults, one is a female and the other is a male, he didn’t care what the sex of the baby was…he just wanted a healthy baby. I on the other hand also wanted a healthy baby too whether it was a girl or a boy but I was really hoping for a girl. My home is all testosterone!! I live with a real manly man with 2 bodacious boy bulldogs plus Ice has a big guy posse. Really, there is not a lot of woman around me on a daily basis. I need some femininity in my life…LOL. 

I’d like to take a moment to explain how new technology works now-a-days. Since I started posting updates on my social media, people have been arguing with me telling me that you have to wait until at least 5 months to see the gender of the baby through a ultrasound. WRONG! That was the old-school way and those people probably haven’t had a baby recently. Why would you argue with me when I’m personally going through it myself for the past year and have been documenting all my steps? Well here’s the deal. Since I’m over the age of 35 they automatically give you more tests than the woman under 35 because you are at “high risk” in their eyes…don’t ask me why…I know it sounds crazy but I guess that’s better because they are trying to be more precautions. They think the older you are the riskier the pregnancy… (Now even if you’re not over 35 you can still ask for this but they gave it automatically to me) What it is, is a simple blood test. Yes, a blood test!! Believe it or not 2 months into your pregnancy they can give you a blood test and within 2 weeks from the test they can pinpoint the baby’s DNA in your blood and you can find out what the gender is, just like that!! Some people like to be surprised but not me I was too excited. I felt instantly that it was a girl and I wanted to know ASAP! 

I also had another spiritual moment one day before I knew I was pregnant (this took place like a week before I took a pregnancy test). I was daydreaming while driving and I asked the universe, “If I am pregnant give me a sign if it’s a girl”. These were all thoughts in my head. Now before I get into this I want you all to know on a side note if I did have a girl I wanted to have her middle name be “Monroe” after Marilyn Monroe because I idolized that woman in more ways than one. I’ve read books about her and sometimes in a freaky way I’m reading about my life as similar events that happened to her happened to me and therefore I could relate on a certain level. Well, as I’m asking this question about her being a girl in one instant not even a second later as I drove though a major cross street in New Jersey I look up at the street sign and it read, Monroe Street!!! I couldn’t believe it!! My body was telling me yes and it’s a girl!! When you’re a spiritual person like I am you watch out for these signs. You’d be surprised how many things can be answered this way. I know some people are rolling their eyes right now but at the end of the day when I found out she was a girl I knew in my gut from that particular sign. I was pregnant and was having baby girl and the blood test proved it! It wasn’t until later down the road I got ultrasound evidence where I could see with my own eyes (pic to the right). So to everyone, listen carefully to yourself and your body it really works! 

Before I end I would like to add…Ice eventually talked me out of the middle name Monroe and instead he wanted Chanel to have my real name which is Nicole…so now its Chanel Nicole

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