My High Blood Pressure & Freezing My Eggs Questions

Before I go into the steps of what you do when you first get pregnant which is in my next post. I want to touch on the issues I dealt with on my reality show, “Ice Loves Coco.” This is a constant question that’s brought to me that I need to touch on…. 

The first problem I had to attack before even thinking about getting pregnant was my high blood pressure. No matter how fit or healthy or what I ate, I always had this particular problem since I was 6 years old. It’s a genetic thing and my dad had the same problem since he was 14 years old. For me, doctors for my entire life, until recently, were never able to detect that there was a problem because as a child when they took my blood pressure they thought I was just nervous about coming into the doctor’s office so they blew it off. It wasn’t until around 30 years old I was doing the laundry one day and all of a sudden both my eyes at once blacked out and I couldn’t see. I went blind for what seemed to be an eternity but was probably only like 5 minutes which is still long! I dropped to my knees very scared and crawled downstairs yelling Ice’s name. When I found him he told me to calm down and finally I regained my eyesight. This scared me so much I went in for some tests to figure out what this could have been. I had an MRI and other tests and found out it was more simple than I could of imagined. My blood pressure on a normal day was 174 0ver 111. I know totally crazy! The Dr. said if I didn’t catch this now I could’ve easily had a heart attack when I reached 40. That freaked me out. I was a walking time bomb! They also told me not to try to have a baby at that time cause’ it could jeopardize my life. Apparently when someone gets pregnant their blood pressure naturally goes up because of all the blood circulation their providing for the baby. I was immediately angry; it wasn’t like I was trying for a baby at this time but when a doctor tells you not to do something you want to prove em wrong and want do it anyway. Well, I just followed their advice and started taking medication. I hated that because in my mind that was an elderly pill and I felt I didn’t need it. I was so young to take such a thing but I stopped bitching and took 2 pills every day. It took a minute to get on track but it was something I needed to address and I am so glad I did. This is another reason when you’re pregnant I was looked at as being “high risk”. However, when I eventually did get pregnant the doctors changed the pill I was on to one that would be ok to take while pregnant and I’m happy to say I’m doing so well I’m down to only one pill instead of 2. Also I think my body went into reset mode since being pregnant because the whole 9 months they’ve been watching my blood pressure like a hawk and instead of going up like they predicted it actually has swooped way down and has been the best it’s ever been in my entire life.. I think Chanel is curing me…LOL 

As for the egg freezing, this question came up after I found out about my blood pressure and doctors suggested that I should maybe think about freezing my eggs since they didn’t know how long we’d get this under wraps. I was open minded on hearing about it but I felt like it wasn’t meant for me, deep inside I just always felt my body would step up naturally when the time was right plus I was 30 around this time and again thought I was still young and vibrant. Now if I was closer to 40 I would think harder about the situation. Ice and I both talked about it and agreed to pass. 

I do have a funny story however when I first started out as a model like around 20 years old a company came to me and offered $50,000 for my eggs. I was shocked that they would ask me. I thought there is no way my eggs are for sale. I of course passed but can you believe that?

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