How I Got Pregnant

You may have heard this story already because Ice and I broke the news on our talk show this past summer, August 2015. People thought we got pregnant for ratings but you can’t time such a thing. 

So keep in mind that 35 was my magic number and when I turned 35 that’s when Ice and I were going to seriously talk about starting a family, so this past January 2015 we asked each other,” Are we going to do this?” We agreed and said we’re both not getting any younger so let’s give it a shot. Ice also made a funny comment to me and says “Don’t worry about problems like getting pregnant cause I got Super sperm.” I laughed and said Ok whatever…I felt I wasn’t going to stress about it though. I was going to give it a try but if it wasn’t in the cards for me then I would just move on. 

The first thing I did was make a call to my doctor and asked what would the next step be for me to get pregnant…I was concerned because I had been on the pill for 17 years and being in my 30’s so many people put so much drama in my head for waiting to a have a kid later in life. People would say I should probably freeze my eggs because of my age, another thing was because I had high blood pressure people were saying that it’s going to affect me getting pregnant or how about this one…I won’t be able to get pregnant cause I workout hard. The list goes on. Well my doctor also responded saying first thing you should do is not get frustrated cause’ your body will need at least a year, maybe 2 years to even regulate properly because I have been on the pill for so long. So after I got off the pill, I thought I shouldn’t expect anything for maybe a year from then. Well to our surprise 2 months later in March 2015 I got pregnant! I actually got pregnant on my birthday 3-17. What a birthday gift huh? I didn’t take any ovulation tests, no shots or no quirky drugs to stimulate my ovaries. I just put it in god’s hands…. 

Now how I found out it was kind of a spiritual thing. A lot of readers don’t believe in this kind of stuff but I do. It will be hard to explain but I’m going to give it a try.  

In March I was visiting my family in AZ…I have a house out there and we try to visit them as much as possible. Some strange things was happening around the house, like one night, at 12am midnight, a huge moth I swear the size of a small bird comes crashing in my living room (while my sister and I are talking about me getting pregnant)…We tried to catch this thing but it didn’t want to get caught so we decided to look on the net in the “spiritual world” on what this moth mean. It had a long explanation but in short terms we read that this means “New Life” “New beginning”…My sister & mom said to me OMG you’re pregnant! I said hell no I can’t possibly be its too early. Then 2 days later we had a blood moon that is very rare and happens every 30 years it’s when the earth casts a shadow on the moon causing the suns light to hit the moon and make it appear red. My sister and I got up at 4am to witness this event and we decided to look this up too on the internet…Once again it says “New Chapter” “New Life”.. She says, See you’re pregnant!! I told her to stop saying that cause’ it’s annoying. She put her hands on my stomach and says, “Coco, your belly is really hard that’s what mine felt like when you 1st get pregnant” (now mind you she’s had 4 kids so she kind of knows what she’s talking about). I didn’t want her to get too excited so I changed the subject.  

About 2 weeks later back where I live in NJ I was home and I decided to secretly have some fun with a pregnancy app on my phone. You down load it and then you ask it if you’re pregnant or not and then wait a few seconds before it gives you its prediction (Again I wasn’t taking any of this nonsense seriously just having fun with it) And what pops up was this pic with a baby on it saying I’m pregnant! (picture on the right)…I did this like 3 times and kept getting the same response. I thought it was funny. Since I was on a roll, I started to get a little obsessed and decide to download another phone app that gives you predictions on the sex of the baby….It read, It’s a girl!!..At this time I was 2nd guessing my thoughts and decided to get on the phone with my sister to tell her what I did…She said, “Will you just take a damn test already.” And I thought why not…What it is really going to hurt. So I went to the master bathroom got out a test, peed on it and set it on the counter, I came back to it like 5 minutes later and I glanced at it thinking I was just going to throw it away but to my disbelief it had 2 pink lines which meant I was friggen pregnant! I wasn’t happy right away I cried so hard for some reason, my initial reaction I was scared and nervous. I thought this couldn’t really be happening to me…How could it have happened so easily? Ice was on the computer and I ran to him crying he thought someone had died or something and he asked what was wrong, and I screamed…“Honey, I can’t believe it but you’re looking at a pregnant lady!!” We both just stared at each other not knowing what to do. He says quickly take another test. I agreed immediately took a 2nd text but this time it was a digital test so when you pee on it spells out yes or no. Once again this sucker says YES in big bold letters! As soon as I got over my initial reaction Ice and I hugged and he says, “From here on your life will change forever. Get ready”. I replied saying I guess you weren’t joking about your Super sperm…LOL  

Ice and I decided to just tell our immediate family but we wanted to wait to tell our close friends until after we got back from Ice‘s Summer European tour with his rock band BODYCOUNT by then I would be 4 months pregnant. As far as announcing it to the world we wanted to wait till the premiere of our talk show knowing we’d have a lot of people’s attention and we could speak about the news in a big way instead of just mentioning it on social media…We waited so long to have a child in our relationship so we wanted to put out the word about baby Chanel in the right and big way! A lot of my fans were waiting for that moment and I couldn’t wait to tell them! I was so relieved that I could finally say something because for 5 months we kept it a secret and I knew at some point someone would get a glimpse of my body change…I believe my fans know my body so if there was a little change they’d know automatically. It’s crazy to think back at all I was doing while 5 months pregnant like photo shoots and I was tricking people…I kind of was getting a kick out of it and thought how long can I do this for…When the word was finally out some people where having a hard time believing that I was pregnant cause’ I didn’t have a visual baby bump, actually, I still had abs, but as you’ll read in my upcoming posts…It wasn’t until 8 months where she finally popped out.

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  1. Awesome! I got pregnant on my birthday too! May 2015. A girl too, I needed the help of clomid and at age 37.

    It’s great to have a story on how it all became.

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