Aftermath of Initial Shock |The First Steps You Take

I went straight to the doctor as soon I as I found out I was pregnant but I guess I was too early. They do an ultrasound and they can usually see a kidney bean shaped object but they didn’t so they told me to come back in 2 weeks. I did as I was told and when I did, sure enough the little nugget was apparent! In the 1st and 2nd trimester you visit your doctor once a month. They take your weight, blood pressure & do a 2D ultrasound and always make you pee in a cup to test certain things like the proteins in your pee. In the 3rd trimester you go to, not only your doctor but also you go to the hospital where you’re going to give birth at once a week. It’s kind of a pain in the butt now-a-days they study every step you take to make sure there is nothing wrong.

So let me go back to the first 2 months…in those months its like test frenzy and they take your blood like crazy to do tests on you. Testing for HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes, STD’s etc…This is also when they can tell the gender of baby but most importantly they do genetic tests to look for signs to see if your baby is at risk for certain genetic disorders or birth defects. I asked my doctor if there were any signs, what do you do? Because inquiring minds would like to know. She said, you have up to 5 months to do an amnio to look at the fetus closer. An amnio is about 99.9 percent right. This is what you do to get a better sample from your baby to see if he or she has any defects (much better than a blood test) How they do this is they go through your stomach with a large needle & poke through the placenta, this is a great test but there is also a small percentage of miscarriage when doing this. Now if for any reason the results don’t come back good they give you an option to miscarry by giving you a pill to take. I was shocked to hear this because she explained you now no longer have to go to the clinic to abort an embryo you can now do it on your own in the privacy of your home. 

See, I ask l lot of questions because I want to be the most knowledgeable during this time. 

As soon as I got pregnant, I downloaded 3 different pregnancy/baby apps to my phone. They are awesome!! Every day they were sending me updates of how baby Chanel was developing and also giving me input on how big she was getting. It’s really cool. A definite must have as soon as you get pregnant!! 

Another thing I noticed was my body was responding to pregnancy really nice right off the gate. Even though I was consistently waiting for it to come, I never got morning sickness or a nauseated feeling. People always would say, “Oh that’s going to change later” but it never came and I was also waiting for major weight gain to happen cause’ when I do put on weight it goes straight to my butt and thighs but once again to my amazement I actually lost weight (10 pounds) instead of the other way around. I tried to figure out why that was because I’ve pretty much always ate moderately and somewhat healthy but I really believe it’s because I completely stopped drinking. I never drank a lot but I would always end my day with a cocktail or a glass of wine. I had heard alcohol makes you lose weight and now I’m living proof. However, I started craving fruit and watermelon immediately during my 1st trimester and craved both until the end. Another craving was fizz in drinks or sodas. I wanted the bubbles…I know that’s odd… 

Ice and I joke about my time being pregnant & he has a name for me & calls me the “most pregnant unpregnant lady”. The reason is, I don’t act like it but I’m very much pregnant. I just didn’t change my ways much. All you got to do is look at one of my 3D/4D ultrasounds and you’ll see a full baby hanging out in there. My bump itself didn’t even come out until the 8 month which is about 30 weeks. Before I called it a bump, I called it my lump cause’ it was the size of a small meal that hasn’t digested LOL I could hide it for such a long time if I wore the appropriate clothes to cover the bump. No one would even know I was pregnant, I was constantly arguing with outsiders about this. I was getting accused of not being pregnant since I was so small. People thought I was using a surrogate and people would say, “I am too healthy, all the workouts/fitness in my life is too much, I’m hurting the baby and you’re not letting your tummy grow!!” But in actuality people don’t realized I did stop working out early in my pregnancy with the exception of a little treadmill, yoga and Pilates (will get into that in a later post). Plus, light workouts are good for you… 

Anyways, through my whole pregnancy I naturally let my body do whatever ever it wanted. I let it take control…I didn’t control it and it took me on this awesome journey. I also joke that I could be pregnant the rest of my life because it’s been such a great experience for me. I hope other women get this special opportunity if they can while they’re pregnant.

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